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Budík, Jan ; Kohút, Michal (referee) ; Král, Miloš (referee) ; Rejnuš, Oldřich (referee) ; Dostál, Petr (advisor)
Doctoral thesis deals with the method of the currency portfolio creation focused on short-term trading, which not exceed one business day. That is the reason why is necessary to increase the profitability of investment positions by using financial leverage. Development of proposed investment strategies is realized with use of computer technology in combination with software that allows direct access to the foreign exchange market. The software enables direct access to a database of historical prices and has an implemented a programming language that allows effective processing of statistical analyzes, which is required for development of investment strategies. The investment strategies are optimized and tested on a database of historical price movements from 1. 1. 2004 to 31. 12. 2012 for the major currency pairs EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/JPY. The main assumption of entry to the market for proposed investment strategies is based on specific time intervals during the day, where is an increased probability of new short-term trends beginnings. The doctoral thesis statistically validated this assumption. The proposed method of creation a currency portfolio was applied to real market since 1. 1. 2013 to 30. 9. 2013 and was used for 20 000 $ trading account. Profitability of proposed method of creation a currency portfolio is 26,89%.
Developement Testing Conditions and Requirements for the Provosiin of Retail Mortgage Lending During the Crisis Period
Zavadil, Marek ; Plachetská, Zuzana (referee) ; Rejnuš, Oldřich (advisor)
Bachelor thesis deals with the issue of mortgage loans in crisis years 2007 - 2014. The theoretical part deals with the issue of mortgage loans as such, but also the general causes of the crisis and others aspects, which affected developement. The analytical part already address the causes and the implications of this segment of the banking market, respectively how varied the conditions and requirements for the provision of mortgage loans in time period within Czech Republic market.
Fundamental Analysis of Stocks Listed European Companies in Order to Create an Investment Portfolio
Szlávik, Michal ; Švimberský, Petr (referee) ; Rejnuš, Oldřich (advisor)
Master’s thesis deals with fundamental equity analysis with focus on to make the best investment in the chosen field into the selected equity companies.
Investing in a Residental Housing Development Project
Kuděla, Jan ; Brauner, Roman (referee) ; Rejnuš, Oldřich (advisor)
The bachelor thesis focuses on investment in a residential housing development project.Describes the individual steps of the development project. The result of the thesis is its ownproposal to invest in a development project in the field of residential housing, specificallyin the Mokrá-Horákov area, Brno-venkov district.
Alternative Ways of Housing Funding in the Czech Republic
Sýkorová, Renáta ; Oppl, Michal (referee) ; Rejnuš, Oldřich (advisor)
This thesis focuses on alternative ways of house financing in the Czech Republic. The attention is basically concentrated on mortgages and loans provided by the building society, including bridging loans and bridging different combinations of mortgage loans. Individual variations of financing options for housing are analyzed and then compared with each other.
Fundamental Share Analysis of Selected Gold Mining Companies
Vrľáková, Dominika ; Čáslavová, Iva (referee) ; Rejnuš, Oldřich (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with fundamental share analyss in order to propose a variant of investing in shares of selected gold mining companies. The subject is macroeconomic analysis of the environment in which selected gold mining companies operate, gold industry analysis and company analysis comprising evaluation of the development of corporate indicators and their issued shares. On the basis of these analyzes ind inter-company comparison, the most profitable options will be proposed to the management of the hedge fund.
Investments into Securities Investment Funds Registered in Great Britain
Štrkolec, Michal ; Vaková, Naďa (referee) ; Rejnuš, Oldřich (advisor)
The bachelor’s thesis concentrates on technical analysis of chosen investment funds registered in Great Britain. The first part describes the legislative requirements of the qualified investors’ funds and the composition of investment portfolio principles. The second part details the proposed fund and analyzes chosen investment funds. The third part of the thesis contains the design of the investment portfolio of the built fund.
Applying Fundamental Analysis When Investing In Stocks Of Selected European Technology Companies
Hasil, Petr ; Jiříček, Petr (referee) ; Rejnuš, Oldřich (advisor)
This thesis deals with the fundamental analysis of stocks of selected European technology companies. This type of analysis is the most widely used method of valuation of the shares. The first part describes the theoretical background of the analysis current economic situation, regression analysis, analysis of corporate shares and methods of intercompany comparison necessary for practical application. In the practical part focuses on the analysis of selected companies and selecting evaluation indicators. Subsequently is determined by corporate analysis the current intrinsic value of the shares. In conclusion, a comparison is made of firms using the methods of intercompany comparison. Based on the results of the analysis will be proposed recommendations for the best investment.
Diversification of the Real Estate Mutual Fund Portfolio
Coufal, Marek ; Bohuněk, David (referee) ; Rejnuš, Oldřich (advisor)
The thesis deals with the composition of the real estate fund portfolio and recommendations for possible changes. The fund consists of real estate in the Czech Republic. The composition of the real estate portfolio is chosen based on an evaluation of the profitability of the property, and on the basis of their building use profile to diversify the risk of focusing on the single segment.
Portfolio Diversification through Investment in Stock Indices
Křižka, Adam ; Ryndová, Jitka (referee) ; Rejnuš, Oldřich (advisor)
The diploma thesis focuses on the design of suitable stock exchange indices for portfolio diversification. The essence and principle of functioning of financial markets and investment funds is presented. According to suitable indicators, stock exchange indices are analyzed and compared with the market. Suitable indices are verified by means of correlation analysis and subsequently recommended to diversify the portfolios of investment funds managed through the investment company.

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