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Risk Management Support Tool
Škutová, Sára ; Trchalík, Roman (referee) ; Kreslíková, Jitka (advisor)
This master thesis deals with risk management in projects. The goal was to study the knowledge areas of project management, especially planning, identification and qualitative analysis of risk management. Based on the information from the required area, a tool was designed to help visualize the risks on the project while supporting their identification and analysis. The designed tool was programmed with the combination of Java Spring Boot server and React client. At the end of this thesis you can find result of the testing and possible future expansion of the application.
A Tool for quantitative analysis and risk detection of conflict in customer environments when releasing a version
Jaroš, Martin ; Trchalík, Roman (referee) ; Kreslíková, Jitka (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the issue of risk detection in conflicts when releasing a new version in customer environments. This thesis deals with the knowledge areas of project management according to the current PMI standard, where one of the areas of risk management is described in more detail. Theoretical knowledge is applied in the practical part when specifying the requirements and design of the tool. The following sections describe the implementation and testing procedure.
Application for Tracking Devices for Windows Phone OS
Pupák, Juraj ; Trchalík, Roman (referee) ; Očenášek, Pavel (advisor)
This application deals with recording of position about phone devices with help of system GPS. The application is implemented for platform Windows Phone 7.5. The Application allows to create profiles, which are evaluated with recorded positions. The evaluation is made through 2 points with Haversine formula. The theoretical part of thesis deals with technologies and GPS system, the practical part deals with design and implementation.
Tool for Business Processes Support on Mobile Platforms
Svoboda, Roman ; Trchalík, Roman (referee) ; Kreslíková, Jitka (advisor)
The scope of this thesis is to design tools to support business processes on mobile platforms. The work deals with both the Enterprise Resource Planning systems issue, as well as the database synchronization and the possibilities of secure data transmission between the mobile device and the server. The work also includes familiarization with the most widely used mobile platforms and tools for multi-platform application development. The last part of the thesis comprises a model of an application meant to support business processes on mobile devices, including a description of its implementation, used tools and testing.
Contact Synchronization for a Private Cloud
Sendler, Jaroslav ; Očenášek, Pavel (referee) ; Trchalík, Roman (advisor)
This masters's thesis is studying the possibility of Create a synchronization tool for device running on Android. It is the ability to sync contacts from portable devices in a private cloud, which is here substituted by Directory server. For working with directory, server uses LDAP server and its implementation of OpenLDAP. The first part is aimed at the description of the structure and directory services. Following is analysis and separation requirements. The whole project is completed by proposals and implementation that relate to the safety and advanced synchronization.
Application for Payment Terminals Control and Remote Management
Gajdůšek, František ; Trchalík, Roman (referee) ; Kreslíková, Jitka (advisor)
The goal of this thesis is to create control software for stand-alone payment machines. The purpose of this software is minimize maintenance cost and usability as much as possible. Description of technologies and protocols used in implementation are in the text. Next, there is process of work beginning with analysis, continues with design, construction, testing and installation manual. Projekt status and product utilization at the end of project is in chapter about evaluation.
System for Company Dealing with Telephoning
Huvar, Michal ; Očenášek, Pavel (referee) ; Trchalík, Roman (advisor)
The purpose of this master's thesis is to design and create system for company dealing with telephoning, which will simplify and automate the work of their employees as much as possible. System will meet the requirements on modern information system of telemarketing company and will be connected to telephone private branch exchange, from which it will be getting information about all phone calls including their voice records. The work is focused on usage of modern quality technologies and their integration into one system. First part of this work will closely describe requirements on this system and resulting creation of design. In the second part there will be presented used technologies and implementation of particular sections including configuration and connection with telephone private branch exchange. There will be also description of performance measurement process and resulting optimalization of critical sections in which high performance is required.
IPTV Portal
Pápai, Michal ; Očenášek, Pavel (referee) ; Trchalík, Roman (advisor)
This master's thesis is focused on IPTV based on multicast technology. The main aim of this work is to provide detailed analysis of system for watching TV over IP network. It also describes components of IPTV architecture. This master's thesis also discussing about authentication and administration of settopboxes, deals with efficient distribution firmware for STB over multicast and tries to propose and implement portal which provides customer services. It describes the interface development as web service for interconnecting with another management, monitoring and billing information systems. The solution is implemented as a modul into an existing IS of commercial internet service provider.
Wireless Sensor Networks Security
Nagy, Jan ; Trchalík, Roman (referee) ; Očenášek, Pavel (advisor)
This thesis deals with the security of wireless sensor networks, mainly of the industrial standard ZigBee. The aim of the work is to familiarize with the 802.15.4 standard and the ZigBee technology, especially with present methods of security in this field. I have also analysed the requirements for the security of this technology. Further aim of this work is the introduction of the ZigBee kit and description of the Microchip's ZigBee stack. Analysis of the stack is connected with practical test of security functions in the ZigBee laboratory.
Diagnostics and HW/SW Audit in the Computer Network
Hanuš, Petr ; Trchalík, Roman (referee) ; Očenášek, Pavel (advisor)
This project deals with the PC diagnostics, creation of SW and HW audits and development of information system for storage and analysis of data gained. The system is designed for Microsoft Windows operation system. Part of the system called Client is developed in C/C++ programming language. To gather diagnostic data, the WMI interface is used. The web part of information system is created using PHP scripting language and database MySQL server.

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