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Long-term monitoring of ctDNA levels in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer for early detection of progression or recurrence of the disease
Kopalová, Dominika ; Benešová, Lucie (advisor) ; Kološtová, Katarína (referee)
Circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) in peripheral blood of patients with metastatic colorectal cancer appears to be a promising molecular marker that provides various applications. ctDNA levels vary depending on the presence, alternatively on the volume of tumor mass within patient's body, which can be used primarily for early detection of disease progression or recurrence and moreover for evaluating radicality of surgical treatment, all within long-term postoperative follow-up of the patient. Due to minimal invasivity of ctDNA analysis from peripheral blood (so-called liquid biopsy), it is possible to perform it repeatedly at relatively short time intervals. On account of very low fraction of ctDNA in total cell-free DNA (cfDNA) ranging between units and hundreds of percent, the key factor is optimal methodology covering all steps from the isolation process to a sufficiently sensitive detection technology. In this thesis I focus on an optimization of isolation process and analysis of ctDNA obtained from tumor tissue and plasma of selected patients with metastatic colorectal cancer in connection with surgical radicality and correlation with a clinical status of the patients.
Epidemie eboly a její ekonomické a jiné dopady na země západní Afriky
Benešová, Lucie
More than 30,000 people have been infected with this disease since the first Ebola outbreak in 1976. The largest and most fatal was the fifth Ebola epidemic, which especially hit three West African countries in 2014–2015: Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. This Bachelor Thesis examines the economic and other consequences of the fifth epidemic in these three countries. The impacts on the economy of these three countries were analysed based on available data: gross domestic product (GDP), unemployment and international trade. It was found that the composition and development of GDP of all studied countries changed in connection with the epidemic. Real GDP growth slowed to 0.1% (2015) in Guinea, 0.7% in Liberia (2014) and -21.5% (2015) in Sierra Leone. The unemployment rate was not affected and the negative balance of international trade deepened in all three states. Other impacts on affected countries and their populations have been reflected in the mitigated travel and tourism and mental health of survivors, relatives and citizens living in impacted regions.
Possibilities for the use of physiotherapy approaches in correction of university students'stress postural attitude. Subtitle: The comparison of compensatory exercise and apparatus therapy
Benešová, Lucie ; Slámová, Adéla (advisor) ; Jeníček, Jakub (referee)
BACHELOR THESIS ABSTRACT Author: Lucie Benešová Supervisor: Ing. Bc. Adéla Slámová Title: Possibilities for the use of physiotherapy approaches in correction of university students' stress postural attitude Subtitle: The comparison of compensatory exercise and apparatus therapy Abstract: This bachelor thesis examines the current issue of overloading young population due to overuse of modern technologies and permanent exposure of non-ergonomic spine positions. The bachelor thesis is divided into a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part explains terms such as posture, postural stabilization and stability. The faulty posture, the cause and the consequences are described in detail. Furthermore, the section summarizes the existing literature on posture diagnostics, ergonomics and prevention. The practical part processes four university student case reports on the subject's posture. The main method of data collection was rating by Klein, Thomas and Mayer. The aim of this study is to compare the effects of compensatory exercise with those of device therapy Upright Go on students with faulty posture. The main finding of this study is that compensatory exercise has a greater positive effect on posture than device therapy. Key words: Posture, muscle dyscoordination, ergonomics, compensatory exercise,...
Circulating tumor DNA in advanced colorectal carcinoma patients
Kopalová, Dominika ; Benešová, Lucie (advisor) ; Saláková, Martina (referee)
Colorectal carcinoma (CRC) is worldwide known as one of the most often tumor diseases. Approximately 50 % of patients are diagnosed with advanced stage of CRC and moreover even after removing all of the tumor bearings, there is high risk of its recurrence. As most of others solid tumors the CRC also releases fragments of DNA also known as the circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA). The ctDNA analysis is a new tool for monitoring continuous tumor burden and for observing treatment response. Due to its minimal invasivity and high specificity is suitable for instance for long period postoperative follow-up of patients with CRC. Within the long period follow-up process an evaluation radicality of operation is conducted as well as an early detection of new tumor foci. This thesis focus on an origin and releasing mechanism of ctDNA into bloodstream, its features and clinical utility options for patients with an advanced colorectal carcinoma. Key words: circulating tumor DNA, ctDNA, advanced colorectal carcinoma, mCRC, marker
Using modern molecular-genetic methods in prevention, early diagnosis, prediction of therapy response and prognosis
Benešová, Lucie ; Minárik, Marek (advisor) ; Brdička, Radim (referee) ; Klepárník, Karel (referee)
55 5 Závěr V prezentovaných pracích jsme se zabývali vývojem a praktickou aplikací metod pro rychlou, citlivou, vysokokapacitní detekci molekulárních markerů u různých typů nádorových onemocnění. Vyvinuli jsme v této souvislosti dvě nové metodiky. První je založená na cyklujícím teplotním gradientu, který poskytuje efektivnější separaci DNA molekul a možnost opakovaného dávkování v jedné analýze a tedy výrazné zvýšení celkového počtu analyzovaných vzorků 1 . Druhá metodika založená na dynamickém značení DNA molekul interkalačním činidlem během elektroforetické analýzy odstraňuje potřebu fluorescenčně značených primerů a dělá tak analýzy finančně i prakticky dostupnějšími 3 . Obě tyto metodiky jsme následně použili při analýzách klinických vzorků pacientů s nádorovým onemocněním. Výsledky uvedených publikací zaměřených na klinické aplikace ukazují, že vyšetření molekulárních markerů zahrnující mutace, alelické ztráty a jednonukleotidové polymorfismy má široké uplatnění. Charakterizace vzorků kolorekta na molekulární úrovni, jehož optimalizaci jsme provedli, může mít význam při popisu stádia transformace adenomu v karcinom nebo při odhadu prognózy onemocnění na základě detekovaných typů mutací 2 . U pacientů s podezřením na karcinom pankreatu může molekulárně-biologické vyšetření v kombinaci s cytologickým...
Optimization of proces for detection of free tumor DNA in plasma and its clinical utility for colorectal cancer, lung cancer and pancreatic cancer patients
Belšánová, Barbora ; Benešová, Lucie (advisor) ; Tachezy, Ruth (referee)
In current days, examination of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) finds new use across different cancers. It is directed at tumor-derived short fragments of DNA present in peripheral blood of patiens (mainly in advanced stages). Due to its minimal invasivity, almost 100 % specificity and relatively high sensitivity in stage IV patients, this approch found its main potential clinical utility especially in early detection of disease relapse or progression after tumor resection (i.e. post-operative follow-up), prediction and monitoring of therapy response and estimation of prognosis. As a result of minute levels of ctDNA on a high background of other non-tumor DNA fragments present in plasma, a suitable method exhibiting highest sensitivity is the key for proper detection of this marker. The approach is predominantly based on initial identification of a mutation in tumor tissue and its subsequent detection in plasma. The present work is aimed at optimization of ctDNA isolation and method of its detection based on PCR amplification followed by heteroduplex analysis by denaturing capillary electrophoresis (DCE) to achieve highest sensitivity for detection of mutated fraction in plasma sample. I have applied the optimized protocol to examine ctDNA in three types of cancers, namely colorectal cancer (122...
Protection of Employees upon Termination of the Employment
Benešová, Lucie ; Štangová, Věra (advisor) ; Vysokajová, Margerita (referee)
The theme of this thesis is the protection of the eployees upon termination of the employment. The aim is to comprehensively assess the current legislation of termination of empoyment, with regard to the degree of protection that is provided to employees. It deals with the protection of employees, their position but also the claims related to the termination of the employment relationship. This thesis is dividend into five chapters, the first of which relates to the functions of labor law with an emphasis on the function of protection as a core function of labor law. With regard to weaker position of the employee to the employer, it is clear that labor law generally tries to balance this inequality or in some way eliminate it in order to provide the highest level of security. The second charter presents the core of this thesis and deals with the varoius types of termination of employment. It contains their assessement in relation to ensure adequate protection of employees but also the positives and negatives of legislation including possible aplication problems that are occured in practice. The emphasis is placed primarily on the termination of the employment relationship in view of the fact that the need to ensure a sufficient level of protection of employees in this unilateral termination method...
Optimization of miRNA analysis in fine-needle biopsy samples of pancreatic cancer tissue.
Čuperková, Romana ; Benešová, Lucie (advisor) ; Kuthan, Martin (referee)
Pancreatic cancer (PC) is extremely severe malignant disease with a five-year survival of less than 5%. Currently there is no reliable tool for the diagnosis of PC in its early stages. At the time of clinical symptoms most patients are in an advanced stage of the disease and the treatment does not usually have a significant effect. For these reasons emphasis is gradually shifting to the search for the suitable molecular markers for improvement of the diagnosis and assessment of the survival prognosis with respect to a possibility of surgical treatment. MiRNA represent one of the most promising markers, although, their examination in pancreatic tissue is a complicated process. One of the reasons is the very small amount of the source material coming from a fine needle biopsy. A second cause of problems is the subtle character of the pancreatic tissue resulting in significantly lower yields of molecular genetic analysis when compared to other epithelial tissues. An additional negative factor is heterogeneity of the tissue resulting in disproportionate representation of tumor cells within the sample. A suitable choice of procedures for isolation of nucleic acids (NA) and subsequent analysis including quantification of tumor cells is critical for accurate evaluation of the miRNA levels. This work is...

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