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Applications of wavelet transform in Mathematica and Sage
Novotný, Radek ; Trzos, Michal (referee) ; Rajmic, Pavel (advisor)
This thesis focuses on image processing using wavelet transform. The usage of wavelet transform is analysed especially for image compression and image noise reduction purposes. The analysis describes in detail aspects and application of the following wavelet transform methods: CWT, DWT, DTWT, 2D DWT. The thesis further explains the meaning of the mother wavelet and studies certain specific kinds of wavelets, kinds of thresholding and its purposes and also touches on the JPEG2000 standard. Mathematica and Sage software packages were used to design algorithms for image compression and image noise reduction, utilising relevant wavelet transform findings. The concluding part of the thesis compares the two software packages and results obtained using different algorithms.
Determination of phosphates in waters and characterization of their negtive effects on water ecosystem
Novotný, Radek ; Komendová, Renata (referee) ; Sommer, Lumír (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on the negative effects of phosphates in natural waters and their methods of determination. The first part is characterized by a negative impact on natural water and there are characterized the problems associated with eutrophication, development of cyanobacteria and algae and the resulting potential health risks. The second section describes the methods by which phosphates can be determined. The work highlights the particular spectrophotometric methods such as molybdophosphoric acid, vanadomolybdophosphoric acid, wolframophosphoric acid, phosphomolybdenum blue and methods with some basic dyes such as rhodamine B, rhodamine 6G, malachite green and crystal violet. There are also mentioned methods, which are used less frequently, but they are relatively sensitive, such as AAS, AES, LC-ICP-MS and next such as chromatographic, electrochemical and enzymatic methods. Finally, work mentions the possibility of using automatic techniques such as FIA or CFA, which are suitable for routine and frequent determination, often using the spectrophotometric methods, but not only these.
Application CAD/CAM software PowerMILL when 2,5D machining.
Novotný, Radek ; Slaný, Martin (referee) ; Polzer, Aleš (advisor)
The bachelor thesis includes analysis of basic operations for 2,5D machining in CAD/CAM software PowerMILL and their evaluation. It shows procedure and important knowledge for production endgaged component with consequential creation of NC program for CNC machine tool.
Comparison of Linux and Windows networking performance
Novotný, Radek ; Burget, Radim (referee) ; Komosný, Dan (advisor)
My Bachelor’s thesis aims to provide a comparison of the performance of servers, i.e. measuring the load of their processors, physical memory, and the whole operating system over network communication using UDP protocol. For this purpose, I developed my own programs. Theoretical part of this work concentrates on the general overview on computer networks and their categorisation according to the ISO OSI and TCP/IP network models. Main differences between network interfaces for both models are provided; the TCP and UDP structures, layers, communication and protocols are explained. The choice was made to measure values for a Linux server with Linux SUSE 10.3 distribution, and a Windows server with Windows server 2003 R2. A program was created so that clients could send data via the UDP protocol on servers. The program is also capable of measuring packet loss which is caused by increased load on the servers from communication itself. It is essential to determine which operating system can eliminate this issue in a better way as this a crucial parameter when selecting a data server. Measurements are comprised in charts comparing load and data loss for a given number of users.
Spectrophotometric determination of phosphate in ternary systems with dyes
Novotný, Radek ; Komendová, Renata (referee) ; Sommer, Lumír (advisor)
The theoretical part of this master’s thesis is focused on the characteristics and forms of phosphorus, occurrence in natural waters and the problems associated with higher phosphorus concentrations, especially in the development of cyanobacteria and algae. There are also described the possibilities of determining the degree of pollution of natural waters by nutrients and the effects of eutrophication. There are also described methods for the determination of phosphates, especially spectrophotometric determination in ternary systems with dyes. Like other methods are mentioned AAS, ion chromatography, electrophoresis and izotachophoresis, electrochemical methods or enzymatic methods. In the experimental part of this work deals with the selection and optimalization of suitable ternary system with organic dyes for spectrophotometric determination of orthophosphates. The system with phosphovanadomolybdic acid is studied too. For analytical procedure with malachite green oxalate, which was found to be most useful, were studied interfering ions, commonly occurring in natural waters . The chosen procedure was finally tested on real water samples.
Control of packaging machine using Safety PLC
Žiak, Martin ; Novotný, Radek (referee) ; Štohl, Radek (advisor)
This thesis deals with a technology of continuous packaging machine in the beginning from the point of risk assessment and design of necessary measures to reduce the risk as much as it is possible. Here the HRN method was used to quantify every risk factor. Next part documents the implementation of the safety measures and the realization of the safety circuits by using Simatic S7–1500F safety PLC and Shared device functionality. Safety function which is realized in the Sinamics S120 drive is Safe Stop 1. Next, it describes the drive dimensioning and the principle of the drive control. Simotion PLC is discussed in more details and then is used as a motion control master. An approach to the configuration of camming synchronous operation is dealt with in details. Cam design and their realization is documented, too. The thesis also demonstrates the state manager that was implemented in the user program and which is used according to the concept of OMAC state manager. In the end a simple HMI for packaging machine control is described.
Design of the supporting structure of the dragon statue in Bojnice in Slovakia
Novotný, Radek ; Kubík, Petr (referee) ; Šebek, František (advisor)
The thesis deals with the design of a supporting structure which is a crucial element of a sculpture depicting a threeheaded fairy tale dragon. Like any construction this sculpture and its structure must be designed in such a way as to not cause any harm to health or human lives. The thesis includes the theory of strength of materials, including the theory of the finite element method. The first step is an iterative design of the supporting structure including suitable semifinished products for construction that were actually used. This is followed by a detailed strength analysis of the proposed solution using finite element method in the ANSYS Workbench. The last section describes the manufacturing process of the structure including the description of the sculpture's construction. The result is an evaluation of the proposed structure, its safety and a description of the creation of the artwork which fits perfectly into the local scenery near Bojnice Castle.
Molecular simulations of organic-inorganic hybrid materials.
Novotný, Radek ; Pospíšil, Miroslav (advisor) ; Drahokoupil, Jan (referee)
Layered double hydroxides (LDH) are a promising material for use as a drug car- rier thanks to their capacity for the intercalation of various anionic species, as well as their very low toxicity for the human body. Atorvastatin (ATS) is a drug used for blood cholesterol level lowering and cardiovascular disease prevention. Current methods of ATS delivery are quite ineffective, leading to the need for prescribing high ATS doses, which may cause discomfort to patients due to the drug's adverse side effects, most commonly including nausea, indigestion, joint pain or muscle pain. The intercalation of ATS into LDH could facilitate a controlled, targeted release of the drug into the patient's body, making a lower dose of drug more effective and thus alleviating the side effects of ATS. Molecular simulations utilising the COMPASS force field were used to assess three dif- ferent models of ATS intercalated into Mg2Al LDH with ATS concentrations of 61.99 %, 73.64 % and 70.64 %, corresponding to basal spacing of LDH layers of 3.751 nm, 3.808 nm and 3.823 nm, taken from X-ray diffraction experiments. Different starting orientations of ATS anions in the LDH interlayers were explored. The highest concentration of ATS appeared the most promising and lead to the most stable structure. Geometry opti- misations and...
Evaluation of detection and preservation of carotenoid biomarkers in Martian analogues using portable Raman spectrometer
Novotný, Radek ; Culka, Adam (advisor) ; Němec, Ivan (referee)
Recent missions of the space agencies NASA, ESA and Roskosmos have focused on searching for traces of life, among other things. They use a range of analytical instruments such as Raman spectroscopy, infrared spectroscopy and GS-MS chromatography. They are looking for biological indicators (biomarkers) that could indicate the past but also the present activity of living organisms. In this thesis, it was proposed to observe changes in the concentration of a biomarker (the pigment betacarotene) in a substrate consisting of a mixture of sulphates. The conditions would be as close as possible to those on Mars. On the surface of this planet, due to the thinner atmosphere and the lack of an ozone layer, the UV component of UVC radiation, which has degradative effects on organic material, is much more strongly applied. Furthermore, perchlorate, a strong oxidising agent also found in Martian soil (regolith), was present in this substrate. Based on these parameters, samples were prepared that had an arrangement in three layers, two of which contained the biomarker beta-carotene and perchlorate. In order to better compare the changes during the experiment, two pigment concentrations of 10 ppm and 100 ppm were chosen. The samples thus prepared were irradiated in four-day and eight-day stages by a light source...

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