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Clinical - Pathologiel Correlation of Chronic Oral Lesions
Liška, Jan ; Skálová, Alena (advisor) ; Vokurka, Samuel (referee) ; Kaprálová, Simona (referee)
Clinical-pathological correlation of chronic oral lesions Summary Background: The dissertation deals with local and systemic factors of chronic oral epithelial lesions. It is focused on chronic hyperplastic candidosis. Describes features and behaviour of this disease, its complex diagnostics and therapy. Shows the options of correlation between clinical attributes of lesions, histologic image, laboratory results or microbiological cultivations during this disease. Possible stable correction measures for stabilization of patients are shown. For successful therapy is a cooperation of dentist, practitioners and immunologists mandatory. Methods: The study has 128 patients with histologically verified chronic hyperplastic candidosis. Anamnestic and clinical risk factors for lesion manifestation have been determined. Examination for subjective complaints was performed at 117 patients. Immunological status was evaluated in 61 patients for both humoral and cellular immunity. Through the dispensary cultivation checks and correlation of clinical status and subjective problems have been performed. Results: Correlations of risk factors for the course of disesase and its recurrence were evaluated. The importance of conditions causing hyposalivation has been proved as well as the role of nicotinism and polymorbidity. In...
Bartholomeus Spranger in the collections in Czech Republic
Liška, Jan ; Zlatohlávek, Martin (advisor) ; Nespěšná Hamsíková, Magdaléna (referee)
Diploma work contains the description of the personality of the painter Bartholomeus Spranger and his work in the Czech collections. The portrait painter Bartholomeus Spranger lived from the year of 1546 to the year of 1611. He was born in Antwerpen and afterwards he was travelling around the Europe. At first he was going to the France ( Paris and Lyon ) and then he was going to the Italy ( Parma, Milano and Roma ). In the year 1575 he is called up to the Vienna and afterwards in the year 1580 to the Prague. The object of this work is an analyse of production in Czech collections and evaluate of their authorship. Futher on then the object of this work is exploration the sources of Documentary and also a critical evaluation of the used literature.
Acoustic properties of word stress in read Czech English
Liska, Jan ; Volín, Jan (advisor) ; Skarnitzl, Radek (referee)
key words: Czech English, foreign accent, word stress, word accent, stressed syllable, duration, f0, acoustic cues. This study investigates the acoustic properties of word stress in Czech English. The notion of foreign accent is introduced and its drawbacks are presented. Further on the various influences on the perceived degree, or strength, of foreign accent are discussed. Faulty realization of word stress is identified as one of the factors that contribute to unintelligibility of non-native speech (Benrabah, 1997; Hahn, 2004; Cutler, 1984). In Chapter 2 we compare the results of studies that used speakers of a variety of languages and form a basic theory on the acquisition of acoustic cues to word stress. We are mostly interested in f0 and duration. This theory, based on the feature hypothesis (McAllister et al., 2002 in Lee, Guion & Harada, 2006), states that languages that have a similar stress system to that of English (Dutch, Arabic) use their native cues to signal word stress, while non-contrastive languages (Vietnamese, Czech) prefer cue/s that are phonologically active on segmental level in their native language. Speakers of Vietnamese, a tone language, were found to prefer f0 over duration (Nguyen, 2003), so for Czech, a language that uses phonological vowel duration, it is expected that...
The influence of the Liberal party on UK politics 1974-1983
Liška, Jan ; Váška, Jan (advisor) ; Kasáková, Zuzana (referee)
The UK general election in February 1974 resulted in the first hung parliament after the Second World War. The result clearly signalled the British two party system is not what it used to be. The people of the United Kingdom was growing dissatisfied with the inability Conservative and Labour governments to tackle the lengthy economic difficulties and other contemporary issues. The dissatisfaction was mirrored by a decline in support for the two main political parties and thereby by an increase of support for third parties, especially the Liberal Party. That is the reason why the Liberal Party enjoyed in this turbulent period from February 1974 general election to 1983 general election a much greater influence on the British politics than at any other point from 1945 to 2010. The aim of this paper is to explore in detail not only the Liberal influence on British politics, but also on British policy and polity. The paper focuses especially on the Lib-Lab pact of 1977-1978, on the birth of the Social Democratic Party and its alliance with the Liberals and on the prospects of the Alliance for the next general election.
Analysis of current statistical reports and SW tools for evaluation of energy systems
Pololáník, Pavel ; Liška, Jan (referee) ; Radil, Lukáš (advisor)
Diploma thesis deals with the issue of statistical reporting Energy regulátory office ČR. The introduction describes the contents regularly published reports on the operation of the electricity system in the Czech Republic. In the thsis deals with the analysis of statistical reports. Processing code in Python and describes its implementation in analytical platform KNIME.
Výpočet vlhkostního a deformačního pole v dřevěném prvku
Liška, Jan
In this diploma thesis is processed theoretical analysis of moisture and deformation field of wooden beams. This analysis is used in calculating internal stresses and deformations in model examples using finite element method software. The work is divided according to the types of boundary conditions of the modeled wooden element into three basic groups according to the type of support. The aim of this work was to investigate the influence of moisture load on deformations in the cross-section of a wooden element. Simultaneously with the numerical computation using the software, analytical calculations of deflection were performed for the validation of numerical methods, butt only for the case of force loading without the influence of the humidity gradient.
The Decline of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth 1791-1795
Liška, Jan ; Tumis, Stanislav (advisor) ; Květina, Jan (referee)
This thesis aims to analyze the events that led in the years 1791-1795 to the gradual decline of the Polish-Lithuanian state. The year 1791 was chosen as a starting point for the reason that it was during this year that the so-called Great Sejm adopted the Constitution of 3 May, considered a last attempt to reform the dysfunctional constitutional system that paralysed the political life of the Commonwealth, crippled its ability to defend itself and made it a marionette in the hands of powerful neighbours, especially Prussia and Russia. The thesis concentrates on the ambiguous role played in this period by the last king Stanisław II August. It also focuses on the opposition against the constitutional changes, associated in the so-called Targowica Confederation, the ensuing Russo-Polish War of 1792, the Second Partition of Poland, Kościuszko Uprising and the final Third Partition of 1795 - all these events are discussed in the wider context of European politics. The author makes use of sources and secondary literature in Polish, Russian, German, English and French.
Mechanické vlastnosti vrstveného konstrukčního dřeva ze smrku spojovaného kolíky
Liška, Jan
The main aim of the thesis was an experimental determination of mechanical properties of laminated panels made of construction spruce wood by destructive methods according to EN 408. Panels were made of crosswise stacked spruce lumber connected with beech pins without the use of adhesives. Two versions were produced - three and five-layer panels. Manufactured panels were cut into test specimens which were gradually loaded with 4 points bending to determine maximal bending strength and modulus of elasticity. To determine the shear modulus 3 points bending were used. Test procedures and calculations of the properties were carried out as prescribed in EN 408. The results obtained by experimental measurements were evaluated and compared with the strength classes of structural timber.

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