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The assessment of the dynamic postural stability of female floorball players
Černá, Markéta ; Pavlů, Dagmar (advisor) ; Reckziegelová, Petra (referee)
Title: The assessment of the dynamic postural stability of female floorball players Objectives: The objective of this thesis is to assess the women's dynamic postural stability who are actively playing floorball at league level and subsequently compare the obtained data with controlled group that is not actively practicing any specific sport activity. Methods: There have been incorporated 48 women in this pilot study. The division into the groups was not randomized due to the specification of this survey, therefore it is a quota selection. The experimental group has been piled up of 24 monitored women who are professionally playing floorball on a league level min. 3 years. The control group incorporates 24 women who are practising sports only at a recreational level. In order to evaluate dynamic postural stability, the following device has been used from the company NeuroCom, specifically SmartTest System type and used test bateries: Limits of Stability, Motor Control Test, Senzory Organization Test, Adaptation Test, Rytmic Weight Shift, Unilateral Stance a Weight Bearing Squat. The evaluation of measured data was registred and compiled by original programme NeuroCom Balance Manager Software. The obtained measured results from both groups have been statistically evaluated as per statistical method...
Physiotherapy case study of a patient with subarachnoid stroke
Černá, Markéta ; Novotná, Irena (advisor) ; Kaizrová, Irena (referee)
Title: Physiotherapy case study of a patient with subarachnoid stroke Objectives: The objective of this case study is to obtain and process with theoretical findings about anatomy, etiology and clasification of subarachnoid stroke, also the usage of diagnostic and therapeutic methods. The objective of a special part is elaboration of patient's casuistry with such a disease in connection with therapy proposal and its practical implementation. Methods: This Bachelor thesis consists of 2 parts - general and special one. The general one contains teoretical knowledge about stroke which includes anatomy, etiology, clasification of stroke, risk factors with prevention, clinical symptoms, diagnosis and phisiotherapeutical approach. The special part of this thesis is dedicated to casuistry of physiotherapeutical care of patient with stroke diagnosis. It contains of kineziological examination, short-term and long-term targets, therapy and the final physical examination. The conclusion of the special part describes the effect of the therapy carried out. This part has been compiled during my continuous professional working experience during 9th January until 3rd February 2017 at ÚVN in Prague. Results: The patient's health condition was completely different before and after the therapy. She was improved in her...
"Economic and legal aspects of the valuation of an enterprise"
Černá, Markéta ; Hraba, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Pokorný, Jan (referee)
Subjetc of the Master's thesis: Economic and legal aspects of the valuation of an enterprise The purpose of the Master's thesis is to provide for an overview of business valuation process for audience having legal background and to deal with legal and economic aspects related to business valuation. This is reflected by structure of the Master's thesis which is initially focused on legal aspects of business valuation, thus providing a systematic and comprehensive overview of use of expert's opinions within the framework of Czech legal system and which subsequently deals with economic theory of business valuation. The synergy of economic theory, legal regulation and author's own practical experience should bring an added value to this thesis, which is the reason why the author applied for an individual topic of this Master's thesis, i.e. Economic and legal aspects of the valuation of an enterprise, which requires and combines knowledge from these areas. The first chapter defines the basic concepts related to business valuation. It deals with the definitions of terms such as enterprise in the meaning of a subject of valuation, definition of the value, expert as an individual, all in connection with expert opinions; and includes the applicable legislation regarding business valuation. The second chapter...
Supervision of An Organization as The Tool for Development and Change
Černá, Markéta ; Havrdová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Merhautová, Jana (referee)
Masters thesis based on extensive research on different forms of supervision organizations in seven organizations providing social services to prevent, try to define this type of supervision and generalize some of his characters. Data on supervision in the organization was obtained by questionnaire survey and interviews with managers of the organization. As part of the research was further investigated by questionnaire survey of participating organizations, culture and searched for possible relationship between the implementation the supervision organization and levels of organizational culture. Empirical and theoretical part of this thesis is directed to the final discussion on supervision in the organization as an instrument of management development and change in organizations. KEY WORDS supervision organizations, culture of organization, reflection organization culture, development and chase management, strategic management, project management, couching, tools in phases changes
Information and Communication Technologies in the Basic School Reality
Černá, Markéta ; Walterová, Eliška (advisor) ; Fialová, Irena (referee) ; Zounek, Jiří (referee)
In its document Learning to Change: ICT in Schools published in 2001, the OECD considered information and communication technologies (hereinafter referred to as ICT) as one of the means to improve the quality and effectiveness of the education process. ICT could truly be one of the means to improve the quality and effectiveness of the education process, but only provided that we manage to define and use all positive aspects which they offer and eliminate, to the largest degree possible, all negative aspects which may occur when using them. The aim of the dissertation thesis is to contribute to the solution of this complicated task. The theoretical part of the thesis deals with the determinants influencing the implementation of ICT into education in the second stage of basic schools (lower secondary, attended by children aged 11-15 years), particularly the state information policy in education, implementation of ICT into curriculum documents, approach of schools to computer technologies, equipment of schools with computer technologies (including Internet connection), teachers' digital literacy, availability of quality teaching software and other supporting materials. The aim of the research was both the historical development and the current situation. The theoretical part is supplemented with the...
Institutions for youth free time activities
Černá, Markéta ; Polišenský, Miroslav (advisor) ; Lörinczová, Enikö (referee)
This bachelor thesis is about problematics of free time activities of youth and children. It is divided into two parts: theoretical and analytical. Theoretical part explains basic theory which corresponds with the topic. It is dealing with free time activities and its functionality, education, adverse influences and free time education. It mentions participants, free time activities and institutions. Subsequently means of funding, subsidies and legislative standards. Information was obtained by studying academic literature. Analytical part is focused on a specific institution. The aim of this thesis is to prove the hypothesis that the organization fulfills its mission. Analysis is focused on elementary art school in Revnice which is analyzed in terms of characteristics, personnel, equipment, regulations, rules and funding. List of activities is mentioned. Information was gathered by annual reports, websites and interviews with the staff. At the end of the work results are summarized and evaluated.
Petunia hybrida - porovnání růstu standardních a geneticky kompaktních odrůd v průběhu pěstování květinové sadby
Černá, Markéta
The aim of this diploma thesis is to compare the growth dynamics of standard and genetically compact varieties of petunias. The experiment was conducted in the close cooperation with company Černý, Jaroměř. Firstly is introduced this plant genus in terms of origin, morphology as well as horticultural classification. Then is described in detail the plant production, included are also petunias' most common diseases and pests. This is followed by a chapter devoted to petunia breeding aiming for the compact growth as well as to chemical and non-chemical methods which enable the grower to maintain the compact habit of plants also in plant production of standard varieties of petunias. In the last part of the literature review are described the groups of genetically compact petunia varieties that were launched on the market till now. Finally is provided an economic comparison of genetically compact and standard varieties of petunias. Seeds of genetically compact varieties are more expensive, but the grower saves money for the morphoregulators and their application because it is not required to use. In the practical part are compared 28 varieties of petunias, 10 standard and 18 genetically compact, based on 8 aspects - plant height, diameter (width), earliness, vitality, number of true leaves, number of shoots, number of flowers and compactness. It was tested whether in the optimal date for sale and two weeks after this date are the genetically compact varieties significantly shorter than the standard varieties and whether the quality of these tested varieties is good also two weeks after the optimum, so the grower can still sell these plants to the customers.
Private equity
Černá, Markéta ; Doláková, Helena (advisor) ; Syrochmanová, Hana (referee)
The thesis deals with the analysis of private equity model focusing on the possibility of its utilizing as a source of finance. The first part contains definitions of important aspects related to the area of private equity. The second part consists of a case study which assesses effects of an investment of private equity companies in a specific enterprise. The investment of the private equity group Penta in AERO Vodochody is analyzed based on various aspects.

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