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Healthy lifestyle of the young population
Brábník, Martin ; Polišenský, Miroslav (advisor) ; Martin , Martin (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to verify if the grammer school/high school of Jiří Guth-Jarkovský is fulfilling its public mission in the area of healthy lifestyle of the young population. The thesis is divided into a theoretical part and a practical part. The theoretical part focuses on defining basic terms which relate to health and a healthy lifestyle of young population. The practical part was examined throughout theoretical research and a survey which both determined if the school is fulfilling its public duty in the area of heathy lifestyle of the young population, if it has enough funds, equipment, background facilities and personnel. The conclusion was determined by a qualified estimate and the institution was suggested measures leading to an improvement of the current situation.
Healthy lifestyle of young population
Wild, Jan ; Polišenský, Miroslav (advisor) ; Slavík, Lukáš (referee)
Main object of this bachelor thesis is to describe lifestyle of today's young population and to analyse how the chosen institution provides healthy lifestyle for its youth. The first, theoretical part describes topics such as health, nutrition, eating habits and activity of the young population. The practical part analysis Home of children and youth, Prague 5. Thesis explains what kind of activities the institution does for health of its young people and further analysis is done according to B. K. Malinovski. Next step of the practical part is to analyse BMI of young athletes. And by studying documents such as annual report and other documents is evaluated whether the organisation fulfills its commitment or not.
Institution for Leisure Time Spending of the youth up to up to the age 18
Matouš, Jakub ; Polišenský, Miroslav (advisor) ; Navrátilová, Miroslava (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focused on the topic called Institutions for Leisure Time and Spending of the Youth up to the age 18. The thesis consists of theoretical and practical parts. The main goal is to define the terms related to this topic, such as leisure time, relation between children and leisure time and which factors influence this relation, education or leisure time institutions and their sorting. Practical part studies the chosen instituion, using institutional analysis of Bronislaw Malinowski. This analysis answers two critical questions, if the chosen institution fulfils its role and if it has enough of financial resources to maintain its function.
Minor church architecture
Říha, Anton ; Polišenský, Miroslav (advisor) ; Gabriela, Gabriela (referee)
Main goal of thesis is create educative circuit which increase interest about region Uvaly. Research has been based on fotodocumentation all chosed little religious architecture which consist twenty buildings. Following analysis of place and recommendation what is suitable add to circuit (e.g information board, bench, trash bins or bicycle holder). Next step was choose suitable supplier of these things. Last point was set economical and optimal variant which has been refilled for options where is possible to get financials.
Institutions for spending leisure time of youths to 18 years
Sochor, Martin ; Polišenský, Miroslav (advisor) ; Gabriela, Gabriela (referee)
This thesis deals with the institutions of leisure time of youth under age 18. The aim of this thesis is to find out, whether selected organization Youth home at SOŠ a SOU Praha Čakovice fulfills its public mission. The work is divided into two parts, to theoretical part and to research part. The theoretical part explains the particular concepts related to free time and importace of right ways of spending free time and also there is a description of individual institutions of leisure time by law. There search deals with the selected organization, its description, function and data analysis, especially of internal documents of the organization. The conclusion summarizes the results of the work. There are suggested recommendations for the organization according to the results.
Institution for Spending Leisure Time of the Youth up to the Age of 18
Martinec, Lukáš ; Polišenský, Miroslav (advisor) ; Gabriela, Gabriela (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the institutions for spending leisure time of the youth up to the age of 18. Specifically, is focused on a selected institution dealing with the topic. The thesis is divided into two parts: theoretical and practical. In the theoretical part are provided general concepts and knowledges that relate to the issue of free time, children and youth, non-profit organisations and low-threshold facilities for children and youth. The theoretical part is based on study of professional sources used to understand the issue. The practical part is based on a research focused on the analysis of activities in low-threshold facility for children and youth Ponorka in Žďár nad Sázavou. The research is carried out by method of institutions analysis by Bronislaw Malinowski to verify the hypothesis. On the practical part follow an evaluation of the research, which lists the possible shortcomings surveyed institution and proposals for possible solutions to eliminate them or at least mitigate. The aim of the thesis is to evaluate the selected institution for the spending leisure time of young up to 18 years and evaluate if it meets a public purpose and mission.
Foreigns nationals interned in the Czech Republic
Čech, Pavel ; Polišenský, Miroslav (advisor) ; Gabriela, Gabriela (referee)
Diploma thesis describes foreign nationals imprisoned in the Czech Republic with more detailed focus on the characteristics of the selected groups. Based on the analysis, characterization and expert examination gives a comprehensive view on this issue and to help you navigate not only the interested persons. The theoretical part focuses on the description of the Prison service of the Czech Republic as an institution, its role, structure and organization system. It also deals with the history and its evolution to the present time. It provides a comprehensive insight into the issue of foreigners in the Czech Republic, legislative regulation and crime. For purposes of this research work have been selected group of foreign nationals imprisoned in the Czech Republic, which are closer to the theoretical part, characterized, distributed and investigated. Analytical part is focused on analysis of selected data, and layout (for clarity) into several sections, which always include one area of research interest of the issue. This section is arranged graphs providing an overview on the development of individual indicators. In conclusion there is summary assessment and recommendations to individual areas of research.
The Institution Of Leisure Activities Youth Up To 18 Years Old
Kovářová, Kristýna ; Polišenský, Miroslav (advisor) ; Lörinczová, Enikö (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focused on an institution of spending leisure time of youth up to 18 years. The theoretical part, firstly, sets out terms, like teenagers and factors. The first describes every phase of a child's age, and the second an influence on child's upbringing. Next, the thesis defines the function of upbringing and it's method, which also includes negative factors influencing leisure time. A certain scope is dedicated to the function and participants of teenager's leisure time, who are integral constituents. The description of nonprofit organizations of spending leisure time of youth, which one can also encounter, is also included in this part. The theoretical part is concluded by funding these institutions, and by possibility to get grants and funds. At beginning, the practical part deals with characteristics of Municipal part Prague 3, the it concentrates on "Dům dětí a mládeže Praha 3- Ulita". The institution is examined by Bronislaw Malinowski's analysis, which was published in his book "A Scientific Theory of Culture and Others Essays". The analysis survey if the institution has enough space for organizing its activities, if the offer of activities is sufficient, if the staff is qualified, and if they have sufficient resources for their activities. The aim of this thesis is to find out whether the institution performs its mission according to its purpose and in accordance with law.
Institutions for Leisure Time Spending of the Youth up to the age 18
Hyršlová, Iveta ; Polišenský, Miroslav (advisor) ; Gabriela, Gabriela (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the institutions for leisure time in the capital city of the Czech republic. This is a House of children and youth, whose founded by the capital city of Prague.The thesis is divided into two parts, theoretical and part of the research. In the first part of the thesis is defined by the concept, development and function of leisure time and different views on leisure time. Is indicated here, what does the pedagogy of leisure time mean. A large section is devoted to institutions and institutions for leisure time. Defined forms of institutions for leisure time activities and their functioning. In the theoretical part is explained what is meant by universal institutional structure, which is an important basis for institutional analysis in the research section. The research part of the thesis deals with the characteristics all the information about the House Children and Youth in Prague 7. The most important part of the research is the analysis of the institutional follow-up to the House of children and youth. The aim is to assess whether and the extent to which the institution carries out its percent of the mission. In the final discussion summarizes the recommendations that could lead to improve the operation of the institution.
Minor church architecture in rural development
Prokopová, Kristýna ; Polišenský, Miroslav (advisor) ; Gabriela, Gabriela (referee)
The thesis focuses on research of minor church objects located in Neveklovsko. Theoretical part of thesis includes the definition of basic concepts, functions and types of minor church architecture. This part also describes the legal aspects, technological aspects and economic aspects related to the minor church architecture. In research part of thesis, there was realized field research in cadastral area of the town Neveklov, in which the minor church objects were examined, and also their condition was evaluated. This part of thesis contains information about financing of care for minor church objects in surveyed area. The conclusion of thesis contains the recommendation to owners about acquire funds to finance care of minor church objects. Attachment contains a description of all objects in Neveklovsko, marking on maps and photo documentation.

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