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Integration of European and Global Issues intoUpper-Secondary English Classes
Němečková, Jana ; Kasíková, Hana (advisor) ; Betáková, Lucie (referee) ; Walterová, Eliška (referee)
Němečková, J. (2018). Integration of European and Global Issues into Upper-Secondary English Classes (unpublished Ph.D. thesis). Praha: Univerzita Karlova, Filozofická fakulta, Ústav anglického jazyka a didaktiky. Abstract The thesis deals with the integration of a selected cross-curricular subject of the national curriculum for upper-secondary schools (Framework Educational Programme for Upper- Secondary Schools, Rámcový vzdělávací program pro gymnázia), namely Education towards Thinking in European and Global Contexts, into English classes. The thesis contains an overview of academic literature and research studies dealing with the integration of global education and language and culture education. It presents the global simulation method as an innovative method of foreign language teaching in the context of contemporary language teaching approaches and psychological theories. The paper includes an original teaching model of an integrated subject called "Model United Nations", namely its syllabus, guide for teachers, and worksheets. This model was tested both with regard to its suitability for the integration of the listed educational areas, as well as to its impact on the development of the students' self-perceived communication competence in the English language. The action research took place in three...
Impact of distance teaching in Covid19 on parental motivation in decision making and choosing private tutoring
Fleischhackerová, Lucie ; Šťastný, Vít (advisor) ; Walterová, Eliška (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of the impact of measures in the COVID-19 on parental motivations when making decisions and choosing private tutoring for pupils of primary and secondary education in larger cities in the Czech Republic. The aim of the diploma thesis is to map the reasons for choosing private tutoring for pupils and the way in which the pandemic affected them. This is so-called shadow education, which includes various forms of private tutoring. The work uses qualitative research in the form of in-depth interviews. An individual interview with parents of pupils (n = 10) who use or are about to use private tutoring is chosen for data collection. Parents of primary and secondary education pupils were approached for the research. Parents play a vital role in private tutoring, as they are the ones who arrange and finance it for their children, and therefore create demand, so it is important to pay attention to their role in private tutoring especially how it has changed during the pandemic. The choice of the work topic and research problem is based on the topicality of the issue of private tutoring as a shadow education, and above all on the absence of information about parental motivations when making decisions and choosing private tutoring, especially during and after the...
Conceptualization of the departmental school model
Urbanová, Eva ; Šafránková, Jana Marie (advisor) ; Walterová, Eliška (referee) ; Vítečková, Miluše (referee)
The dissertation deals with the conceptualization of the model of the departmental school as a way of realization of managerial practices of students of the study programme School Management at the Faculty of Education of Charles University. The aim of the dissertation is to propose a concept of transferring specific knowledge and experience of secondary school principals by appropriate methods at management practices implemented in departmental schools to students of the study programme School Management, usable to transform their knowledge acquired in the theoretical part of teaching into skills applicable in practice in the school field. The theoretical part of the dissertation defines the departmental school as a place to transfer knowledge from experienced school principals to students, specifies the possibilities of managing and transferring explicit and tacit knowledge in the organization through a managerial approach, in the case of schools also through a pedagogical approach using experiential learning, and identifies the work activities and competencies of the manager and school principal. In the practical part of the dissertation, a detailed analysis of documents, publications and legal regulations was prepared in order to determine the roles, work activities and competences of the...
Extra-class activities as a support to the school educational programme
Horáková, Nina ; Walterová, Eliška (advisor) ; Bendl, Stanislav (referee)
TITLE: Extra-curricular activities as a support to the School educational programmes SUMMARY: The diploma thesis deals with the theme of extra-curricular activities and their supporting the curricular documents. The objectives of this thesis are to describe how extra-curricular activities support the School Education Programmes and the acquisition of the cross-curricular subjects after class. To meet these objectives the author applies triangulation of qualitative methods with the grounded theory design. The benefits of this thesis lie in pointing out the fact that leisure time activities can support the acqusition of the cross curricular subjects in schools and the provision of further findings about the possibilities of extra-curricular activities within the frame of the School Education Programmes.
Factors affecting primary school choice
Skalová, Dana ; Walterová, Eliška (advisor) ; Greger, David (referee)
The thesis deals with the choice of basic school. Its aim is to find which factors affect school choice when entering first class and which factors are most important for the parents. It also focuses on parents' views, ideas and demands and on the information parents have about this issue. To fulfil these objectives the thesis uses the method of a semi-structured interviews and questionnaires. The survey was conducted in five phases which were mapping the process of school choice from different perspectives.
Ninth grade primary school students in the town of Roudnice and their choice of the further course of education
Štubňová, Miroslava ; Greger, David (advisor) ; Walterová, Eliška (referee)
The aim of the thesis entitled Ninth grade primary school students in the town of Roudnice and their choice of the further course of education is to describe the factors that influence one's course of education, especially the choice of upper secondary educational institutions they decide to study, and empirically map this issue within the town of Roudnice. The theoretical part is divided into chapters according to factors that significantly influence students' choice of educational institutions during the ninth year of primary school. These factors are following: socio-economic background, family and gender, as well as psychological and developmental aspects of adolescence, during which the choice of a secondary school tends to be realized. These categories are then introduced through Czech and foreign researches. We also look at the transition between the lower and upper secondary education in terms of legislation and career counselling. The main part of the thesis is the empirical part, which includes a detailed description of our quantitative research and data analysis. The aim of the research is to map the decision making process in relation to the choice of the further course of education by Roudnice ninth grade students, or more specifically (1) what the most common characteristics of schools...
Bilingual schools and European projects
Pávková, Karolína ; Váňová, Miroslava (advisor) ; Walterová, Eliška (referee) ; Rýdl K., (referee)
The theme of this dissertation thesis is the relation of bilingual education and educational projects aimed at European issues. The research part was conducted at bilingual upper secondary schools in the Czech Republic, Germany and Great Britain (Wales). In the thesis the themes such as European politics, intercultural dialogue, international peace, human rights, humanitarian aid and language education are primarily included into European issues. The empirical research was deliberately realized at bilingual schools, where the instruction is delivered throught the medium of two languages. With regard to this fact a frequent participation at educational projects with European focus (European projects) was anticipated at these schools. European projects are often interconnected with the laguage studies. In recent years education projects have been an important part of the curriculum in Czech, German and British environment and they play a vital role in education context. The projects enrich the bilingual instruction from both methodical and content perspective and enable launching cooperation between schools and other partner institutions. Bilingual education has lately been supported by international educational strategies aimed at cultural biodiversity and multilingualism. In European Union The...
Pupils's transition to a lower secondary school after 5th and 4th grade
Urbanová, Hana ; Starý, Karel (advisor) ; Walterová, Eliška (referee)
The diploma thesis pursues a pupil's transition to a lower secondary school. The theoretical part describes the development of Czech primary and lower secondary school. It compares the compulsory education in European countries and describes a phenomenon of transition in view of its development in an international context during the past few decades. The empirical part explores main topics of pupil's transition to higher level of education. The research is based on the case study of the primary school with pupil's transition from the fourth grade and from the fifth grade. The research aim is to find out how the transition is viewed by the pupils and their teachers and to find out the reasons for an alternation of classic model of the transition in the fifth grade of primary school. It presents the advantages and disadvantages of this modification in a view of current pupils' development. The results show that neither pupils nor the teachers perceive any major differences in a timing of the transition. For all the pupils, with no regard to the model of the transition, the more important change is the entering to the sixth grade, which is connected with the change of the curriculum. The pupils transitioning according to a new model perceive the transition after the fourth grade as an advantage for...
Intercultural Education in the Primary School
Škachová, Tereza ; Uhlířová, Jana (advisor) ; Walterová, Eliška (referee) ; Stará, Jana (referee)
The thesis deals with possible ways of improvement of coexistence of the future multicultural generation in the field of primary pedagogy in our country. The aim is to analyze the current situation of multicultural education in primary school curriculum in the Czech Republic and find potential influences on forming prejudice. On the basis of these findings we look for the best way how to affect multicultural education in primary school, which is very important when the framework education programs are introduced into use. The text starts with philosophical background of multicultural education. In this part we try to answer questions why people respond negatively to difference and what are their reasons for it, how prejudice develops etc. Our goal is to support the idea of legitimacy of multicultural education as such and its incorporation into training programs. Powered by TCPDF (
Evaluation in European education systems
Müllner, Jaroslav ; Walterová, Eliška (advisor) ; Dytrt, Zdeněk (referee) ; Kovařovic, Jan (referee)
TITLE: Evaluation in European education systems AUTHOR: PaedDr. Jaroslav Müllner DEPARTMENT: Institute for Research and Development of Education SUPERVISOR: prof. PhDr. Eliška Walterová, CSc. ABSTRACT: Thesis deals with the term evaluation in education and its concept in comparative pedagogy. The goal is to describe the role and development of this category in context of global processes generating changes in education. Based on its analysis, general model of evaluation is created and general definition of evaluation in education is defined. Evaluation structures in education are analysed, analysis of particular evaluation structures in Czech educational system is conducted, and recommendations for their higher efficiency is defined. By comparative analysis of selected indicators from the source of EURYDICE, consequences between parameters of educational systems and evaluation systems and development trends in European countries are identified. It is illustrated on examples of four European educational systems (England and Wales, Saxony - Germany, France and Poland) and the Czech Republic. In conclusion, recommendations are defined for changes in the Czech evaluation system. KEYWORDS: Education - European education systems - evaluation of education - evaluation model - systems of external evaluation

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