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The predictive validity of the state part of the school-leaving exam and the entrance exam to the Faculty of Education, Charles University
Bartáková, Irena ; Chvál, Martin (advisor) ; Kucharská, Anna (referee) ; Michek, Stanislav (referee)
This dissertation deals with the predictive validity of the state part of the school-leaving exam and the entrance exam to the Faculty of Education, Charles University. Its purpose is to find what influence these exams have on academic performance, with the criteria being the grade point average for each year of the bachelor program, cumulative grade point average and the state final examination grade. The data set consists of students admitted for academic years 2016/2017 and 2017/2018 in the following fields: Czech language, English language and Special education. The dissertation includes also a review study giving an overview of the research on the predictive validity conducted in the Czech republic and other countries. The empirical part provides the description and comparison of the individual data sets, including results from school-leaving exam and the entrance exam, as well as university grades. As for the school-leaving exams, students pass most succesfully the English exam. When focusing on the field of study, the most successful students are those of the English language, while students of Special education have the worst grades. However, these students achieve the best results in the entrance exam and they also perform best during their university studies, which can be seen in the...
Students' procedures for mathematical word problems solvable by systems of equations during the school leaving examination
Doubrava, Jiří ; Chvál, Martin (advisor) ; Vondrová, Naďa (referee)
This diploma thesis investigates different approaches to solving word problems with systems of equations. The thesis aims to discover which strategies are used by senior students when solving these word problems and documents the processes involved. The research presented in the thesis is based on an in-depth analysis of the database of student cut-outs from five word problems of the common part of the Maturita exam, specifically from the spring terms between the years 2016 and 2020. The theoretical part involves an analysis of three textbooks for high school students in the Czech Republic which incorporate the named phenomena. Furthermore, this part includes a list of student strategies for solving word problems, moreover, the reader is provided with a description of the state Maturita exam in Mathematics. The empirical part contains an overview of several possible procedures prepared during an a priori analysis. It also presents psychometric features of the chosen word problems by incorporating statistical outcomes. In addition, cut-outs of students' answers are divided into various groups based on the chosen solving strategies, thus demonstrating the possible techniques used by the students when solving this type of tasks. The principal conclusions demonstrate immense omissions, supporting the...
Psychometric analysis of Lawson's test of formal reasoning
Landa, Martin ; Chvál, Martin (advisor) ; Nikitin, Alexandr (referee)
The thesis discusses the concept of formal reasoning and determination of its level. The content of the thesis was processing of data from the Czech republic, which was collected via Lawson's test of formal reasoning. Psychometric analysis of the questions and the test as a whole was made using the Classical Test Theory and Item Response Theory. Also detailed distractor analysis, including commentary offering a possible reason respondent might have chosen said distractor, was made. Next was determination of the level of formal reasoning of our respondents, who were Czech elementary level students. Lastly, comparison of our results with the results of Czech and foreign studies was made.
Exercising the competencies of principals in the management of Arab schools in Israel and their impact on the organizational school climate
Agayneh, Abdulrahman ; Chvál, Martin (advisor) ; Urbánek, Petr (referee) ; Poláchová-Vašťatková, Jana (referee)
This thesis focuses on the application of principal's competencies in managing Arab schools in Israel and their possible impact on the climate of the teaching staff. It aims to understand the context of principal's and teacher's work in Arab schools in Israel and to show through its own research the links between instructional management style and the climate of the teaching staff in these schools. The first part of the thesis introduces Israeli society and the structure of the education system. The conditions are compared for education in Arab and Jewish schools. It then focuses on the competencies of principals from a general managerial point of view and from the point of view of the rights and duties given by law. Their competencies include the instructional management of the school. The aim of my own empirical research was to describe the instructional management styles of principals in Arab schools in Israel, to describe the climate of the teaching staff in these schools, and to describe the relationship between instructional management style and climate, or to identify the instructional management factors that contribute to a favorable climate in the teaching staff. Freely available and standardized questionnaire methods were used. Instructional management style was measured using the...
Physics education with regard to theory of psychological types
Kšírová, Eva ; Kekule, Martina (advisor) ; Chvál, Martin (referee)
For this work, I looked at the distribution of students according to whether they receive information more easily through intuition or through their senses. The theoretical basis for the thesis is the classification according to Šarka Miková's "Theory of Types". This classification is crucial for teachers as it can increase the effectiveness of their teaching and the individual approach to the student. The aim was to identify specific resources in physics teaching that could correspond to different types of students and to use some of these resources to design a diagnostic questionnaire. Based on the interview with the pupils, a qualitative assessment of the validity of the items of this questionnaire was then carried out. Specifically, I identified tasks, questions, methods and forms of teaching that resonate with the particular types. Next, based on a qualitative analysis of the interview with the student, I determined what kind of information intake he might prefer I compared this information with the teacher's opinion. The thesis also includes an assessment of the validity of the questions chosen for the interviews and suggested modifications for future use.
Classic confectionery in modern trend in theoretical and practical teaching
Kozlová, Jana ; Novotná, Kateřina (advisor) ; Chvál, Martin (referee)
The bachelor's thesis "Classic confectionery products in a modern trend in theoretical and practical teaching" focuses on a basic division into Macaroon products and Pavlov's desserts and their description. The main part contains a description of new ingredients, technological procedures and the production of Macarons and Pavlova desserts and their decoration. The thesis contains the confectionery production development and history and the difference between classic and modern confectionery. In my work, I present the use of new gluten-free and lactose-free raw materials and semi-finished products that are used in confectionery production. The practical part describes the use of new raw ingreadients in professional training and practice kitchen. A survey of pupils from two schools is presented and also my own confectionery work. KEYWORDS Confectioner, confectionary production, history of confectionary production, hygiene and sanitation. Vocational training in confectionery, new trends, product filling technique, decorating technique, theoretical and practical teaching of new materials, technological procedures.
Personality-situational constellation of boredom
Boháčová, Aneta ; Pavelková, Isabella (advisor) ; Coufalová, Jana (referee) ; Chvál, Martin (referee)
The dissertation tries to capture the development of the concept of boredom from ancient times to the present. Historical concepts of boredom are grasped of the philosophical and literary concepts. We analyze modern scientific approaches to boredom, their definitions and understanding of the concept, differences between them and methods of measurement. The research is focused on the verification of psychometric properties of two foreign questionnaire sclales for measuring boredom and on the analysis of the concept of boredom in the Czech environment. The main goal of the research is to expose the levels of boredom in the Czech population of high school students, and to identify personality and situational factors affect their the concept and experience of boredom. The results of the research show the problem of using the Boredom Proneness Scale by Farmer & Sundberg (1986) for the Czech population. On the contrary, the outputs of confirmatory and exploratory factor analysis and comparative analysis confirm the suitability of using the Multidimensional State Boredom Scale by Fahlman et al. (2011) for the Czech population of high school students. The analysis of the concept of boredom points to some connections between its perception, its experience and personality characteristics of the individual...
Burnout effect. Experimental probe of teachers in the Central Czech region
Antošová, Oxana ; Chvál, Martin (advisor) ; Krykorková, Hana (referee)
This diploma work deals with problems of the burnout effect of teachers in the Central Czech Region The first part of the diploma work is theoretic, that the defines and explains the burnout conception, its development, appearances and causes, including explanation development of the burnout effect of teachers. The sekond part of the diploma work is experimental, that the includes description researches, methods, routek and processing of data. Research record provider seedback to the given hypotheses. The Final records are vested to the tables and graphs for greater lucidity. When writing this diploma work I used my knowledge of special literature.
Science skills of 15-years old students in the Czech Republic in the international survey PISA
Petrášek, Pavel ; Chvál, Martin (advisor) ; Mandíková, Dana (referee)
Title: Scientific Literacy of 15-years old pupils in the Czech Republic in the International Survey PISA Author: Pavel Petrášek Department: Department of Physics Education Supervisor: PhDr. Martin Chvál, Ph.D., Department of Physics Education Abstract: My thesis focuses on the results of 15-year old pupils in selected tasks of the international survey PISA. It contains a brief introduction to the methodology of a survey and its realization in our conditions. The thesis presents relations between pupils` success and other variables found out in additional questionnaires, such as sex, parents` education, relation to mathematics or pupils` social and economical backgrounds. Besides the thesis contains the comparison of the importance of individual variables and results from the years 2000 and 2003. The thesis can be used as a theme for further research of mentioned relations and their comparison in a longer time horizon with other results. Electronic form of my thesis is on enclosed CD. Keywords: tests, international survey, scientific literacy

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