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XXIV Czech-Polish seminar: Structural and ferroelectric phase transitions: Book of abstracts and program
Pokorný, Jan ; Bubnov, Alexej ; Janovská, Marie
This is the Book of Abstracts for the XXIV Czech-Polish Seminar (CPSEM-2022 conference) held in Harrachov (Czech Republic) on May 23 - 27, 2022. The special objective of the conference is expressed in the conference subtitle: Structural and Ferroelectric Phase Transitions. The continuous worldwide interest to this conference series is proving that it has a respected position within the series of International/European conferences covering all interdisciplinary field of the research related to structural and ferroelectric phase transitions. At the CPSEM-2022 conference there were about 100 participants from 10 countries delivered 8 tutorial lectures for early stage researchers, 8 invited lectures and selected 34 oral contributions. More than 55 posters were presented during two poster sessions.
Application of Hamilton’s Equations in Solving Oscillation of Multi-Degree-of-Freedom System
Sikora, Ondřej ; Houfek, Lubomír (referee) ; Pokorný, Jan (advisor)
The thesis is mainly focused on the comparison between Hamiltonian and Lagrangian formulations of classical mechanics. This research was used in order to derive equations of motion of a quarter car model and use them to simulate and analyze car body vibrations based on road irregularities.
Use of the DIC method in solving basic problems of solid mechanics
Hrůza, Vlastimil ; Pokorný, Jan (referee) ; Ščerba, Bořek (advisor)
This bachelor’s theses deals with the solution of basic problems of solid mechanics using digital image correlation. The research part of the thesis presents some of the optical methods used for deformation measurement, digital image correlation in particular, whose history, principles, limitations and utilizations are described in detail. In the practical part of the theses, three experiments are carried out, which are then evaluated using digital image correlation and the results are compared with the created computational models. In the first experiment, strain on the tensile test specimens with notches is measured, the second experiment is focused on measuring strain when bending curved beams and in the final experiment, natural frequency of a fork produced by 3D printing is determined.
Mark-up languages and their usage
Smíšek, Ondřej ; Pokorný, Jan (advisor) ; Černoš, Ondřej (referee)
The aim of this bachelor's thesis is mark-up languages and their usage in an effective transport and storage of information. Mark-up languages were created after expansion of a computer technology among scientists. The origins of languages can be dated at the first half of 60s in the 20th century. First mark-up systems were created at universities and science workplaces in the USA for desktop publishing needs. They were used for a semantic description and format output of documents after that. A development of the Internet and DTP meant growth of these languages. There was a boom when the Web was born. At present the XML language penetrates to all spheres of computer industry for its universality, openness and adaptability. The future of the Web probably belongs to the HTML5 multimedia format.
Economical and legal aspects of bank tax
Rahm, Jiří ; Pokorný, Jan (advisor) ; Bažantová, Ilona (referee)
This thesis is focused on the description of the different constructions of bank tax and possible alternatives of the revenue sides. In the next part is possible to find a legal analysis of the proposal for FTT in the European Union, including delineation of legislative process. In this thesis is also possible to find a comparison of countries, which already have a specific form of bank tax. Subsequently the reader is introduced to the analysis of the most important potential impacts and its summarization by the chosen criteria. At the end it brings the reader into a prediction of further progress.
The role of ready-made companies in the market economy
Lustig, Jan ; Pokorný, Jan (advisor) ; Hraba, Zdeněk (referee)
DIPLOMOVÉ PRÁCE english: This thesis defines the term of a ready-made company. It describes the purchase of a ready-made company, its process and particular phases. The thesis also deals with other areas and specifics of this segment of market economy. It compares the situation in the Czech Republic to other countries, especially to EU member states. It includes also trends and anticipated future development of market with ready-made companies. Finally, the thesis evaluates the position of ready-made companies in market economy
Techniques of information retrieval in databases with regard to different types of information objects
Bitrman, Radek ; Pokorný, Jan (advisor) ; Očko, Petr (referee)
P edm tem diplomové práce je na p íkladech databází obsahující vybrané typy informa ní objekt analyzovat možnosti vyhledávání. V první ásti práce jsou blíže charakterizovány informa ní objekty z hlediska typologie MIME. V druhé kapitole jsou p iblíženy možnosti a techniky indexování informa ních objekt , zmín ny jsou také techniky vyhledávání vybraných typ informa ních objekt . Uvedeny jsou také zajímavé možnosti vyhledávání v podob r zných experiment a prototyp vyhledávacích systém . P edstaveny jsou také dle autora zajímavé p íklady databází zabývající se vybranými typy informa ních objekt . Kapitola ty i se poté již zabývá analýzou vyhledávacích možností u vybraných databází, porovnává jednotlivé specifika a také podobnosti. Jednotlivé vlastnosti a s tím související skute nosti jsou zmín ny v rámci shrnutí a také SWOT analýzy jednotlivých informa ních objekt .
Development of automated library systems in the Czech Republic in last 8 years
Hradilová, Alžběta ; Stöcklová, Anna (advisor) ; Pokorný, Jan (referee)
(in English) The goal of bachelor thesis "Development of automated library systems in the Czech Republic in last 8 years" is to describe the changes that have occurred in the subject of automated library systems in the Czech Republic in last 8 years, to characterize the current state of automation in 2014 and to introduce a summary and description of present automated library systems and companies that these systems are providing.

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