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Pain assessment by a registered nurse - possibilities and reality
Nikolla, Margareta ; Otcová, Václava (advisor) ; Vojáčková, Anna (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the issue of assessing the intensity of patient's pain from the perspective of the nurse. It describes what the nurse's options are and what the reality is in the end. The aim of the thesis was to find out, whether the nurses use the measuring scales, especially the one mentioned in the standards of the Central Military Hospital in Prague, where the thesis was written. The theoretical part focuses on the pain itself, its definition, physiology, treatment options and ways in which its intensity can be assessed. The practical part focuses more on how the nurses perceive pain and what methods they use for its evaluation. During the elaboration of the practical part, I used two methods, namely covert observation and structured interview. As I mentioned above, the practical part took place in the Central Military Hospital, so it adhered to its standards and the standards of the ward. The practical part also discusses the methods of pain assessment that nurses do and do not use and their justification. Assessing pain is the first step to starting the treatment and nurses have a big role here.
Stress management at COVID ICU from the perspective of the students assigned to workteams
Klímová, Rebecca ; Zvoníčková, Marie (advisor) ; Otcová, Václava (referee)
Introduction: This diploma thesis deals with the topic of workload management at covid departments and work teams in which students have been assigned to. Those work teams have been created due to a very serious situation in our healthcare that have been experiencing significant shortage of critical personnel in hospitals. Goals: The goal of my diploma thesis is to reflect retrospectively all the experiences that students have gained during their work at the covid departments. Methodology: Since the thesis author herself has been a part of the covid department work teams as well as the other students, she has decided for a qualitative methodology of the research, using the form of a focus group. The analysis consisted of two focus groups including 4 students who are studying a follow-up master's degree in intensive care; and in the time period from October 2020 to May 2022 have worked in the covid intensive care departments. The entire debate was recorded with a cellphone dictaphone and literally rewritten afterwards. The thesis author has been repeatedly reading it thoroughly and with open coding has created four main categories that generally express these problematics. Outcome: The outcomes of this thesis is the personal development and growth, in which the author describes how a nurse without...
On the issue of involvement of general medicine students in the work of nursing teams during the Covid 19 pandemic - experience from the H4 FNKV department
Gabryszová, Martina ; Zvoníčková, Marie (advisor) ; Otcová, Václava (referee)
Introduction into the problematics Students in the healthcare field joined the University Hospital Královské Vinohrady completely voluntarily and supported health care professionals in the fight with the Covid19 pandemic. They were a part of a nursing team and took care of patients who tested positive for SARS - CoV - 19. The time period in which students were working was very difficult for the healthcare field, since mostly patients with severe case of the disease were hospitalised in the department. The students had never been to such a difficult single unbroken internship. Goal of the thesis The goal of the research was to identify and analyse topics that the students were experiencing in the time of the Covid pandemic based on conversations with the students of general medicine. Methodology The qualitative research was done through interviews of the Focus group, and the interpretative phenomenological analysis has been chosen. All six students who have participated in this research were connected through working in the Covid department in the time of the pandemic from September 2020 to February 2021. The analysis of all the data was done through open coding followed by the choosing of topics. Results, Conclusion and Recommendations The thesis covers three topics which resonated the most with...
Regulation of smoking in health care facilities IKEM
Johnová, Tereza ; Tollarová, Blanka (advisor) ; Otcová, Václava (referee)
This thesis deals with the regulation of smoking in health care facilities cloth. The subject of my interest is to investigate the regulation of smoking in the course of the ICEM and its resultant effect, ie the evaluation of the project. The theme of the work is the search for a path that would provide support and motivation of employees in the regulatory process in order to control smoking in IKEM run successfully and efficiently. The work focuses on the process control in the organization and also examines how individual employees comply with regulatory measures , how they are taken and what are their attitudes towards regulatory mandates . I also analyzed the attitudes and strategies of smokers to organizational changes and their motivation to quit smoking. Based on the finding that the changes were not properly managed, or coordinated , and that employees in the change process did not have any support, including the lack of assistance in quitting , I lead organizations recommended the following steps . In the first phase, the management staff should provide synergistic support that is inherent in motivational , psychological and information campaign. As part of the support they have managers throughout the organization , not only in the process of regulation of smoking is also introducing one...
Safe Communication in Health Care
Wiltavský, Radek ; Marx, David (advisor) ; Otcová, Václava (referee)
The theme of this thesis is "Safety Communication regarding to foreigners in health-care facilities". The main purpose of this thesis is primarily concerned with determining how selected health-care facilities ensure communication with a foreigner patient. The main hypothesis examines whether the provider utilizes official interpreters and whether there does exist a higher risk of damage to the patient's health. The theoretical part describes the communication in relation to the Patient-Physician relationship and its function as a tool for prevention of risk in health-care. A substantial part is devoted to a specific communication with the foreigner patient during a medical treatment; specifically, it deals with the issue of language barriers and interpreting. Subsequently, the period in which the foreigner is able to receive healthcare is described in a separate chapter; particularly regarding acute cases, e.g., the issue of medical tourism, cross-border healthcare and insurance of foreigners with subsequent reimbursement. The last chapter of the theoretical part is concerned with Czech and international legal regulations and hospital standards with regards to interpretation and foreign languages. The research part elucidates the methodology of data collection. This part clearly illustrates how chosen...
The extent of the missed care in the Central Military Hospital - the University Military Hospital Prague
Šerých, Klára ; Zvoníčková, Marie (advisor) ; Otcová, Václava (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the concept of missing care. In the theoretical part there is mentioned how the nursing profession has progressively developed and how this development is related to the development of missing care. There is also mentioned the nursing model of Virginia Henderson in which basic nursing care is defined and the difference between active and passive care explained. The main theme of the theoretical part is an analysis of the concept of missing care. Furthermore, there is an example of an extreme in missing care and there are methods describing how we evaluate the quality and the degree of care provided in the Czech Republic. The research part of this work focuses on the quantity of nursing care provided to patients at the Central Military Hospital in Prague. The work tries to determine the amount of missing care in standard departments of internal and surgical type and also to define its reasons. The research focused on the opinion of nurses and nursing assistants/practical nurses working at these types of departments. The results of the research show a high level of the Central Military Hospital - the Military University Hospital Prague in the degree of provided care.

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