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Family Drawing in children with family split experience
Saksunová, Aneta ; Presslerová, Pavla (advisor) ; Kucharská, Anna (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the influence of family split experience on pre-school children. The aim is to find out if this influence can be recognised in the family drawing. The research is based on the theoretical part which consists of two broad areas. These areas are preschool age and family. In both of them are highlighted aspects which correlate the most with the practical part. From preschool age, it is thinking, communication, emotion, social development and drawing, which is the most important. The family area begins with the current situation which is followed by essential information about the functions and types of family. The final and the most critical part is the subchapter talking about family split experience and divorces. Research data are obtained by family drawings and by semi-structured interviews. Reason for using interview is to complete information from family drawing and to clarify the description of a child. The highlight of the practical part is the results of the research. The most striking differences were found in the following parameters: the presence of father/mother/child in the drawing, the closest person or thing to the child in the picture, distance of child from father and mother in drawing, added subjects, objects or animals in drawing and talking about...
The early literacy development and its variability in children at risk of dyslexia: The prediction models of literacy deficits.
Medřická, Tereza ; Kucharská, Anna (advisor) ; Špačková, Klára (referee) ; Bytešníková, Ilona (referee)
In the context of both projects Enhancing literacy development in European languages, work package 2 and The early literacy development and its variability in children at risk of specific learning disabilities, we monitored child development of literacy in preschool age and during the first years of school attendance in a four-stage process. The research group (n = 76) compound of typically developing children (BV = 37), children with the family risk of dyslexia (RR = 22) and children with specific language impairment (NVŘ = 17). We evaluated development of phonemic/phonological, lexical/semantic and morphological/syntactic skills, preliteracy skills and early literacy skills. The last fifth test stage included the assessment of literacy development in 3rd graders. First, a group of children with literacy deficits (n = 9) was identified via the latent profile analysis method. Subsequently, four predictive models of literacy deficits for each stage were created by means of lasso or L-1 penalized regression method. Predictive models follows the trend that until literacy skills are fully automatized (preschool age and the 1st grade), phonemic and phonological skills predominate, but later - after the formal learning to read and write proceeds - early literacy skills are becoming more and more...
Early reading skills in children with specific language impairment
Richterová, Eva ; Seidlová Málková, Gabriela (advisor) ; Kucharská, Anna (referee) ; Vitásková, Kateřina (referee)
Eva Richterová - Early reading skills development in children with specific language impairment This study investigated the development of early reading skills in children with specific language impairment within a psycholinguistic framework. The investigation is based on theories concerning linguistic and cognitive skills which play a crucial role in the development of reading skills. This approach is utilized to identify groups which are at risk of difficulties in literacy acquisition as a result of language impairment. Theoretical background of reading development in children with SLI is presented, in addition to current knowledge about the relationship between language and reading skills. Studies on SLI highlight the need of longitudinal investigations, which enable better understanding of the relationship between literacy development and preliteracy skills. The aim of the study was to provide a systematic description of the reading skills development in children with SLI from first to fourth Grade. A group of 25 children with SLI was repeatedly investigated in terms of their reading skills (decoding and reading comprehension) and preliteracy skills. Assessment of language and cognitive skills was also carried out and involved phonological awareness, rapid authomatised naming, and letter...
Staff leadership under the conditions of a small school from the perspective of the pedagogical process
Kicková, Pavla ; Kucharská, Anna (referee)
Rigorous thesis "Staff leadership under the conditions o f a smáli school fřom the perspective o f the pedagogical process" deals with the theme o f staff leadership regarding the changing conditions o f the pedagogical process in smáli nursery schools in the Mid-Bohemian district. Powered by TCPDF (
Coping strategy in personal assistance
Bučková, Aneta ; Kucharská, Anna (advisor) ; Presslerová, Pavla (referee)
The work of the personal assistant is a helping profession that belongs to the profession with a risk of a high level of stres, especially in long-term exposure to inappropriate working condition that can, in the end, developed into the burnout syndrom. In the theoretical part i define personal assistance, stress, coping strategies, resistance and burnout syndrome. The practical part is based on nine interviews with personal assitants, focused on stressors, coping strategies and conditions of their work in the organization, where they are employed. I found out personal assistants considered as the most important sources of stress children problematic behavior, communication with teachers and parents. Personal assistants are struggling in their work with feelings of helplessness, frustration from the childs stagnation, with feelings of guilt for childs problem behavior. In their work they are dealing with parents in mental discomfort and with problematic communication with teachers. The most used coping strategies of personal assistants are sense of usefulness and meaning of work, social support (information and support from parents of children, support of social workers of organization and supervision), relaxation, optimism, acceptance of situation, setting of borders, self- development. The...
Handwriting development from 1st to 5th grade of elementary school
Kučerová, Olga ; Kucharská, Anna (advisor) ; Wildová, Radka (referee) ; Viktorová, Ida (referee)
TITLE Handwriting development from 1st to 5th grade of elementary school Author: Mgr. et Mgr. Olga Kučerová Department: Department of Psychology, Faculty of Education Charles University Supervisor: Doc. PhDr. PaedDr. Anna Kucharská, Ph. D. ABSTRACT This dissertation project describes the development phases of the handwriting skills from 1st to 5th grade. The aim of this project is to describe the procedure of dynamic handwriting acquisition concerning two different alphabetic scripts used in Czech elementary schools. These include the traditional cursive script and alternative script that is Comenia Script. We focus on two different styles of penmanship, which are being taught in Czech elementary schools - cursive writing and manuscript writing. Our research sample includes two groups. The first group comprises writers who employ the cursive handwriting style of penmanship, whereas the second group considers the Comenia Script writer i.e. the manuscript style. The research consists of two parts - the theoretical and practical part. The theory defines the basic concepts related to handwriting skills and handwriting development. A substantial part focuses on both styles of penmanship - traditional cursive writing and Comenia Script. We depict their formal characteristics, circumstances of origin and the...
The self-concept of university students with dyslexia
Lipčáková, Iveta ; Kucharská, Anna (advisor) ; Presslerová, Pavla (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the self-esteem of university students with dyslexia and its comparison with the intact population of university students. Further it focuses on the difficulties university students with dyslexia suffer, but also on their strengths and positive attributes. The aim of the work was also to find out whether there is a relation between the self-esteem of reading and the global self-esteem of individuals with dyslexia. A total of 51 respondents participated in my research, 23 of which belonged to the experimental group of university students with dyslexia. In the research, 2 questionnaires were used, namely The Reader Self-Perception Scale 2 (RSPS2) and Self-Liking/Self-Competence Scale-Revised Version (SLCS-R). In addition to these methods, also 4 open questions were used. Results of the research have shown that university students with dyslexia have more negative reading self-esteem than university students without dyslexia, but the differences in global self- esteem between the two groups are not statistically significant. It has been shown that within the individuals with dyslexia there is no significant positive relation between the reading self-esteem and global self-esteem. The main finding of this work is that, despite the difficulties caused by learning...
Autism Spectrum Disorders - Sibling's Perspective
Tietzová, Alžběta ; Sotáková, Hana (advisor) ; Kucharská, Anna (referee)
The bachelor thesis aims to map sibling relationships of people with autism spectrum disorders and their intact siblings. The theoretical part deals with the issue of autism spectrum disorders and with the developments in the field of professional approach to this concept. The next section is focused on sibling relations and constellations in the majority population, followed by a section dealing with the influence of autism spectrum disorders on sibling relationships. Finally, I try to explain briefly the concept of social support. In the empirical part I present results of the qualitative survey implemented through interviews and a social support questionnaire. The research seeks to examine the problem of demanding coexistence of intact children and their siblings with autism spectrum disorders and to discover impacts of the disorder on mutual relationships of children, as well as on their relationships with parents and on the children's perceptions with respect to their future and the social support. KEYWORDS sibling relationships, sibling constellations, autism spectrum disorder, social support
Text comprehension in primary school students - oral reading vs listening comprehension
Kubíková, Adéla ; Špačková, Klára (advisor) ; Kucharská, Anna (referee)
The main aim of the thesis are the mapping the level of understanding narrative text for student of fifth grade primary school with the typical development of reading skills. The thesis deal with the relationship between listening comprehension and reading comprehension. The thesis is traditionally divided into a theoretical and empirical part. The first part of the thesis prestnts the theoretical background research problems of comprehension the text. Attention is focused mainly on the domain of listening comprehension and reading comprehension, including a summary of the current state of knowledge about the relationship between both skills in foreign and Czech studies, as well as the diagnostics of reading and prerequisites that are reflected on the comprehensions the text. In the practical part are conclusions expected on its own research, which was attended by 40 students taught by the analytic-synthetic metod of reading, are compared with the results of the three year research project GAČR - Reading complrehension - typical development and its risks, where attended 59 students of fifth grade primary school taught by the same reading method. In addition to comprehension level will be monitored by level of basic language skills.

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