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The impact of kindergarten teacher on the children from socially disadvantaged environment
Kárová, Jana ; Kučerová, Olga (advisor) ; Sotáková, Hana (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with kindergarten teachers who devote themselves to children from socially disadvantaged family backgrounds. It monitors the influence of teachers on a preschool child from this environment. The theoretical part elaborates on professional knowledge about preschool children, and the approach of kindergarten teachers to preschool children in the environment of kindergarten. It also concerns the socially disadvantaged family environment and its characteristics. It monitors the importance of kindergarten for these children. It processes information on the social and legal protection of children. Last but not least, it considers the issue of other helping professions. The practical part is focused on examining the experience and attitude of kindergarten teachers towards children from the environment mentioned above. It reveals the view of teachers on children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds in terms of the characteristics of the environment. It deals with the attendance of children in kindergarten and its importance for preschool children. It monitors the cooperation of teachers with OSPOD and other organizations involved. In my work I focus on the approach of teachers to these children and their families, I follow the experience and understanding of this issue from...
The impact of online learning on the mental health of high school students, with the focus on anxiety and depression
Šimonová, Lucie ; Kučerová, Olga (advisor) ; Adámková, Jana (referee)
This thesis deals with the impact of online learning on the mental health of high school students, with the focus on anxiety and depression. The thesis is divided into two parts, a theoretical and a practical one. The theoretical part explains the concepts of anxiety and depression and describes their symptoms, potential causes and ways of treatment. It also mentions phenomena which anxiety and depression need to be distinguished from. Then it deals with the period of adolescence, especially in the 21st century, and the problem of digitization. Due to the nature of the thesis, quantitative research was chosen, represented by a questionnaire, which was completed by 283 respondents. Data analysis showed that online learning seriously affected the mental health of high school students and had a negative impact on it. Out of the symptoms of depression, the students suffered the most with low mood, which significantly affected 62,4 % of the respondents. It was followed by the desire to do nothing, feeling of living an unsatisfactory life, loss of energy and fatigue. These symptoms significantly affected over 57 % of respondents. With anxiety, the students suffered the most from body pain, which affected 53,5 % of the respondents. After that, the most common were avoidance behaviours, anticipatory...
Constructing the school counselling department at Royal Elementary School in Prague - a case study
Nováková, Adriana ; Kučerová, Olga (advisor) ; Kucharská, Anna (referee)
The case study describes the process of building a school counselling centre at a particular private school in Prague. The theoretical part provides a professional framework and describes what is the purpose of a school counselling centre, how it is defined in the legislation of Czech republic, who are its members and what is the job description of each of them. However, each school has its own specific needs of the management, teachers and pupils, and the counselling centre should respond to them. The practical section details the steps in the process of setting up a counselling centre and presents a way of thinking and specific questions that the founder may ask. The output of the work is also a proposal for the concept of a school counselling centre as it will operate in this particular school. The work is an inspiration to other schools that are just starting their counselling centres.
Support measures of the first level for primary pupils with potential special educational needs
Valentová, Barbora ; Kucharská, Anna (advisor) ; Kučerová, Olga (referee)
The diploma thesis is focused on the production of supportive measures for children who are supposed to suffer some learning disabilities, namely it is concerned with the pupil support plan. The theoretical part briefly mentions the characteristics of younger school age. Every child is different and the beginning of the school attendance reveals if he or she is ready for the school system. Describes possible signs of problems from the perspective of a school performance. The diploma thesis includes possibilities of intervention and support of problem children, it explains intrinsic and extrinsic factors, mentions the important role of a teacher and also cooperation with a family. It explores reasons for supportive measures and describes the situation according to the current legislation. It also defines educational contents in the Framework Educational Programme for Basic Education and briefly gives information about inclusive education. It defines the description of supportive measures and their levels and finally it specifies the term of the pupil support plan with its importance. The aim of the empirical part is an analysis and evaluation of the effectiveness of particular pupil support plans based on the interview with elementary school teachers. The content of these interviews are main themes...
Education of foster parents
Pobudová, Klára ; Presslerová, Pavla (advisor) ; Kučerová, Olga (referee)
This thesis deals with foster care and fosters parent education. The main aim of the thesis is to evaluate whether foster carers are satisfied with the topics offered and the length of the mandatory continuing education. A sub-objective of the thesis is to describe the biggest problems of children in foster care related to school and school preparation and to highlight these problems by creating a case study. The theoretical part is divided into four chapters and is based on a study of the literature. The first chapter deals with the general topic of foster care and the application for foster care. The second chapter focuses more on the foster carer himself and his preparation. The third chapter focuses on the foster carers' training and the accompanying organizations. The fourth chapter deals with the characteristics of children in foster care and their school and educational problems. The practical section focuses on the research itself. In the empirical part, a research investigation was conducted with a combination of qualitative and quantitative elements. The data collection was carried out in the form of self-observation, questionnaire survey, and semi- structured interview. During the data analysis, it was found that foster carers with several years of experience would welcome it if the...
The role of the primary school teacher in creating a school classroom climate and his/her impact on school success
Kornoušková, Tereza ; Kučerová, Olga (advisor) ; Presslerová, Pavla (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the influence of the teacher's personality on the classroom climate and school success of pupils. The theoretical part deals with the three basic areas described in the individual chapters - the personality of the teacher, the classroom climate and its actors and components, and last but not least, school success. The topic of motivating pupils in teaching also corresponds to school success, especially at present. In the practical part, the thesis presents the results of qualitative research conducted in the third grade of primary school, which is very specific in its composition, the school itself includes a special program for exceptionally gifted students and currently also educates a large number of students with different mother tongue. In addition, students with specific learning disabilities also appear in the classroom. The three areas described in the theoretical part are mapped by the methods typical for qualitative research, participatory observation, through observation sheets of own production and inspired by scientific literature, and a semi-structured interview with the class teacher. KEYWORDS teacher's personality, classroom climate, school success, motivation in education, school classroom, primary education, observation, interview
Comenia Script - handwriting and problems at third grade
Kučerová, Olga ; Kucharská, Anna (advisor) ; Sotáková, Hana (referee)
The following thesis focuses on the topic of the system of writing "Comenia Script", used by the pupils of the third grade of basic schools. The thesis consists - as usual - of two parts: a theoretical one and a practical one. The theoretical part deals with the school tuition of writing, the differences in the teaching of analytic- synthetic and genetic method, and forming of the individual handwriting. A substantial part focuses on the central theme, the Comenia Script (the circumstances of its origin, its shape characteristics, the course of its experimental testing, and current researches). The next chapter concerns itself with the scales designated for assessment of the writing (Matějček, Zelinková, Veverková). In the practical part we introduce the assessing scale of Jana Veverková (2011), adapted by us. By the means of this scale we were assessing the written expressions of ninety pupils using Comenia Script. At the same time, the pupils were taught by the analytic-synthetic or genetic method of reading and writing tuition, therefore we were able to compare the results also from the point of view of both methods. The aim of this thesis is to describe the typical written expression of a pupil using the Comenia Script and also adapting the Veverková assessment scale (2011), so that it convenes for...

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