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Dynamic approach to Educational and Psychological assessment and Intervation in Kindergarten.
Krejčová, Kristýna ; Šírová, Eva (advisor) ; Kucharská, Anna (referee) ; Hříbková, Lenka (referee)
Dynamic assessment constitutes an alternative diagnostic approach, focused on revelation of the tested person's learning potential, which is reached and observed via the emphasis on the process of the achievement. It aims at meaningful connection with the intervention that immediately makes use of diagnostic findings to support the development of an individual's abilities. This work summarizes essential information about the mentioned diagnostic trend - its characteristic, a definition compared to conventional ways of testing and historical development. It investigates some possibilities of its utilization, especially in the area of preschool diagnostic and education, and creates a basis for an instrument of the effective prevention of educational and behavioural difficulties during the first years of the school attendance.
Context of family upbringing style and aggression in children of younger school age
Pokorná, Tereza ; Šírová, Eva (advisor) ; Gillernová, Ilona (referee)
The bachelor thesis focuses on a context of family upbringing style and aggression in children of younger school age. The Fairy Tale Test and The Parental Styles Questionnaire for the children from 8 to 12 years old are used as the methods to assess the context of this issue. The theoretical part aims to define the developmental stage of younger school age underlying notions related to upbringing of a child and its behavior typical for the stage. The last part describes the concept of aggression or aggressivity. Furthermore, its specifics in childhood are presented. The empirical part specifies the possible ways of examinating the issue, mainly through the methods mentioned earlier and proposes alternatives of using the data we have gained. Powered by TCPDF (
Development of personality in preschool and younger school-age children from the perspective of analytical psychology
Franzová, Martina ; Šírová, Eva (advisor) ; Horáková Hoskovcová, Simona (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focused on personality development of preschool and school aged children from the analytical psychology perspective. The concept of personality and some of the chosen psychological theories from different schools of psychology are described in the theoretical part. Afterwards the thesis describes Jung's view on a child, Neumann's theory of the origins of consciousness and Fordham's opinions gained from his lifelong work with children. Because the main source of this thesis is the analytical psychology, next chapters focus mainly on symbolical and imaginatory actions of children and how these actions could influence their development of personality. A research project is being proposed as the outcome of the thesis. Within this project I suggest to investigate the children's personality development using two projective methods, The Fairy tale test and The Scenotest. Keywords: Analytical psychology, Development of personality, Preschool children, School-age children, The Fairy tale test, The Scenotest
Potential risks of joint custody of pre-school child
Bortlíková, Kristina ; Šulová, Lenka (advisor) ; Šírová, Eva (referee)
The present bachelor's thesis deals with the possible risks of joint custody of preschool children. At the beginning there are some notes on family and the factors which can lead to its break-up. Then the three possible after-divorce arrangements which are allowed by the current legal regulation of the Czech Republic are defined and described. The core of the thesis is the chapter on joint custody, which describes its most frequently cited advantages and shortcomings which also presents previous research into this topic. The next chapter describes selected areas of the preschool period of child development, which are linked to the divorce of the parents, and to the pros and cons of joint custody. Emphasis is placed on the risks of this after-divorce arrangement, which should be taken into account by parents, as well as by courts. The final part of the thesis is the proposal for a research project in this field.
Usage and Application of Fairy Tale Test in Czech Republic (for the boys from capital city 6-12 years old)
Daňová Jurčová, Ivana ; Šírová, Eva (advisor) ; Šturma, Jaroslav (referee)
in English Usage and Application of Fairy Tale Test in Czech Republic (for the boys from capital city 6-12 years old) This graduate work deals with the Fairy Tale Test and its application in the Czech Republic. The theoretical part presents characteristics of children in preschool, early school and middle school age. This section is concerned with importance of the fairy tales for children and emphasis is especially laid on fairy tales that uses the Fairy Tale Test. It presents the problems with children's diagnosis and introduces the Fairy Tale Test. The empirical part deals with the practical use of the Fairy Tale Test in the Czech Republic. Test was used in 60 boys aged 6-12 years from the capital city. The obtained data of children 6-7 years old was compared with data of another region. The data of 8-12 years old was compared with the CPQ and Questionnaire style education using correlation analysis. The data show that the Fairy Tale test is a good diagnostic tool with broad application also in the Czech Republic. Hopefully it will be soon standardized for the Czech Republic. KEY WORDS: preschool age, school age, fairy tales, interpretation of fairy tales, psychodiagnostics, the Fairy Tale Test.
Parenting styles and adolescents
Ženíšková, Karolína ; Gillernová, Ilona (advisor) ; Šírová, Eva (referee)
The bachelor thesis focuses on parenting styles in relation to adolescents. The thesis starts with a literature review summarizing current knowledge on this issue. In the first part of the literature review, the topic of parenting styles is put into a broader context of the current development of the family. Furthermore, it outlines basic assumptions on which current research is based. The core part of the literature review offers a list of the most important topics of current research. Although the thesis draws mostly from foreign literature, it also mentions Czech authors contributing to this issue. The following empirical part presents a research project which is thematically linked to the literature review. It focuses on the phenomenon of emerging adulthood and its implications for parenting, which seems to be quite specific during this period of adolescent's development. The research has a qualitative design which aims to reveal essential features and characteristics of parenting in the period of emerging adulthood. Key words: Parenting styles, adolescents, family
Aspects of community psychotherapy of adolescents in a day care center
Matoušová, Kristýna ; Štětovská, Iva (advisor) ; Šírová, Eva (referee)
The presented work examines adolescents who come to day care centre at hospital in the context of community psychotherapy. The aim of the work is to understand the individual psychological aspects involved in the change of behavior, experience and thinking from the perspective of adolescents who is using the services of a day hospital based on the principles of community psychotherapy and describe them. The research question we will try to answer is: How do adolescent clients of the Denní stacionář pro adolescenty at Všeobecná fakultní nemocnice in Prague experience and understand the process of change? And what aspects of treatment do they consider to be involved in change or, conversely, hindering the process of change? In the theoretical part we try to gather psychological knowledge in the field of psychotherapy of adolescents in a community setting. Closer attention is paid to the possibilities of psychotherapeutic work with adolescents, as well as aspects supporting change in the process of psychotherapy. In conclusion, attention is paid to the period of adolescence, which is itself associated with a number of changes at the biopsychosocial level. Eight adolescents with diverse psychiatric diagnoses shared their experiences with psychotherapy, art therapy, occupational therapy, and with...
Methods for detecting cognitive deficits in preschool children
Hronová, Veronika ; Šírová, Eva (advisor) ; Mertin, Václav (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with methods for detecting cognitive deficits in preschool children. The theoretical part aims on cognitive level of preschool children and cognitive deficits, which can occure at this age. There are described diagnostic methods, which are used in the Czech Republic in order to detect cognitive deficits in preschool children. Furthermore, the thesis focuses on dynamic testing and its comparsion with classical intelligence tests. The empirical part contains design of an experimental study. The purpose of the study is to verify the effectivity of ACFS, a new method of dynamic testing, in long-term perspective. Keywords: diagnostic methods, cognitive deficits, preschool children, dynamic testing

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