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New Media and Sport: Repeated Confrontation with Failure on the Example of Ice Hockey Coach Josef Jandac
Matějka, Filip ; Řehořová, Irena (advisor) ; Švantner, Martin (referee)
This thesis deals with the relationship between new media and sport. The main research problem is the repeated confrontation with failure on the example of professional ice hockey coach Josef Jandac. The aim of the presented thesis is to examine how Jandac's media image evolved on selected new media platforms (news websites and social networks). We also want to explore to what extent the content presented by each new media differed and whether confrontation with failure prevailed at certain times. Qualitative content analysis constitutes a means to achieve set goal. Based on the mentioned research method, articles from sport websites and posts from social networks were analyzed. The first group of sources includes the internet portals, and The second group of sources consists of comments by users on the official Facebook page of HC Sparta Prague and posts by Spartan supporters from the SHS fan club discussion forum. The research file contains a total of 132 texts (68 articles and 64 posts). The thesis is organized into theoretical, contextual and analytical section. The theoretical part provides relevant theoretical background on the relationship between new media and sport, sport content, social media, attributes of online fan audiences and sport journalism in...
Facebook as a Digital Archive
Bernasová, Jacqueline ; Řehořová, Irena (advisor) ; Švantner, Martin (referee)
The thesis deals with Facebook archives. The topic is treated by a combination of theoretical and practical approaches. In the theoretical part of the thesis, the first chapter provides an introduction to the concepts of archives and the digital form of archives today. In the second chapter, I discuss Laura Millar's theory, which details the nature of archives in terms of its content, institution and place. This is followed by the practical part of the thesis, where in the third chapter I conduct an analysis of Facebook. I conduct two analyses, one from the perspective of the administrators of the network and the other from the perspective of its users. In both analyses I follow the same aspects defined using Laura Millar's theory, I observe Facebook in terms of the content of the archive and as a place for keeping the archive. Due to the double observation, differences emerge in the conception of the network from the perspective of the two aforementioned parties. The results of the analyses are then accompanied by a final fourth theoretical chapter in which I attempt to ground the observed practices in broader theoretical contexts. The aim of the work should be to describe as accurately as possible the situation in which Facebook works differently for its administrators than for its users in...
Copyright law aspects of advertising on social media
Tuzová, Lucie ; Holcová, Irena (advisor) ; Žikovská, Petra (referee)
Copyright aspects of social media advertising Abstract This paper aims to provide an overview of the copyright aspects of advertising content on social networks and to identify the key issues in this area. It first provides the theoretical framework necessary for a proper understanding of the various institutes that are described in the course of the thesis. This includes an introduction to the terms of advertising and social networks, the specifics of which are then presented in the context of a general explanation of the conceptual attributes of a copyright work or a description of the author of the work. As this is a relatively modern and still developing field, the thesis also discusses the innovations that can be seen in social media advertising in recent times. In particular, the use of artificial intelligence tools to create advertising content. The legal framework has not yet been able to respond to the rise in popularity of these tools and the thesis describes possible ways of future regulation. In many parts of the thesis, the complexity of advertising is discussed, for example, from the perspective of the broad set of legal norms regulating advertising or the process of creating advertising content. The advertising chain, which illustrates the complexity of the relationships that arise in the...
The impact of the development of music streaming services on Czech radio stations
Šidlák, Jan ; Klabíková Rábová, Tereza (advisor) ; Moravcová, Hana (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the topic of the transformation of communication of Czech radio stations in the light of the development of streaming platforms, new media and technologies. In particular, it describes how radio stations use new media to communicate and complement traditional FM broadcasting. The theoretical part of the thesis describes the history of radio in our country, introduces streaming services as a new way of music distribution and summarizes the views of some authors who have dealt with the topic before. The practical part of the thesis consists of an analysis of media outputs of individual stations and interviews with respondents, professionals from radio practice.
Social networks and youth mental health care
Dobrocká, Romana ; Vrzáček, Petr (advisor) ; Bosá, Monika (referee)
Perceiving the world from the perspective of the present and adapting to it represents the continuum of life. The aim of the graduate thesis is to analyse the mainly communicated topics on mental health on selected social networks and to examine social networks from the point of view of e-social work. The theoretical part characterizes social networks in general, discusses the relationship of social networks with mental health problems of young people and individually discusses the pitfalls that the use of social networks brings with it. Furthermore, the research offers insight into the characteristics of young people's mental health problems, deals with them from a contemporary perspective, and connects them with the specific social networks. The subchapter of social work determines need of e-social work and its possibilities. The end of the theoretical part looks at social identity and the need for community in the life of adolescence. The aim of the research is defined by four research questions and follows four social networks: Twitch, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. The qualitative research combines netnography with an additional interview. The results of the research include identification of the mainly communicated topics on social networks, possible ways of mental health support provision,...
Risky behavior on the internet with a focus on social networks
Šestáková, Michaela ; Mottlová, Jana (advisor) ; Urban, Lukáš (referee)
Bachelor's thesis deals with the topic of risky behavior on the internet with a focus on social networks. The aim of the thesis is to present the risks that children and adolescents are exposed to in today's time. The bachelor thesis is divided into two parts, a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part of the thesis describes social networks, explains the basic risks of the online world and focuses on prevention in this area. In the practical part, a quantitative research in the form of a questionnaire survey is conducted with a goal of finding out if education, primarily from parents or school, has a positive impact on the prevention of problematic online behavior.
The impact of social media on social participation and quality of life of the elderly in the Czech Republic
Přiklopilová, Jana ; Rosenfeldová, Jana (advisor) ; Schneiderová, Soňa (referee)
The Czech population is ageing, and the number of seniors continues to grow year on year. At the same time, the number of working seniors, who currently make up one tenth of the Czech workforce, is increasing. There is also a decline in the number of extended family structures, which more often provide the necessary social network and support, compared to narrower nuclear family types. That is not the only reason why there is an increase in the number of lonely seniors, who are isolated from the world and social relations and who stop participating in social activities. It is estimated that one in three seniors across the globe struggles with loneliness. With the advent of modern information technology, the question arises whether virtual contact can help to address the issue of loneliness and improve the social participation of seniors. The aim of this thesis was to provide a deeper insight into the situation in the Czech Republic, outlining potential benefits and risks as well as possible barriers for this demographic group. This research found that Czech seniors use social media not only to maintain relationships with their family and friends, but also to broaden their horizons in the field of hobbies and take an active interest in current and political events. Social media can thus be a tool...
Weaving two worlds: A Moroccan Narrative of Adaptation in Prague
Boulghazi, Firdaousse ; Černý, Karel (advisor) ; Minářová, Markéta (referee)
Immigration or relocation offers a valuable opportunity to explore the impact of a new environment on the cultural repertoire or identity of a specific group. This qualitative study delves into the adaptation experiences of 17 Moroccan nationals residing in Prague. The focus is placed on their adept navigation of cultural differences, the strategies employed to overcome challenges during the adaptation process, and the revelation of the pivotal role played by social networks and support systems in their transition to Prague life. A carefully designed semi-structured interview protocol was used to gather detailed data. The data analysis followed the principles of constructive grounded theory methodology, aiming to develop a deep understanding and identify patterns in the collected information. Through systematic coding and continuous comparison, several significant themes emerged from the data: Cultural Dichotomy: Navigating Two Worlds (a); Bonds of Belonging: Building Bridges with Fellow Moroccans (b); Chasing Integration: Struggles and Strategies in Prague (c), Unveiling Identities: Negotiating Individuality in a Foreign Land (d).
The use of negative campaigning in the communication of selected candidates for the office of the President of the Czech Republic on the social networks Facebook and Twitter
Gelnar, Matyáš ; Rosenfeldová, Jana (advisor) ; Konrádová, Marcela (referee)
This thesis examines the use of negative campaigning in the communication of selected presidential candidates on the social networks Facebook and Twitter. The aim of the thesis was to find out how much negative campaigning was present in the published posts of the social networks. The chosen research method is quantitative content analysis. For purpose of this analysis, the time period from one calendar month before the first round of the presidential election to the day of the of the second round of the presidential election was set out. The analysis examined published posts of 3 candidates, who according to the election model of Data Collect and Kantar CZ, had the highest percentage chance of advancing to the second round of the election of the President of the Czech Republic. They were Petr Pavel, Andrej Babiš and Danuše Nerudová. The subjects of the analysis were, for example, the time distribution of individual posts, the use of the negative campaigning and the number of likes. The results of the analysis showed that negative campaigning was a certain part of the pre- election communication on the social networks of each candidate, but differences could be observed in the extent of its use. The analysis also showed that posts with negative campaigning were more popular on social media only for...

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