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Comparing factors influencing purchase behavior of given target groups in beer segment
Konopásková, Michaela ; Schneiderová, Soňa (advisor) ; Houdek, Petr (referee)
This bachelor 's thesis focuses on factors influencing purchase behavior of given target groups in beer segment. It focuses mainly on individual factors, which can enter the decision-making process and somehow affect it. The first part of the thesis focuses on history of brewing and of beer bottles in the Czech Republic. After that, the internal and external factors affecting decision-making during purchase are being introduced. Also purchase behavior is being defined and whole purchase-making process is described. Practical part of the thesis focuses on general knowledge of beer brands and individual factors affecting given target groups using quantitative research. The goal of the thesis is to find out about the preferences of the examined target groups and shed a light on the factors affecting purchase behavior.
The readiness of primary school educators in teaching of the protection of the population in the distrikt Tábor, Soběslav
Thesis topic is "The readiness of primary school educators in teaching of the protection of the population in the district Tábor, Soběslav" brings the insight to the protection of the population at the elementary schools in the cities named above. The theme of thesis I chose due to my long experience with education and protection of the population. For many years I have been providing courses and lectures in the field of protection of the population, and then I started to teach first aid. Currently I prepare and provide educational programs for children, youth and adults in the area of civil protection and behavior in different emergencies. Children, youth even adults have lack of knowledge in this issue which I noticed during to my training programs. I am also teaching staff so tried helped to teachers. The purpose of this thesis was to find out readiness of teachers in the area of protection of the population and how their experiences are forwarded to pupils. Readiness of teachers at elementary school is very important. In most of the time it is pupil´s first time and sometime, unfortunately, last time they encounter with theoretical part of protection of the population in education. The aim is to determine the current situation of preparedness of teachers in the area of protection of the population in particular area. Thesis should be feedback of published manuals, methods of work of teachers with experts and professional from the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic, as well as others. The thesis is divided into theoretical and practical part. Theoretical part is based on literature, internet resources and legislation related to protection of the population and pupils at the elementary schools. In the first part I focused on the basic terms related to protection of the population. International humanitarian law in relation with protection of the population is described in the next part. Also historical context in the Czech Republic is mentioned. Other parts give insight to legislation related to the protection of the population; concept of protection of the population in the Czech Republic also integrated rescue system of the Czech Republic and important tasks of its main parts are mentioned. Also basic tasks of protecting of the population are described. The last theoretical part is focused on training and education related to the protection of the population in the Czech Republic and its possible future evolution. Two hypothesis and research methodology were specified in the first part of the practical section. Evaluation of research of teaching staff and pupils of primary schools is described in the following section. The chapter "Discussion" deeply describes the results of the research and hypotheses. Both hypotheses were verified and accepted. The aim of the thesis and research was to compare the readiness of teachers at chosen elementary schools in the field of protection of the population and how their experiences are forwarded to pupils. The result is a confirmation that teachers at the chosen elementary schools have readiness and sufficient knowledge in the area of the civil protection. The thesis is primarily intended to representatives and teachers of involved schools such as to improve teaching of protection of the population. The results will be provided to interested ministries.
Factors influencing altruism
Kopecký, Robin ; Flegr, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Houdek, Petr (referee)
There are multiple theories about how moral judgement is made. In this study, we are investigating relationship between latent factors (moral conservatism, intelligence and CRT) and utilitarian versus deontological decisions in hypothetical moral dilemmas as variant of trolley problem. According to previous research moral judgement is made by proximate causes like Green's Dual process or Social-intuitionist model of Haidt. On the assumption of Partner choice (individual selection) we are able to test its predictions on moral dilemmas. The aim of this study was to investigate a possible link of these factors, proximal and ultimate mechanisms. Our results suggest that women display more harm aversion in moral dilemmas. Second, that there is a relation between sacrificial judgments in the hypothetical dilemmas and preference for sexual bondage. Third, that prediction of morality based on Partner choice model of evolution does not correspond to actual moral judgements. Key words: Altruism; moral judgement; thought experiments; Partner choice
Influence of birth order on personality type of an individual studied by Cattell's, Cloninger's and Big Five questionnaire
Kneblová, Barbora ; Flegr, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Houdek, Petr (referee)
The study focuses on influence of birth order on personality and on ways of measuring personality by standardized questionnaires. It gives a summary about the recent research on birth order and the sibling's differentiation theory according to family niche. It presents standardized questionnaires and factors they measure. The thesis provides personality profiles of individuals according to birth order and factors in Cattell's, Cloninger's and Big Five questionnaire and discuses the heterogeneity of studies on this topic.
Evolution of dowry
Pokorný, Daniel ; Kuběna, Aleš (advisor) ; Houdek, Petr (referee)
The topic of marriage markets is solved mainly by economics scientists so far (Tertilt 2002, 2005, Botticini and Siow 2003). Much less attention about this issue is paid by biologists. It is still unclear how variant types of marriage transactios influence the shape of societies. However, the importace is not negligible. Uderstanding of these questions may help us at least partly answer to some of the problems current societies face to. keywords: dowry, brideprice, marriage transactions, social structure
Development of the use of the decimal classification in the Czech ambient
Poljaková, Anežka ; Pálka, Peter (advisor) ; Houdek, Petr (referee)
Cílem bakalářské práce je shrnutí vývoje a využití desetitmého třídění v českých knihovnách a jiných informačních institucích. V práci jsou nejprve popsány hlavní rozdíly mezi nejvýznamnějšími pořádacími systematyckými jazyky: Deweyho desetinném třídění, Mezinárodním desetinném tříděním a Tříděním Kongresové knihovny. Hlavní důraz je kladen na podání jejich charakteristiky a popsání jejich struktury. Pozornost je zejména věnována prvním pokusům o zavedení desetinného třídění v českém prostředí -je zde uveden výčet nejvýznamnějších osobnosti, které se u nás ponejvíce zasloužily o propagaci a rozšiřování věcného pořádání informací. V navazujících částech jsou popsány snahy o všeobecné zavedení tabulek a pokusy o jejich příslušná vydání. Na něž navazuje modifikace desetinného třídění L. N. Tropovského a následující vydání Tabulek desetinného třídění ÚTEINu a dále tvorba oborových a odvětvových výtahů. Poslední část je věnována pokusům o vydání úplných československých tabulek. V závěru je shrnut celkový přínos desetinného třídění pro české země.
Eseje o ekonomii a managementu: Aplikace behaviorálních věd v organizacích
Houdek, Petr ; Smrčka, Luboš (advisor) ; Belás, Jaroslav (referee) ; Šťastný, Daniel (referee)
The thesis consists of four conceptual articles focused on application of theories and findings of behavioral economics and behavioral ethics in the sphere of managerial science (What Comes to a Manager's Mind: Theory of Local Thinking; A Perspective on Consumers 3.0: They Are Not Better Decision-Makers Than Previous Generations; Professional Identity and Dishonest Behavior; Puppet Master: Possible Influence of Parasite Toxoplasma gondii on Managers and Employees). The thesis contains introductory unifying commentary that deals with the replication crisis in management science and then speculates on the possibilities of behavioral organization economics. Introductory commentary contains also a summary of the main ideas presented in the conceptual articles and complementary empirical studies listed in the Appendix.
How does the culture history of his native country influence fair-play game?
Skořepa, Matouš ; Houdek, Petr (advisor) ; Slaný, Martin (referee)
The work examines the influence of culture native country, represented by years of war, the numbers of murders per capita, rule of law index, the proportion of believers in the population, as well as individual characteristics, represented by age, salary and a height of players, on fairplay athletes in the NBA in years 2005-2011 for 20 countries. Regression analysis carried out using OLS with the inclusion of robust standard errors confirmed a statistically significant influence of state characteristics of and single individual characteristics, salary. Increasing the number of years in which the country is at war conflict, 1 year leads to an increase in the number of fouls in the game by about 0,6 %, the potential increase of the index rule of law by 1 point associated with a reduction in the number of fouls in a match of 2,8%, increase in the number of murders in the country by 1 % point relates surprisingly, reducing the number of fouls by 0,017%, increasing the proportion of believers in a population of 1 % corresponds to the reduction in the number of fouls player by 0,07 % and the potential increase in the annual player's salary by 1 % point is related to the decrease in the number of fouls by 0,07 %. The surprising result of the influence of the number of murders fouls may be due to the fact that murder is already very extreme manifestation of violence that not all individuals are able to, so this factor is not relevant. The results show that national characteristics have much greater impact on violent behavior than individual characteristics of an individual. Culture homeland is rooted deep in man and carries him into another environment. This finding could be beneficial for the economy of criminology where authorities could via targeted directing cultural factors affecting negatively to human behavior achieve to increase the prevention of violence.

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