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Analysis of Marketing Communication of Selected Czech Movies Released in 2022 by a Distribution Company Aerofilms
Kořánková, Zuzana ; Koudelková, Petra (advisor) ; Zavadilová, Tereza (referee)
This bachelor work focuses on promotion of Czech independent movies distributed under distribution company Aerofilms in 2022. Theoretical part centers universally on the topic of film marketing. It's definiton, history and each components of marketing mix. Practical part follows three chosen films - And then there was love..., Borders of Love and Art Talent Show. Firstly the readers get in detail specified Czech film industry from the view of distributor in general so that they can easily understand specific case studies. After that each films are being analysed based on a qualitative interview with a marketer, media analysis and analysis of social media. This work contains complex view of marketing of Czech independent films. Keywords Film, film marketing, distribution, cinema, marketing mix, public relations
The Changes of Church Communication in the Third Millennium: The Reform of Vatican Media and its Impacts in the Period of the Credibility Crisis
Zavadilová, Tereza ; Koudelková, Petra (advisor) ; Kočí, Martin (referee) ; Franc, Jaroslav (referee)
This thesis explores a specific part of the contemporary Church communication area: the Vatican media reform that started in 2015, two years after the appointment of Pope Francis, as a part of the gradual reform of the whole Roman Curia. The aim of this still unfinished media reform is to make Vatican media (radio, TV, press office, news website Vatican News etc.) more technologically and financially effective, to share the message of Pope Francis through the most modern communication channels, to employ more laymen instead of clerics (in 2018 prefect Paolo Ruffini became the first layperson who ever led the Vatican dicastery), and to give voice to the local Church in the world. The many shifts included media unification, convergence, digitization, employing social media and a more reciprocal relationship with the public. Nevertheless, the secondary aim of the reform was to transform Vatican media into more transparent, trustworthy, and reliable source of information about the Church and the faith - especially in this era of a "credibility crisis" caused by the abuse of authority, power, conscience and sexual abuse of minors and vulnerable adults. The thesis proves that the reform has, apart from the obvious technological money-sparing face, also a content face - e.g., the aim to restore its...
Communication of Pope Francis from the Perspective of High School Students
Pospíšilová, Tereza ; Zavadilová, Tereza (advisor) ; Koudelková, Petra (referee)
The bachelor thesis "Communication of Pope Francis from the Perspective of High School Students" aims to map the view of selected religious high school students on the communication of Pope Francis and the Catholic Church as such. In particular, the research focuses on the way young people perceive the Pope's communication, whether they perceive differences between Pope Francis' communication and the communication of the Catholic Church, and whether the topics Pope Francis emphasizes in his communication are important for today's young generation. The analysis of the data collected from the interviews is conducted through open coding. The analytical part of the thesis is preceded by a theoretical introduction to the current state of the Catholic Church as well as an insight into the history of the papacy and its role in society. The theoretical part also discusses church communication in general, describing the tools it uses and the target groups the church focuses on today. Finally, a brief biography of Pope Francis and the form of communication used during his pontificate is also described here.
Presentation of a local fashion in Czech lifestyle magazines
Bártová, Tereza ; Koudelková, Petra (advisor) ; Zavadilová, Tereza (referee)
The Czech fashion industry is constantly in progress and has growth potential. However, it still has significant deficiencies. The thesis focuses on local fashion and its presentation in Czech lifestyle magazines. The primary quantitative research focused on examining the Czech lifestyle fashion magazine's environment and determining in what context and how often these media write about local fashion and its designers. Through the content analysis, the three fashion titles (Vogue CS, Elle, and Harper's Bazaar) were examined during the period between August 2018 and December 2020. The theoretical part of the thesis focuses on the topic introduction, where deals with fashion and fashion journalism evolution. Then, the current situation in both fields is described. The methodological part consists of a theoretical basis, literary review, and research design. Three research questions and four hypotheses were formulated within this paper. Research results suggest that Czech fashion media outputs regarding the local fashion are mostly connected with Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week via online editorial articles.
Communist regime propaganda against the Catholic church in Czechoslovakia
Volf, Jan ; Hejlová, Denisa (advisor) ; Zavadilová, Tereza (referee)
in English This paper describes the development of relationship between catholic church and communist regime in Czechoslovakia from the start of communist reign to the Velvet Revolution. Author focuses on communist persecution against the catholic church and on the propaganda of this persecution in media. Special attention is dedicated to describing the context of the clash between these two ideologies in the history of Czechoslovakia so that this paper can give the most accurate picture of the practices of communist regime. The first part is focused on era from the end of second world war to the year 1968, giving the most attention to era 1948-1953, a period that contained the most persecution. The second part tells the story of the normalization period from the Warsaw Pact invasion to Czechoslovakia in 1968 to the Velvet revolution, in which the catholic church played a significant role.
Role of new media in marketing communication of company Rohlí
Vanka, Boris ; Koudelková, Petra (advisor) ; Zavadilová, Tereza (referee)
Usage of new media, as well as the number of products sold online, is exponentially growing. Further, e-commerce accelerated by the pandemic of Covid-19 led to a boom of companies selling fast-moving consumer goods on the Internet. Based on these phenomena, the author decided to illuminate what role played social media in marketing communication of Czech online supermarket Rohlík. To understand that, the researcher conducted the qualitative and quantitative analysis. An interview with Junior Brand Manager plus additional data from other company's marketing representatives provided insight into the company. A survey method offered data from the recipients of the communication. Comparison of the results revealed specific information, such as which social media account is most favorite, the differences between customers and other followers of the company social networks, or the company's target group. Therefore, the analysis provided conclusions from which a specific recommendation revealed regarding how the company's communication via social media should look like in the future.
Communication of IKEA and Bonami through social networks during the state of emergency caused by Covid-19 pandemic
Marinovová, Kristina ; Koudelková, Petra (advisor) ; Zavadilová, Tereza (referee)
Bakalářská práce s názvem "Komunikace značek IKEA a Bonami na sociálních sítích " značek vhodná doporučení pro obsahovou podobně zaměřených značek případě obdobné základě části nejprve stručný historický přehled a nejznámějších sociálních sítí Facebook, Instagram, Twitter včetně praktické části s práce za použití kvantitativního výzkumu založeného na dvourozměrné zaměří na definování společn a protichůdn ů ů ve způsobu, obsahu a komunikaci značek IKEA a . Závěrem práce vyhodnotí a předloží vhodná doporučení a poskytne odpovědi Měla na komunikaci značek vliv probíhající situa Jak se liší komunikace značek IKEA a Bonami
Úspěšnost prodeje masných výrobků v obchodním řetězci ENAPO
Zavadilová, Tereza
The diploma thesis deals with the sale of smoked products in the retail chain ENAPO OBCHODNÍ, a.s. The sales of these products were analyzed at the ENAPO store in the town of Švábenice. The sales were in August, September and October 2017. The popularity of the suppliers of smoked products was evaluated according to the number of their sold products and according to a comparison of the sales of the same products from different suppliers. The impact of the sale of smoked products in two consecutive special offers on the overall sales of products was found. The sale of discounted smoked products was investigated in the monitored period. The diploma thesis also deals with the mark-up applied by the retail in smoked products. A trend of sales of selected smoked products is outlined. The solved issue is complemented by respondent’s opinions on the sale of smoked products in the store, on their quality, price and customer awareness of the sale of smoked products. On the basis of the findings, recommendations have been proposed to improve the sale of smoked products in the shop.
Obchodování s lidmi v kontextu vztahů mezi Thajskem a Laosem
Zavadilová, Tereza
The thesis deals with the issue of trafficking in persons between Laos and Thailand. In the first part, the work concentrates on definitions of key concepts of human trade in Southeast Asia, the structure of the text, methodological approach and provides the hypothesis. In the second part, the trafficking profile of both Thailand (the receiving country) and Laos (the victim) is discussed by using books, government reports and research studies. This bachelor thesis compares the individual experience of selected states but also discusses the Thai-Lao relations and how they deal with trafficking in persons bilaterally. It concludes that in order to counter this challenging issue, Thailand and Laos must use national, bilateral and regional strategies through the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) as well as contribute towards global solutions to this transnational problem.
Direct Elections of the Czech President in the Magazine Katolický týdeník
Švehlová, Kateřina ; Koudelková, Petra (advisor) ; Zavadilová, Tereza (referee)
The presented bachelor's thesis deals with the issue of the Czech Catholic media. The printed periodical Katolický týdeník occupies a completely privileged position among them. The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to map how Katolický týdeník approached the topic of two direct presidential elections in the Czech Republic. These events can be considered not only as socially significant and highly monitored in the media, but their result is also relevant for the position of the Catholic Church in the Czech society due to the competencies and especially the symbolism of the presidency. The theoretical introduction outlines the position of the Catholic media in the period of presidential elections in the Czech Republic based on the reflection of the situation of the Catholic Church in the Czech Republic and its relationship to the media and the state. Other chapters present the most important Czech Catholic media, introduce Katolický týdeník as a key periodical for the analytical part and provide a brief overview of the course of the two direct presidential elections in the Czech Republic. The analytical part answers the main research questions - what was the place of the direct presidential elections in the Czech Republic in 2013 and 2018 in the agenda of Katolický týdeník and how the periodical...

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