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Targeting of MOBA video games on female players and their perception of the targeting
Konopásková, Michaela ; Rosenfeldová, Jana (advisor) ; Houdek, Petr (referee)
The diploma thesis Perceptions of MOBA video game targeting of women and gender aspects manifested in gaming behaviour focuses on the behavior of women in the gaming environment and three popular MOBA games - League of Legends, DotA 2 and Heroes of the Storm in the theoretical part. In this section, gender, gender stereotype is also defined and the sexualisation of female avatars is approached. In the practical part, the collected data is analyzed using thematic analysis and open coding. The aim of the research is to approach the influence of female gender on the gameplay behaviour of women in MOBA video games and to analyse the way MOBA games target women. The results show the significant importance of socialization for female gamers' gaming behavior, the negative influence of toxic environments within the community, the lack of targeting of women in MOBA games, and the influence of avatar design and abilities on their selection. The main contribution of this thesis lies in the investigation of women's gaming behaviour in the context of MOBA games and the implementation of the research in a Czech gaming environment. The practical contribution of the thesis can be seen in the introduction of women as a potential target group for brand promotion and further communication with potential customers in...
Perception of stereotypes in advertisement by children of age 4 - 6 and 11 - 13
Kovačovičová, Dominika ; Rosenfeldová, Jana (advisor) ; Klabíková Rábová, Tereza (referee)
The bachelor thesis is devoted to the perception of gender stereotypes in advertising among children in two age groups, 4 to 6 years old and 11 to 13 years old. Children are considered more vulnerable to the effects of advertising compared to adults. This applies to the influence on purchasing behaviour, as well as to the acquisition of displayed content, for example in the case of stereotypes. The goal of the research was to find out if and how children in these two age groups perceive gender stereotypes in advertising and to compare these groups with each other. The research used interviews and selected activities aimed at different types of advertisements to understand the decision-making process based on them, to investigate how children replicate stereotypes in their own work and to understand what is significant for children in advertisements. The thesis also includes possible approaches and issues of a research with children and, last but not least, the ethics of this type of research. Based on the research, it was found that children in the younger group replicate gender stereotypes significantly more in advertising and in general, and they also use gender to defend their decisions and choices. In the older group, on the other hand, gender stereotypes were less noticeable, and children in...
Sexist portrayal of women in marketing communication: differences in the perception of sexist advertising between women and men of generation Z
Brázdilová, Eva ; Rosenfeldová, Jana (advisor) ; Halada, Jan (referee)
This bachelor thesis examines the sexist portrayal of women in marketing communication, focusing on whether sexism in advertising is perceived differently by women and men of Generation Z. Despite the significant influence of advertising on social attitudes towards gender, there is a lack of academic texts on how people perceive and respond to sexist advertising. This thesis consists of three parts - theoretical, methodological and research, which provide an overview of the theory of sexism, the different forms of sexist portrayals of women in advertising, means of fighting against sexism and its regulation, research methodology and analysis of research findings. The research was conducted through semi-structured interviews with Generation Z respondents to obtain qualitative data on their views on sexism in advertising. The discussion of the research findings provides insight into the attitudes and perceptions of Generation Z towards sexist portrayals of women in advertising and offers important implications for the advertising industry and society as a whole. The gathered data shows that both genders view sexist portrayal of women in advertising in a similar way, which is negative. The only significant difference was men's lower ability to recognize sexism.
Personalized Marketing: A Consumer's Perspective on the Benefits and Invasions of Privacy
Demitrovičová, Lenka ; Vranka, Marek (advisor) ; Rosenfeldová, Jana (referee)
The aim of the bachelor's thesis was to find out the consumer's view of personalized advertising, with a focus on the perception of privacy invasion. The work is divided into a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part first describes online marketing and its forms. Subsequently, personalized marketing is defined, focusing on its usefulness, criticism and explanation of the personalization privacy paradox. The last part of the theoretical part is focused on online privacy, related issues and the importance of trust and transparency in this industry. In the practical part, the goal of the work was to find out what positives and negatives consumers perceive in personalized advertising, while semi-structured interviews were also focused on their view of privacy violations and specific forms of personalization.
Presentation of female politicians from a gender perspective on Facebook
Šindelářová, Kateřina ; Rosenfeldová, Jana (advisor) ; Shavit, Anna (referee)
The thesis focuses on the self-presentation of Czech female politicians through the lens of gender perspective on Facebook. It focuses on the issue of gender roles and stereotypes, which are put in the context of the political environment. It defines political communication and introduces the phenomena that appear in the field of political communication with the development of new and social media. It also presents the current situation regarding the representation of women in both chambers of the Parliament of the Czech Republic. Based on the identified gender aspects, it then examines the online communication of seven selected female MPs through quantitative content analysis and confronts the results with the existing knowledge in the field of gendered political communication. The findings of the analysis suggest that the selected women politicians tend to focus on more typically masculine issues, such as topics related to the foreign relations or economic and tax issues. In addition, the analysis focused on the presence of defined dimensions of personalisation and the selfie format as a tool of celebritisation of political communication. Both of these phenomena were minimally present in the analysis.
In-store marketing targeted at children
Křivánková, Barbora ; Rosenfeldová, Jana (advisor) ; Moravcová, Hana (referee)
The bachelor's thesis focuses on the topic of in-store marketing targeted at children and how they perceive this communication. The theoretical part describes its principles and possible adaptations of its elements to children shoppers. It also discusses the development of children themselves and their social and cognitive abilities. It also addresses legislative restrictions and ethical aspects. The research part subsequently investigates how children aged 8-17 perceive marketing at the point of sale. The results of the quantitative questionnaire show that children's perception is relatively complex from the age of 8. There are only minimal and insignificant differences between the youngest and oldest children. The conclusions of the thesis can serve as a basis for further research and as a foundation for creating ethical rules and principles of in-store marketing.
Product placement in selected korean dramas
Mrázková, Thuy Anh ; Rosenfeldová, Jana (advisor) ; Hejlová, Denisa (referee)
This thesis is devoted to product placement in selected South Korean television series. The first part provides a description of product placement as a marketing tool, its brief history as well as some of its used forms. Korean broadcasting laws and regulations are also mentioned for better understanding of the current broadcasting situation in South Korea. The second part of the thesis introduces the wave of South Korean culture also known as hallyu. Korean dramas have a major part in the spread of Korean popular culture, therefore a part of this thesis is devoted to characteristics of k-dramas and factors that differentiate Korean series from wesetrn programmes. The practical part of this work presents a quantitative analysis of product placement in three k-dramas (The King: Eternal Monarch, Mr. Sunshine, Tomorrow) broadcasted by different TV channels. The aim of the thesis is measuring the amount as well as identifying how product placement is used in korean dramas of various genres (romantic, historical, action). The results show that romantic k-dramas use the most product placements. Active visual representation is the most frequentlky used form of product placement in k- dramas.
The role of the social media at the development in the course and during recovery of an eating disorder
Doležalová, Adéla ; Rosenfeldová, Jana (advisor) ; Vranka, Marek (referee)
The prevalence and influence of social media, especially among the younger generation, are steadily increasing. Concerns about the potential negative impact on the mental health of users, especially those who are more sensitive and vulnerable to external influences, are also growing. The topic of this bachelor thesis is the role of social media in the development, in the course, and during recovery from an eating disorder. The theoretical part of the thesis provides an insight into eating disorders and social media and also outlines the possible positive and negative aspects that social networks bring in relation to the disorder. The practical part is conducted in the form of qualitative research, specifically in-depth interviews. The respondents are young women who have been diagnosed with an eating disorder in the past. They aim to provide a deeper understanding of the relationship between social media and eating disorders from the perspective of the affected individuals, to find out what role social media played in the different stages of their illness, as well as identify specific positive and negative factors that the use of social media in the context of ED brings.
Ethical consumer behavior of generation Z in the area of sustainable fashion
Ibrová, Barbora ; Rosenfeldová, Jana (advisor) ; Koudelková, Petra (referee)
The bachelor thesis tackles the issue of ethical consumption of Generation Z in the area of sustainable fashion. Specifically, it focuses on the specifics of ethical fashion consumption of sustainably conscious members of Generation Z and their motivations and barriers to purchasing sustainable and ethical fashion alternatives. The theoretical section defines the terms fast fashion and sustainable fashion, and focuses on ethical consumer behaviour and the characteristics of Generation Z as consumers. The practical part includes the analysis and interpretation of individual semi-structured interviews with ethically conscious members of Generation Z, from which the underlying motivations, barriers and specificities of sustainable fashion consumption of young ethically-minded customers are subsequently outlined. The research revealed the attitude-behaviour gap among respondents and a reduced brand sensitivity in the case of consumption. Good feeling and originality were identified as the main motivations for sustainable purchases, with high price and a limited range of cuts and designs emerging as the biggest barriers.

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