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Media reception of Egon Bondyś memoir Prvních deset let and its film adaptation
Mikolášková, Jana ; Čeňková, Jana (advisor) ; Maňák, Vratislav (referee)
This master's diploma thesis named Media reception of Egon Bondy's memoir Prvních deset Prvních deset let 3 Sezóny v pekle (2009) by Tomáš Mašín. This thesis should analyze how media described a political, literary and historical context of 1940's and 1950's poet Egon Bondy and director Tomáš Mašín. Finally
Noise against the binary - How women, queer, and non-binary people use electronic music, and synthesizers as the emancipation tool
Pátá, Julia ; Hroch, Miloš (advisor) ; Turek, Pavel (referee)
This practical bachelor's thesis maps the connections between gender and the production of electronic experimental music, with an emphasis on the element of synthesizers, in domestic conditions. The thesis documents whether and how electronic experimental music and synthesizers can provide a more inclusive and accessible musical infrastructure in the Czech Republic. It also builds on an area that has been neglected by historical/academic scholarship and the media for several decades, and which has received more attention in recent years, especially in the context of the amplification of voices from gendered communities. This is evidenced, for example, in the music documentary Sisters with Transistors (2020) by filmmaker Lisa Rovner, which documents the pioneers of experimental electronic music, whose contributions largely underpin what we now perceive as electronic music. The practical output of the work is a series of seven interviews with figures from the Prague and Brno electronic scene who incorporate synthesizers in their work, divided into several categories according to the role they play within the electronic scene. The interviews are in the form of a zine and the individual texts are accompanied by analogue photographs. They project different approaches to the intersection of gender and...
Comparison of different approaches of selected Czech media to online formats depending on corporate convergence
Řepková, Andrea ; Jirků, Jan (advisor) ; Trunečka, Ondřej (referee)
The diploma thesis Comparison of Approaches to Online Formats in Selected Czech Media Depending on Corporate Convergence deals with the question of how the approach of selected Czech daily newspapers Mladá fronta Dnes, Deník Právo and Hospodářské noviny to their associated online news servers differs. Since the chosen media share a common characteristic, which is their originally purely print format, the author first describes the concept of media convergence, the process of media internetisation, explains the concept of digitalisation and the economic principles of media. As part of the research, the author first conducts a content analysis of texts published in the print versions of the media, which she then searches for on a news server and compars. The author also conducts three semi-structured interviews with representatives of the selected media. From the data obtained, it can be concluded that the situation is different in each of the media, both in most of the categories of content analysis examined and in the functioning of the newsrooms themselves. The editorial office of Hospodářské noviny is identical in terms of personnel to the editorial office of, while the editorial offices of Mladá fronta Dnes and are two different editorial offices, which, however, cooperate...
Dance floor as a safe space: interviews with women of Czech club culture
Láska, Timon ; Hroch, Miloš (advisor) ; Turek, Pavel (referee)
The practical bachelor's thesis Dance Floor as a Safe Space: interviews with women in Czech club culture was written as a response to the ongoing debate about safe spaces in club cultures, in which the part of society most affected by the discussion, i.e. women, the queer community and other marginalized groups, rarely get a place to express themselves. The issue is more serious in the context of club cultures and the predominantly specific rave culture because these cultures present themselves as egalitarian cultures without any marginalization based on gender, sex, race, nation, or religion. In addition to gender diversity, the thesis also deals with the issue of safe spaces within club cultures; these two issues are closely and inextricably linked. The theoretical part of the thesis introduces the concepts that relate to the topic from a historical and contemporary context, it deals with the theory of the genre of the journalistic interview, gender and gender stereotyping, safe space, and last but not least club cultures and the rave culture under study. It will also delineate the functioning and differences between the scenes of both cities, Prague and Brno. The practical part of the thesis will present a series of ten interviews with women and non-binary people from the club cultures of Prague...
Pupils with different mother tongue and history teaching
Tlučková, Kristýna ; Havlůjová, Hana (advisor) ; Mikeska, Tomáš (referee)
The thesis deals with the issue of pupils with a different mother tongue and the difficulties they face in learning history. The theoretical part includes topics that affect pupils with different mother tongue in teaching, such as the legislation of the Czech Republic, the number of pupils with a different mother tongue in Czech Republic in terms of nationality, the current state of knowledge in the field of education of pupils with different mother tongue in the field of history. I also deal with the teaching subject of history and its specifics with regard to the given issue. The practical part includes a questionnaire survey among history teachers, which maps their experiences of teaching pupils with different mother tongue. The main focus of the practical part is a qualitative investigation among several history teachers and their pupils, conducted through interviews. The paper concludes with methodological recommendations for history teachers when working with pupils with different mother tongue. Keywords pupils with different mother tongue, multilingual pupils, history teaching, history, foreign pupils, methodological recommendations, interview 4
Acute coronary syndromes and the influence of nutritional education
Křupková, Petra ; Tůmová, Eva (advisor) ; Altschmiedová, Tereza (referee)
Patients who have suffered an acute myocardial infarction need a comprehensive team of doctors and health professionals in whose care they are in the follow-up. Many times, however, a nutritionist may be missing from this team. It is very important for patients to take small and effective steps to change their lifestyle and dietary choices after they leave the hospital. Nutrition plays a major role in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease and is one of the non-negligible preventive factors for recurrence of acute myocardial infarction. The thesis focuses on the issue of dietary change after AIM with a three-month interval. It compares the choice of certain foods in a nutritionally educated group that also received educational papers and a control group that did not receive education and did not receive papers. The first conversation with patients took place at the hospital bedside. Respondents signed an informed consent form, were anthropometrically measured, asked several questions about diet and lifestyle, and were instructed on what they needed for a follow-up interview in three months. Laboratory values were taken from each patient's discharge report. Every other patient was educated and received education papers. Group B patients received only a paper with their name, phone...
Instagram as a tool to motivation? Production of own content of chosen czech influencers
Juríčková, Denisa ; Turková, Kateřina (advisor) ; Supa, Markéta (referee)
The aim of this diploma thesis was using semi-structured interviews to find out how every individual influencer approach the creation of their content on Instagram. In total, 5 creators took part in the interviews and answered 15 questions. The topic of the questions was, among other things, the way in which they choose contributions so that they are motivating, how the deal with criticism and how they perceive their actions on this social network. The result of the analysis was the finding that i tis very important for the work to remain authentic and, above all, to fulfil the creator. An essential aspect is also the realization that self-reflection and acceptance of criticism is needed. The interviews further confirmed that perfection on Instagram has no longer any substantial role like it did in previous years.
Czech drag scene - a series of interviews
Pukovcová, Klára ; Osvaldová, Barbora (advisor) ; Novotný, David Jan (referee)
Practical bachelor thesis Česká travesti scéna- soubor rozhovorů documents the Czech drag and travesti subculture. The main aim of the theoretical part is to introduce an interview as a journalistic genre, which is used in the practical part, and to transparently describe how the author proceeded in creating the interviews. The end of the thesis deals with the topic itself, namely travesti and drag as a kind of performance art that is closely related to expressive make-up, costumes and queer culture. The practical part consists of five journalistic interviews that capture the experiences of Czech drag and travesti artists. In semi-structured interviews, the artists talk about their own experiences or the challenges they face. They mention, for example, the impact of the American reality talent show RuPaul's Drag Race, which helped make drag globally visible, public prejudice, or financial valuation. The goal of the bachelor thesis is to create a series of interviews that will introduce this community to the reader. Additionally, the thesis describes the history, present and outlines the future of the Czech travesti/drag scene.

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