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Support of gifted pupils in a primary school - a case study
Jindrová, Lucie ; Krčmářová, Tereza (advisor) ; Vodrážková, Alžběta (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the possible ways in which the education of gifted pupils can be organized. In the theoretical part, the concept of giftedness is defined from the point of view of official school documents. The next chapter is devoted to the characteristic manifestations of gifted students, on the basis of which it is possible to identify them. The key part is the chapter presenting an overview of possible adjustments to the teaching process, which can be used to adjust the teaching of gifted students. This part is followed by a chapter proposing systemic measures for the support of gifted pupils that operate in the Czech Republic. A case study of the 1st grade of a private primary school is processed, which captures the process of finding optimal ways to support gifted students, the result of which is an action plan for changes in the monitored area. Methods of analysis of school documents, semi- structured interviews with teachers and school management, evaluation and reflection were used for processing. KEYWORDS gifted pupil, primary school, support actions, case study, interview, document analysis, forms, methods and strategies
The ideal first grade teacher trough the eyes of parents
Batelková, Dana ; Krčmářová, Tereza (advisor) ; Wildová, Radka (referee)
The thesis surveys the perspective of parents of children attending last class of nusery school and investigates what expectation they have about first grade teachers. The thesis is divided into two parts, the theoretical and the practical part. The theoretical part summarizes existing knowledge the main actors wiho are present in the pupil's transition to the first grade, which are the pupil, the family and the teacher. The practical part is focused on a mixed methods study. In the first part quantitative research is used questionnaire method, the research sample comprises the parents of preschool children. The responses reflext the respondent's opinions about idea about first grade teacher in primary school. First grade teachers react to this parent's idea. The semi-structured group interview method is used to find out whether the parent's ideas seem realistic to them and if they satisfy or prove to satisfy this idea about first grade teacher in primary school. The aims of the thesis is to ascertain, how looks the teacher's ideal by parents, which characteristics parents prefer in relation to pupils and parents and how the first grade teachers react on these ideas. Parent's preferences were collected to image of ideal first grade teacher which was presented to first grade teachers, who expressed...
Problematic behavior of primary school pupils through the eyes of teachers
Vodolánová, Kateřina ; Krčmářová, Tereza (advisor) ; Vallin, Petra (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the topic of problematic behavior of first-grade students through the eyes of teachers. In other words, how do teachers view the problematic behavior of pupils and their possible solutions, if the problematic behavior has already occurred. The theoretical part describes problematic and risky behavior and how the teacher could not only solve this behavior, but also prevent it. The same is then described in the behavior of students with autism spectrum disorders. The practical part offers the perspective of seven female teachers with different lengths of experience on three pedagogical situations. On the basis of semi-structured interviews with them, it became clear that even though they differed from each other in some opinions, they still largely thought about problem behavior and its solution in a similar way. By combining the most frequent statements and reflections of the respondents, scenarios for the given situations emerged. KEYWORDS teacher, discipline, problematic situation, student behaviour, primary school, interview
Climate of a school class at a primary school
Kubíčková, Anna ; Hejlová, Helena (advisor) ; Nekardová, Barbora (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on the social climate in primary school classrooms. It aims to assess whether classroom teachers have an overview of the social climate in their classes. The thesis is divided into theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part examines the social climate of the classroom and the school. Additionally, it deals with aspects of inclusion and integration in the educational environment, as well as classroom management strategies that influence the classroom social climate. In the practical part, teachers' characteristics of the climate in their class are compared with the results of climate examinations conducted in their classes. The research happened in three classrooms and combined qualitative and quantitative approach. Three instruments were used for data collection: a questionnaire, interviews, and a observation. During the research evaluation phase, the averaged student responses in the questionnaire were compared with the teachers' responses, and data triangulation was performed. The completed questionnaires were compared not only with each other, but with the teachers' characteristic of the classroom climate obtained through interviews and observations as well. The research findings indicate that the teachers' perceptions of the social climate in their...
Setting up an employee training system in the selected company
HRBEK, Stanislav
The thesis deals with the issue of education in Ferospoj s.r.o. The aim of the thesis was to set up a system of employee training in the selected company. Primarily, it was to analyze and provide an overview of the current state of the educational system in the organization. This was followed by suggestions for innovations and recommendations that could contribute to the positive development of the company in the future. These submitted suggestions and measures were based on the experience gained during my long term work in the company, a detailed interview with the director, consultations with a member of the human resources department and the use of the VARK questionnaire.
Marketing Research Focused on Student Entrepreneurship and Knowledge of Innovation Agency
Brázdová, Michaela ; ,, Petra Chovancova (referee) ; Šimberová, Iveta (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with marketing research focused on students' entrepreneurship and knowledge of the selected innovation agency, the South Moravian Innovation Centre. The theoretical part defines the key concepts for the thesis, which are entrepreneurship, innovation, marketing trends, marketing research and presents related research already conducted. The analytical part introduces the Innovation Agency and analyses the current state of the organisation. Furthermore, marketing research and analysis of the obtained data is carried out. Based on the results of the questionnaire survey and interviews, the thesis concludes by proposing measures to improve the current state of the innovation agency.
Tvorba digitálního atlasu místního regionu a jeho využití ve výuce na ZŠ
The Bachelor's thesis focuses on the creation of a digital atlas and its utilization in primary school education. The theoretical part of the thesis is focused on the significance and functions of an atlas in education, as well as its strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, the thesis describes map creation with an overlap into geographic information systems (GIS) as a tool for developing geografic (map) and digital skills. The aim of the thesis is to compile a digital atlas for the local region, as well as the creation of worksheet for pupils and quidance manual for teachers. The topics of the sample maps in the atlas were selected through semi structured interviews with teachers from selected schools.
An impact of the education using interactive workbook on the efficiency of teaching photosynthesis of aquatic plants
This diploma thesis deals with the issue of the influence of teaching with the help of an interactive textbook on the effectiveness of teaching the photosynthesis of aquatic plants. The work is divided into two parts - literature research and analysis of research results. The theoretical part follows on from the bachelor's thesis, which deals with testing students' knowledge of the photosynthesis of aquatic plants. The literary part describes the inclusion of photosynthesis in critical topics in the teaching of natural history and the anchoring of the topic of photosynthesis in the content of natural history and chemistry textbooks. The conclusion of the theoretical part describes the pupils' knowledge of the photosynthesis of aquatic plants and the teaching of environmental education and ecology. The practical part consists of a survey among ninth grade students selected from three elementary schools. An integral part of the investigation is an interview with primary school teachers who teach science. In the interview, questions focused on the issue of digital textbook evaluation are asked. The overall evaluation of the survey shows a positive impact of working with an electronic interactive textbook on pupils' knowledge of photosynthesis and a skeptical view of teachers on working with an interactive textbook.
Process management in a selected company
The bachelor thesis is focused on the analysis of processes in the selected company and the proposal of possible improvements. Within the framework of this objective, the process of "employee selection" in the selected company was analyzed and optimized, which was mapped in detail according to the individual sub-processes within the monitored process, the analysis was carried out including measurement, identification of weak points and proposing solutions leading to the required optimization. The practical part of the bachelor thesis deals with the process management in a specific selected company. The aim of the thesis was to analyse the currently operating processes in the enterprise and to propose their optimisation and to simplify the implementation of the function in the selected processes.

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