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Perception of patriotism in food advertising among Czechs and French people
Zadražil, Ondřej ; Rosenfeldová, Jana (advisor) ; Klabíková Rábová, Tereza (referee)
The bachelor's thesis entitled Perception of patriotism in food advertising among Czechs and French people deals with the importance of patriotism in marketing communication. The main goal of this work is to examine how important the role of patriotism in the choice of food is for Czechs and French people, and to find out what influence patriotism has on their shopping behavior. The work consists of three parts - theoretical, methodological, and practical. The theoretical part deals with the issue of national culture and patriotism. Subsequently, the characteristics of Czech and French culture and how cultural differences can be used in advertising are presented. In the third chapter, the theoretical part describes the specifics of food advertising, which demonstrates the examples of selected advertising leaflets. Finally, the theoretical part presents the issue of the involvement of patriotism in advertising with emphasis on its use in the age of globalization. The methodological part, in which the research design is presented, is followed by the practical part itself, which describes the course and evaluation of the quantitative questionnaire experiment. It aims to reveal the effect of the involvement of patriotic motives in the advertising leaflet on respondents' shopping preferences. The...
Comparison of market leaders and their direct competition with the primary focus on and
Veverka, Martin ; Koudelková, Petra (advisor) ; Klabíková Rábová, Tereza (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the direct competitors of leaders in various markets and their marketing strategies and practices. In the theoretical part, important factors of brands such as branding and positioning are discussed and these theoretical terms are interspersed with practical examples. The practical part then uses in-depth interviews and analyzes to describe the marketing strategy of, which it uses against its more successful competitor The goal of the thesis is to find out whether profiling to the position of the second most successful company in a given segment is advantageous for brands and whether there are any connections between different industries and strategies.
Rebranding of the Prague Congress Centre in context with the history of the company
Bartoš, Pavel ; Klabíková Rábová, Tereza (advisor) ; Halada, Jan (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to describe the rebranding process of Prague Congress Centre in 2017 and to consequently analyze and review this process and communication activities during and after the rebranding. The first part of the thesis interprets the theories of branding and rebranding and other theories associated with them. The next part explains various reasons behind the change of corporate identity, related to the history of the company and its use in the field of congress tourism. Furthermore, the new brand is introduced, as well as brand equity and new brand elements. The thesis also describes the tools of the marketing communication that were used by the company to support the rebranding process and have been used since then. In relation to the marketing communication tools, specific marketing activities of the company are described. The thesis ends with an analysis and evaluation of the whole rebranding process.
Analysis of online communication of Bagind
Pavelková, Kateřina ; Schneiderová, Soňa (advisor) ; Klabíková Rábová, Tereza (referee)
The bachelor's thesis called "An Analysis of Online Communication of Bagind" describes and analyzes online communication of the brand. Due to the ever-increasing number of Internet users, online communication is becoming more and more important. The first part deals with the description of the communication mix, online communication and its specifics, as well as the importance of public relations in the communication of organizations. The second part of the thesis is focused on the introduction of the Bagind brand, its target group, and a brief analysis of online communication of two main competitors. The last part of the thesis contains a description of online channels and tools used by the Bagind brand and a content analysis examining selected content. A chapter with suggestions for improving online communication of the brand is also included. The conclusion summarizes the results of the analysis and the proposed recommendations.
The language humour and its use in advertising illustrated on the example of bank istitutions
Kwasková, Dominika ; Schneiderová, Soňa (advisor) ; Klabíková Rábová, Tereza (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with a language humour and its usage in advertising. The theoretical part first defines humour, distinguishes two basic types, i.e. language and content-based humour, and summarizes the theoretical knowledge of the influence of humour on key indicators of advertising effectiveness. Then it concentrates on Czech language and its elements that allow advertisers to create and modify commercial messages so that the advertising achieves desired goals. Specific elements of language humour are then presented on the examples of Czech advertisements, which forms a prelude to the research itself. The practical part of the work is a research of the usage of language humour in advertising carried out by the form of descriptive analysis. Commercials in the banking sector were chosen as a research sample. For the purposes of the research, ten categories of language comic elements were created, into which the individual elements were divided and examined. Research shows that the spectrum of language comic elements is wide, however, most of the commercials fall into the category of wordplay based on the double meaning of words. In most of the presented commercials, language comic elements have a rather secondary role, when they complete the dialogues of the characters and support the...
The reflection of communication of the Ministry of education youth and sports on social media
Rýdlová, Karolína ; Klabíková Rábová, Tereza (advisor) ; Ježková, Tereza (referee)
The bachelor's thesis "The reflection of communication of the Ministry of education youth and sports on social media" is focused on the use of social websites in case of the agencies of general government's communication with public. The first part of this thesis is mapping theoretic findings, definitions and functions of an institutional and governmental communication and its use on social websites. Based on a delimitation of the function of an institutional communication and a setting of key characters of social media there are the basic goals of the institutional communication on social websites identified. The following chapters should provide a picture about how the social websites have been used by the agencies of general government in the Czech Republic till now, the activity of the Ministry of Education is included, as well. The theoretical findings are consequently used in terms of the analysis of the Ministry of Education's communication on social websites Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The main aim of this research is to evaluate the quality of the meeting targets of the institutional communication on the social websites and an exploitation of their potential from the Ministry of Education's side (these targets are specified in the theoretical part of the thesis). Within this research...
Comparison of marketing communications of radio stations Radio Wave and Evropa 2
Šulák, Marek ; Klabíková Rábová, Tereza (advisor) ; Rosenfeldová, Jana (referee)
The bachelor's thesis "Comparison of marketing communication of Radio Wave and Europe 2" describes, analyzes and compares the marketing tools and activities of Radio Wave and Evropa 2. The work uses three research methods, namely primary descriptive analysis and subsequent comparative analysis supplemented by a method of questioning. Descriptive analysis and comparative analysis deals with the communication mix of stations. The qualitative questionnaire deals with the listeners' awareness of the marketing communication of individual stations. The aim of the thesis is to find out, how the marketing communication of radio stations differs, both of which are intended for young listeners, but have a diametrically different character.
The perception of corporate social responsibility and its impact on consumer behavior of the generations Z
Časarová, Dominika ; Koudelková, Petra (advisor) ; Klabíková Rábová, Tereza (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on introducing the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), its perception by the representatives of Generation Z and its potential impact on consumer behavior of members of this cohort. According to many studies, Generation Z wants companies to have values that align with their own and to help address current societal issues. The first part of the thesis outlines the general aspects of CSR and its integration into corporate strategy. The next part explores the problematics of consumer behavior and the factors that influence it. The last part then defines the term generation and introduces current generational cohorts. The empirical part focuses on Generation Z, their consumer behavior and attitude to CSR. The research was conducted in the form of semi- structured individual interviews with representatives of given generation. Its objective was to find out how Generation Z perceives the role of CSR in today's world and whether it somehow influences their consumer behavior.

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