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Issues of Gifted Education in the Teacher Training for Primary School
Krčmářová, Tereza
The thesis deals with issues related to implementation the topic of gifted education into teacher training for primary schools. In the theoretical part of work on the basis of scientific literature prepared the most important findings concerning the theory and the concept of talent. Main attention is paid to personality of gifted child in preschool and primary school age, his identification, specific forms of behavior and potential problems. The following are summarized the basic organizational forms, strategies and models of gifted education. Given the current trend of integration of pupils with special educational needs, the work focus on education of gifted students in regular classrooms. In the next section are described the specifics of development and state of the system of care for gifted pupils in the Czech Republic. The final chapter is devoted to issues of personality of teacher and his training The aim of the research work is in the action research based on the planning, implementation and evaluation of repeated instruction to create your own design course focused on issues particularly gifted pupils and their education as part of undergraduate training of teachers of primary schools at the Faculty of Education at the Charles University.
School Improvement: Supporting School-Based Teacher Professional Development
Breníková, Jana ; Tomková, Anna (advisor) ; Krčmářová, Tereza (referee) ; Vítečková, Miluše (referee)
The dissertation explores teacher professional development as a strategy for improving school performance. The theoretical part defines school quality, teacher quality, and instruction quality. It further talks about teacher professional development, specifically strategies that involve teacher's reflective practices and teacher collaboration. The practical part of the dissertation examines the characteristics and impact of a five year support model of school based teacher professional development. The process was closely observed through case studies of four subjects in a particular school. The findings reveal that the implemented model contributed to the changes in the principal's leadership style, school culture and climate the most. KEYWORDS Teacher professional development, school quality, teacher quality, instruction quality, teacher collaboration, teacher coach, team teaching.
Cooperation between a primary teacher and a school special education teacher
Kubrichtová, Hana ; Krčmářová, Tereza (advisor) ; Horská, Petra (referee)
This Diploma Thesis is work dealing with the cooperation between a primary teacher and a school special education teacher within the inclusive education. The Thesis is divided in two parts: the theoretical part and the practical part - the research. The theoretical part is concerned with the current advisory system in the education field in the Czech Republic from the perspective of inclusive education. It is also focused on the relationships and cooperation of the school special education teacher within the school. The practical part is conceived as the qualitative research dealing with the cooperation between the primary teacher and the school special education teacher works. Moreover, there are the advantages and disadvantages of this cooperation mentioned. The research shows that the cooperation between the primary school teacher and the school special education teacher is beneficial as it helps to integrate pupils with the special educational needs into the standard classroom. Key words School special education teacher, inclusive education, elementary school, primary teacher, school counselling centre, cooperation, qualitative research, interview, pupil with special educational needs
Experience and reflective teaching methods and its benefit for the teacher and pupils
Diviš, Václav ; Krčmářová, Tereza (advisor) ; Vondřičková, Klára (referee)
The aim of the work is to improve the quality of teaching. The work points to the possibility of using action teacher research in an effort to implement innovations in the field of teaching methods for younger school age students and at the same time the development of their own professional competencies. It justifies the contribution of activating experiential and reflective methods for pupils in integrating the goals of the curriculum in the field of social science topics and the goals of personal and social education. The theoretical part maps the professional background of closely related topics such as teacher professional competencies, development of primary school teachers, innovative teaching methods, personality concepts, activation methods, experiential learning, experiential pedagogy, action teacher research, reflection and self-reflection. It also maps the background for experiential and reflective methods with support on the Framework Educational Program for Basic Education. The practical part describes the whole action teacher research. It captures in two ways the self- reflective characteristics of a teacher at the beginning of action teacher research, previous experience with the researcher's experiential and reflective methods, and a scheme of action teacher action research....
Social class climate in the first grade of the primary school
Novická, Denisa ; Krčmářová, Tereza (advisor) ; Vondřičková, Klára (referee)
Social class climate in the first grade of the primary school is the topic of my diploma thesis. My work is oriented on the creating and affecting the class climate by a beginner teacher. The theoretical part of my thesis is describing the key concept of class societal climate. Later on, I am describing methods that teachers can use to affect the class societal climate. I have chosen methods of personal and societal education and describing them in detail within the theoretical part. Those methods are described in connection with Framework Education Program of Elementary Education and didactic point of view. In addition, there is a part describing pupils' maturity and their readiness before and after entering school. To be fully oriented in this area, I recognized as a very important thing to also include methods used for collecting information about the status of the class climate. The empirical part of my work incorporates teachers research based on McNiff cyclus. Activities related to Personal and Social Education I divided into separate chapters based on different objectives. For example a first meeting, building relationships, making rules, cooperation, conflict solving and final activities for validating the status of class unification. All different parts of activities are divided to...
The novice teachers' dilemmas associated with inklusive education
Gruberová, Lucie ; Krčmářová, Tereza (advisor) ; Horská, Petra (referee)
My thesis deals with the readiness of starting teachers for inclusive education. The aim of this thesis is to identify concerns of starting teachers regarding inclusive education that could arise in their future practice. The theoretical part of the thesis clarifies concepts such as the starting teacher, inclusive education, integrated education and also pupil with special educational needs. Further the competencies of starting teacher and the requirements that are needed for them after starting practice are described in this part. The theoretical part also describes the readiness of school for inclusive education and what does the Czech republic support system looks like. Important milestones in Czech legislation that affect inclusive education are very briefly mentioned in this part. Within the empirical part of the thesis a research survey in the form of qualitative interviews was used. The main aim of the questions and subsequent answers was to find out what are the most common concerns of starting teachers or what would make them feel more prepared for the job. These interviews were conducted at different time intervals with the same starting teachers. The results of the research are processed in the form of answers to research questions and afterwards compared with each other as well as with...
Shared custody and its influence on a child's success in primary school
Němcová, Kateřina ; Krčmářová, Tereza (advisor) ; Horská, Petra (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the problem of shared custody of children at primary school in relation to their school success. The issue is viewed from the perspective of primary school teachers and from the perspective of a school psychologist. The theoretical part deals with a child at primary school and also with child, who has special educational needs. It also deals with family, parental responsibility, discusses divorce, shared custody, school success and failure. The empirical part, through empirical research, aims to answer the question: "How does shared custody affect the school success of a child at primary school?"It examines the manifestations of children in shared custody, it looks for specific causes of problems of these children or specific factors ensuring smooth course of shared custody. It collects recommendations from teachers and school psychologist on how to work with and help these children. It also provides recommendations on who to work with and how - including cooperation with parents. It shows the level of teachers' awareness of this issue and their personal views on the issue. The research is carried out through a questionnaire survey and in-depth interviews with teachers at primary school and through an interview with a school psychologist. The results of the empirical...
Shared child care in legislative documents and in real situations of families with preschool children
Korbová, Tereza ; Koťátková, Soňa (advisor) ; Krčmářová, Tereza (referee)
Focus of this Bachelor Thesis is the shared custody of the preschool child, its legislative aspects and the deep insight into the actual situations of families that share custody over their children. The thesis consists of two parts, theoretical and practical. Theoretical part describes family, its function and the need for family in children lives. Other topics covered are family crisis, family breakdown, ways of child raising after the divorce. The theoretical part is concluded with legislative aspects of shared custody in the law system of the Czech Republic. Practical Part includes the research conducted in three families in the course of one month - October 2019. Research objective is to learn if families find the shared custody to be the suitable solution of their situation, how it influenced life of the mother and father of the child and what are the positive and negative aspects of shared custody. The research also tries to find and tackle possible changes in child behaviour as a result of shared custody. The main research method is qualitative research in the form of a structured interview separately done with all of the involved parents. KEYWORDS Family, family crisis, divorce, marriage, shared custody, legislation, parent views
Multicultural education at a primary school
Chadtová, Barbora ; Hejlová, Helena (advisor) ; Krčmářová, Tereza (referee)
The topic of the thesis is mapping the issue of multicultural education at primary schools. The main aim is to penetrate the current structures, to assess the possibilities of the teacher's work in the school environment and to find other ways of multicultural education of pupils in relation to the findings. The theoretical part of the thesis defines the legal environment of the issue at the level of the Czech Republic and the anchoring of multicultural education in curricular documents. It describes possible ways of thinking and approaches in contemporary intercultural education as well. It also includes the possibilities and principles of the educational process from the teacher's personality, his own competences, setting goals and content, appropriate forms and methods of work to the pupils and other factors influencing the lesson of multicultural education. Much of the work is devoted to the latest findings, trends and basic pillars and principles of quality intercultural education. It also describes organizations that focus their activities on multiculturalism in the world and can thus directly contribute to the broadening of the general overview of pupils, transfering information, knowledge, personal social development and especially the multicultural competences of pupils. Last but not...
Effective communication of primary school teachers with parents
Janků, Petra ; Krčmářová, Tereza (advisor) ; Horská, Petra (referee)
This thesis addresses the difficulties in communication between teachers and parents. Its' goal is to point out the effective communication strategies used by experienced educators during their conversations with parents of elementary school children. In the theoretical part of the thesis, it focuses on communication and its' forms, on explanation of the school/family relationship with regards to expectations of both sides, and on parent typology. It also describes conversational structure and organization, and states the basics of effective communication through dialogue alongside the rules of successful conversation between a teacher and a parent. The research in the empirical part of the thesis had been carried out in a form of a qualitative dialogue with four experienced educators. The amassed data was later processed, analyzed and evaluated in comparison with scientific literature. The results of the research have the form of answers to the predesigned questions and these answers accurately display basic strategies of effective communication, which had shown repeated success for their users, the teachers. Its' documentation should basically serve as a manual on how to appropriately prepare for a conversation with the parent, how to structure the dialogue, what basic skills and abilities should...

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