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Dilemmas of begginer and experienced teacher in primary school
Čákorová, Adéla ; Krčmářová, Tereza (advisor) ; Hejlová, Helena (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to find out what dilemmas novice and experienced primary school teachers face, what is the difference between dilemmas and how they deal with them. The research is qualitatively oriented. A semi-structured interview method will be used with three novice teachers and three experienced teachers. Four areas of dilemmas emerged from the interviews: Assessment in school, Individualization of instruction, Collaboration, and Inclusion or selection. The last area is called 'Stress in Teaching Practice', this highlights the problems of the novice teacher in practice. Research findings are commented and interpreted with support from literature and professional sources. The thesis concludes with an evaluation of the research and answers to the sub-research questions. The results show the different perspectives between novice and experienced teachers on inclusion in the overall context.
Support for gifted primary school pupils in the Kolín district
Křížková, Věra ; Krčmářová, Tereza (advisor) ; Krátká, Jana (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the system of support for gifted pupils in elementary schools with an emphasis on the 1st grade of elementary schools. The aim of the work is to help pedagogues to better understand this issue. The aim of the theoretical part of the work is to describe, based on the available knowledge from the professional literature, how the identification and support of gifted pupils should take place. The theoretical part characterizes the gifted student, defines the concept of giftedness, describes the basic models of giftedness, the typology and manifestations of gifted students, and describes the possibilities of working with gifted students. Furthermore, the theoretical part of the thesis analyzes individual legislative measures and school policy documents that describe the education of gifted pupils in the Czech Republic. The work characterizes the participating system of support for gifted students and their mutual cooperation. The goal of the research investigation was to answer the question of how the education of gifted elementary school pupils in the Kolín district is carried out. For data collection, a questionnaire survey method was used among teachers of the 1st grade of primary schools and among members of the management of primary schools. The following method was a...
The use of Tiger World® methodology in personality and social development of children in primary school
Hálová, Berenika ; Krčmářová, Tereza (advisor) ; Hejlová, Helena (referee)
The diploma thesis is devoted to the development of personality and social education at the 1st grade of primary schools. As a tool for this development, I chose the Tiger World® method, which was described by Mr. and Mrs. Kops in their three books. Based on the study of this method and using the principles and means of personality and social education, I created preparations for individual lessons, which I applied in my core class. The knowledge presented in the theoretical part is the starting point for the practical part. In the first part, I define personality and social education, the concept of well-being and the classroom climate. These basic concepts are reflected in the practical part, where the given activities aim to promote well-being and a safe classroom climate. The basis for the given activities is provided by personality and social education, which defines goals, principles and means, and at the same time I am guided by these principles when working with children. The second half of the theoretical part deals with personality typology. Here I define the theoretical basis for the division of personality types according to temperament based on the MBTI theory. I also describe the typology from the Kops family. At the end of the practical part, I characterize two students based on my...
Cooperation Between a Beginning Teacher in the First Year of Primary School and a Teaching Assistant
Roudná, Anna ; Bravená, Noemi (advisor) ; Krčmářová, Tereza (referee)
The first chapter of the theoretical part of the thesis focuses on the pupil at the beginning of school attendance. Then it is devoted to the characteristics of the educators, the teacher and teaching assistant, and their necessary mutual cooperation. It describes their competences and personal prerequisites for this profession. The novice teacher and the mentoring associated with him/her are not omitted. The theoretical part is followed by the empirical part, which is based on a qualitative research investigation in the form of a case study in which participant observation and semi-structured interviews were conducted. It sets out to describe the collaboration between a teaching assistant and a beginning first year teacher in a particular primary school. KEYWORDS Beginning teacher, Teacher, Teaching assistant, Cooperation
Prevention of injury and 1. assistence at primary school education
Lisá, Dominika ; Hejlová, Helena (advisor) ; Krčmářová, Tereza (referee)
The thesis is focused on teaching first aid at the first level of primary school. I'm presenting the latest first aid methods in the theoretical part. Furthermore, the thesis deals with how first aid is thought of in the framework curriculum for primary education. There is also a mention of the skills of younger school age pupils from a developmental psychology perspective. It also discusses appropriate methods and form of teaching to help teachers in presenting first aid. The practical part of the thesis deals with the readiness and unreadiness of graduates of the Faculty of Education of Charles University to teach first aid. Through a questionnaire, I'm investigating whether students would welcome first aid teaching as a compulsory subject, and what they feel insecure about when teaching first aid. I also suggest a week-long thematic lecture and proven methods and forms of work. The results of research are presented, evaluating whether students who have received thematic first aid instruction are more likely to remember and be able to administer first aid than students who have not participated. The research shows that pupils who have received thematic teaching actually remember more, even after a year of receiving this lesson. The questionnaire also shows that students, graduates and teachers do...
Resolving conflicts among students in a primary school classroom
Štěpánová, Lucie ; Krčmářová, Tereza (advisor) ; Poche Kargerová, Jana (referee)
The topic of the diploma thesis is the solution of problems / conflicts between pupils in the 5th year of primary school. It deals with the causes of conflict situations in the classroom, conflict resolution strategies and the possibilities of their prevention. In the theoretical part, I focus mainly on the characteristics of the quality classroom climate and the specifics of pupils at a younger school age. I will summarize the types and causes of conflicts between students and the possibilities of how to prevent them, especially through the targeted development of their social skills. In the empirical part, in the form of action teacher research, I will try to reduce the frequency of conflicts and increase their ability to manage them in the 5th grade classroom, where I work as a class teacher. I will use the questionnaire "Our class", recording and analysis of specific situations, interview with students and analysis of my own reflective diary. To improve the social skills of students, I will use methods and techniques, especially personal and social education, which I will regularly include in the teaching of students.
Selected rocky areas in Czech Republic and options for their protection
The submitted work is focused on selected rock-climbing areas in the Czech Republic, characterizes those areas by terms of their location and the predominant type of rock, shows and describes the characteristics of the individual rocks, including their propensity to destruction by natural as well as anthropogenic factors. Included in this work is also a brief introduction to the history of rock climbing in our country and describing the differences in the rock-climbing techniques and the usage of different rock-climbing equipment on each type of rock. The last part focuses on the possibilities of protection of often inadvertently damaged rocky areas, including photo documentation of the various types of damage with added commentary.
Gifted Education in The Karlovy Vary Region
Drahorádová, Natálie ; Krčmářová, Tereza (advisor) ; Wildová, Radka (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the readiness of schools, primary school teachers and pedagogical-psychological centres of the Karlovy Vary Region for the inclusive education of gifted students. The first chapter of the theoretical part is devoted to current legislation and care in the education of gifted pupils. The thesis further describes the Karlovy Vary Region from the point of view of its socio-economic characteristics. Furthermore, the school policy and education of this region. which has its own specificities, is described in more detail. The last chapter of the theoretical part deals with the education of gifted students. The aim is to describe the typical forms of expressions of gifted pupils, forms of education and the role played by schools, teachers, and pedagogical-psychological centres in the education of these pupils. An important part of the gifted education is also their identification, which is sometimes more demanding than the education itself and several problems can arise during it. The last line summarizes the schools and organizations of the Karlovy Vary Region that are recommended by the Karlovy Vary Talent Support Network for the education and development of gifted pupils. The aim of the practical part is to describe to what extent the education system of the Karlovy Vary...
Primary school children's preconceptions of human-animal relationship
Buryšková, Kateřina ; Stará, Jana (advisor) ; Krčmářová, Tereza (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on the research of understanding of different aspects of the relationship between humans and animals in primary school children. The aim of the thesis is to find out what preconceptions children of early school age have about, for example, animal husbandry, domestication or killing animals for different purposes. The theoretical part defines the term animal, introduces the discipline of human-animal studies and presents some of the existing research findings on children's relationship with animals. It also discusses how the topic is covered in the first, second and third grade textbooks and in the Framework Education Programme for Elementary Education. Finally, it characterises constructivism and children's interpretations of the world. The practical part describes the research methodology. Data were collected using semi-structured in-depth interviews with first grade students and the results were analysed by the method of open coding and interpreted. The results indicate that that students hold the largest number of misconceptions in the area of livestock. KEYWORDS: primary school children, children's understanding, preconceptions, constructivism, qualitative research, semi-structured interview, human-animal relationship
Waldorf pedagogy in times of distance education
Košnerová, Štěpána ; Krčmářová, Tereza (advisor) ; Stará, Jana (referee)
The thesis deals with distance education at Waldorf primary schools in Czech Republic, which occurred under the influence of COVID-19 pandemic. Theoretical part of the thesis describes alternative concept of Waldorf pedagogy, its theoretical background, and principles. Further on, it deals with the definition of the term "distance education" and its relationship to the period of school closure. In the field of distance education, the term "e- learning" is defined, which has become a contemporary tool of education. Empirical part of the thesis aims to examine the effect of the transition to distance education during the pandemic on Waldorf pedagogy. The method of semi-structured interview is used to determine the results of qualitative research. Prior to the data collection, a preliminary survey was conducted in the form of a meeting with a Waldorf teacher. The aim was to penetrate the situation from the point of view of a Waldorf educator and to formulate interview questions. Subsequently, one test interview was conducted. The acquisition of research data took four months, with a total of twelve in-depth interviews. The average length of one interview was less than 57 minutes. The selection of respondents is subject to three criteria. All respondents are teachers at Waldorf primary schools in the...

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