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Examples of imaging Muslims (Arab, Turkish, etc.) And "Orient" in Czech film fairy tales and stereotypes before and after 1989
Kalát, Jiří ; Černý, Karel (advisor) ; Šalanda, Bohuslav (referee)
Do the Czech movie fairy tales shot before or after the Velvet revolution contain stereotypes concerning the Arab and therefore the Islamic world? After more than a year of research, it is possible to answer this question simply: yes, they do. A total of 172 Czech movie fairy tales had been studied with the help of a thematic analysis (it is more than 250 hours of audiovisual material). Even though such stereotypes are found in both periods of the Czech history, i.e. in the time of a communist non-freedom and a democratic freedom, its type being represented and causes of occurrence differ. Although the opening up of the Czech borders after 1989 brings a partial decrease in the number of stereotypes found within the fairy tales being produced after that point, the frequency of negative connotations linked to the individual characters is on the increase. Key words: fairy tale, Islam, orient, stereotyp
Jago and preman - controversial heroes of Indonesian history
Petrů, Tomáš ; Vrhel, František (advisor) ; Šalanda, Bohuslav (referee) ; Dubovská, Zorica (referee)
The dissertation deals with the historical development of banditry and gangsterism in Indonesia against the background of its relationship with the ruling elite. The author argues that bandits, called jago, or modern gangsters, known as preman, represented the basic pillar of power of all ruling regimes in Java from the classical Javanese kingdoms and the 163 Netherlands East Indies' colonial state to the Suharto's New Order. This pattern changed, however, with the onset of decentralisation and democratization of Indonesian politics - thugs for hire ceased to be agents of state and became a power tool of political parties and other competing interest groups. The author also shows that the regimes tried to eliminate the thugs' criminal activities by integrating them into their respective repressive systems. The general consequence of these intergrational attempts was criminalization of security forces and the state administration. The author further proves the existence of a direct historical and cultural connection between the jago and the preman. These controversial figures also share, despite a substantial time span, three essential features: cooperation with the patron on an ambivalent basis; criminal activities on the side outside this relationship, which secured profit for the elite in return for...
Post-socialist transformation and culture change in the Central Asian republics on the example of Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan
Kokaisl, Petr ; Pargač, Jan (advisor) ; Uherek, Zdeněk (referee) ; Šalanda, Bohuslav (referee)
The thesis does not include an abstract in English The thesis does not include an abstract in English The thesis does not include an abstract in English The thesis does not include an abstract in English The thesis does not include an abstract in English
The building at 18, rue Bonaparte: The place of memory and its meaning for the Czechs living in Paris
Okénková, Věra ; Šatava, Leoš (advisor) ; Šalanda, Bohuslav (referee)
Filozofická fakulta Univerzity Karlovy nám. Jana Palacha 2, 116 38 Praha 1 IČ: 00216208 DIČ: CZ00216208 Tel.: (+420)221 619 111 Jedná se o rigorózní práci, která je uznanou diplomovou či disertační prací. Děkujeme za pochopení.
Foreign Students of Czech Language in the Czech republic (A contribution to the problematics of Migration and Students-Migrants in the Czech Context)
Franc, Aleš ; Pargač, Jan (advisor) ; Šalanda, Bohuslav (referee) ; Uherek, Zdeněk (referee)
in English The dissertation thesis deals with foreign students in the Czech republic, specifically immigrant students coming from all over the world - from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine and then from China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam. The basic objective of this work is not a real attempt to display the everyday reality of certain groups of migrant-students of Czech language in the Czech Republic in such a way that it only focuses on the problems and barriers they encounter in their studies in the Czech language. It also deals with their adaptation and integration into mainstream Czech society. At the same time, however, we realize that this work is only a partial contribution to the knowledge of migrant-students' life in the Czech environment between 1998 and 2011. This work is based on relevant literature and the research is based on interviews with students and teaching observations. The choice of qualitative methods was intentional to serve our matter the best, since there has been a lack of research in this particular area in recent times. This focus on qualitative techniques is also dependent on the characteristics of the sample group, especially in the linguistic and sociocultural realm. The research was carried out at the Institute of Language and Training of the Charles University in Prague...
Residential satisfaction of seniors in Hradec Králové
Trpík, Aleš ; Vávra, Martin (advisor) ; Šalanda, Bohuslav (referee)
The submitted master thesis deals with the residential satisfaction of seniors in selected parts of the city of Hradec Králové. The main aim is to evaluate and compare the residential satisfaction of seniors in Malšovice and Slezské Předměstí. In particular, the evaluation of the overall residential satisfaction and the evaluation of the residential satisfaction in relation to selected aspects of the physical environment and public amenities of the city. An analysis of the positives and the negatives of the researched districts and the shopping behavior of seniors within the city are added to these findings. This thesis is theoretically based on the current state of the research in the field of residential satisfaction and it also takes into account the results of research on the everyday life and mobility of seniors in Czech cities. On the basis of this theoretical knowledge, the evaluated public amenities and aspects of the environment that are important for a group of seniors and contribute to their residential satisfaction were selected. The research was carried out using a questionnaire survey in the streets of the surveyed districts. Open-ended and closed-ended questions were analyzed. The age of respondents was limited in this thesis to adults aged 65 years and older.
Spectacular Society of the 21st Century
Hönig, Petr ; Šalanda, Bohuslav (advisor) ; Černý, Karel (referee)
Petr Hönig - Spectacular Society of the 21st Century This diploma thesis polemizes with the approach of a human to smart technologies in the context of postmodern society and it aims to formulate a conclusion about how the use of smart technologies, given their current form and the current state of affairs in general, with its side effects may affect the form and nature of the whole society. By analyzing fundamental aspects of postmodern society, specifically by reflecting on the processes of globalization, individualization, rationalization and relativization, and by analyzing the approach of a human to smart technologies, specifically by reflecting on the consequences of the use of selected technologies by lay users, this thesis relates to the form and nature of current society. Its aim is to demonstrate the spectacularness of society in the dichotomous perspective as well as to commence a general discussion of the approach of a human to smart technologies in level of questions connected to technological development and human nature in the 21st century.
Public transportation in Prague during socializm
Frajková, Lucia ; Štemberk, Jan (advisor) ; Šalanda, Bohuslav (referee)
Diploma thesis maps functioning, problems and troubles of public transportation in Prague during socialism in years 1948 till 1974. These years represents the beginning of communism in Czechoslovak Republic and year of putting the Prague metro into operation. The aim of the work was to examine this limited period in terms of public transportation, its impact on urban development, how different types of public transportation interacted and complemented each other, what was its impact on passengers alone and , for example, how metro planning during this period affected the operation of busses, troleybusses and trams. We found that despite the fact that the metro was at first just an unnecessary plan, later the entire system of public transportation began to concentrate and change precisely because of its implementation. Key words: Public transportation, trams, buses, metro, city development

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