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Possibilities and Limits of Communication the Child with Music
Krištufová, Marie ; Tichá, Alena (advisor) ; Nedělka, Michal (referee)
Autorský abstrakt Diplomová práce na téma Možnosti a meze komunikace dítěte s hudbou je pedagogicko-psychologickou sondou do hudebně výchovného procesu ve škole. Jejím cílem je vytvořit didaktický materiál, který by mohl pomoci všem učitelům hudební výchovy pozvednout úroveň hudební výchovy na českých školách. V teoretické části nejprve pojednáváme o stavu současné hudební výchovy. Především o jejích problémech a nedostatcích. Zaměřujeme se na problematiku poslechu, kterou se snažíme pojmout komplexně. Zjišťujeme tedy, co již bylo k dané problematice řečeno, ať už praktikem, estetikem, psychologem či didaktikem hudební výchovy. V dalším oddíle teoretické části diplomové práce se pak zaměřujeme na to, jaké jsou možnosti nápravy současného stavu. Hudební výchova by měla být aktivní, intergrativní a tvořivá. K tomu, aby taková byla, nám může pomoci uvedená metodická řada při poslechu. Jde v něm především o to, aby žáci aktivně vstupovali do dialogu s hudbou, snažili se jí porozumět. Jednou z možností nápravy, a zároveň nutností, je také modernizace hudebně výchovného procesu. Zdůrazněna je zároveň i didaktická interpretace učiva, díky níž můžeme poslechovou skladbu zpřístupnit žákům. Věnujeme se také stručné analýze vybraných kurikulárních dokumentů: učebnicím, osnovám hudební výchovy, rámcovému vzdělávacímu...
Folk songs from Študlov and their use in school and extracurricular music education
Hrnčiříková, Marie ; Pecháček, Stanislav (advisor) ; Nedělka, Michal (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to collect and analyse folk songs from Studlov and to propose their use in school and after-school music education. Thanks to the collectors and their musical notations, it is possible to analyse individual songs and thus look for connections in the folk music of this Wallachian village. Through these sources, I have created a songbook of Studlov folk songs for the purposes of music education and the preservation of traditions. In order to be able to extract as much information as possible from the multitude of songs for their analysis, I have divided them into several groups according to their content. The categorization helped to further research and clarified the weight of folk song in certain areas of the lives of the original tradition bearers. Finally, I have adapted a few selected songs, especially for the purpose of after-school music education. The aim of the arrangements is to engage listeners who do not prefer folk music with this genre. Another product of this research is a methodological material in which I have processed Wallachian customs in such a way that they can be used in music education lessons at primary school. By confirming the hypothesis about the peculiar musicality of the inhabitants of the area, deduced from the character of folk songs, we can...
Evangelos "Vangelis" Odysseas Papathanassiou - selection from the composer's creative work and its use in music education
Strauchová, Eva ; Bělohlávková, Petra (advisor) ; Nedělka, Michal (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the work of Greek composer Evangelos Odysseas Papathanassiou, professionally known as Vangelis, and the possible use of his work in teaching music. What follows is a brief presentation of the composer's life and career, a narrative analysis of pieces from the composer's popular albums (in consecutive order - 1492 - Conquest of Paradise, Mythodea and Rosetta) and, at last, the estimation of the use of these pieces in music education. Subsequently, individual teachers' implementation of these pieces in their lessons is evalued via the aid of filled-in questionnaires. The aim of this thesis is to elaborate on the creative work of the composer, analyse a specific part of his music and explore the possibilities of practical educational utilisation of it. All three aims were fulfilled.
Reverend Father Karel Bříza - friar, liturgical music composer, organist, organ builder and teacher
Náměstek, Vít ; Pecháček, Stanislav (advisor) ; Nedělka, Michal (referee) ; Brož, Jaroslav (referee)
This dissertation presents a complex look at the life and creative legacy of an eminent personality of sacred and liturgical music living in the second half of the 20th century, Rev. Father Karel Bříza (1926 - 2001). His name has become known especially in the field of post- conciliar liturgical music thanks to his composition of the nationally widespread and timeless Czech Mass Ordinary - a piece that is imprinted on the minds of believers as an inseparable part of the Catholic liturgy throughout the Czech lands. Apart from this Ordinary, however, Karel Bříza authored many other musical works, ranging from shorter hymns to extensive collections of the so-called Czech Masses. Each of the more than seventy pieces is analyzed in this dissertation, with a brief discussion of the main musical characteristics and distinctive elements of the particular piece. A catalogue of Bříza's musical works is included as an appendix. The present work also provides a complete and systematic overview of organ-type instruments single-handedly built by Bříza, including images and descriptions of the current state of each individual organ masterpiece still in existence. As part of the portrait of Bříza's life, obtained largely from authentic accounts of living relatives and associates, as well as from personal...
Analysis of consumers' preferences for cars on Slovak market.
Nedeľka, Michal ; Ščasný, Milan (advisor) ; Sargsyan, Yermone (referee)
This thesis investigates the effect of registration tax and fuel prices on the car market in Slovakia. Using the dataset provided by the Department of Evidence and Papers of Slovak Police Force with information about vehicles that entered the national car evidence, we compute monthly registrations of passenger vehicles. Given the nature of our data, we estimate pooled OLS model with fixed effects, focusing on different vehicle segments. We also analyse fuel price elasticity when prices were mostly decreasing or increasing to examine asymmetric response of car buyers. Results suggest a negative impact of the registration tax on the number of registrations of petrol vehicles with a stronger response of fuel efficient cars compared to less efficient. In the segment of diesel vehicles, only registrations of used and less efficient cars are affected by the tax. The elasticity of registrations with respect to fuel costs is negative for all car segments except for the new efficient petrol-fueled vehicles. Registrations of diesel vehicles are more sensitive with respect to fuel price changes than petrol cars in most segments. We also find an asymmetric response to fuel prices during the periods of price increases and decreases and declining responsiveness over time. JEL Classification C23, O18, Q31, R41,...
Folk songs from Pelhřimov, their editing innotation software and their possibilities of use
Makovcová, Šárka ; Nedělka, Michal (advisor) ; Bělohlávková, Petra (referee)
The thesis builds on the extensive work of bachelor of 2012. It examines the manuscript collection of songs Podstrážišťské Josef Václav Kratochvil. The first part describes the folk songs of Pelhřimov, folk songs in general and describes the development of folk songs in Bohemia and Moravia. This chapter also deals with the division of folk songs by region, collections of these regions and their collectors. These sub-themes also include sources and their gaining. Finally, the thesis refers to the collector Josef Václav Kratochvíl and his manuscript collection Podstrážišťské songs. In the next section the thesis classifies the literary aspect of songs, their themes and types also by the music side. In the following section the thesis discusses in general stylization of accompanied of folk songs. It also includes the possibility of using part of the folk songs and presents some selected examples of folk ensembles, folk institutions and the media which folklore spreads. Lay stress on the role of a family. Next the folk song is presented as a material that can be used in a pedagogical field. The essential part of the thesis is a supplement that contains 97 songs from the manuscript collection of songs compiled in a notation software.
Karol Szymanowski and folk influences in his ballet "Harnasie"
Hudecová, Zuzana ; Nedělka, Michal (advisor) ; Saláková, Magdalena (referee)
In my diploma thesis I am focused on biography of polish composer Karol Szymanowski. In his biography I briefly analyze his major works of three different creative periods and I present what was he inspired of at those periods (eg. Wagner's harmony, oriental music, folk music of Podhale etc.). Afterwards, I detaily focus on analysis of the ballet "Harnasie", which is most inspired by the folklore music from Zakopané, where he lived for a part of his life. I analyze the ballet from music aspect, I also write about libretto, kostumes, scenography atc. I have added the ballet notes samples as a part of the musical analysis to facilitate orientation. I have included images of people, places, folk costumes, architecture and dance I am writing about. Annexes include notes samples and another images from composer's life and also a list of compositions, which are included on CD.

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