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Thrown into reality: Beginning teachers'expectations confronted with professional practice (radio documentary)
Štylerová, Valérie ; Štoll, Martin (advisor) ; Čeňková, Jana (referee)
This practical bachelor's thesis, which includes a 16-minute radio documentary titled Thrown into Reality, deals with the study preparation and professional beginnings of graduates in teaching disciplines and their original expectations compared to the reality of pedagogical practice. Given the ambiguity of the radio documentary genre, which oscillates on the border of journalistic and artistic style, one of the goals of this theoretical part of the work is to provide insight into this genre in comparison with other journalistic genres, which are very close to its definition and characteristics (feature, band, reportage). The primary way of obtaining information for this document - a dialogue or interview - is also shortly described. One of the subchapters presents several examples of contemporary Czech radio documentaries. In the second part, the topic of radio document itself is introduced, namely the most common issues of beginning teachers and the introduction of recent graduates to their first job position, followed by author's reflection of the work. The radio documentary consists of authentic testimonies of beginning teachers and statements of other relevant respondents connected by the entries of the moderator. The aim of this entire thesis is to provide the listener with the life...
Alienation and Changes in Intimacy in Contemporary Czech Literature and its Critical Response
Motyčková, Kateřina ; Čeňková, Jana (advisor) ; Malý, Radek (referee)
This thesis focuses on four prose works of contemporary Czech literature. These are the novel Možnosti milostného románu (Ways of Writing about Love) and the short story collection Hra pro čtyři ruce (The Game for Four Hands) by the writer Jan Němec, the novel Smrtholka (Deathmaiden) by the writer Lucie Faulerová and the novella Přípravy na všechno (Preparations for Everything) by the poet publishing under the pseudonym Elsa Aids. The thesis focuses in particular on how the themes of alienation and the transformation of intimacy are manifested in the selected works. The thesis first defines these concepts theoretically. Then focuses on contemporary Czech literature and the ways in which it relates to the present and its problems. It will then also theoretically define the concepts of literary criticism and interpretation. In the practical part, the interpretation of individual literary works will be carried out. It will also include an analysis of critical responses that have appeared in the Czech media, most of which are culturally or literary oriented. The aim of the thesis will be to map how the selected works reflect feelings of alienation and modern transformations of intimacy and how these themes are addressed by literary critics and reviewers. The thesis also includes the interview with the...
The work of a winegrower in the Šatov area (radio reportage)
Šťastný, Jakub ; Lovaš, Karol (advisor) ; Čeňková, Jana (referee)
The main goal of this practical bachelor's thesis is to introduce to the listener the life and work of a winegrower, specifically a winegrower from southern Moravia (Znojmo). Especially during the harvest in autumn, which marks the real beginning of a months- long process of making wine. This thesis consists of two parts; practical and theoretical. The goal of the practical part of this thesis is introducing and describing the processes of the beginning of the wine production, the overall atmosphere, and the people present. The outcome is a reportage, useable in a radio broadcast. The theoretical part is focused mostly on the radio reportage and its specifics, then on its similarities with the closest broadcast genres and on comparing them, to distinguish them from one another in their nuances.
Interviews About Otherness (series of radio interviews)
Košťálová, Bára ; Lovaš, Karol (advisor) ; Čeňková, Jana (referee)
Radio interview is one of the basic genres of radio production. In this bachelor thesis, this genre is used to process the stories of three people excluded from mainstream society using the principles of inclusive journalism. Theoretical chapters of the thesis firstly briefly introduce the genre of radio interview and it also specifies its history and different types. This is followed by a chapter devoted to the issue of access to media and an introduction to the concept of inclusive journalism as a possible solution to the problems associated with representation of marginalized groups. The third chapter presents all the individual interviews which are later presented in the practical part as well as methodological approach for each of the interviews. An evaluation of the resulting interviews is also included at the end of the thesis. The practical part of this thesis consists of three interviews with people from social groups that are underrepresented in contemporary media production. The first interview is with Ondrej Rosík, a blind journalist, the second interview with reportage elements is prepared with Vasyl Martynets, Ukrainian refugee. The third interview is with Maria Větrovská, a mother who has been taking care of her disabled daughter for a long time.
The National Theatre Podcast
Šedinová, Michaela ; Lovaš, Karol (advisor) ; Čeňková, Jana (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the podcast of the Czech National Theater, which was launched in January 2020. It is one of the podcasts created in response to COVID-19 restrictions. When theatres had to be closed, the National Theater was searching for new ways to reach its audience - and in cooperation with STORYLAB AUDIO, they launched a podcast in which the theatre was presented in a new perspective. They created a format that translates - largely visual - theatrical art into a sound medium. The result is a quality narrative podcast which can be an example of the beginning professionalization of podcasting in the Czech Republic. The practical part of this thesis is in the form of a "podcast about a podcast". It contains interviews in which the creators of the podcast of the National Theater talk about its making, they explain its goals, challenges, benefits. Also, it contains a survey in which people from the audience of the National Theater answer the question of whether they know and listen to the podcast of the National Theater. One of the aims of this work is to place the podcast of the National Theater in a broader context - in the practical part, this is done within an interview with a media expert. In the theoretical part, it is done by defining podcasting from different perspectives...
Polish literary reportage in the second half of the twentieth century: Hanna Krall, Ryszard Kapuscinski
Lakomá, Aneta ; Čeňková, Jana (advisor) ; Maňák, Vratislav (referee)
The thesis addresses Polish literary reportage from the second half of the twentieth century as well as specifics of this genre related to the same period. It also observes the change of the reportage's role during the period of real socialism. Following as it gradually leafed off its position as a source of propaganda and became a tool that opened many taboo topics. The thesis is also about approximating the personalities of journalists Hanna Krallová, and Ryszard Kapuśczyński, both of whom had a significant impact on the topics concerning this thesis. It analyses two books of their reportages along with two other reportages written by them and informs current readers about specifics of the reporting in socialist Poland. The second part of the thesis is the original reportage called Právo na život tu každý chápe po svém, which was written in the period from October 2020 to February 2021 in Warsaw, Poland.
Comparison of popular didactic weekly magazine for youth (Mladý hlasatel thirties/forties Vpřed forties/fifties)
Meravá, Tereza ; Čeňková, Jana (advisor) ; Suk, Pavel (referee)
Master's thesis "Comparison of popularly educational weekly youth magazines Mladý Hlasatel and Vpřed in 1930s through 1950s" contrasts two youth titles that were published around the WWII. Both titles, connected not only through the editor and father-like figure Jaroslav Foglar, were immensely popular in their time and constitute the phenomenon of journalism for children of that era. Both magazines were published during uneasy times, firstly during the dawn of the war and during the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia; secondly, after ten years, during the rise of communists' influence and subsequent Communist coup d'état in 1948. This master's thesis follows my bachelor thesis "Mladý Hlasatel and it's authors" describing history, authors and specifics of this magazine. Master's thesis adds comparably detailed information about the magazine Vpřed, but its main objective is to compare the titles published in "free" era before the WWII and after it, and the ones that were published during the limited freedom of the press during the war and after the year 1948. This work seeks not only to compare the content, authors and information in both magazines, but also to comprehend the contemporary context of that era, observe the impact of ideological and political influences, as well as describe different...
Media responses of Italo Calvino's writing in the in Czech and Italian periodicals
Beníšková, Alena ; Čeňková, Jana (advisor) ; Bednařík, Petr (referee)
The objective of this thesis is the analysis of the media reception of chosen works of Italo Calvino in Czech and Italian periodicals. The first chapter discusses the literary criticism. The following chapter introduces the writer's life and moments determining his literary production. The mainstay of this work is divided into four chapters and is dedicated to the period literary crticism of the works chosen which were released in newspapers or literary periodicals both in Italy and the Czech Republic. The most significant reception showed the books The Path of the Spider's Nest, Invisible Cities, If on a Winter's Night a Traveler and Six Memos for the Next Millenium.

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