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Zvládání technostresu na pracovišti
Königová, Klára
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of technostress and its impact on employees of consulting firms in the Czech Republic. The thesis aims to present appropriate coping strategies and preventive recommendations to eliminate technostress in the workplace. The theoretical part of the thesis presents crucial findings related to the topic, which were drawn from scientific publications. The practical part of the thesis deals first with quantitative and then qualitative research. The quantitative research was carried out in the form of an online questionnaire sent to the employees of the selected organization. The qualitative research was carried out in the form of semi-structured interviews with the company employees. Based on the evaluation and analysis of the data obtained, preventive recommendations and coping strategies are subsequently proposed. It also includes the formulation of benefits for employees and HR managers and the quantification of costs associated with the implementation of the measures.
Stres žáků středních odborných škol
Kumanová, Veronika
The bachelor's thesis deals with the stress of pupils in the 2nd and 3rd years of secondary vocational schools. The aim of the bachelor thesis is to find out on the basis of a research investigation within a specific secondary vocational school what stressful situations pupils encounter, which of the defence mechanisms they most often use to cope with stress, or what other activities help them to relieve it. In the theoretical part, the aim is to describe and explain the basic concepts related to stress, such as stressors, stress response, types of stress and to introduce the concept of stress resilience. Activities that serve to cope with stress, such as coping strategies, defence mechanisms or other activities are also mentioned. The empirical part focuses on how many students experience distress in the school environment and which stressors are most stressful for them. It also focuses on what activities pupils most often use to cope with stress.
Copingové stratégie pre zvládanie technostresu u zamestnancov vo vybraných organizáciách
Machová, Silvia
The diploma thesis deals with the impact of technostress (stress from technology) on employees. This paper aims to propose coping strategies for managing technostress among employees of two selected manufacturing companies. The strategic recommendations intend to help employees reduce technostress and increase work satisfaction and productivity. A combination of quantitative and qualitative research was applied in order to achieve this goal. A questionnaire was chosen as part of the quantitative research. As for the qualitative research, semi-structured interviews with company employees were used. The data from both research companies were processed and according to the results, the main goal of this re-search was achieved.
Effects of bullying on the victim's personality
Šnoblová, Vladěna ; Čáp, David (advisor) ; Gillernová, Ilona (referee)
This bachelor's thesis pursues the subject of bullying and its possible impacts on people who became victims of this behaviour. The first part of thesis contains definitions of the terms bullying, cyberbullying, mobbing and bossing. It also follows the roles of individual participants of bullying and other kinds of aggression connected to it. Following part of thesis deals with possible views on bullying and social-psychological theories which can relate to bullying as a social phenomenon. Especially the subject of victimology, as a scientific discipline concerning victims and possible impacts of experienced situations on them is elaborated in this part of thesis. The key part of thesis contains the results of foreign researches, performed in coherence with the matter of victims of bullying in different countries. In the final part of thesis, a suggestion of a research project is stated. This project focuses on finding the impacts of bullying experienced by people who became victims of bullying in childhood or adolescence. It also focuses on the comparison of how bullying is perceived by the victims of bullying and how it is perceived by people who haven't got in touch with bullying at all or only as an bystanders. This second part of project also compares the views of both groups of people on...
Coping of Stress and Life Events in Connection with Sense of Humor and Psychological Well-being
Fodorová, Dagmara ; Výrost, Jozef (advisor) ; Kebza, Vladimír (referee)
The theoretical part of the thesis mainly deals with the definition of humor, sense of humor, stress, life events and personal well-being and at the same time presents an overview of the basic theories related to these topics. The aim of the work is to look for individual links between mentioned topics. Primarily tries to highlight the positive impact of a sense of humor for coping with stress and life events. The research seeks to show a sense of humor as one of the coping strategies. The research seeks is based on processing the conclusions brought about a qualitative probe, based on in-depth interviews on a sense of humor and its connections with another variables. Qualitative analysis of verbal material suggests a sense of humor in connection with personal well-being and presents a sense of humor as one of the coping strategies of stress and life events. . Keywords: humour, sense of humour, well-being, stress, life events, coping strategies
Psychological and social aspects of healthcare personnel's work with a dying patient
Sláviková, Karolína ; Šivicová, Gabriela (advisor) ; Šturma, Jaroslav (referee)
The goal of this thesis, "Psychological and social aspects of healthcare personnel's work with a dying patient", is to examine the socially unattractive issue of dying. Despite the fact that dying is a natural process, we often treat it with contempt and concern. We inspect this topic through a prism of healthcare personnel view, who is in contact with dying and death on a daily basis. In the theoretical part, we have first described the concept of death from historical point of view and afterwards we have narrowed it down to psychological-medical view of dying. Next, we have introduced the area of lenitive care for a dying patient, which is closely related to the topic of euthanasia. Of course, in relation to euthanasia, we then talked about medical ethics. This way we have circled around the relationship between a medic and his patient, the specifics of their communication, and finally we have described the psychological stress of healthcare personnel, possible coping strategies and eventual defensive mechanisms. Bibliography also features current research, both domestic and foreign. In the empirical part, we have attempted to map and describe psychosocial aspects relevant to working with a dying patient, with emphasis on identifying stress factors and strategies for healthcare personnel to cope...
The experience of school psychologists with the phenomenon of self-harm
Kopalová, Aneta ; Kučerová, Olga (advisor) ; Švamberk Šauerová, Markéta (referee)
This thesis deals with the phenomenon of self-harm. The theoretical part is divided into several thematic areas. The first of them concerns self-harm and all its requisites from the definition, defining the concept of self-harm within the thesis, classification, methods, etiology, risk factors related to self-harm, the purpose of self-harm, defining coping strategies to the connection between self-harm and addiction and the origins of self-harm itself. It also defines the developmental period of adolescence and the occurrence of risk behaviors associated with this period. This is followed by a chapter on the school and school climate, defining the school counseling center and all staff within the school counseling center and the various relationships of the school psychologist with the internal relational network of the school. There is also a chapter on prevention, where the types of prevention are characterized, the minimum prevention program is mentioned, and prevention itself is discussed in relation to self-harm and the SOSI program. The last chapter in the theoretical work is intervention, where an overview of psychotherapeutic approaches, the scope of the school psychologist and intervention, alternative self-harm techniques and mental health support are mentioned. The research section...
Coping with demanding study responsibilities for conservatory students
Kellerová, Anna ; Kucharská, Anna (advisor) ; Kučerová, Olga (referee)
This master's thesis deals with the demanding responsibilities of studying at a conservatoire and coping with them. The aim of the thesis is to research how students experience their studies, the stress and also how they cope with the stress itself. Conservatoire students are a very specific group of pupils. From an early age they publicly perform, they are being judged, compared and they develop a very unique individual relationship with their teachers. All these circumstances can lead to difficult situations in their life. The theoretical part of the thesis is therefore divided into 4 main chapters. In the first chapter there is a brief description of studying at a conservatoire with a focus on its technicalities. The second chapter examines stress amongst musicians, what causes it, how it emerges, and I also mention stress among young musicians and how it differs from stress experienced by professional musicians in this chapter. The next part brings the reader closer to specific challenging situations in the lives of conservatoire students and the last chapter describes coping strategies that can be used in the lives of musicians. The practical part of the thesis is carried out in the form of semi-structured interviews with conservatoire students from several schools in the Czech Republic. The...
Stress management strategies of train drivers
Krbečková, Anna ; Málková, Gabriela (advisor) ; Richterová, Eva (referee)
This thesis is focused on stress management strategies of a professional group of train drivers. Stress is presented in this thesis as one of the possible factors, the failure to manage which can lead to the occurrence of an incident. The premise of this connection is based on the findings concerning the effect of stress on attention, vigilance or fatigue. However, as there is currently no similar research naming the stress management strategies used by drivers, the aim of this paper is to describe the strategies that lead to stress management. To achieve this goal, a standardized questionnaire was chosen to describe the strategies that are predefined by it. The results obtained from a research sample of train drivers (n=41) show that drivers use all the strategies listed in the research instrument at least to some extent. It also shows that respondents tend to use more positive strategies. The highest average saturation of each strategy was found for the tested domain , "Positive Strategy 3 - Control Strategy", which is characterized by constructive efforts to cope with stressful situations. On the contrary, the Resignation and Self- blame strategies, belonging to the overall negative strategy, showed the lowest level of saturation. Key words: Railway safety, train drivers, stress, stress...
Resilience and coping strategies of souls-like genre gamers
Bura, Jan ; Hrabec, Ondřej (advisor) ; Lukavská, Kateřina (referee)
The bachelor's thesis aims to find out whether there are differences in resilience and coping strategies between gamers - specifically between players of the souls-like genre and the normal population. To collect data, a questionnaire was constructed that included two standardized inventories, the Brief Resilience Scale (BRS) and the Brief-COPE. For the purpose of this thesis, the BRS-G inventory was also created, which is basically the BRS scale set in game environment. The questionnaire was subsequently posted to online forums and Facebook groups. Data was collected from a total of 147 respondents. Respondents were classified into 3 groups (souls-like gamers, regular gamers and non-gamers) based on time spent playing video games and preferences for the souls-like genre. The group of regular gamers was added as a control group to capture whether the difference between the groups was due to playing souls- like games or gaming in general. The Kruskal-Wallis test (i.e. a non-parametric version of ANOVA) and subsequent post-hoc tests were the main methods used to detect differences. Differences in coping strategies were minimal, almost nonexistent - the only significant difference was found in emotion-focused strategies, which was most likely related to gender (women showed higher values). In the area...

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