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Biological aspects of the burnout syndrome
Čihařová, Markéta ; Šivicová, Gabriela (advisor) ; Hrachovinová, Tamara (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to describe burnout syndrome as a psychosocial phenomenon with an emphasis on biological mechanisms accompanying it. The work is divided into two main parts, a literary review and an empirical part. In the literary review, burnout syndrome is explained in general terms. It provides a research history outline and continues with an introduction of its external and internal causes and factors which help to prevent from it. Furthermore, the development and psychological, social and work symptoms of burnout syndrome are described. The main part of the work is dedicated to biological symptoms of burnout syndrome in connection with different systems of the human body. The proposal for research is to be seen in the second part of the work. This research deals with the levels of cortisol in university students scoring high on burnout syndrome in comparison with the levels of cortisol in university students scoring low. Keywords: burnout syndrome, stress, exhaustion, altered functioning, health
Eating disorders in boys nad young men
Zámečník, Jakub ; Hrachovinová, Tamara (advisor) ; Šivicová, Gabriela (referee)
The aim of this work is to summarize current knowledge of eating disorders in men. The theoretical part is trying to describe the key areas in which eating disorders differ between the sexes. Among the large number of small differences we can see also some major differences, especially radically different concept of the male ideal body image that causes most of the other differences. Therefore, the work paid attention to muscle dysmorphia, which occupies an important place on this issue. Although it is a multidisciplinary topic, thesis tries to target the areas related to psychology. The practical part is the research proposal, which aims to map a number of symptoms of eating disorders and muscle dysmorphia, body dissatisfaction and frequency of risk behaviors among college Czech non-clinical populations of men. It also seeks to describe some other relationships among these variables. Key words Eating disorders, anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, muscle dysmorphia, men, sociocultural pressure, body dissatisfaction
Predicting the therapeutic response to cognitive behavioral therapy in patients with pharmacoresistant obsessive-compulsive disorder.
Vyskočilová, Jana ; Šípek, Jiří (advisor) ; Šivicová, Gabriela (referee)
I chose the theme of obsessive-compulsive disorder as a topic of my thesis. The main reason was that it is a disorder I have worked as a therapist in individual or group therapy frequently. Also I have participated in several studies as evaluator in Psychiatric Centre, and I collected data from dozens of patients. In the first part the thesis deals with the symptoms, clinical picture, prevalence, aetiology and treatment of OCD. Thesis is focuses on behavioural and cognitive models of the disorder in detail, because the treatment used in the present group of patients was CBT. Various models of cognitive behavioural therapy I discuss in more detail, because they allow different views of what happens to the patient and how to change it. The practical part has two parts. The first deals with the effectiveness of group cognitive behavioral approach for OCD patients, who use antidepressants but were resistant to previous treatment and were attended a daycare center at the Prague Psychiatric Center. The second part of the thesis deals with finding a predictor of successful cognitive behavioral therapy in these patients. The aim was to determine whether certain demographic or clinical factors that we evaluated before treatment may predict success outcome. The result is the finding that severity of the...
Mechanisms involved in neurodegenerative disorders origin and their consequences in neurobiological interactions.
Červinková, Monika ; Kulišťák, Petr (advisor) ; Šivicová, Gabriela (referee)
Neurodegenerative disorders represent due to their still increasing trend serious problem not only medical, but also socio-economic. The most common disorders in human population include Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, Huntington's disease and Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Underlying ethiopathogenetical mechanisms are not closely clarified yet. Potential conjunction between neurodegenerative disorders and stress is mentioned. Supposed relationship between neurodegenerative disorders and stress is based on knowledge of functional interrelationships among nervous, endocrine and immune systems. Animal models are very helpful for research in objective field and they can contribute to the elucidation of involved biological mechanisms. Knowledge of these processes could enable development of new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches in future.
The influence of thyroid hormones and adrenal glands on mental function
Augustinová, Jana ; Šivicová, Gabriela (advisor) ; Špinka, Marek (referee)
This thesis focuses on effects of thyroid and adrenal hormones on mental functions, especially on cognitive functions and emotions. In the case of adrenal hormones it will also focus on stress and burnout syndrome, which are not considered as mental functions, but are connected to both psyche and the above mentioned hormones. The text is divided into two parts. The first, theoretical part deals with the anatomy and histology of these two organs, hormones that they produce and their influence on overall physical condition and pathology. The main section of this theoretical part deals with the description of influence of thyroid hormones and adrenal glands on the above mentioned mental functions. This work is based on both earlier and contemporary research, but predominantly on foreign research. In the second, empirical part, a proposal for longitudinal study of cortisol and thyroxine levels during depression treatment is presented. Klíčová slova: Hormones, thyroid glang, adrenal gland, mental functions, cognitive functions, emotions, stress, cortisol, thyroxine
Psychological aspects of pharmacological pain management in palliative care
Trefná, Klára ; Niederlová, Markéta (advisor) ; Šivicová, Gabriela (referee)
This thesis deals with the psychological phenomena that are associated with the pharmacological pain management in a context of palliative care. The issue involves patient himself, but also a caregiver and a medical staff. The theoretical part of this thesis deals with pain and pharmacological pain management from a psychological point of view and focuses on a problematic attitude toward opioids. This thesis is based on the latest scientific findings by Czech and international researchers. This thesis also includes a research plan, which deals with the psychological factors that affect the attitude toward opioids in Czech environment.
Traits of the "cancer-prone personality" in women with breast cancer
Svatošová, Ludmila ; Šivicová, Gabriela (advisor) ; Hrachovinová, Tamara (referee)
The thesis is dedicated to the psychosocial aspects of women with breast cancer, such as stressful events, coping strategies, social support and personal and emotional factors and their possible specificity for this group of women. Aim of the theoretical part is a summary of the findings of type C personality, personality disposed to cancer and the overview of researches and particular results. The empirical part of the thesis is based on retrospective quantitative research with a focus on the number of stressful events, coping strategies, social support and features of alexithymia in women diagnosed with breast cancer (N = 70). These results were compared with a control group of women whose cancer have not been diagnosed (N = 81). The results show a significant difference in the amount of stressful events. Namely women with breast cancer have demonstrated significantly more stressful events prior to diagnosis than women without cancer. In addition, a significant difference has been found in the use of negative coping strategies which women without cancer experience using negative coping strategies more frequently than women with breast cancer. A significant difference has been found in the use of strategy "self-aggrandizement by comparison with others" which women with breast cancer use more than...
The relationship between maternal anxiousness, sensitivity and their children's coping mechanisms in stressful events
Lindovská, Terezie ; Šivicová, Gabriela (advisor) ; Panenková, Erika (referee)
The aim of this bachelor's work is to propose a study, which explores the degree of the relationship between maternal anxiousness, sensitivity and their children's coping during the preoperative period. The literary part defines anxiousness and associated terms, other psychopathologic signs in mothers and their impact on the children's life, it also describes the development of a maternal attachment and its connection to maternal sensitivity. There are also mentioned factors, which can affect anxiousness or sensitivity in a specific stressful event (preoperative period) within the mother and the child. In the end a quantitative, exploratory study is proposed, which uses questionnaires to look into the degree of maternal anxiousness and the parental sense of competence as a sensitivity aspect in mothers, as well as the degree of preoperative anxiety in children, with the use of an observational method. Keywords maternal anxiousness, attachment, coping, preoperative period, preoperative anxiety
Psychological and social aspects of healthcare personnel's work with a dying patient
Sláviková, Karolína ; Šivicová, Gabriela (advisor) ; Šturma, Jaroslav (referee)
The goal of this thesis, "Psychological and social aspects of healthcare personnel's work with a dying patient", is to examine the socially unattractive issue of dying. Despite the fact that dying is a natural process, we often treat it with contempt and concern. We inspect this topic through a prism of healthcare personnel view, who is in contact with dying and death on a daily basis. In the theoretical part, we have first described the concept of death from historical point of view and afterwards we have narrowed it down to psychological-medical view of dying. Next, we have introduced the area of lenitive care for a dying patient, which is closely related to the topic of euthanasia. Of course, in relation to euthanasia, we then talked about medical ethics. This way we have circled around the relationship between a medic and his patient, the specifics of their communication, and finally we have described the psychological stress of healthcare personnel, possible coping strategies and eventual defensive mechanisms. Bibliography also features current research, both domestic and foreign. In the empirical part, we have attempted to map and describe psychosocial aspects relevant to working with a dying patient, with emphasis on identifying stress factors and strategies for healthcare personnel to cope...
Anxiety disorders from a biological and psychological perspective
Záplatová, Klára ; Šivicová, Gabriela (advisor) ; Hrachovinová, Tamara (referee)
Barchelor thesis focuses on anxiety disorders from a biological and psychological perspective. This thesis aims to provide anxiety disorders in their entireness. For this reason, thesis focuses on psychological and physical symptoms of anxiety. Topic contains unconscious symptoms manifesting inside of a man. Thesis is divided into two main parts. First one consists of literature review, the second one consists of experiment design. Experiment design deals with physiological symptoms of social phobia. It is focused on specific brain areas and cortisol level in anxiety feeling as well as to feeling of a man during the experiment. Powered by TCPDF (

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