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Psychological and social aspects of coping with oncological gynecological illnesses (focused on breast cancer)
Šreibrová, Lenka ; Niederlová, Markéta (advisor) ; Šivicová, Gabriela (referee)
The thesis "Psychological and social aspects of coping with oncological gynecokogical illnesses (focused on breast cancer)" studies the demands and difficulties which women diagnosed with breast cancer are delaing with. In the theoretical part, attention is given to breast tumor and to the stages of the illness. It shows the needs and problems the women face and the possibilities of psychological help. This part of my thesis also describes different types of cure and its specifics and the changes it brings to the women's life. It is followed by coping strategies and defence mechanisms. In conclusion, the effects of the illness on personal relationships are outlined. In the empirical part, we map supporting psychological and other factors which helped with the treatment and with coping with it. The empirical part comprises 11 individual interviews with women who had breast cancer. The research methodology is supplemented with The Life Satisfaction Inventory. In the interviews we also focused on the factors of health care which were helping and the ones that could be improved. The results of the mapping qualitative study indicated two most important factors which helped the women to cope with this serious illness. It was social support and active coping strategies. In the sphere of health care, the...
Mechanism of patients with anorexia nervosa
Ježková, Tereza ; Hrachovinová, Tamara (advisor) ; Šivicová, Gabriela (referee)
The Defence Style Questionnaire which assesses three factors of defence mechanisms ( mature, neurotic, immature) was completed by 44 anorexie women aged from 14 to 30 years, and 121 healthy women. The Thematic Apperception Test used to assess ego developpement and defence was completed by 15 patients. We found that the anorexie women differ from the healthy population in use of neurotic and immature defence mechanisms. In contrast, no difference was found between restrictive and purgative patients who do not differ in any factor of the Defence Style Questionnaire.
Intimate relationships of people with schizophrenia
Říhová, Anna ; Loneková, Katarína (advisor) ; Šivicová, Gabriela (referee)
The thesis is dedicated to intimate relationships of people with schizophrenic disorder (F20). The aim of this study was to determine the importance of intimate relationships attributed by women and men with schizophrenia in young adulthood. Their experience, ideals and expectations of partnership were also investigated. The theoretical part is divided into three parts. The first chapter describes the illness of schizophrenia, its characteristics, etiology, epidemiology, symptoms, deficits in cognitive and social functioning as well as current treatments oriented at psychosocial intervention. In the second chapter, the topic of partnerships of common people is presented. The third chapter describes the theme of partnerships in persons with schizophrenic disorder itself. The empirical part is based on qualitative methodology. Semi-structured interviews were undertaken with 11 respondents, investigating intimate relationships and sexuality of people with schizophrenia. The results are properly described and afterwards discussed with the available literature. In the conclusion, it is recommended further research and intervention in social relationships among people with schizophrenia.
The Mapping of a Relation between Cognitive Functions and Intelligence in Persons with Schizophrenia
Šimonová, Miriama ; Kulišťák, Petr (advisor) ; Šivicová, Gabriela (referee)
Nowadays, an intelligence is a widely applied concept. The authors' opinions on its possible unification with or strict separation from the specific cognitive functions vary throughout different fields of psychology. Simultaneously, schizophrenia is a mental disorder, which is often connected to a cognitive deficit. Its assessment is usually realized on an estimation of the intelligence level. The aim was to explore how the estimation of intelligence corresponds with a cognitive profile of a patient with schizophrenia. This purpose is firstly being attained by a description of various views and theoretical objects, for instance core characteristics of a schizophrenia, a description of intelligence and selected cognitive functions. The empirical part is focused on an exploration of the relationship between a cognitive profile and the estimation of actual and premorbid intelligence of a patient with schizophrenia. A total of 120 persons with a diagnose F20 were included in this study. A cognitive profile was assessed with the usage of MATRICS battery and the intelligence levels were evaluated by selected WASI tests and Czech reading test (CRT). Results indicates that despite the level of premorbid and actual intelligence level was identified within the normal range, respondents evinced a cognitive...
Quality of Life, Satisfaction with Life, Social Self-efficacy and People after Acquired Brain Injury.
Lišková, Kateřina ; Šivicová, Gabriela (advisor) ; Kebza, Vladimír (referee)
This thesis is focused on quality of life theme, satisfaction with life topic and social self- efficacy subject, with emphasizing of the acquired brain injury context and specific and unique brain injury consequences. Thesis is based on theoretical fundament of all mentioned concepts, but mainly there are actual quantitative data and results of quality of life, satisfaction with life and social self-efficacy and other-efficacy in the framework of acquired brain injury research sample in Czech Republic. Not only description of quality of different life parts subjective perception, but also search of possible relationships strength between quality of life and social efficacy has been probed. All of these has been used in application of lots of standardized and also new questionnaire and methods. Keywords: acquired brain injury, quality of life, satisfaction with life, social self-efficacy, social other- efficacy
Boston Naming Test in preoperative examination in patients with pharmacoresistant temporal lobe epilepsy
Libertínová, Jana ; Preiss, Marek (advisor) ; Šivicová, Gabriela (referee)
Theoretical part of this thesis concems Pharmacoresistant Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and Epilepsy surgery as an important option of the treatment of these patients. lt introduces respective methods used in complex preoperative diagnostics stressing the neuropsychological preoperative examination. Majority of basic cognitive functions - memory, speech and IQ - are lateralised. Functionality of temporallobe is reflected by ability of naming. We introduce the Boston Naming Test (BNT) used in preoperative diagnostics of pharmacoresistant epilepsy patients to locate the epileptogenic region. Empirical part concems Czech adaptation and standardisation of BNT and describes pivotal study with 38 healthy persons and 38 patients with temporal lobe epilepsy. Main objective was to check criterial validity ofBNT" Statistical analysis shows highly significant differencies between scores of healthy controls and epilepsy patients. (p < 0,000). Test shows 80% sensitivity and 92% specificity.
Coping strategies of women with breast cancer
Štěpánková, Jitka ; Šivicová, Gabriela (advisor) ; Hrachovinová, Tamara (referee)
The objectives of the thesis "Coping strategies of women with breast cancer" w ere to d etermine t he c oping s trategies u sed b y women w ith b reast cancer, to explore relationship between copmg strategies and sociodemographic variables, between cop ing strategies and the type of therapy, between coping strategies and the life satisfaction, and to compare results with data from other studies. The sample consisted of 62 women diagnosed with breast cancer and treated in two hospitals (Onkologický Ústav Nová Ves pod Pleší, and Nemocnice Beroun) from 1110/2005 to 30/312006. Participants were surveyed by means of a demographic data sheet, the Ways of Coping Questionnaire and the Life Satisfaction Questionnaire. The comparison with other studies indicated that the results are quite similar. The most commonly used coping strategy among women with breast cancer is Seeking sodal support and the least common strategy is Accepting responsibility. Yet, there was one difference: the use of the Escape-Avoidance strategy was higher among our sample patients than among women included in compared studies. This strategy was used more by the patients treated by chemotherapy and byt he p atients t hat were u nsatisfied w ith t heir I ives. T he younger women prefer problem-focused strategies (Confrontive coping, PIan/ul...
Changes in mental state experienced by patients with diabetes along therapy
Hackerová, Petra ; Hrachovinová, Tamara (advisor) ; Šivicová, Gabriela (referee)
The thesis is focused on the problematic of quality of life, depression, eating behaviour and cognitive representations of illness among people with type 2 diabetes. It stems from literature and information about problematic. In the theoretical part, the overview about diabetes mellitus, its symptoms, types, complications, and treatment is outlines. Next topics of this part are quality of life of people with diabetes, especially with type 2 diabetes, depression in people with diabetes and cognitive representations of illness. The empirical part is concentrated on the examination of degree of depresivity, quality of life, eating habits and illness perceptions among people with type 2 diabetes. It compares these variables before and after large intervention program, which is aimed at weight-loss and better metabolic control. And it compares them in relationship to gender and to type of diet.
An attempt to analyze the aphasic syndrom with regard to the possibilities of its neuropsychologica rehabilitation
Straka, Ondřej ; Kulišťák, Petr (advisor) ; Šivicová, Gabriela (referee)
Although the Wernicke-Geschwind model has been for a long time one of the most influential bases for the study of aphasia. its general acceptance seems to have been partly undermined by the use of new imaging methods on the one hand. and recent developments in cognitive psychology and psycholinguistics on the other hand. The main reason is that it fails to account for the fact that the lesions in one brain area can result in a variety of deficits in the processing of language. and similarly the same deficit is often due to the impairment of ditlerent brain structures. This thesis ťirst presents the localizationalist theories. then compares both approaches pointing out their respective interests and limitations and tinally focuses at some length on the assumptions about the brain organization of language production postulated by the cognitive psychology and their reflection in the therapeutic procedures used in the neuropsychological rehabilitation of aphasic patients. Key words: aphasia, localization, cognitive psychology, neuropsychological rehabilitation Powered by TCPDF (
The cerebellar cognitive affective syndrome
Bolceková, Eva ; Kulišťák, Petr (advisor) ; Šivicová, Gabriela (referee)
Tr ad i t io n a l ly, th e c e r eb e l lum ha s b e en co n s id e r ed th e s t r u c tu r e in th e h uman b r a in r e sp o n s ib l e f o r mo to r fu n c t io n : p o s tu r e , g a i t , mo v emen t co o r d in a t io n . Howev e r, r e c en t f in d in g s s h ow th a t i t s f u n c t ion i s wid e r - i t i s a l s o in v olv ed in co gn i t ion an d emo t io n . Th e c e r eb e l l a r co g n i t iv e a ff e c t iv e s yn d r ome i s a c l in i c a l u n i t d e s ign ed to d e s c r ib e d e f i c i en c i e s in p a t i en t s wi th c e r eb e l l a r d amag e . Th e a im o f th e s tu d y i s to con f i rm th e v i a b i l i ty o f th i s co n c ep t . Th e th eo r i t i c a l s e c t ion summa r i z e s cu r r en t n eu r op sy ch o lo g i c a l k n owl ed g e a b ou t th e c e r eb e l lum an d fu n c t io n a l d e f i c i en c i e s r e l a t ed to i t s damag e . Th e r e a r e th eo r e t i c a l ex p l an a t ion s o f me ch an i sms o f d amag e , a s we l l a s a r ev i ew o f emp i r i c a l d a t a . Th e emp i r i c a l s e c t io n i s a s tu d y o f 1 3 su b j e c t s wi th dama g e l imi t ed to th e c e r eb e l lum an d a con t r o l s amp l e o f 1 3 he a l th y, d emog r a p h i c a l ly ma t ch ed con t r o l su b j e c t s . Me th o d s in c lu d ed an in t e r v i ew, n...

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