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Social cognitions of depressive patients
Ševčíková, Marcela ; Výrost, Jozef (advisor) ; Šivicová, Gabriela (referee)
Social cognition - the ability to identify, perceive, and interpret socially relevant information - is an important skill that plays a significant role in successful interpersonal functioning. Social cognitive performance seems to be impaired in several mental disorders. The relationship with major depressive disorder is less well understood. The aim of the thesis was to present a comprehensive overview of current knowledge on social cognition in depression as well as to contribute with results of our own research. Two original video-methods presenting difficult and complex social situation were developed in this study. Acutely depressed patients (n = 20) and healthy controls (n = 20) were examined with the Montgomery-Åsberg Depression Rating Scale (MADRS), Beck Depression Inventory (BDI-II) and with Lie or True and Rendez-views video-methods. We found no difference in the performance in our video-methods between the tested groups. Evidence of The Depressive Realism Hypothesis was not proven in this study. Further research in this area is needed. Powered by TCPDF (
Terrorism from the social psychology perspective
Knorková, Alžběta ; Boukalová, Hedvika (advisor) ; Výrost, Jozef (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with terrorism from the social psychology perspective. It defines terrorism, its goals and its classifications. This thesis describes personal and group variables, which influence the formation of terrorism. It elaborates on some psychological approaches to terrorism and terrorist personality in the context of motivation, vulnerability, trauma and abnormality. In the context of the terrorist personality, this thesis deals with moral disengagement and the psychological profile of a terrorist. It continues with a chapter about terrorist group structure and dynamics, for example social influences on its members. Another part of the thesis is an outline for a qualitative research project. Its aim is to explore variables, which repeatedly occur in the life of the terrorist and which may play a role in the decision making process before joining a terrorist group. The emphasis is on important life changing events, which may also influence the formation of terrorism. Keywords: terrorism, terrorist personality, terrorist group, social psychology
Coping of Stress and Life Events in Connection with Sense of Humor and Psychological Well-being
Fodorová, Dagmara ; Výrost, Jozef (advisor) ; Kebza, Vladimír (referee)
The theoretical part of the thesis mainly deals with the definition of humor, sense of humor, stress, life events and personal well-being and at the same time presents an overview of the basic theories related to these topics. The aim of the work is to look for individual links between mentioned topics. Primarily tries to highlight the positive impact of a sense of humor for coping with stress and life events. The research seeks to show a sense of humor as one of the coping strategies. The research seeks is based on processing the conclusions brought about a qualitative probe, based on in-depth interviews on a sense of humor and its connections with another variables. Qualitative analysis of verbal material suggests a sense of humor in connection with personal well-being and presents a sense of humor as one of the coping strategies of stress and life events. . Keywords: humour, sense of humour, well-being, stress, life events, coping strategies
Coping of Stress and Life Events in Connection with Sense of Humor and Psychological Well-being
Fodorová, Dagmara ; Výrost, Jozef (advisor) ; Kebza, Vladimír (referee)
The theoretical part of the thesis mainly deals with the definitions of sense of humor, humor, stress, life events and life satisfaction and presents an overview of the most basic theories related to these topics at the same time. The aim of the work is looking for connection between the three themes. Above all, it shows the positive impact of sense of humor to cope with stress and life events. What role play a sense of humor in psychotherapy? Can psychotherapy help to improve life satisfaction? As this work was created behind the ongoing systemic psychotherapy, corresponds to the mentioned questions also. The research seeks to establish relationships between sense of humor and life satisfaction and consequently their impact on coping stress and life events. The empirical part is based on quantitative data processing, which were obtained by using several questionnaire. The results of quantitative data analysis are supplemented by qualitative observations and insights that explain conclusions of study. Based on the processed data has shown that life satisfaction increases clients during psychotherapy. However the relationship between sense of humor and life satisfaction, as well as their impact on coping stress and life events has not been empirically confirmed. Keywords: humour, sense of humour,...
Structure and dynamics of close personal relationships
Horáková Hurychová, Zuzana ; Slaměník, Ivan (advisor) ; Janoušek, Jaromír (referee) ; Výrost, Jozef (referee)
Zuzana Horáková Hurychová Dissertation: Structure and dynamics of close personal relationships ABSTRACT Keywords: Close personal relationship, components of close relationships, close relationship's dynamics, relationship type, methods of measuring close relationships, prototype approach, RCI, DOTEV The thesis deals with close personal relationships and their specific characteristics. Even though this area has been extensively explored abroad, it has received little attention in the Czech Republic. We can see a certain paradox: While there are no standard methods of measuring or specifying relationship characteristics of the Czech population, foreign literature is abundant in theories on how close personal relationships work, offering methods of their measurement. These methods usually focus on a specific component of the relationship. Therefore, it has not been possible to fully meet the objectives of this thesis. The first objective was to perform a theoretical mapping of close relationships, which is not fully possible due to the limited extent of the thesis. Thus, I only focused on the most frequently cited and most interesting, in my opinion, concepts that offer practical methods of measuring close relationships. The thesis offers a wide, though not exhaustive, overview that has served as a basis for...
Personality assessment methods - diagnostic contribution of the selfdescriptive and projective methods
Svěchotová, Stanislava ; Urbanová, Miluše (advisor) ; Cipro, Martin (referee) ; Výrost, Jozef (referee)
The author presents a project classically divided into a theoretical and an empirical part, the focus of the work lies in the theory. It is focused on the broader and hidden social contexts in the field of applied psychology, focusing on recruitment. Personality and human relations are approached from a psychoanalytic perspective - the author brings the psychoanalytic concept of the human mind and focuses on some intrapsychic structures and unconscious interactive processes that influence individual behavior and dynamic of social groups. This theoretical perspective revealing the multiplicity of intrapsychic and interpersonal dimension comes into contrast with the psychometric approach to personality applied in the empirical part. Here are examined three heterogeneous psychodiagnostic methods and their predictive value in relation to a sample of the population. The total processing of the broad-based project is designed to reflect the specifics and limits of different psychodiagnostic methods, usefulness of multidimensional approach to personality in all areas of applied psychology. The author concludes that it is important for a psychologist apart from applying measurement instruments to keep in mind his theoretical issues and admit his own cognitive limits and specifics of character and motivation that...
The influence of multicultural education on attitudes and prosocial behavior of the majority towards Gypsies
Dlabal, Martin ; Šulová, Lenka (advisor) ; Výrost, Jozef (referee) ; Švingalová, Dana (referee)
This dissertation focuses on the affiliation of the majority in the Czech Republic to Gypsies and on possible effects on their relationship. Especially, expressed ethnical attitudes and prosocial behavior of adolescents to Gypsies and effectiveness of the multicultural education are studied. The score of respondent' s ethnical attitudes were acquired by a distribution of the "Gypsy Scale" questionnaire. Frequency of helping behavior was measured in experimental situation in which the respondent could help either a member of one group or a member of another group. Data acquired from the "Gypsy Scale" questionnaire was computed by univariate analysis of variance (ANOV A). The occurrence or absence of helping behavior towards the members of majority group or members of Gypsy group was computed by chi square test. When speaking of testing the effect of multicultural education t - test was used. The results showed significant relation between expressed ethnical attitudes and both education and region. The fact that there was not confirmed relationship between help and ethnicity of the person in need was the major finding of the study. Czech adolescents help equally the members of both ethnical groups. Likewise, scores did not confirm relation between ethnical attitudes towards Gypsies and succeeding helping...

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