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Experiences of individuals with unusual sexual preference with therapy
Vejdovská, Barbora ; Presslerová, Pavla (advisor) ; Dymešová, Gabriela (referee)
This master's thesis explores the experiences of nondeliquent individuals with sexual preference disorders with sexual preference disorders undergoing psychoterapy. The aim of the thesis is to understand the experience of non-delinquent individuals with sexual preference disorders in psychotherapy and to assess whether psychotherapy is an effective intervention tool suitable for preventive purposes. Furthermore, the study will evaluate the effect of psychotherapy on reducing the risk of committing sexual offenses among non-delinquent individuals. In the theoretical part od the thesis, sexual preference disorders are first introduced, including their classificaion. Attention is then given to distinguishing between sexual deviation and sexual delinquency. A section follows focusing on the stigmatization of individuals with sexual preference disorders. The theoretical part concludes with an overview of the treatment of sexual preference disorders, the availability od treatment in the Czech Republic, and the activities of the Parafilik project. The research part of the thesis introduces the sexual preferences of ten men, including the difficulties that their different sexuality brings them. Data were obtained through the standardized instrument STABLE-2007 and semi-structured interviwes. Subsequently,...
Transgeneration transmission of trauma in individuals with substance addiction experiences
Havelková, Lucie ; Líbalová, Ivana (advisor) ; Dymešová, Gabriela (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the manifestation of complex developmental trauma in the offspring of persons with experience of addiction to addictive substances and its potential transgenerational transmission. The aim of the theoretical part of the thesis is to describe substance addiction, complex developmental and collective trauma and their manifestations, including possible mechanisms of transgenerational transmission of trauma, with the help of literature. In the practical part, the research focuses on the topics of family relationships, childhood with an addicted parent, personal relationship to addictive substances and manifestations of trauma in adulthood. Due to the aim of the work, a qualitative research design was chosen, the data was collected by using a semi- structured interview and processed using the method of thematic analysis and open coding. In the practical part of the investigation, the level of traumatization among the respondents was examined using the CTQ-SF questionnaire. Subsequently, the respondents selected according to the given criteria were subjected to a semi-structured interview. Based on the practical part of the work and in agreement with literature, it can be stated that respondents living with a parent with alcohol addiction bear the consequences of these life...
Depressive rumination: testing the analytical rumination hypothesis in patients with depressive disorder
Janíčková, Petra ; Preiss, Marek (advisor) ; Dymešová, Gabriela (referee)
Depression is commonly viewed as a pathology. Depressive rumination, one of the key symptoms of depression is thought to be a maladaptive cognitive style that contributes to worse and longer depressive episodes. Here I present an alternative approach called the analytical rumination hypothesis (ARH). ARH proposes that depression is an evolved response to complex analytical problems. In a study on inmate patients of the National institute of mental health in Klecany with diagnosed depression we tested the validity of the ARH through assessing the influence of depressive rumination on mood, cognitive performance and electrophysiological correlates. Rumination was experimentally induced by expressive writing. In the control condition we used the distractive writing method. The results show a corresponding effect of rumination on the mood of our patients as expected. However, we were not able to see the proposed effects on cognitive abilities. KEY WORDS Depression, rumination, adaptation, cognition, affective state, neural correlates
The use of virtual reality in therapeutic techniques of dealing with intrusive thoughts among patients with anxiety disorders.
Boss, Diana Isabela ; Hocko Fajnerová, Iveta (advisor) ; Dymešová, Gabriela (referee)
This thesis is a pilot study conducted under the auspices of the National Institute of Mental Health. The thesis explores the possibility of using virtual reality in the treatment of intrusive thoughts in anxious patients. In the theoretical part, the main topics, i.e. anxiety disorders, are described, focusing on generalized anxiety disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder, intrusive thoughts and virtual reality. The practical part focuses on the analysis of the research objectives. The first research aim is to test adequacy and acceptability of virtual reality in dealing with intrusive thoughts. The second aim is to compare the Stray Time technique (commonly used in the treatment of intrusive thoughts) presented in virtual reality to its classical form. Data were collected from patients, at the National Institute of Mental Health, admitted to Ward 1 or attending Day Care center 2. The objectives are validated using quantitative analysis methods. This analysis found evidence to support the adequacy and acceptability of virtual reality in the treatment of intrusive thoughts, as well as the comparability of Stray Time methods presented in virtual reality with the classical form. KEYWORDS virtual reality, intrusive thoughts, Scheduled Worry Time, generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive...
Emotionally demanding situations experienced by female teachers in interaction with pupils in the 1st grade of elementary school
Mášová, Vendula ; Dymešová, Gabriela (advisor) ; Křížová, Ivana (referee)
This diploma thesis refers to so far not so much explored field of teachers' emotions. This topic is rather significant as teaching is deemed as highly stressful occupation. Purpose of this thesis is to closely map and raise awareness of emotionally demanding situations arising from interactions with pupils, through experience and evaluation of she-teachers from the elementary school. It is also concerned with the question, which particular situations are perceived as emotionally challenging. Thesis is divided into two main parts - theoretical and empirical. In the theoretical part there is introduced basic knowledge about emotions, main aspects influencing the interaction between the teacher and the pupil, and overview of current findings regarding teachers' emotions arising from these interactions in regards to emotions and stress. Empirical part introduces the methodological scope of executed research that is based upon qualitative analysis of narrative interviews. In total there were interviews with eight respondents. Final data was processed via method of interpretative phenomenological analysis (IPA). During the interaction with pupils she-teachers experience anger, frustration, sadness, sorrow, shock, fear and helplessness. These emotions do not arise only from particular situations that...
Diagnosis of PTSD - A contribution to validization per interview and questionnaire methods
Králová, Michaela ; Preiss, Marek (advisor) ; Dymešová, Gabriela (referee)
The aim of the diploma thesis is to contribute to the validation of diagnostic methods Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Checklist-5 and Life Events Checklist-5 intended for PTSD diagnostics. For this purpose, the practical part of this work focused on finding differences between the group of respondents from the general population (N = 303) and the clinical group of people exposed to trauma (N = 28). As part of the research of this work, a clinical group of persons who were assigned PTSD criteria according to DSM-5 and DSM-IV for posttraumatic stress disorder was created. The clinical group of persons was divided into the groups "diagnosed with PTSD" and "at risk of diagnosed with PTSD" according to the fulfilled DSM- 5 criteria. The results of statistical data analysis verify the validity of the Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Checklist-5 method, in which the clinical group of people diagnosed with PTSD achieves statistically higher results than the control group, as well as the group of people exposed to trauma at risk of PTSD. A statistically significant difference was also found between the control group of people diagnosed with PTSD and the group of people from the general population in methods measuring the rate of anxiety and depressive symptoms, confirming the convergent validity of the...
Women's experience with miscarriage in the first trimester of pregnancy
Lišková, Tereza ; Presslerová, Pavla (advisor) ; Dymešová, Gabriela (referee)
The aim of the thesis was to map the experiences of women with spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) in the first trimester of pregnancy. The data for the empirical part of the qualitative design was obtained through an electronic document in which the informants answered open- ended questions by writing. The research sample consisted of 17 informants who had experienced spontaneous abortion in the first trimester of their wanted pregnancy and had not yet had any children. The data collected were analysed using qualitative methods and the women's experiences were described and interpreted using grounded theory. Women's experiences were explored in several areas: experiencing abortion, loss and grief, needs, sharing, social environment reactions, and protective factors. Women's experiences of spontaneous abortion included mainly shock, sadness, fear, anger, guilt and feelings of failure. Many women experienced miscarriage as the death of their baby and grieved for it. Women needed to be treated with empathy and respect by those close to them and by health professionals. In particular, they perceived reactions and advice downplaying the significance of their loss as negative. The opportunity to share their experience with the wider community was very important to some women, while others shared their...
Psychotherapy of victims of sexual violence
Fiantoková, Barbora ; Valentová, Hana (advisor) ; Dymešová, Gabriela (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with psychotherapy of victims of violent relationships (primarily victims of sexual violence). The work aims to look at individual experiences with these clients through interviews with experts on the issue and to examine the influence of therapeutic effects on client's personality. The theoretical part is divided into two basic chapters: Sexual Violence and Psychotherapy, it provides readers with professional information on both topics and provides key literary resources on issues in academia. Due to research goals, a qualitative methodology was chosen in the form of semi-structured interviews. The research group consists of five respondents (psychologists, therapists, social workers with psychotherapeutic education) who specialize in the issue of sexual or domestic violence. The interview was primarily about capturing and understanding the uniqueness of each respondent's professional experience. Furthermore, an analysis of the therapeutic process was performed on individual respondents, when the positive effects of the therapeutic effect appeared in their client. Respondents were asked about cases where the therapist himself does not perceive a positive change in the personality of his client after the therapeutic intervention (provided that he has encountered such a case...

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