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Sales Representative Development Strategy in Specific Company
Vojta, Michal ; CSc, Iva Dočkalová, (referee) ; Koleňák, Jiří (advisor)
This Bachelor’s thesis focuses on the issues of corporate training. Defines basic laws, conditions and procedures connected to corporate employee education and development. Analyses real education program in selected company and upon this analysis suggests possible solutions for its effectiveness optimization.
Business Project
Plánská, Alexandra ; Holeček, David (referee) ; Groligová, Ivana (advisor)
The subject of the thesis is the „Solnice Tourist Centre“ project. This project involves the reconstruction of 2 historical buildings in the center of Znojmo. This centre is on the national heritage register. The project aims to build a three star pension with a 51 bed capacity and offer value added services to tourists to the area. The goal of the thesis is to analyse the purpose and realization of this project on the basis of economical and financial indicators. Some key points to be looked at are: best option chosen, were financial requirements correctly defined, risks involved and future of the investment. This thesis will also be used as basis for documentation to claim a SROP grant.
Residential Complex in Brno - Komín
Selnarová, Elisabeth ; Pospíšil, Zdeněk (referee) ; Boháč, Ivo (advisor)
Taking into consideration the slope of the terrain as well as the surrounding development, two types of residential buildings have been proposed: Komín a Komínek.They are placed in a regular structure into a given land. Sustainable development is at the core of the proposal. The residential buildings are proposed as sturctures created from multiple components. The framework is comprised of a reinforced concrete and the peripheral walls are stuffed with thermal insulating wooden panels. Air conditioned heating will be used (the air will be heated by a gas boiler). Due to the quality of the insolation, the houses are considered as low energy structures. As individual structures, each apartment has three sided orientation to cardinal direction. Some of the rooms have two sided lighting, which further increases their attractivness. The residential bulding is composed of Maisonette appartments, which together create asimilar structure. The fundamental space is intertwined with a ribbon that carries on its edges balconies, terraces or parking spaces. Each unit has a balcony, which allows the residence to relax and enjoy the surrounding landscape. The housing is proposed for a general audience (wider population). There are several types of appartments including no barrier appartments situated in the first floor as well as Maisonette appartments in the last floor.
Development of display technology
Mudrich, Tomáš ; Reich, Pavel (referee) ; Walek, Agata (advisor)
Cílem této semestrální práce je poskytnoust stručný popis vývoje zobrazovacích zařízení od prvních displejů až po nejmodernější technologie a technologie, které budou používány v blízké budoucnosti Tato práce popisuje vlastnosti jednotlivých typů displejů, princip fungování použitých technologií a specifikuje výhody a nevýhody jejich použití.
Map documentation of the historical development of Němšová village
Zajacová, Terézia ; Andělová, Pavla (referee) ; Ruda, Aleš (advisor)
The content of bachelor thesis is the analysis of avalaible sources of Nemsova. Bachelor thesis describes map data and their content, which is suitable for evaluation of historical development of the city. The available maps shows the city´s territory from the period of military mapping to the present day and captures a range of approximately 250 years. They describe cartographic methods of expression and methods of representation of topographic map content. Based on these documents, the city development was subsequently recostructed. The result is the case study evaluating the development of Nemšová and land use development in Nemšová. The final study is supported by available maps bases, tables and graphs.
Proposal of the Investment Opportunities in Commercial Real Estates at Brno´s Region
Trllo, David ; Hlavinka, Radovan (referee) ; Škapa, Stanislav (advisor)
The subject of this diploma thesis named “Proposal of the investment opportunities in commercial real estates at Brno´s region” is to work out complex analyse of the current situation at the market in real estate development and potential investment for company CTP Invest spol. s.r.o. The first part of this thesis deals with exploring the current situation of the real estate market in Brno and its surroundings. At the same time, compare the market with other markets in the region of Central Europe. The second part of the thesis deals with suitable analytical tools, utilize by specialized literature and work experience, and mainly the application of these tools. The main aim of this thesis is to work out document, which will be used for company´s future strategic decisions making and at the same time to help region´s expansion.
Testing of Vehicle Suspension Components
Šidla, František ; Blaťák, Ondřej (referee) ; Hejtmánek, Petr (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with issues related to testing car chassis components during development. Automobile transport is the most common type of long-distance transport. That's why vehicles are constantly evolving to provide the best possible performance. Increasing demands on consumers are being placed on vehicles because of the introduction of modern technologies. New technologies and concepts need to be thoroughly tested that they can be properly integrated into existing models. Test devices for determining the characteristics of the chassis are generally described here using specific examples of individual machines. Subsequently, the work clarifies the testing of the service life of individual parts of the chassis. The last part is devoted to the conceptual design of a simplified hydraulic device for testing coil springs. From the calculated characteristics, a hydraulic actuator and pump are selected from the relevant catalogues. In conclusion, the importance of car testing in development is summarized, individual types of testing are described and the readiness of test devices for the future is indicated.
Stacking machine
Kopecký, Vojtěch ; Špička, Jiří (referee) ; Malášek, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis deal with a construction development Stacking machine which contains conveyor line German’s producer of blower machines. The description not includes only design but also computational part. My tendency is satisfy users in a maximum way.
New Aluminium Alloys in Aircraft Structures
Przeczek, Jan ; Šplíchal, Jan (referee) ; Klement, Josef (advisor)
This bachelor work deals with newly developed wrought aluminium alloys, designed for application in aerospace industry. The task of that work is to compare recent aircraft aluminium alloys with conventional alloys and indicate direction of progress in this field. The comparison is particularly focused on improvement of mechanical and/or technological properties of these alloys.
Architectonic manual for Znojmo
Veselý, Josef ; Foretník, Jan (referee) ; Havliš, Karel (advisor)
This thesis aims to describe the urban development of the royal town of Znojmo from its beginning to the present and chart the settled principles of architectural and urban planning. Also aims to characterize the architectural and construction details and examples to define the negative consequences of violations of established rules.

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