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Advantages and disadvantages of the animation program at outdoor school
Urválková, Kristýna ; Dlouhý, Martin (advisor) ; Chvostek, Lukáš (referee)
This work focuses on the issue of animation program in outdoor schools, its advantages and disadvantages for teachers. The theoretical part is devoted to defining the concept of school stay in nature and related experiential pedagogy and nature education. It also deals with legislation associated with the responsibility of school and teachers when students stay in nature. The work deals with the animation program, its organization, directions and importance. It analyzes the pedagogical psychological aspects of the animation program. It briefly describes the child in a foreign environment, his motivation and personal development in a foreign environment. The empirical part monitors the advantages and disadvantages of the animation program, expectations and benefits for teachers, students and their team. The interview also discusses the climate in the classroom and raises the issue of early interventions in the field of bullying. The main goal of my diploma thesis is to find out what advantages and disadvantages the animation program at the school in nature represents. Whether teachers see a benefit in the animator's work with children or include more interesting program themselves. My goal is to look at outdoor school from all point of views and find the right way of a quality animation program that...
Motivational structure of pupils of the first grade of Mohylová Primary School in Prague 13 for physical aktivity
Moravcová, Zuzana ; Dlouhý, Martin (advisor) ; Krejča, Filip (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the issue of motivation for physical activity of primary school pupils Mohylová in Prague 13. Its aim is to obtain information about what motivates younger school-age pupils to physical activities, how they relate to movement and compare results between years. The work is divided into two parts - theoretical and research. The theoretical part explains the concepts related to the topic of work, such as motivation, physical activity, there is a description of the younger school age and the various stages of its development. Furthermore, this part deals with leisure, lifestyle issues and health. The research part is focused on research and interpretation of the results. The survey took the form of a questionnaire, which was conducted for pupils in the 1st to 5th grades of the Mohylová primary school. With the help of a guided interview, the opinions of primary school teachers Mohylová on the issue of physical activity of younger school-age pupils and motivation to move were ascertained. The results of the thesis showed that pupils have a positive relationship to physical activity, physical activity brings them joy and their greatest motivation to move is the need to be healthy. KEYWORDS motivation, physical activity, physical inactivity, younger school age, leisure time,...
Motivational structure for physical activity for pupils in a selected private school
Gabriel, Jan ; Dlouhý, Martin (advisor) ; Krejča, Filip (referee)
The diploma thesis is focused on finding the motivational structure for physical aktivity of a specific group of children from a selected private primary school. These students are attending first through ninth grade, therefore attending both lower primary and upper primary school. Based on their classes, they have been divided into three examined groups. The first group consists of pupils of younger school age, pupils of the first through third grade, the second group consists of pupils of middle school age, which includes pupils of the fourth to sixth grade and the last third group consists of pupils of older school age, which corresponds age of pupils in the seventh to ninth year of compulsory school attendance. Due to my pedagogical work as a teacher at this school, the pupils were deliberately chosen from the Private Primary School and Kindergarten Viva Bambini s.r.o. based in České Budějovice. This school teaches according to the principles of an Italian doctor, anthropologist, and pedagogue Maria Montessori. The aim of the diploma thesis is, by processing statistical data from a questionnaire survey submitted to both school students and their legal guardians (parents), to determine the motivational factors that lead them to physical activity. From their answers, I find out what influence...
Inclusion of non-traditional sports games focusing on intercrosse in physical education class at the primary school
Vlčková, Anežka ; Dlouhý, Martin (advisor) ; Krejča, Filip (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of non-traditional sports games with a focus on intercross. The theoretical part deals with a child of younger school age, its characteristics and development. Specifically physical, mental, emotional and social, and movement. Furthermore, the term game and its definition are characterized. It is further developed into sports games, to which one subchapter is devoted. Of course, there is a description of non-traditional sports games and their division. One whole chapter is devoted to lacrosse, its history - worldwide and in the Czech Republic, and types of lacrosse, where the rules for each species are described. The research part focuses on the training methodology, which was compiled and tested on students from the 1st and 2nd grade of primary school. On the basis of this set, research was carried out, the aim of which was to find out how successful the games were for the pupils and whether the training methodology was therefore functional. Furthermore, the research part finds out what is the general awareness of non-traditional sports games among physical education teachers. The results are shown using pie charts. The conclusion of the thesis also contains the methods used, the characteristics of the research group, the discussion and the conclusion of the...
Children's approach to P.E. and their motivation
Čtvrtníčková, Tereza ; Dlouhý, Martin (advisor) ; Chvostek, Lukáš (referee)
This diploma thesis is focused on the kid's approach to the physical education and their motivation. The aim of the thesis is to determine the relation elementary school children have to P.E., whether they enjoy it or not and what motivates them. In the theoretical part I am focusing on defining the motivation, position of P.E. in the Educational Framework and its evaluation. My goal in the practical part was to determine the children's relation to P.E. if it belongs among their favourite subjects and what would motivate them to improve their relation to P.E. The survey was conducted through quantitative online questionnaire method that was followed by several in depth interviews. Respondent are pupils from 2nd to 5th year of chosen grammar schools. KEYWORDS Motivation, locomotion, physical education, reward, punishment, pupil, teacher.
Yoga and it's effect on attention in preschool and early school age
Škarvadová, Katka ; Dlouhý, Martin (advisor) ; Kainová, Lucie (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with yoga and it's effect on attention in preschool and early school age. The theoretical part talks about the issue of attention in childhood, the components of attention and the circumstances that affect child's development. There is also a description of the history and directions of yoga, the specifics of chlidren's yoga and the principles of the exercise itself. The theoretical part also describes the development of kids in preschool and early school age. The research part is devoted to research that took place in kindergarden and two primary schools in Prague. It lasted three months. There are hypotheses for this work based on the studied literature. The research set and it's creation are described here, as well as the research methods used. It describes the framework of the yoga lesson, attention test for both age groups and in the research part we can find tables of results of each class and their percentage improvement between input and output tests. KEYWORDS Yoga, attention, preschool age, early school age
Bodybuilding preparation for the competition - comparation category of competition and difference between theier preparation
Jirkovský, David ; Pokorný, Ladislav (advisor) ; Dlouhý, Martin (referee)
In the following theses, I would like to focus on bodybuilding preseason with competitive ambitions, describe the preparation in detail, explain the sequence, main attributes, synchronization, correct posing and common mistakes. In addition, I aim to compare variances of individual categories and particular competitions from amateur to professional level under the rules of IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness). My thesis might clash with rules and categories of other organizations such as NABBA (National Amateur Body-Builder's Association), INBA (International Natural Bodybuilding Association) and others, therefore IFBB was purposefully mentioned. I searched thru publications, discussed the given topic with Czech bodybuilding and fitness stars, and utilized my personal experience which I collected as competitive bodybuilder and trainer in variation of bodybuilding categories. I wished to introduce the sport that has become my lifestyle to the wider audience.
School Injuries in Physical Education Classes at the Primary School
Hotovcová, Zuzana ; Kuhnová, Věra (advisor) ; Dlouhý, Martin (referee)
The aim of thesis is to provide a comprehensive picture of the selected areas of frequent school injuries in physical education classes in primary schools not only pedagogical, but also from a health point of view. The theoretical part deals with injuries of younger school age children, school injuries (especially in physical education classes) and their preventive measures, safety at work in physical education classes. It defines the most common types of injuries in physical education classes in primary schools, their prevention and following first aid. The work shows what to do in case of an accident of pupil and how to properly proceed directly at scene of the accident. To avoid legal penalties for teacher, we also mention the right way to report injury, injury record and we deal with book of injuries. Empirically oriented part and its questionnaire survey demonstrates what level of knowledges are reaching selected physical education teachers of elementary schools in the area of legal issues, injury prevention and laic first aid. KEYWORDS Injury, school injury, physical education, prevention, safety, first aid, accident reports.

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