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The issue of admission to secondary schools and multi-year gymnasiums
VÁVROVÁ, Kristýna
This bachelor thesis focuses on the issue of unified entrance examination to secondary schools and multi-year grammar schools in the Czech Republic. The thesis consists of a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part focuses on the definition of basic terms related to the unified entrance examination as well as the definition of curriculum for individual thematic units for the primary and lower secondary education (first and second stages of basic education). The practical part of the bachelor thesis is divided into two parts. The first part contains the results of a survey of pupils in grades 5, 7 and 9, including answers to which schools the pupils apply to, how long and how exactly they prepare for the mathematics entrance examination. The second part of the practical part deals with the results of scores obtained by grade 9 pupils in three different sample entrance examination tests written from scratch by the thesis author. This part compares the scores obtained in each of the sample tests and investigates what types of problems pupils find difficult and what types of problems pupils are good at.
Jehovah's Witnesses in South Bohemia
VOŠAHLÍK, Vlastibor
The thesis deals with the history of Jehovah's Witnesses both on the world stage and in the lands of the Czech Republic and tries to capture important and controversial moments of their existence. The structure of this thesis copies the chronological row of heads of the Society and then describes the situation that accompanied the Society as it settled and developed in the Czech territory. Part of the thesis is constituted by interviews taken with a few active witnesses that spoke of their look at the history of their Society and also their experiences with communism. The work is accompanied with scanned copies of some important documents from an era long gone.
Issues of lung CT screening for smokers
POKORNÁ, Miroslava
The communication deals with the evaluation of the benefits of the Pilot Programme "CT screening of smokers' lungs". The objectives and methodology include a theoretical study of the anatomy of the airways and the emerging issues of lung cancer, smoking dependence, low dose CT chest scanning techniques, National Radiological Standards and the issues of the target group of smokers and their involvement in investigation and treatment at specialist centres. The research was conducted through a questionnaire survey of 50 smokers (total 25 questions) and 41 physicians (total 18 questions). As a result, it was found that smokers' patients' awareness of the program is not sufficient, mainly due to their lack of interest in CT scanning and treatment options for the consequences of smoking and their unwillingness to actively cooperate with health professionals in their health care, including their refusal to give up the smoking habit. The outcome of the survey of physicians is good awareness and commitment to the implementation of the Pilot Programme, but they are limited in numbers and workload. The survey shows that the Pilot Programme is beneficial to the population. Therefore, it could prospectively be implemented by a larger number of health facilities in our country as part of a screening programme and thus contribute to improving the health status of the population. It was also found that the Hospital Jindřichův Hradec a.s. meets the requirements and could be included in the Pilot Programme.
The Use of Brownfield Sites in the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom
This bachelor thesis deals with the successful revitalization of unused and abandoned buildings that are no longer able to perform their original use, called brownfields. The main aim of the thesis is to compare the position of the countries in dealing with brownfield issues between the Czech Republic and the UK. Further-more, according to the findings, to suggest improvements in the issue for the Czech Republic. The Czech revi-talised brownfield Dolní Oblast Vítkovice in Ostrava and the English The Royal Albert Dock in Liverpool were selected as examples of successful revitalisations in the countries. From the sources elaborated in the bachelor thesis, the difference in approaches to the problem between the countries is evident. The UK is doing much better on brownfield issues than the Czech Republic. The biggest reason is gaining experience and maintaining or strengthening its strengths in dealing with the issue. Since the 1970s, when the UK was one of the first coun-tries to address the issue and find a suitable solution. Although the Czech Republic has been dealing with brownfields since the 1990s, it has only taken a more active approach since 2000. This delay has caused the Czech Republic to lag behind other EU countries and a prevalence of weaknesses in dealing with brownfields. The solution for improvement would be for the Czech Republic to try to neutralise or strengthen the failings. This would help to address the problem more effectively.
Advantages of the Czech Republic's Membership in the European Union
The bachelor thesis "Advantages of the Czech Republic's Membership in the European Union" deals with the issue of analysing the attitudes of Czech residents towards the European Union and the euro. The aim of the thesis is to find out the attitudes, analysis and evaluation. The thesis is devoted to the history of the founding of the European Union, its policies, pillars and institutions, the membership of the Czech Republic in the European Union and the euro currency. The thesis deals with the research question: The majority of Czechs do not agree with the adoption of the euro, but at the same time want to remain a member of the European Union. A quantitative questionnaire survey method is used to develop the research. The collected data are then evaluated using basic statistics and graphically presented. The conclusion of the work is the creation of a comprehensive overview of the attitudes of the population of the Czech Republic and an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of membership in the European Union.
Rozvoj vybrané lokality cestovního ruchu z pohledu průvodce
Čejková, Monika
The main topic of this study is the development of a chosen tourist site from a guide's point of view. In the theoretical part we define the basic terms and their connections of human capital's impact on the improvement of a region. The practical part of the study focuses on the significance of a specific region: Lednice Chateau. The importance of the human capital in the sight development is based on both the interviews with castle's tour guides and the analysis of those interviews. The outcomes of this study are: concluding duscusion and recommendations for the future tourism development of the Lednice-Valtice Area.
Zahraniční politika ČR: případová studie Palestiny a Jemenu
Hrubý, Michal
This bachelor thesis analyzes foreign policy of the Czech Republic towards two middle-east territories: Yemen and Palestine. This work investigates economic cooperation between the Czech Republic and the aforementioned countries, which also involves selling military equipment. Next the area of human rights and development aid in the foreign policy of the Czech Republic towards these countries will be analyzed. Next the approach of the Czech Republic towards Saudi Arabia and Israel will be studies. Those countries strongly influence the situation in Yemen and Palestine. The aim of the work is to find out whether the foreign policy of the Czech Republic is continuous and if it is steered by economic interests.
Príliv priamych zahraničných investíciíc do krajín V4
Chovanec, Miloslav
Chovanec, M. Determinants of foreign direct investments to the V4 countries. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel University in Brno, 2020. The aim of this thesis is to identify the determinants of foreign direct investment to the V4 countries. The aim of the thesis is fulfilled through regression analysis of time data of selected variables in the period 1997 to 2019. The work also describes and evaluates the development of foreign direct investment inflows to individual countries. The identified indicators point to the diversity of results within the V4 countries. In the Slovak Republic, the most significant factors influencing the inflow of foreign direct investment are the factors inflation and infrastructure. For Czech Republic the main factor is infrastructure and corporate tax factor for Poland. For Hungary, no factor was found to be significant at the 1 % level of significance, but some factors are identified that affect the inflow of foreign direct investment to Hungary at 5 and 10 % of the level of significance, namely GDP per hour factor, inflation and action factor elections in a given year.
Komparace zdanění příjmů fyzických osob v ČR a na Slovensku
Smutná, Markéta
Bachelor thesis deals with the comparison of personal income tax in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It focuses on the tax system of each country and identifies differences when setting the final tax liability. The practical part includes a comparison of the resulting tax burden of selected groups of taxpayers in both countries of the European Union.

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