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The Czech Philharmonic as an Object of Interest of the Totalitarian Power: The Comparison of Nazi and Stalinist Cultural Policy
Poulová, Anna ; Emler, David (advisor) ; Zelená, Alena (referee)
The Diploma Thesis The Czech Philharmonic as an Object of Interest of the Totalitarian Power: The Comparison of Nazi and Stalinist Cultural Policy deals with the cultural policy of the Nazi and Communist regimes and with their attitudes to the Czech cultural scene. It analyses the situation in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia and in the post-war communist Czechoslovakia and compares their cultural policy. The most part of the Thesis is dedicated to the particular consequences of both totalitarian cultural policies, which are observed through the activity of the Czech Philharmonic. The Thesis looks for the mutual aims of the Nazi and Communist cultural policy and then the analysis of the Czech Philharmonic's activity serves to find an answer to the question to which extent and in what areas of its activity could the orchestra oppose the pressure of the totalitarian regimes to its subordination and misuse for ideological and political intentions.
"We have to bake small bagels now": German Russia-Foreign Cultural and Educational Policy in the context of the third Angela Merkel's government
Jiříček, Dalibor ; Handl, Vladimír (advisor) ; Emler, David (referee)
Diplomová práce se zabývá analýzou zahraničně-kulturní a vzdělávací politiky SRN s důrazem na vzdělávací sektor ve vztahu k Rusku během třetí vlády Angely Merkelové. Pozornost je věnována především klíčovým změnám a definici normativních, institucionálních a koncepčních rovin. Úvodní část práce se věnuje základnímu uvedení do tématu, stanovení cílů, tezí a výzkumných otázek. Dále je zde popsána metodologie a kritické zhodnocení pramenů a literatury. První kapitola teoreticky vymezuje analytické koncepty soft-power, civilní mocnost, geo- ekonomická mocnost a "Wir müssen kleine Brötchen backen", které umožňují podrobněji popsat zkoumanou oblast. V této části je také definována zahraničně-kulturní politika a její hlavní instrumenty. Druhá kapitola představující empirickou část diplomové práce se podrobně věnuje vzdělávacímu sektoru zahraničně-kulturní a vzdělávací politiky SRN ve vztahu k Rusku v letech 2013 až 2017. Skrze klíčové programy a projekty jsou rozebírány cíle, tematické okruhy, programové, koncepční a částečně i finanční změny zkoumané politiky. Třetí kapitola se věnuje analýze a vyhodnocení těchto změn. Kromě toho je věnována pozornost i kontinuitě ve vybraných oblastech a efektivnosti autorem zavedeného konceptu "Wir müssen kleine Brötchen backen". Následuje závěr práce, který shrnuje...
The Image of the Czech Republic in the Pages of German Newspapers within Context of the European Migration Crisis
Křížková, Veronika ; Emler, David (advisor) ; Šafařík, Petr (referee)
This master's thesis examines the image of the Czech Republic that the German media promote in the context of the European migration crisis. For this purpose, articles from three German daily newspapers dating from 2015 until 2016 were examined. The research was carried out on 186 articles using quantitative content analysis and constant comparative method. Throughout the research the information on when and how the media wrote about the Czech Republic were gathered. In the context of the European migration crisis a recurring image of the Czech Republic was created mainly through the EU perspective, along with the other members of the Visegrad Group. For its rejecting position of the European solution for the crisis, which was supported by Germany, the image of the Czech Republic is rather negative and the state is denounced for lacking. The German media coverage of the Czech Republic was strongly politicized and embodied by politicians. The results of the research can provide an overview of the perception of the Czech Republic by Germany during the European migration crisis. The results can contribute to further research on this current topic as well.
Analysis of the two movie versions about The Third Wave movement - German battle with the past versus the true event in the USA
Šimlová, Angelika ; Zelená, Alena (advisor) ; Emler, David (referee)
This thesis presents the topic of a school experiment that simulated Nazi Germany. The main focus of the research is the analysis of two movies that were made based on the real story from 1967 in California. High school teacher Ron Jones tried to show his students the ease with which the young Germans voluntarily wanted to be part of the Hitler Jugend because they could not believe why would the Germans willingly do all the horrible things that led to the Holocaust. With the experiment of Ron Jones, they follow their leader equally blind, feel good to be part of their new Third Wave movement. This simulation is presented in two movies, Die Welle (2008) from Germany and The Wave (1981) from the USA. The aim of this thesis is to make an overview of the differences between these two versions of the story considering the relationship between the two nations with the topic. With help of theories made by Aleida Assmann about the traumatic past and the collective memory of a nation, I try to explain the different backgrounds of the movies. Furthermore, I point out the reactions to both the Die Welle and The Wave, which are influenced not only by the cultural and social environment, but also by the aesthetics of the movie, frame, music, and other technical aspects of the movie-making. The analysis of the...
Communism, Emigration, Commercialism: Reading the Post-New Wave Films of Czechoslovak New Wave Directors
Silverman, Tanya ; Emler, David (advisor) ; Renner, Tomáš (referee)
Tanya Silverman CECS 2018 Abstract The Czechoslovak New Wave film movement saw directors such as Jiří Menzel, Věra Chytilová, Miloš Forman and Ivan Passer capture the liberalized mood of the 1960s. After the momentous cultural era ended in the aftermath of the 1968 Warsaw Pact invasion, all four figures continued their directorial careers, albeit either by overcoming bans or emigrating to the United States. This thesis aims to put forth a unique methodology of examining how these four auteurs' filmic outputs demonstrated their interactions with social environments from the 1970s to 2006. The research process included systematically surveying films for cues and corroborating observations with interview media or memoir texts. The analytical structure focuses on three significant tropes: car culture, money as power and censorship. Descriptions include particular findings pertaining to all four directors as well as synthesis for the contexts of both locations. The research suggests that Jiří Menzel and Miloš Forman exhibited the most reverence towards Czech and American culture, respectively, while Věra Chytilová and Ivan Passer demonstrated a number of similar societal criticisms throughout their filmographies. This thesis hopes to serve as a model for understanding post-New Wave films by Czech directors that...
Reflection of the TV series Holocaust in the selected print of the West Germany
Gerstnerová, Dominika ; Emler, David (advisor) ; Lizcová, Zuzana (referee)
The topic of this bachelor thesis is the television series Holocaust and its reflection in the selected German press in the period from January 15 to February 5, 1979, when Holocaust was introduced on German television for the very first time. Because of the fact that the series confronted German viewers with a sensitive and serious topic from the near past, and was processed in a very commercial way, it caused commotion all over the world and the series became the main subject of controversial public debates. On the occasion of the premiere in Germany, local periodicals widely contributed to the discussions and published an unexpectedly large number of articles in which they discribed both general information on the storyline, the course of broadcasting or the growing viewership, and opened more serious topics about the greater meaning of the series and its effect on the public. It should be noted that in the late 1970s, when the television product was introduced, Germany was divided into two separate states: the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) and the German Democratic Republic (East Germany). This thesis analyzes exclusively the reflection in the West German press, which is represented here by the weeklies Der Spiegel, Stern and Die Zeit, and aims to analyze in detail the main issues...
Why the French are Discontent: The Change in Perception of the Office of the President and its Influence on the Popularity
Boudová, Kristina ; Emler, David (advisor) ; Matějka, Ondřej (referee)
This bachelors thesis deals with the decline of popularity of the last three French presidents (Nicolas Sarkozy, François Hollande, Emmanuel Macron). Each and every single one of them witnessed the lowest levels of popularity in the history of the Fifth republic. The thesis is trying to determine whether this decline is due to some systematic changes in the perception of the office of the President of the Republic and whether the phenomena are recurring at the societal level. Instead of analysing the macroeconomical factors, it is rather focusing on the society and the systém itself, while comparing the presidents on different levels. The first part of the thesis lays down the theoretical framework of the French political system and the changes after the reform in 2002. The next chapter determines how these changes influenced the electoral behavior and describer the presidential elections. The next part shifts focus more on the Presidents itself, by describing their media strategy used in the campaigns and introduces the question of personalisation of power in France. Finally, these elements are confronted with data on the evolution of popularity in the first year and a half of the mandate with the objective of demonstrating that these problems are common for the chosen Presidents and are...

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