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Media Discourse on Sustainable Food Consumption in Austria and Czechia
Keenleyside, Vivien ; David, Maxine (advisor) ; Lizcová, Zuzana (referee)
The necessity of a transition to a more sustainable food system is widely recognised, but the path that should be taken to achieve this is strongly contested. In 2020 the European Commission published the Farm to Fork Strategy, a policy framework which has the aim of facilitating the transition to a more sustainable food system in the European Union. Since its publication, it has however faced mounting opposition and consequently there are growing concerns that the original promise of the Strategy will be watered down. In light of the need to build and maintain support for the Farm to Fork Strategy throughout the EU, a deeper understanding of the media discourse on this issue can provide important insights for policymakers and campaigners. There is, however, little research on the media discourse on sustainability, and even less on sustainable food systems. Using Austria and Czechia as case studies, this thesis investigates the media discourse on sustainable food systems in the European Union. My findings demonstrate that while there are many similarities in the reporting, there are also important differences in the content of the media coverage between the two countries. Furthermore, I find that frames which emphasise the role of the market in addressing sustainability issues are dominant in the coverage...
Liechtenstein between direct democracy and absolute monarchy? The Road to a New Liechtenstein Constitution
Floder, Daniel ; Kunštát, Miroslav (advisor) ; Lizcová, Zuzana (referee)
At the end of the 20th century, a power conflict emerged between the ambitious Prince of Liechtenstein and the elected representatives which wanted to curb the prince's considerable powers. This development culminated in the 2003 constitutional amendment, in which the prince prevailed and gained powers at the expense of the democratically elected institutions. The aim of this thesis is to analyse the 2003 constitutional amendment and its impact on the constitutional and political system of Liechtenstein and to determine the reasons behind the prince's success in the constitutional referendum. To achieve these goals, a case study analysis is conducted. Concepts such as the king's dilemma are used to interpret the results within the framework of political science research on monarchies. The hypothesis suggests that despite the strengthening of the prince's political power, the country has not turned into an absolute monarchy, and that the main reason for the prince's success was his influential status rooted deeply in the historical traditions and sentiments of the population. The thesis utilizes primary sources, most importantly the constitution, supplemented with insights from secondary literature in the fields of political science, history, and law. The thesis concludes that the prince's...
Fighting disinformation in the Czech Republic and Germany.
Čevela, Tomáš ; Handl, Vladimír (advisor) ; Lizcová, Zuzana (referee)
The presented work deals with the struggle of the Czech Republic and the Federal Republic of Germany with disinformation. It arises against the background of a conventional war conflict, the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation. At the same time, the Russian Federation is using the information space to expand its influence in Europe as part of the hybrid war. The work compares the means and procedure of both states in combating disinformation, specifically compares the legislative framework of both states, their institutions and their international cooperation. The work came to the conclusion that in many aspects the Czech Republic lags behind Germany. Although both states have a similar approach in establishing or empowering state institutions to combat disinformation and in international cooperation. However, unlike Germany, the Czech Republic does not yet have effective legislation to combat disinformation and does not invest funds in civic education and research projects.
The Bayreuth Music Festival in Nazi Germany
Kapsová, Anna ; Lizcová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Emler, David (referee)
The topic of the bachelor thesis is the Bayreuth Music Festival in Nazi Germany. It is an important music and theatre festival associated mainly with the personality of the German composer Richard Wagner, who founded it. This composer is often associated with Nazi ideology for several reasons, which will be discussed in more detail in the theoretical part of the thesis, which also deals with the issue of Nazi propaganda in the media and propaganda in connection with music. After the appointment of Adolf Hitler as German Chancellor and the rise of Nazism to power, the Bayreuth Music Festival, like other cultural events, was brought under Nazi control and used as a political tool for propaganda. Their operation was thus significantly affected at this time and subsequently during the Second World War. The practical part of the thesis focuses primarily on the course and form of the Bayreuth Music Festival between 1933 and 1945, as well as on Adolf Hitler's participation in the festival regarding, among other things, his political speeches, the organization of receptions for artists, the honouring of the late composer Richard Wagner, and the financing of the festival. His personal relations with the Wagner family and the Bayreuth Music Festival are also mentioned in connection with the press.
Impact of internal disputes on the public support of CDU/CSU in the 19th term of office
Fikejzl, Jakub ; Lizcová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Handl, Vladimír (referee)
This thesis deals with the issue of inter-party conflicts between the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the Christian Social Union in Bavaria (CSU) and their perception in the German public. Both parties are conservative popular parties based on Christian values. Through the method of an interpretive case study, the thesis analyses the period in which conflicts between the parties peaked. It concerns Horst Seehofer's relationship with Angela Merkel and their opposing views on migration policy and the situation during the power struggle in the Union between Markus Söder and Armin Laschet. The timeframe of the thesis is the entire 19th parliamentary term, which lasted between 2017 and 2021. Using opinion polls and articles, or media accounts, the thesis analyses the rise or fall of public interest in these parties and the social discourse associated with these disputes.
Guillaume Affair in Media
Petrov, Martin ; Emler, David (advisor) ; Lizcová, Zuzana (referee)
The bachelor thesis "The Guillaume Affair from the Media's Perspective" deals with the reaction of selected periodicals to the event in which the West German counterintelligence exposed the Stasi agent Günter Guillaume in Willy Brandt's chancellery. After the Spiegel affair, this was another major event in German history, and even in this case the media played a key role too. After the arrest of Guillaume and his wife Christel, the German media published many articles about Guillaume's life, his career, and the background to the affair. Increasing pressure from the press and fellow party members eventually forced Willy Brandt to resign as Chancellor of the Federal Republic, leaving his post to Helmut Schmidt. Brandt's resignation is one of the reasons why the media in East Germany, which had preferred to remain silent in similar cases, picked up on the affair. However, the popularity of the former mayor of West Berlin was also high in the GDR, which is why several articles dealing with the Guillaume affair appeared in the media there. The aim of this thesis is to map the reaction of the weekly Der Spiegel and the daily Neues Deutschland to the Guillaume affair and to find out how the selected periodicals agreed and disagreed in their coverage of the event.
From outsiders to established powers? Role changes of political parties The Left and AfD in the new German lands on the example of Thüringen.
Větrovec, Petr ; Lizcová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Kunštát, Miroslav (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with changes in the position of the Left and Alternative for Germany (AfD) political parties in the Thuringian state assembly. The two parties, which stand at opposite ends of the political spectrum, have a much larger voter base in the new federal states. While the AfD is marginalized by other parties in terms of political cooperation, the Left is already part of several state coalitions, it has twice won the state elections in Thuringia and since 2019 has led the minority government there with the support of the SPD and the Greens. The aim of the thesis is a comparative case study comparing the factors that are common to both parties and that enabled the Left to rule at the national level. At the same time, the work approximates the possible similarities between the two entities associated with the entry of the Left into regional parliaments and the promotion of its political program. Both political parties were or are in their own way close to political extremism, the forms of which, i.e. right-wing and left-wing extremism, the thesis also deals with, among other things, places them in the context of German history and explains the position of the AfD and the Left on this issue.
The development of climate diplomacy in Czech-German relations after 1990.
Farionová, Anežka ; Šmidrkal, Václav (advisor) ; Lizcová, Zuzana (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the development of climate diplomacy in Czech-German relations after 1990. The first chapter of theoretical part focuses on the introduction of the modern phenomenon of climate diplomacy. Climate diplomacy is as other types of diplomacy indispensable for maintaining the stability of international relations. The work analyses, when environmental issues came to the forefront of the Czech-German dialogue also at the national level after 1990. Furthermore, the turning point is the year 2004, when the Czech Republic officially joins the European Union. It examines how this event has transformed bilateral cooperation in the field of climate and environmental protection. At the same time, Czech and German environmental thinking is analysed due to understanding the formation of Czech- German climate diplomacy. In the practical part, there is introduced one specific European project - Young Energy Europe as a project of the European Climate Protection Initiative. Young Energy Europe focuses on energy sustainability and environmental education in companies. It includes both Germany and the Czech Republic. The main goals are to evaluate the participation of the Czech Republic in this project and to find out what limits mitigation projects of this kind may represent for the...
Youth Exchange in the process of Czech-German Reconciliation
Staňková, Marie ; Handl, Vladimír (advisor) ; Lizcová, Zuzana (referee)
The diploma thesis examines extracurricular youth exchanges and meetings and their role in the Czech-German reconciliation process with a time focus on the period between 1996 and 2020. The Czech-German reconciliation process was influenced by a large number of state and non-state actors, and while the role of many of them was extensively described in the literature, Czech-German youth exchanges received only marginal attention. This diploma thesis aims to describe the development and activities of the Coordination Centers of Czech- German Youth Exchanges Tandem, the Czech-German Fund for the Future and the Czech- German Youth Forum in the given period and to monitor how youth exchanges and meetings supported by these three institutions developed. The focus is mainly on their content and thematic development. Furthermore, several types of impacts and influence of youth exchanges in public space are described and placed in the context of the analytical concept of the process of reconciliation in international relations according to Lily Gardner Feldman.

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