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Evaluation of the Economic Situation of the Selected Private Corporation and Proposals to its Improvement
Sýkora, Martin ; Zinecker, Marek (referee) ; Hanušová, Helena (advisor)
The bachelor thesis is focused on the evaluation of the financial situation of the company AUTO-SPEKTRUM-ACC, spol. s.r.o. using the methods of financial analysis for the period 2016-2020. The work is divided into 3 main parts. The first theoretical part contains the listed individual indicators of financial analysis, including definitions and formulas. In the following analytical part are calculations of individual indicators with a description of their development are performed. In the final part, proposals are presented to improve the financial situation of the company based on the results of the financial analysis.
Current Development of Emission Standards in the EU and Their Impact on Economic Management of a Selected Company
Beneš, Ondřej ; Luňáček, Jiří (referee) ; Zinecker, Marek (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the development of emission standards in the EU and assesses their impact on the economic management of RENOCAR a.s. The diploma the-sis uses mainly methods of strategic and economic analysis. The Gretl software is used to create the resulting model.
Evaluation of the financial situation of an internationally operating company and proposals for improvements
Daňková, Martina ; Kadlec, Tomáš (referee) ; Zinecker, Marek (advisor)
The diploma thesis evaluates the financial health of an internationally operating company. The thesis is divided into three parts. The theoretical part defines the basic theoretical concepts of strategic and financial analysis. The analytical part evaluates the strategic position of the company and its financial situation. In the end, based on these results, it formulates proposals to improve the financial health of the company.
Evaluation of the financial situation of an internationally operating company and proposals for improvements
Pořízková, Tereza ; Svitková, Petra (referee) ; Zinecker, Marek (advisor)
This master’s thesis deals with a strategical and financial situation of chosen international company and forms the steps to ensure the improvement in identified problematic areas. Entire thesis is divided into four main chapters. Theoretical part defines fundamental theoretical terms from strategical and financial analysis. Analytical part evaluates strategical position and financial situation of chosen company. In the last part of the thesis, there is an introduction of proposals of measures for an improvement in the problematic areas.
Assessing the Financial Health of a Company Operating in International Environment and Proposals for Improvements
Hoang, Dieu Linh ; Petrová, Kateřina (referee) ; Zinecker, Marek (advisor)
The main goal of the thesis is to evaluate the strategic position and financial health of an international company, and to propose suggestions for improvement in problem areas. The results of the analytical part of the thesis show that the company is financially stable and has a good profitability ratio. On the other hand, some of the teams in the company are less productive due to prolonged and ineffective internal processes. Therefore, the thesis formulates suggestions which should improve the productivity of one of the main teams in the company. The basis of the suggestion is an online tool for the automation of operational management.
Utilization of Product Price Discrimination on the Global Market
Sedláček, Martin ; Zinecker, Marek (referee) ; Luňáček, Jiří (advisor)
The subject of the diploma thesis is to devise and apply an effective method of price discrimination of online educational courses on the market of the Czech Republic, Germany and Poland. The author bases these proposals on calculations of purchasing power parity, price level and analysis of local markets in selected countries. Furthermore, the connection of gross domestic product per capita in the standard of purchasing power and other macroeconomic indicators - inflation and unemployment - will be examined. Based on the obtained results, possible ways of price discrimination will be proposed.
Assessing a Company's Financial Health and Proposals to its Improvement
Urbánková, Barbora ; Vopelka, Petr (referee) ; Zinecker, Marek (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on the assessment of the financial situation of the company K4 a. s. for the period from 1. 4. 2014 to 31. 3. 2018 and the formulation of proposals for improvement her current financial situation. Theoretical part explains the financial analysis, the various methods and indicators. The practical part contains the analysis performed by the calculations of the individual indicators, interpretation of the results and graphical representation. In the conclusion there are provided proposals that can be used to improve the current financial situation of the company.
Evaluation of the Financial Situation of a Company and Proposals for Improvements
Lachman, Radim ; Dalecký, Tomáš (referee) ; Zinecker, Marek (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the evaluation of the economic health of a selected company using selected methods of financial and strategic analysis for the period 2017-2021. The theoretical part deals with the theoretical framework of strategic analysis, which emphasizes the analysis of the external and internal environment of the company analyzed and the application of selected tools of financial analysis. In the practical part, these theoretical starting points are applied in the conditions of the analyzed company. The design parts of this work are then formulated measures aimed at improving the level of financial management of the company.
Expert System for Decision-Making on Stock Markets Using Investor Sentiment
Janková, Zuzana ; Lenort, Radim (referee) ; Zinecker, Marek (referee) ; Chramcov, Bronislav (referee) ; Dostál, Petr (advisor)
The presented dissertation examines the potential of using the sentiment score extracted from textual data with historical stock index data to improve the performance of stock market prediction through the created model of the expert system. Given the large number of financial-related text documents published by both professional and amateur investors, not only on online social networks that could have an impact on real stock markets, but it is also crucial to analyze and in particular extract financial texts published by different users. investor sentiment. In this work, investor sentiment is obtained from online financial reports and contributions published on the financial social platform StockTwits. Sentiment scores are determined using a hybrid approach combining machine learning models with the teacher and neural networks, with multiple lexicons of positive and negative words used to classify sentiment polarity. The influence of sentiment score on the stock market through causality, cointegration and coherence is analyzed. The dissertation proposes a model of an expert system based on fuzzy logic methods. Fuzzy logic provides remarkable features when working with vague, inaccurate or unclear data and is able to deal with the chaotic environment of stock markets. In recent scientific studies, it has gained in popularity a higher level of fuzzy logic, which is referred to as type-2 fuzzy logic. Unlike the classic type-1 fuzzy logic, this higher type is able to integrate a certain level of uncertainty between the dual membership functions. However, this type of expert system is considerably neglected in the subject issue of stock market prediction using the extracted investor sentiment. For this reason, the dissertation examines the potential to use and the performance of type-2 fuzzy logic. Specifically, several type-2 fuzzy models are created. which are trained on historical stock index data and sentiment scores extracted from text data for the period 2018-2020. The created models are assessed to measure the prediction performance without sentiment and with the integration of investor sentiment. Subsequently, based on the created expert model, the investment strategy is determined, and its profitability is monitored. The prediction performance of fuzzy models is compared with the performance of several comparison models, including SVM, KNN, naive Bayes and others. It has been observed from experiments that fuzzy logic models are able to improve prediction by appropriate setting of membership and uncertainty functions contained in them and are able to compete with classical expert prediction models, which are standardly used in research studies. The created model should serve as a tool to support investment decisions for individual investors.
Assessing the Financial Health of a Company Operating in International Environment Regarding Investment Decision Making
Blatný, Kryštof ; MBA, Petr Hellmich, (referee) ; Zinecker, Marek (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the evaluation of the financial situation of the internationally operating company HST Hydrosystémy s.r.o. regarding and its investment decisions making. The thesis is divided into three parts. The first part deals with the definition of theoretical background, which will be used in other parts of this thesis. The second part describes the strategic position of the company in the market of technological units for water management. Furthermore, the financial situation in the period 2015–2019 is evaluated. The last part of the diploma thesis deals with the investment plan for the construction of an administrative building.

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