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Comparison of the position of the Romanian and Lithuanian Prime Ministers during the reigns of Presidents Klaus Iohannis and Dalia Grybauskaite
Karásková, Kristýna ; Mlejnek, Josef (advisor) ; Perottino, Michel (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the comparison of the positions of the Prime Ministers of Romania and Lithuania during the reign of Presidents Klaus Iohannis and Dalia Grybauskaité. The work deals with the constitutional and practical position of the prime ministers of both countries. Both countries are part of the post-Soviet space and have gone through a democratic transition. At the same time, Romania and Lithuania are countries with a directly elected president and potentially fall into the category of semi-presidential regimes. The position of prime minister in these countries is specific due to the presence of a directly elected president. The work applied a comparative method, specifically a type of so-called contrast of contexts. This theory helps to understand a certain phenomenon through its context. The aim of the work is therefore to point out and understand the similarities and differences in the position of the prime minister, in practice and in the constitution, of these potentially semi-presidential countries. The work also points out to other institutional elements that prime ministers use to balance the presidential role. Attention is also paid to the phenomenon of cohabitation and the position of the prime minister in cohabitation with a non-party president.
Education about politics. What shapes students' attitudes towards politics, democracy and society?
Doubková, Kateřina ; Perottino, Michel (advisor) ; Stauber, Jakub (referee)
The thesis deals with the issue of civic education in citizenship education classes at the second level of primary school. The emphasis is on topics of politics and the functioning of democratic society. The theoretical part of the thesis is devoted to the socialization through social actors and socialization processes. The thesis also focuses on the current state of citizenship education in the Czech Republic and the methods used in this subject. The practical level of the thesis is the analytical part, which is based on the curricular analysis of the data obtained from the Framework Education Programme for Elementary Education (RVP ZV) and the School Education Programme (ŠVP). The aim of this analysis is to find out what political topics are taught in citizenship education classes and what is the difference between the curriculum set out in the Framework Curriculum and the school curricula. The analytical part is complemented by data from semi-structured interviews with actors in the field of citizenship education. These actors include teachers of citizenship education teachers, students of citizenship education and experts in citizenship education.
ODA as an actor in the formation of the right and Czech conservatism
Brožová, Karolina ; Perottino, Michel (advisor) ; Franěk, Jakub (referee)
The aim of this thesis will be to characterize the formation of Czech conservative and rightwing thinking in political practice, which seemed to be something completely unimaginable in the communist environment of the time. Although the roots of Anglo-Saxon conservatism go back to the 18th century, it is difficult to define it as a modern ideology at this time. Its meaning has evolved and changed over time, but in some ways it could be said that the basic principles of conservatism have survived to this day. In this thesis, I will primarily reflect on values such as freedom, equality, property, tradition and morality because it is these values that the ODA, as the primary actor with which this thesis is primarily concerned, drew upon in a society shaped by communism and the vision of socialism as the only possible path for the emergence of rightwing politics.
The relationship between KDU-ČSL and Czech Christian churches
Kobylka, Petr ; Mlejnek, Josef (advisor) ; Perottino, Michel (referee)
The thesis examines the relationship between the KDU-ČSL and the Czech Christian churches after 1989. The thesis outlines the development of the relationship between the church and the state, the shift of the KDU-ČSL from political Catholicism to the ecumenical cooperation of its members following the example of the German CDU-CSU, the political role of the church and the theory of the relationship between political parties and interest groups is presented. The thesis, within its practical-analytical part, operates with church subjects, which it considers to be interest groups, and strives to introduce and describe their mutual relationship. In the practical-analytical part of the thesis is used the content analysis of the election programs of the KDU-ČSL and are examined the priorities of the Czech Christian churches contained in them, which is placed in a wider context. The thesis also presents a case study of church restitutions, in which the phenomenon of the fact that the KDU-ČSL becomes a political party protecting the interests of the church in the form of the return of church property confiscated by the communist regime is presented. The thesis focuses on the efforts of the KDU-ČSL leading to the approval of the return of church property, which, ironically, is returned in a period in which...
The decline of the traditional right in France as a precondition for the success of extremism
Chalupová, Tereza ; Perottino, Michel (advisor) ; Guasti, Petra (referee)
The topic of this thesis is an analysis of the evolution of the French traditional right, taking into account its declining support due to the growing support of French far-right extremism (National Front/National Rally) in the last 10 years. The first part of the thesis focuses on the development of the French traditional right-wing from the Great French Revolution to the beginning of the Fifth French Republic. The second part focuses on the development of the French traditional right in the context of the setting of the political system of the Fifth Republic. In particular, the focus is on the post-2012 period, since the period between 2007 and 2012 was the last time France had a right-wing president and the traditional right participated in government. The aim of the thesis is to analyse in depth the changes that the French traditional right has undergone, especially after 2012, by studying Czech and foreign language literature and other documents focusing on the issue of the French traditional right and the French party system in general, taking into account the growing support for extremism in France and thus the pressure of this movement on the original moderate right. The thesis progressively addresses the extent to which the growing support for extremism is influencing the decline of the...
Parliamentary representation in the Czech Republic: deputies and senators in a time of crisis of representative democracy and party government
Jágr, David ; Perottino, Michel (advisor) ; Gjuričová, Adéla (referee) ; Kuta, Martin (referee)
The Czech party system underwent significant reconfiguration in the second decade of the 21st century. The presented research focuses on MPs (deputies) and senators navigating this dynamic environment, specifically examining their perception of the parliamentary mandate. The text describes the representatives' relationships with citizens, parties, and constituencies, and explores changes in these relationships from a long-term perspective. Special attention is given to legislators from new parliamentary groups, especially those who define themselves against the elites and the party government model. These representatives distinguish themselves by emphasising a direct connection with the people and the return of power from the elites to the people, suggesting a different understanding of their mandate. The core of the research covers the parliamentary election period from 2017 to 2021, when half of the Chamber of Deputies consisted of populist movements. Additionally, the research takes into account other political developments and previous studies on Czech parliamentary representatives and debates concerning the crisis of representative democracy. The upper chamber's environment is also examined in detail. The research also addresses the overlooked issue of politics as a profession. An added value...
Populism in Brasil under Bolsonaro presidency
Jetmarová, Veronika ; Perottino, Michel (advisor) ; Guasti, Petra (referee)
Populism is a phenomenon that has spread through the world in recent decades and appears in all spheres of politics. Despite this fact, scholars cannot conclude on how to define populism and what does it means for the quality of democracy. This thesis will focus on populism in the case study of Brazil and will specifically present the manifestations of populism of former president Jair Bolsonaro. The study of populism is based on three academic approaches, which will be individually applied to the politics of Jair Bolsonaro. This work seeks to map the roots of the former president's populism and the influence of his populist government on the level of democracy in Brazil. The result of this work shows that Jair Bolsonaro actively used extreme right-wing populism and followed the US President Donald Trump politics with his policy and behavior, and at the same time sympathized with the former extreme right-wing authoritarian regime of the military junta. Populism was also widely used during the Covid-19 pandemic, by which Jair Bolsonaro gained popularity for a short time.
Presidential Candidates 2023: Social Networks Vs. official debates
Brhelová, Tereza ; Perottino, Michel (advisor) ; Brunclík, Miloš (referee)
The following thesis focuses on the phenomenon of social media in the context of political campaigns. The theoretical part of the thesis deals with the growing trend of using social networks for political communication and marketing purposes. A large part of the thesis is devoted to the direct presidential election, which is considered a relatively new phenomenon in the Czech environment, not yet so anchored in the political context. The practical part of the thesis is built with the help of quantitative content analysis, thanks to which it was possible to analyse a large amount of data from social networks and TV debates. This data is central to the resulting answers to the research questions and hypotheses, which concern the comparison of the selected candidates' communication on social networks in the debates. Thus, the aim of this thesis is to provide an analysis that can be used to compare how the communication of the selected political actors on social networks differs from their communication in the official TV debates.
Czech modern conservatism in the light of the SPOLU (Together) coalition
Rumiantceva, Iuliia ; Perottino, Michel (advisor) ; Charvát, Jan (referee)
This diploma thesis examines contemporary Czech conservatism in the context of the SPOLU coalition, which currently consists of three political parties (ODS, TOP 09 and KDU-ČSL). The main goal of the work is to analyze different approaches to conservatism within the coalition. The thesis consists of a theoretical and analytical part, focused on the development of conservatism as an ideology and individual party families, as well as on the current political situation in Europe and the conservative faction of the EU. This work first deals with the concept of conservatism, its origin, and the definition of the concept. The analytical part of the work focuses on the analysis of the conservatism of the parties of the SPOLU coalition, including their attitude to traditional family values, national identity and culture, social and economic policy and other aspects that are fundamental to conservatism. Subsequently, the work deals with the ideological position of individual political parties and then performs their analysis. Based on the analysis, it is defined whether the parties are truly conservative. The work will also explore whether the coalition parties could merge to form a new political party. The research questions are whether the SPOLU coalition can be considered conservative and whether the...

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