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Self-regulation and goal achievement
Hnilica, Marek ; Bahbouh, Radvan (advisor) ; Blatný, Marek (referee)
First part of the thesis reviews current literature on self-control, with a particular focus on the strength model of self-control. This model asserts that the ability to self-control depends on a limited resource, which gets depleted with its use. According to the model, the ability to self-control is dependent on one resource. The experimental part of the thesis purports to ascertain whether two resources can in fact be identified - one for initiatory self-control and another one for inhibitory self-control. Two types of manipulations were tested in the experiment. The results showed that one type of experimental manipulation hadn't led to any measurable depletion of initiatory self-control whilst the second type of manipulation had indeed led to results that may be interpreted as a support for distinguishing between inhibitory and initiatory self-control. It would be an interesting finding that would broaden our current knowledge about self-control if the findings of the thesis were successfully replicated in a study addressing limitations of the present research. Keywords: self-control, experiment, strength model of self-control, initiatory self-control, inhibitory self-control, Stroop task
The Role of Public Editors in a Comparative Perspective
Makhinchuk, Yuliia ; Moravec, Václav (advisor) ; Součková, Barbora (referee)
The bachelor thesis The Role of Public Editors in a Comparative Perspective examines the position of ten ombudsmen from the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Canada, Portugal, and Denmark. Using a qualitative method of semi-structured interviews conducted with ten respondents representing television, radio, print and online media, it finds out, which of the two models proposed by Dutch media theorists Arjen van Dalen and Mark Deuz they lean towards. The results show that a minority of ombudsmen fall under the definition of the reader's advocate, so the majority represent the paper's ambassador. However, the interviews show that this model does not sufficiently reflect reality, as each medium and ombudsman has a different nature. The findings further show that the rise of social media and misinformation puts ombudsmen in a position where they must not only explain editorial practices to audiences, but also defend certain journalists.
Promoting pupil's self-regulation and stress reduction in the school environment
Horská, Michaela ; Felcmanová, Lenka (advisor) ; Květoňová, Lea (referee)
The thesis deals with stress and self-regulation of pupils in the school environment. The theoretical part deals with the general issue of stress, stressors, expression of stress, and the child's reactions to stress. It also defines self-regulation, relaxation techniques, specific support for pupils' self-regulation, and coping strategies. The theoretical section defines the concept of wellbeing and the development of pupils' socio-emotional skills. Finally, the issue established in the primary education system. There are also defined classroom lessons, community circles, and the cross-topic of the Framework Curriculum. The practical part is dedicated to stressful situations and self-regulation of pupils in primary schools in the Jihlava region, specifically identifies and describes stressors and self-regulation techniques of pupils in the school environment. It includes a qualitative research investigativním aimed at finding out information about supporting pupils in stressful situations and the tools used by teachers to reduce stress in the school environment. The semi-structured interview and observation methods were used to collect the data. The open coding method was used to analyze the data and the card interpretation method was used to interpret the data them. This thesis focused on the...
The impact of available social support on the academic success of high school students
Svobodová, Kristýna ; Machovcová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Kovaříková, Miroslava (referee)
This diploma thesis was created to gain and write down the main findings about the issue of social support and its influence on the school success of students of selected grammar schools, and secondary vocational schools in Pilsen region. The findings are divided into three chapters, in which the basic findings are defined, which are based on professional literature and foreign studies in the given areas. In these chapters, concepts such as self- concept, adolescence, motivation, school success and failure, social network and three basic components of human formation in the form of family, school and peer group are defined. The research part focuses on the processing of the data, which was obtained through a standardized questionnaire, the Child and Adolescent Social Support Questionnaire (CASSS-CZ), supplemented with demographic data. There were 310 students participating in the questionnaire survey. The obtained data were processed with using the statistical method of correlation, descriptive statistics and the statistical tool of one-factor ANOVA. After analyzing the data, we concluded that social support is important for an individual and his/her school success. However, at the same time, its level is not different with respect to the gender of the individual or the type of school which he/she...
Support of self-regulation and stress rereduction of high school students in bettween the transition periods of full-time learing and distance education during the covid-19 pandemic
Slavíková, Monika ; Felcmanová, Lenka (advisor) ; Němec, Zbyněk (referee)
This thesis focuses on the promotion of self-regulation and stress reduction in secondary school students during the transition periods between full-time and distance education during the covid-19 pandemic. The aim of the thesis is to identify the stressors experienced by the students, the strategies that helped the students to regulate stress and the ways in which the students' self-regulation was promoted by the teaching staff. The theoretical part of the thesis deals with basic terms related to stress, especially stress in children and adolescents. It also focuses on defining forms and methods of self-regulation and distance education. The practical part of the thesis deals with stress and self-regulation in students of a selected secondary school during the transitions between full-time and distance education. A qualitative research design was used to meet the research objective. The data for the research investigation was obtained through semi-structured interviews with pupils, pupils' class teachers and school counselling staff. Analysis of school documentation also provided insights. The research investigation identified the main stressors during transitions between full- time and distance learning, the strategies pupils chose to regulate stress and the extent to which school staff supported...
Journalists on Twitter: do they follow traditional norms or new standards?
Němcová, Kateřina ; Moravec, Václav (advisor) ; Maňák, Vratislav (referee)
The thesis aims to examine the way the Czech journalists use the social network Twitter. The thesis concentreates on the difference between the traditional norms under which journalists behave, the roles they play, and how they use Twitter. Firstly, the tweets where divided into the categories based on what kind of tweet it was. The thesis analysed the tweets one by one in the quantitative part, it concentrated on its content, used language and other special characters which could be photos, videos, emojis and other. The thesis showed that the journalists on Twitter behave differently than professional norms sets and that their roles differ. They become gatewatchers instead of gatekeepers and the journalists tend to comment on the topics. They also become the promoters of their work.
Eligibility of primary school pupils to manage their time
Tošnerová, Aneta ; Voda, Jan (advisor) ; Stará, Jana (referee)
The topic of this thesis is procrastination. Procrastination is "the illogical, but deliberate delaying of planned action, which is accompanied by a commitment to alternative activities." (Sliviaková 2010, p. 3). Occasional procrastination however mostly harmless is only a small step from procrastination chronic. Chronic procrastination already points at undesirable situation, the malfunction of a healthy lifestyle and self-control. That view is the starting point for the research work of the problem, which investigates the symptoms of procrastination among primary and secondary school pupils. Procrastination is usually being considered in relation to adults' behaviour. The question asked is whether it is relevant to consider procrastination also in relation to children at primary school. In the theoretical part, we therefore first gathered and compiled the available data about the topic from various Czech and foreign sources, mainly to define with necessary precision the object of the study (procrastination) and learned the wider context of the issue (time management, self- management). The survey is based on interviews with six parents and thirty pupils from 1st to 5th grade. The method of research used with pupils was author a story that allowed them to identify themselves with a certain type of...
Development of child's reflection - Surveillance Study
Vokatá, Dana Amelie ; Koťa, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Krykorková, Hana (referee)
v anglickém jazyce In the present work, I am primarily concerned with the approach of mentalization by Fonagy (Fonagy, 2006; Fonagy & Target, 2001; Fonagy & Target, 2002; Fonagy, Gergely, Jurist & Target, 2008; etc.), which is strongly associated with the attachment theory, psychoanalysis and also developmental psychology. Centrality to the development of mentalization are early relationships. I will present some authors, which dealt with this subject matter, psychoanalysts, development psychology and attachment theory, focusing on the attachment theory of John Bowlby. The aim of this work is to introduce the important coherences, in the literature empirically investigated factors that influence the development of reflective capacity - in particular the environmental factors (parents, foster parents, peers) and the development background of the child.
The Stock Exchange
Schicková, Pavla ; Kotáb, Petr (advisor) ; Kohajda, Michael (referee)
1 ABSTRACT Stock Exchange The contents of the notion "stock exchange" change in time. Factors inducing these changes are intertwined and influence each other. The introduction of modern telecommunication technologies in 1980s brought about a process of change in the notion of "stock exchange". This factor mainly influenced the territorial aspect of said notion. Modern communication technologies allowed for integration of capital markets within Europe. This integration required unification of legislation in EU Member States. The crucial piece of Czech legislation implementing European norms in the area of stock exchange markets is the Act No. 256/2004 Coll. on Business on Capital Market. The greatest influence on the notion of "stock exchange" has had the transposition of the EU MiFID directive into that act in 2008. The changes introduced by this directive have led to vacating tne notion of "stock exchange" in legal terms with the term itself being replaced by "operator of the regulated market". Over the past decade the supervision and regulation on both European and national levels have undergone substantial changes. The changes and innovation in the investment instruments market have called for changes in institutional setting of supervision and regulation. These changes in supervision and regulation have...

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