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Benefit of language skills training according to Elkonin for children's language skills
Šišková, Dorota ; Nováková Schöffelová, Miroslava (advisor) ; Málková, Gabriela (referee)
Phonemic awareness which will be discussed in the diploma thesis is considered to be one of the important predictors of future success in reading and writing. In the theoretical part, we define basic concepts, focus on predictors of reading and writing and the phonological deficit in child development. The research part is conceived as a quasi-experiment in which we monitor the impact of Trénink jazykových schopností dle D. B. Elkonin on the language skills of preschool children. Our goal of the thesis is to evaluate the effect of the Czech adaptation of the intervention program for children and to capture the changes as a result of the implementation of this intervention program. The research sample consists of an experimental group and a control group. Before and after completing the intervention, the children were tested and measured for their level of phonemic awareness (specifically, a test of isolation of the first and last sounds, synthesis of sounds). Children from the experimental group were also measured with a sentence repetition test. The results of the research investigation showed a positive effect of the subject intervention in the area of children's language development. Children who were weak in the area of their language development before the training showed significantly better...
Stress management strategies of train drivers
Krbečková, Anna ; Málková, Gabriela (advisor) ; Richterová, Eva (referee)
This thesis is focused on stress management strategies of a professional group of train drivers. Stress is presented in this thesis as one of the possible factors, the failure to manage which can lead to the occurrence of an incident. The premise of this connection is based on the findings concerning the effect of stress on attention, vigilance or fatigue. However, as there is currently no similar research naming the stress management strategies used by drivers, the aim of this paper is to describe the strategies that lead to stress management. To achieve this goal, a standardized questionnaire was chosen to describe the strategies that are predefined by it. The results obtained from a research sample of train drivers (n=41) show that drivers use all the strategies listed in the research instrument at least to some extent. It also shows that respondents tend to use more positive strategies. The highest average saturation of each strategy was found for the tested domain , "Positive Strategy 3 - Control Strategy", which is characterized by constructive efforts to cope with stressful situations. On the contrary, the Resignation and Self- blame strategies, belonging to the overall negative strategy, showed the lowest level of saturation. Key words: Railway safety, train drivers, stress, stress...
Pre-literacy skills of socio-culturally disadvantaged kindergarten children
Korbelová, Karolína ; Málková, Gabriela (advisor) ; Sotáková, Hana (referee)
The subject of this thesis is the mapping of the pre-literacy skills of socio-culturally disadvantaged children in the last year of kindergarten in comparison with the performance of pre-literacy skills of their peers. The thesis is based on empirical research in kindergartens with children (N=47) aged 68 to 82 months and their parents (legal representatives). The aim of this research work is not only to describe and characterize the pre-literacy skills of pre-schoolers from socio-culturally disadvantaged backgrounds, but also to systematically review what is known about the phenomenon of socio-cultural disadvantage in the existing psychological literature and to propose a specific procedure for identifying socio-cultural disadvantage. This procedure is applied in this paper as part of the methodological steps in the research part of the thesis. The socio-cultural disadvantage is thus identified based on the mother's highest level of education and the child's level of receptive vocabulary. Statistical analyses of data on the pre-literacy skills of socio-culturally disadvantaged children and their peers who are not at risk of socio-cultural disadvantage reveal that socio-culturally disadvantaged children perform statistically significantly worse than children who are not at risk of socio-cultural...
Towards the systematic support of the early literacy development in preschool age
Šedinová, Petra ; Málková, Gabriela (advisor) ; Morávková Krejčová, Lenka (referee) ; Vitásková, Kateřina (referee)
This study evaluates the benefits of short-term, relatively intensively implemented training programme aimed at enhancing the development of pre-reading skills (specifically phoneme awareness and letter knowledge) in the last year of kindergarten. The evaluation of the benefits is carried out in comparison with the situation without the implementation of the work methodology and with the use of available work content with content aimed at the development of graphomotor skills with commented instruction. Sixty-nine children from four kindergartens were randomly assigned to three groups: pre-reading intervention group (resp. phoneme awareness and letter knowledge intervention), graphomotor skills intervention group and no- training group. Intervention programs were implemented as a 10-week training programmes in the frequency of 3 training lessons per week. The results provide an evaluation of the variability pre-literacy pre-reading performance in regular kindergarten classes and the benefits of the evaluated training program in terms of mobilizing pre-literacy pre-reading skills before starting school. This work maps the current situation in the field of intervention/training tools, their specifics and targets literacy and key pre-literacy skills important for the development of children in the...

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