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Congruence of managerial competencies of teacher, headmaster and business manager
Šimoňák, Marek ; Voda, Jan (advisor) ; Trunda, Jiří (referee)
This thesis deals with the managerial competencies of school teachers and headmasters. It also focuses on finding the common features of such competencies as are shared by the two aforementioned professions and company managers. Its main aim is to find out whether a successful teacher would be equally successful in the position of a headmaster, or whether a company manager can be a successful headmaster without having worked as a teacher. The theoretical part deals with the definition of "management" and managerial functions, the definition of school management, and "classroom management". The personalities of a manager, their qualities, knowledge, skills, the term "leadership" as well as "competencies" are also clarified here. At the end of this part there is an analysis of managerial competencies in the position of a company manager, headmaster, and teacher as well. The practical part analyses the subjective perception of the job duties, required qualities, skills and competencies in teachers, headmasters and managers. The thesis contains a comparative research. Dialogue was used to map such activities as form the daily job duties of the two professions and such competencies as help the respondents to be successful at work. The generalised answers can be found in the tables. They are compared...
School Uniform: Reasons, Discussion, Decision Making
Bednaříková, Barbora ; Voda, Jan (advisor) ; Svoboda, Petr (referee)
Innovation and change are phenomenons any time. Within the scope of the Theory and Prac- tice of School Management module, the theses deals with management of a specific change, namely introduction of school uniforms into practice. The theoretical part of the thesis is based on relevant specialized literature on school management, marketing strategy, school culture and change management. It is completed with available foreign experience and con- clusions of surveys and research of media image, which is playing an important role in respect with the issue. The practical part, i.e. research, provides information and data obtained by the author from interviews with management of schools currently introducing school uniforms. The research results show that the original expectations have not been met in any of the pro- jects included. Understanding the cause of this failure, or else, partial success of the projects, constitutes an important part of the information summary designed for school headmasters considering introduction of school uniforms. The generalized research findings combined with theoretical knowledge imply a set of key recommendations introduced in the thesis con- clusion.
Accountability of Public and Private Elementary School
Čermáková, Olga ; Voda, Jan (advisor) ; Trojan, Václav (referee)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the school accountability. It explores accountability as a phenomenon that exists but it is not explicitly expressed and systematically integrated into the process of managerial control in Czech school. The work summarizes the gained knowledge and approaches to accountability in Czech and foreign environment and their links with the school management in general. The aim of qualitative research is to contribute to the expansion of scientific knowledge in this area. There are identified external subjects of public and private schools in the case study, their main interests which are subsequently compared. The work is intended for school directors; bringing a more detailed view on demands of external subjects, both public and private schools, offering specific procedures and recommendations to school management, which can be considered as an accountable proceeding to external subjects. KEYWORDS: Accountability, accountable, responsibility, school autonomy, assessment, accountable proceeding, external subjects, school management
Feedbackof the school headmaster as a way of development and support of teacher'squality
Breníková, Markéta ; Voda, Jan (advisor) ; Trojan, Václav (referee)
TITLE: Headteacher's Feedback as a type of teacher's qualities advancemnent and support AUTHOR: Mgr. Markéta Breníková DEPARTMENT (INSTITUTE): Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Education, School Management Center TUTOR: PhDr. Jan Voda, Ph.D. ABSTRACT: The thesis concerns present problematics of headteachers's feedback in a (czech) primary education system. The feedback is a component of comunication inside the school, a headteacher can use it as an instrument to rise the quality of the institution as well as lead the teachers towards the use of the feedback. The headteacher leads an effective team, creates beneficial atmosphere of raising and supported feedback. In the theoretical part, the thesis defines the feedback and related qualities in education, touching the managing methods. The reserach results show common unsysthematic use of the feedback, to a selected individuals instead of all employees in the primary educational system. In their challenging profession, the teachers need targeted support and advancement. However the headtechars do often not have competence necessary to provide systemic feedback. Still they feel like prividing more and better feedback, compared to the feeling of their teachers. The thesis also touches wider consequences of the feedback quality. KEYWORDS: feedback,...
Organization structure of a basic school of arts
Sinkulová, Iveta ; Trojan, Václav (advisor) ; Voda, Jan (referee)
TITLE: Organization Structure of a Basic School of Arts AUTHOR: Iveta Sinkulová ABSTRACT: My bachelor thesis "Organization Structure of a Basic School of Arts" sets a goal to research which organization structures are applied at basic schools of arts, how the jobs of headmaster and heads of departments are incorporated into the Org Chart and which tasks are delegated to them in terms of the management of teaching process. The first thing performed was descriptive research. Then the work of deputy headmaster and heads of departments is analysed and areas for delegation of tasks and corresponding jobs are suggested. Based on research of Org Charts of some other schools of arts, this work could be a clue how to set up and work on the structure or how to deal with its possible changes. My research and conclusions will well serve to the headmasters of basic schools of art, who care about how to control the teaching process and better organize the jobs. The output should provide a holistic view on the subjects. Org Charts should be a live document and not just a formal thing.
School Recess (year 1)
Drábková, Nela ; Voda, Jan (advisor) ; Rychlíková, Marie (referee)
This thesis deals with the breaktime at the first grade of primary school, especially at the first class. The work is divided into two main parts. The theoretical part is devoted to the basic characteristics of school and education, develoments peculiarity of childs under school age, and finally the principal topic of the breaktime. The second part contains the braketime research of primary school in Liberec. The research includes methods of a structured observation of the first class pupils supplemented by interviews with pupils and their class teacher. The aim of this thesis is to present the current proces of breaketime and also to make comparison the first and 5th class and show the possibilities which are applicable to change the current proces.
Primary school management system
Tůma, Jan ; Trunda, Jiří (advisor) ; Voda, Jan (referee)
The goal of the bachelor thesis is to summarize bibliography focused on the problem of primary school management. The empirical research reveals if it is unified management system, what are its common features, how much and which parts are influenced by school size. Method of empirical research is questionary investigation. The respondents are basic school managers from Kladno district. In order to investigation were addressed 59 managers with returnability 59 %. Results of the questionary investigation were charted into a table, described and compared with Primary school Zlonice, Kladno district. KEYWORDS management, management system, Primary School, director, Kladno district
Necessity of change in professional preparation of teachers
Mleziva, Jan-Michal ; Voda, Jan (advisor) ; Trojan, Václav (referee)
1 ABSTRACT: The present thesis argues for the necessity of a fundamental change in the professional preparation of primary and secondary school teachers; additionally, it discusses the way the education of future teachers should take. From the perspective of educational management, it proposes concrete measures that should be taken in order to implement the change. The author points out the seriousness of the issue in a broader context on the basis of an analysis of the curricula of faculties of education. The main reason for the change in the professional preparation of teachers is seen in the insufficient reflection of the current needs of the contemporary society, both in the content and form of teacher education. The thesis is divided into four chapters: Contemporary context as a major imperative, The present state of the professional preparation of teachers, The objectives of the professional preparation of teachers in the contemporary context, and The main steps towards the realization of the new goals.
Changeover of school culture after taking the office of director by a director of kindergarten
Balcarová, Dita ; Trunda, Jiří (advisor) ; Voda, Jan (referee)
TITLE: The changeover of school culture after taking the office of director by a director of kindergarten AUTHOR: Dita Balcarová DEPARTMENT: The education management centre SUPERVISOR: Mgr.Bc. Jiří Trunda ABSTRAKT The changeover of kindergarten culture after taking the office by a new director This bachelor project deals with problems of the alteration in the school culture after assuming the office of Director. The theoretical part is based on scientific literature, which explains a culture of the school, its diagnostics, the evaluation and consequent changes. The research part tries to investigate the actual situation of the school culture in the specific institution. It attempts to identify problematic factors of school culture using analysis of data and find out how to initiate a convenient process leading to alteration of school culture. The question was if it is necessary to involve employees in the process or leave this difficult task on a director. The answer to the question "How to change a school culture" is certainly very difficult, because of different conditions in each school, different people working in the school and last but not least different values and attitudes, which they share. The goal of the project was to verify specific cases (in the specific conditions) by using general methods...

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