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Autonomy of directors and teachers in the current Chinese educational system
Wagenknechtová, Radana ; Voda, Jan (advisor)
This thesis looks at the Chinese educational system and the autonomy that directors and teachers share in the decision making process. It not only examines the educational system as a whole but analyses different levels of the educational system, puts an emphasis on the autonomy of teachers and directors in a school environment, and introduces various school reforms in China since 1976. Consequently, it clarifies the current Chinese educational system with an emphasis on various organizational levels along with the power they have in the decision making process and the options for creating change. Through the study of key documents of the Chinese educational system, political system, and other foreign literature, the legislative processes and documents that are responsible for the Chinese educational policies are made apparent. The thesis compares the official Chinese educational system's documents and processes with the actual situation. Based on this research, the thesis determines the real level of autonomy that directors and teachers possess in the decision making process. Powered by TCPDF (
Headmaster's influence at educational result of pupils
Kindlová, Hana ; Voda, Jan (advisor)
TITLE: Headmaster's influence at educational results of pupils AUTHOR: Hana Kindlová DEPARTMENT: School Management Centre SUPERVISOR: PhDr. Jan Voda, Ph.D. ABSTRACT: The topic of this thesis is to investigate the influence of the headmaster on pupils' educational results. The aim is to suggest and verify a model suitable for analyzing the influence of the headmaster on pupils' educational results. The basic research question is the following: "How can we analyze the relationship between pupils' educational results and various aspects of work of the headmaster?" The objective was achieved by the following manner. At first, they were defined by means of the educational results of pupils in the theoretical part and, based on the study of foreign resources, the fields of work of the headmasters that have an influence on pupils' educational results were listed. The influence of the headmaster on educational results of a selected research sample of pupils was examined, described and quantified in the research part by means of a survey (in the form of an interview), its analysis, synthesis and evaluation. Subsequently, the relationship between the quality of work of the headmaster and the educational results of pupils was defined and evaluated according to the results achieved in NIQES testing by pupils of the...
Necessity of change in professional preparation of teachers
Mleziva, Jan-Michal ; Voda, Jan (advisor)
1 ABSTRACT: The present thesis argues for the necessity of a fundamental change in the professional preparation of primary and secondary school teachers; additionally, it discusses the way the education of future teachers should take. From the perspective of educational management, it proposes concrete measures that should be taken in order to implement the change. The author points out the seriousness of the issue in a broader context on the basis of an analysis of the curricula of faculties of education. The main reason for the change in the professional preparation of teachers is seen in the insufficient reflection of the current needs of the contemporary society, both in the content and form of teacher education. The thesis is divided into four chapters: Contemporary context as a major imperative, The present state of the professional preparation of teachers, The objectives of the professional preparation of teachers in the contemporary context, and The main steps towards the realization of the new goals.
Quality of a primary teacher from the parents and public perspective
Kolaříková, Alena ; Voda, Jan (advisor) ; Pěnička, Jaroslav (referee)
TITLE: QUALITY OF A PRIMARY TEACHER FROM THE PARENTS AND PUBLIC PERSPECTIVE Author Alena Kolaříková DAPARTEMENT Centre of school management SUPERVISOR PhDr. Jan Voda, Ph.D. ANNOTATION The role of a teacher in society and quality of education are quite often subject of a discussion these days. These discussions are linked with evaluation of quality of teachers, their way of teaching, and also with their approach to pupils and parents. The importance of teaching can be seen in two levels: firstly, the focus is on giving the knowledge, and secondly the focus is on personal development of the pupil, his/her competencies, and personal skills and respect. In this work I will describe various styles of teaching, personal prerequisites and further competencies, as necessary qualities a teacher should have. I will present five basic teaching styles with focus on their positives and risks. In analytical part, I will look up competitions rewarding good teachers and will describe criteria based on which selected teachers are rewarded. By the form of questionnaire, the practical part will try to identify what type of teacher of 1st level Primary school is preferred by the parents / legal representatives, and what type of personal and professional qualities they appreciate the most. KEYWORDS : Teachers' quality,...
"Twelve and Holding" - content analysis of student essays
Nechutná, Gabriela ; Voda, Jan (advisor) ; Uhlířová, Jana (referee)
The topic of the diploma thesis is the professional vision of the students of teaching and their view on problems of adolescent children. Based on a literature review, we first define the concepts of pubescent and factors affecting adolescence and professional vision in the theoretical part. That research part deals with content analysis of essays about Michael Cuesta's Twelve and Holding (2005), which was developed by the students of the 1st year of combined study, the branch of teaching for primary school (hereinafter referred to as "students") as part of the teaching of the subject Introduction to Pedagogy at the Department of Primary Education at the Faculty of Education of Charles University. The goal of this research is to describe how students, at the beginning of their studies, are able to perceive the problems of the children presented in the film. KEYWORDS pubescent, developmental psychology, professional vision, essay, film education
The program To Respect And To Be Respected in a critical reflection
Kočová, Lenka ; Voda, Jan (advisor) ; Loudová Stralczynská, Barbora (referee)
In the theoretical part of the thesis there are presented different models of education with the focus on the position of a child as subject / object of education (authoritative education, democratic, liberal) and the importance of authority in education. In the next part of the text there are the concepts, arguments and individual educational strategies of the program Respect and be respected explained in detaile. The research part of the thesis is focused on mapping the experience of parents and teachers (N = 10) who have passed a training course. The key research question is: How can graduates use R + R recommendations in every day practice (family or school), and how can they prove real educational effects? The research tool will be an interview. KEYWORDS: Education, authority, educational styles, means of education
Cooperation skils of pre-school children
Schulmeisterová, Kateřina ; Voda, Jan (advisor) ; Loudová Stralczynská, Barbora (referee)
This master thesis deals with the issue of cooperative skills of preschool children. Its aim is to find out what are the basic problems of children cooperation and how to teach them cooperative skills. The thesis is divided into the theoretical part, analysis (pre-research) and the practical part. The theoretical part of the thesis deals with the characteristics of preschool children and it focuses primarily on psychological and social development. The main chapters are focused on the description of the task situation and the children cooperation. The description is based on an analysis of scientific literature and the results of previous research. Another part of this master thesis is the analysis, which is represented by pre-research. In this part, the work deals with the analysis of the seminar papers written in 2015 by students of postgraduate studies in the field of Preschool Pedagogy. The conclusions of the analysis show the issues of cooperation that will need to be focused on the following research. The practical part is based on the results of the observations and the short structured interview. The subjects of the research are 5 to 6 years old children who attend kindergarten. The analysis of cooperative skills of preschool children is based on the obtained data.. The practical part is...
Relativity of Grading at Primary School
Švarcová, Kateřina ; Voda, Jan (advisor) ; Uhlířová, Jana (referee)
The thesis is concerned with the relativity of marking at primary school, aimed to subjectivity in evaluation when rating the pupils' work in the Czech language. The theory is focused on evaluation generally - its functions, types, forms. In the theoretical part there is mentioned, what types of assessment are believed to be the first- quality ones. Two chapters are devoted to objectiveness and fairness in the evaluating, too. This thesis contains several paragraphs about the embedment of evaluation in the law. The target of the research was to find out, if the teachers interpret the pupil's performance differently and what criteria are taken into consideration. I want to alert to the huge amount of subjectivity when rating with marks. The teachers were given the same simulated piece of a pupil's work. Their task was to correct it and to mention what was an influence on their evaluation, the given mark. The half-structured dialogue was the chosen method for the research. The thesis confirmed the hypothesis that the evaluation through the marks is burdened with a high measure of subjectivity. That is to say, that the teachers marked the work very differently and their evaluation was grounded on various criteria. KEYWORDS evaluation, marking, subjectivity, teachers, criteria, difficulty
Application of memory techniques to primary school instruction
Pok, Marek ; Krčmářová, Tereza (advisor) ; Voda, Jan (referee)
Marek Pok Dissertation Abstract Application of memory techniques to primary school instruction The theoretical part is focused on effective teaching methods to primary school instruction. There have been chosen styles, methods and strategies, which are suitable for using memory techniques. Attention is paid to the memory function of students (secondary school age), who become a part of the empirical research. The theoretical part will present the concept of teaching, learning styles, methods and strategies, which effective implement the memory techniques into this construction. The practical part brings using experimental and observational research process to define quantitative and qualitative results on the memory learning. The object of this research is the very process of education, which aims to consolidate memory techniques to effective learning skills. The attention to the middle school age pupils is focused especially of their ability (unlike students at the beginning of schooling) to use naturally intentional memorization, rationality, ambience association and logical connections. Due to memory techniques (bonding system and the system significant figures) students will aplicate information into the instruction so that they will be able to recall them effectively, transform them, interpret and use...
Teaching English with Authentic Materials in a Primary School
Vanhaeren, Pavla ; Voda, Jan (advisor) ; Vallin, Petra (referee)
This diploma work is primarily oriented at application of the authentic materials when using the LT strategy of authentic learning in teaching English to the pupils at Czech primary schools. In the theoretical part of this work there were at first analyzed curricular documents of the Czech Ministry of Education concerning the changes in the sphere of educational policy regarding Language and Language Communication. After that, there were described various ways of application of didactic principles of adequity, systematic approach, illustrativeness, willful learning, activity, individual approach, compactness of learning process and cyclical arrangement of the newly learned information. Next, there were defined the term of authentic learning and the difference between the didactic and authentic materials. There were also compared various views on the use of innovative authentic learning strategy in ELT and mentioned various possibilities of presenting sociocultural context of English speaking countries in language teaching. In the research part of these theses there was conducted research whether the authentic learning had really happened when the authentic materials were used in teaching English and if yes, to what extent exactly the authentic learning happened. For this reason there was done research at...

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