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Quality of Patient Education in the Home Parenteral Nutrition Programme
Koťátková, Michaela ; Tomová, Šárka (advisor) ; Hromádková, Jaroslava (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the quality of education of clients who were included in the home parenteral nutrition program. The thesis is divided into the theoretical and empirical parts. Indications, contraindications, and history of home parenteral nutrition are described in theoretical part. Also, its division by types and the most often used vascular entrances. The characteristics of education in nursing, the educational process, its goals, evaluation, and method of creating documentation for the implementation of all phases of the educational process are also described. The method of the survey investigation is described in the empirical part. It was conducted by using of a quantitative method by distributing non-standardized questionnaires to clients who have already been educated or will be educated during the survey. The purpose of this thesis is to gain the knowledge about how clients perceive the way of education conducted at our workplace, what information they consider to be insufficient, missing, or incomprehensible, and on what information or educational materials they would still like to have. Based on the information obtained in this way, the comprehensive information brochure will be created, to serve clients a clear and understandable whole about home parenteral nutrition. And,...
Spokojnosť obyvateľov s klientskými službami poisťovní v oblasti zákonného havarijného poistenia
Čajková, Viktória
This bachelor thesis deals with the satisfaction of the population with the client ser- vices of insurance companies in the field of liability and colision insurance. Nowa- days, the insurance market is considered to be the important and powerful compo- nent of the financial market. This thesis examines whether there is any insurance company that outperforms others in the area of customer satisfaction. I have chosen to focus only on the areas of liability insurance and collision insurance. The aim of the thesis is to find out whether it is worthwhile for current or prospective motor vehicle owners to stay with their insurance companies. And whether any of the in- surers should focus on improving their services for the satisfaction of their clients. The bachelor's thesis uses a questionnaire survey methodology and the data col- lected is evaluated and compared.
Složení a využití masa ryb
Žilková, Lucie
The diploma thesis "Composition and use of fish meat" is focused on the loss of water during smoking of fish fillets, the chemical composition of fish muscle, color measurement and a questionnaire survey of the consumption of fish and fish products. For the experimental part, African catfish (Clarias gariepinus) fish samples were used at the age of 6-9 months (smoking, chemical composition, color measurement) and 5-6 years (chemical composition, color measurement). Smoking was carried out with warm smoke for fish samples in the form of fillets with skin. The water loss per 1 kg of fish muscle was 220 g, i.e. 22% water loss. During the chemical determination of the composition of fish muscle, where dry matter, fat and proteins were determined, the dry matter content of the raw fish before smoking was 20-22%, fat 1-4% and protein 16-18%, after smoking the dry matter content was 27-32%, fat 2-7% and protein 22-25%. (depending on the part of the carcass.) Determination of chilled and frozen fish muscle showed a dry matter content of 23-34%, fat 3-17% and protein 15-20% for chilled, dry matter content for frozen 21-36%, fat 1-20 % and protein 14-19% (depending on the type of muscle and part of the carcass). Color measurement using a spectrophotometer in the CIELab color space did not yield any statistically significant difference when comparing smoked and raw fish or when comparing the color of light and dark muscle in chilled and frozen conditions. The questionnaire survey investigated the consumption of fish and fish products. A number of 200 respondents said that they consume fish in the range 1x a week to 1x a month. Most of the respondents had not heard of the new products, but they would like to try fish sausages, ham or tartare.
Účetní a daňové aspekty zaměstnaneckých benefitů
Pohlová, Adéla
Pohlová, A. Accounting and tax aspects of employee benefits. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2022. The bachelor thesis Accounting and tax aspects of employee benefits deals with finding out employee satisfaction with current benefits offer in the company. To reach the aim of the bachelor´s thesis a questionnaire survey was created for the company´s employees. The results of the questionnaire survey were presented using graphs. Based of the information from the questionnaire changes were proposed of the employee benefits offer in the company.
Fitness jako volnočasová aktivita (mladistvých)
Šmerdová, Pavlína
The bachelor thesis deals with the leisure time of youth with a focus on maintain-ing physical condition (fitness), especially in terms of healthy nutrition. The theo-retical part summarizes current trends in fitness and discusses the main princi-ples and specifics of appropriate nutrition during sport activities. The follow-up survey includes responses from 51 respondents, with some of the questions de-signed to capture the evolution (changes) in fitness and diet over time.
Segmentácia spotrebiteľov podľa vztahu ke zdravej výžive
Čelináková, Alexandra
The diploma thesis deals with the segmentation of consumers according to their relatio-nship to healthy food. The aim of the work is to identify individual consumer segments on the health food market and draw conclusions and recommendations for the sellers of health food based on the information found. In order to fulfill the goal, an analysis of the health food market was developed, based on which the development and current situation on the health food market was determined. A questionnaire survey was conducted to find out the motives and behavior of consumers in relation to healthy food. Based on the results of the questionnaire survey, the factors that influence consumers when purchasing healthy food and also the reasons that discourage consumers from purchasing were identified. According to the results of the questionnaire survey, segmentation was carried out using cluster analysis. Based on the knowledge gained, five segments were created on the health food market. Recommendations aimed at individual segments were set for sellers on the health food market.
Zneužívání omamných a psychotropních látek žáky středních odborných škol
Gracl, Ondřej
The bachelor´s thesis deals with the abuse of narcotic and psychotropic substances by students of secondary technical schools. The thesis is divided into a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part deals with the definition of narcotic and psychotropic substances, the division of drugs, their description, circumstances influencing individuals to abuse them, prevention, adolescents and the current situation in secondary schools. The practical part of the thesis examines the main goal of wheter and what experiences with narcotic and psychotropic substances the students of secondary technical schools have.
Psychosociální a ekonomické dopady pandemie Covid-19 na české ženy samoživitelky
Doskočilová, Iveta
The bachelor's thesis deal with the psychosocial and economic impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on the Czech single mothers. The secondary goals answers to questions about the housing, social and financial situation of single mothers, their mental state, influence of the distance education system on their lives and the effects of the pandemic on the position of single mothers on the labor market. Politician's attention to the life situation of single mothers was also one of the surveyed problems. The answers to the questions were determined by means of a quantitative questionnaire survey which is mentioned in the practical part of the thesis. The theoretical part is focused on placing the issue of single mothers in the context of the family, its breakdown, psychosocial support and the definition of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Odměňování a motivace zaměstnanců ve firmě APRIS 3MP s.r.o.
Sysel, Matěj
This bachelor thesis focuses on the rewarding system of employees in APRIS 3MP s.r.o. The aim of this thesis is to propose recommendations that will lead to im-proving the quality of the current rewarding system in the company. The first part of the thesis deals with the description of remuneration and employee moti-vation. The second part introduces the examined company, and using a question-naire survey and qualitative interviews, data on employee satisfaction and the current remuneration system are obtained. Based on this data, recommendations are proposed to improve the remuneration system, which could contribute to greater employee satisfaction in the future.

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