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Discourse Analysis of Czech Media in Connestion with Concept of Surveillance Society
Mikolandová, Anna ; Hrůzová, Andrea (advisor) ; Silverio, Robert (referee)
This thesis deals with the concept of a surveillance society in the modern world and its representation in the Czech media. It aims to deduce the discourse of the domestic media on this issue and the narratives that form it. For this purpose, James Paul Gee's method of discursive analysis originating from the linguistic tradition is chosen. In addition to the texts, the visual representations that accompany them are examined through qualitative content analysis. The conclusions of the research are compared with the findings presented in the theoretical part of the thesis. The thesis focuses on the issue of surveillance and presents the key ideas and research that have shaped the emergence of the entire field of surveillance studies. These include texts by Jeremy Bentham, Karl Marx, Max Weber and Michel Foucault. Other contemporary theorists have then drawn on these, whose research is also the focus of the thesis, and present the dominant issues and current problems related to the main theme of the thesis. These include, for example, Gilles Deleuze's concept of the society of control, "new" surveillance by Gary T. Marx, dataveillance, i.e. the use of data for surveillance in Roger Clark's theses, Mark Poster's superpanopticon, the issues related to the use of CCTV camera systems addressed by Clive...
Sexual assistance as an object of media spectacularization
Rokosová, Anna ; Hasmanová Marhánková, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Balon, Jan (referee)
In my diploma thesis I deal with the issue of media spectacularization in the context of the provision of sexual assistance services. My thesis includes a critical discursive analysis of selected online posts with this topic in selected Czech media. These media are,, Aktuálně.cz and Since this service first has started to be provided in the Czech Republic in the autumn of 2015, I take advantage of the more active debate on this topic in later years. The aim of my thesis is to highlight the spectacularization of the topic of sexual assistance in selected media, to identify the legitimizing means and to define the discursive levels that appear in the media space. Subsequently, I focus on the actors who speak on the topic of sexual assistance in the media, whether actively or not. An important theme of my thesis is normativity as a social construct (disability studies, social roles) and the stigma associated with it. Afterwards, I used selected media to analyse the transformation of the topic through its spectacularisation and point out the disciplining of the topic through its frame. In my thesis, I draw attention to the social image that the media transforms the sexual assistance service into, how the detabulation of the topic is reflected here, how ideas about gender...
The West Through the Eyes of Russian Elite: Evolution of Its Perception in Modern Russian History
Moskovenko, Arsenii ; Földes, Kristián (advisor) ; Kazharski, Aliaksei (referee)
In this thesis I'm going to introduce the process of how the perception of the Western world has been changing in the eyes of the Russian political elites through their discourse since the establishment of a new Russian state. The results of this research may help to fill an important gap, as previously there was no similar research conducted that would try to track the same process. We may find some works which analyze the reaction of Russia to some political events at one exact point in time. However, none of the researchers have been trying to analyze at which point the perception of the West began to turn to a more negative side and what were the main factors for that, taking into account how friendly the relations between Russian and the West seemed to be in the 1990s and how they are heated up nowadays. The research is completed by the method of discourse analysis where I presented relevant quotations of political elites produced in the times of the most crucial historical events with regard to Russia- West relations. In each of the quotations, I was looking for different discursive strategies, such as metaphors, hyperboles or rhetorical questions, which helped us to create a broader picture of how the elites saw the West in their speeches in one or another period of history. The results of the...
Subcultural identity of two musical subcultures in the Czech Republic - Hip-Hop and Metal
Vejvoda, Jan ; Lütke Notarp, Ulrike (advisor) ; Hroch, Miloš (referee)
The focus of this work is on the subcultural identities of two dominant music subcultures in the Czech Republic and specifically their discourse. In the theoretical part of the work, culture and subculture are first defined. Subsequently, the basic theories of discourse in a subcultural context are described. Both subcultures are then described in this work from their first appearance in the Czech cultural sphere to their current state. The practical part of this work explains the research method used, namely discourse analysis of text. The results of this analysis are then presented in the form of selected relevant elements, which are subsequently described in the context of the respective subculture. The conclusion of the work discusses both subcultural identities and compares them. The aim of this thesis is to describe subcultural identities of hip-hop and metal subcultures in the Czech Republic through discourse analysis. The main sources for the theoretical part of the work are primarily professional literature focused on culture and discourse, as well as academic papers that address the analyzed subcultures. For the practical part, selected online magazines that publish articles on hip-hop and metal themes were analyzed.
The construction of man and society in textbooks for primary schools
Kroneislová, Adéla ; Lütke Notarp, Ulrike (advisor) ; Soukup, Martin (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis The Construction of Man and Society in Textbooks for Primary Schools is to analyze and reconstruct the image of Czech national identity that is present in Czech textbooks for primary schools. The thesis is divided into three main parts: theory, methodology, and final research. The theoretical part includes the scientific framework of discursive analysis, the textbook text as a source of collective identity transmission, and the concepts of culture and understanding of the nation that are relevant for the reconstruction of the national identity which is transmitted to pupils during their studies. The method of linguistic discursive analysis is used to achieve the research goals. The chosen method enables the identification of the basic elements of the discourse. The research section details the research typologies and the findings that were made. Using the data obtained from the analysis of the textbooks, an image of Czech national identity is subsequently described and the main values on which Czech national identity is based are outlined. In the conclusion of the thesis, further possible approaches for extending the research are mentioned and the overall process of the thesis is summarized.
"Just Don't Be Yourself" - Discourse of Homosexuality in Czech Protestant Churches
Boszczyk, Filip ; Javornícky Brumovská, Tereza (advisor) ; Knotková - Čapková, Blanka (referee)
While the majority of Czech society now holds relatively positive attitudes toward the homosexual minority, the same cannot be said of religious people. Czech Protestants in particular are a very heterogenous group in this area. This thesis is an excursion into the intersection of these two minorities: religious and sexual. It seeks to answer questions about the nature of the Czech Protestants' approach to the phenomenon of homosexuality, its history and the circumstances that have given it its current form. The main subject of the thesis is therefore the Protestant discourse of homosexuality, the study of which makes it possible to identify the basic ideological differences between religious attitudes of accepting or rejecting homosexuality. Understanding these theological and social assumptions helps to clarify key aspects of the contemporary culture wars in which conservative Christianity plays an important role.
Character´s Identity in Proses of Pavla Horáková and Radka Denemarková
The bachelor thesis Character´s Identity in Proses of Pavla Horáková and Radka Denemarková deals with the analysis of characters from the novel The Theory of Strangeness (2018) by Pavla Horáková and A Contribution to the History of Joy (2014) by Radka Denemarková. The theoretical part defines the types of characters, their interaction and the discourse of society. The practical part of the work consists of interpretations of novels, including a comparison of society, characters and constructing their identities.
Function of Pragmatic Markers in Political Interviews Based on Pragmatic and Sociolinguistic Research
The thesis focuses on the occurrence and communicative function of pragmatic markers as interactive reinforcement between the interviewer and the interviewee in three political interviews found on the Internet. The analysis is based on pragmatic and sociolinguistic research. At first, terminology which is necessary for understanding the following analysis is introduced. Then, corpora as well as speakers are described. Attention is paid to background data, which can influence the occurrence, frequency and function of the markers. The thesis also observes several interpretations of the term ``pragmatic marker{\crqq}. A detailed examination of individual pragmatic markers adopting the quantitative as well as qualitative approach follows. The occurrence, frequency and function of pragmatic markers in this genre is summarised at the end of the work.
Relation between Jair Bolsonaro and tradicional media
Jinochová, Tereza ; Miessler, Jan (advisor) ; Groman, Martin (referee)
The diploma thesis Relation between Jair Bolsonaro and traditional media deals with examining and describing the development of Brazilian media system. Traditional mass media in Brazil used to be during the history considered hegemonic, however this approach to the media is changing since the entry of Jair Bolsonaro to presidency. This thesis deals with the description of traditional media owner structure, influence of evangelical churches on political and media scene and concerns also with a short introduction into historical context of operation of traditional media in the country. The main concern of this thesis are two biggest Brazilian journals, O Globo a Folha de São Paulo, which have the biggest reach in the country. Both these journals belong to traditional media companies, that have been on the Brazilian media market since the beginning of the 20th century. With the help of discourse analysis of articles from both journals and tweets of Jair Bolsonaro this thesis aims to describe the development of the relation between media and president since his candidature up to the present.
Discourse analysis of the securitization of Covid-19 in Czech media
Kroupa, Jan ; Miessler, Jan (advisor) ; Podzimek, Jan (referee)
This diploma thesis aims to apply the securitization concept in the field of media studies, while also exploring the role of media as an autonomous actor in the (de)securitization process, being able to produce a unique type of discourse, independent from the discourse of political actors. The thesis seeks to confirm the disparities between the discourse of media and political elites on the plain of the (de)securitization theory. This is examined within the topic of the covid-19 epidemic, from 1st January until 12th March, when the state of emergency has been announced by the Czech government. The thesis is organized as a discourse analysis on the basis of the Foucauldian historical method. The theoretical chapter introduces the basic premises of the securitization theory, its evolution and contemporary discussion, including the dimension of media autonomy. The analytical chapter examines seven topical aspects representing the uniqueness of the coronavirus discourse during the examined time period. In addition, the thesis also analyzes the reproduction of the discourse of political elites in media. A total of 154 inputs is compiled in the analyzed corpus, consisting of the transcript of covid-themed press conferences, and articles from the online media portals of iDnes and Fórum 24 that have been...

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