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Women's Experiences with Gynaecological Examinations and Debates about Virginity in Ankara, Turkey
Güngör, Sebiha ; Helman, Ivy Ann (advisor) ; Kolářová, Kateřina (referee)
Key words: Gynaecological experiences, virginity, premarital sexuality, women's health, gynaecological health, Turkey. This study explores the relationship of ideas about virginity and gynaecological health experiences of women in Ankara, Turkey. I conducted in depth semi-structured interviews with ten heterosexual, 23-30 years old, college-graduate Turkish women. Using intersectionality as a methodological lens, I seek to understand how gender, age, class and religion play a role in the correlation of virginity and gynaecology experiences. Five main themes illuminated the participant women's experiences: (1) feeling of inclusion, (2) the effect of religion, (3) class difference, (4) selection of doctors (5) access to information on gynaecological health. Findings revealed that participants define virginity as a taboo and a barrier during gynaecological healthcare experiences. In accordance with the previous researches, I have found that dominant virginity discourse limit women's access to knowledge on their gynaecological health. This study also dwelled on the differences in the experiences of women according to participant women's age, religion, class and social status. In addition to previous research, this study revealed that judgemental comments of the doctors and high fees of private clinics...
"The Invention" of Intelligence and its Reflection in Czech Pedagogical and Social-pedagogical Discourse, Based on Selected Academic Journals from 1888 to 1944.
Čechová, Anežka ; Kolářová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Herza, Filip (referee)
The thesis deals with intelligence, as a socio-cultural concept that has its own history and development. It thus deconstructs the naturalized notions of a biological "essence" of intelligence, which has not been proved to this day. The scientific and philosophical modes of thinking, that participated in both "inventing" intelligence and its forming, are introduced. The analysis of the primary sources enables to compass the reflection of these dominant scientific approaches towards intelligence in the Czech expert discourses. The thesis also reflects on the important role intelligence has in the assessment of mental norm and disability, and it thus analyses the perception of disability during the defined historical period, including the discourse analysis of the different representations of disability. Key words Intelligence, disability, craniometry, eugenics, pedagogy, medicine, biopower.
Visuality of gender performativity in the films of Xavier Dolan
Vlach, Martin ; Baslarová, Iva (advisor) ; Kolářová, Kateřina (referee)
The aim of this diploma thesis is to explore the way how the gender performativity is portrayed in Xavier Dolan's films. The theoretical part of the thesis first deals with the definition and theoretical grounding of gender performativity from the perspective of several authors, mainly Judith Butler. This part of the thesis will detailly introduce the concepts of gender performativity, which will be necessary for the analysis of the studied films. The theoretical part also presents the queer theory and the related chapter devoted to queer film, which would also include Dolan's work. Lastly, this part also includes a chapter devoted to the concept of mise-en-scène. The methodological part introduces the method of semiotic analysis and introduces the synopsis of the studied films. The analytical part of the work presents its own semiotic analysis of the examined films. The aim of the analytical part is to find out how Dolan works with gender performativity in his films and how it is visually portrayed.
Queer Art in the Czech Republic and Slovakia: Anchoring and Understanding Queer Art
Drtinová, Natálie ; Kolářová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Baslarová, Iva (referee)
This thesis deals with the topic of contemporary Czech and Slovakian queer art scene. It describes the main theoreticians and curators that deal with this topic and their main contributions, both in the form of exhibitions and theoretical texts. This thesis analyses six fundamental group shows of queer art (three installments of the Transgeder Me Project, Coming Soon, Queer Stories and We Will Not Change Our Show) and it defines five main topics that feature in these shows. Those are: historical continuity and archives; trans* from various perspectives; identity categories and visibility; gender and sexual identity; marriage equality and rainbow families.
The case study of physiotherapeutical treatment of the patient with a diagnosis of spastic paraparesis as a result of intradural meningioma
Novák, Jan ; Nechvátalová, Vendula (advisor) ; Kolářová, Kateřina (referee)
Author: Jan Novák Title of thesis: The case study of physiotherapeutical treatment of the patient with a diagnosis of spastic paraparesis as a result of intradural meningioma Objective: The aim of this bachelor thesis is to elaborate theoretical knowledge about a spastic paraparesis as a result of intradural meningioma. The theoretical knowledges and findings were used as a base for creating proper physioterapeutical treatment for patients with diagnosis mentioned above. Methods: The thesis is devided into two parts, the theoretical part is aimed to spinal and spinal cord anatomy, its physiology and patophysiology. Moreover information about spinal cord tumors, their symptomatology, diagnostics and treatment are included. The practical part contains the case study of patient and includes in kinesiological analysis, detailed description of all the therapeutic units, out kinesiological analysis and the conclusion. This part gains its practical findings from specialized experience at rehabilitation department in Fakultní nemocnice Královské Vinohrady in period from 21st January to 15th February, 2019. Results: Patient's health condition has been improved. We could observe better muscle strenght and range of motion of lower extremities and participation of core muscles. Moreover quality of sitting,...
Case study of physiotherapy treatment of a patient with the diagnosis of total hip replacement
Jaber, Jaber ; Stupková, Michaela (advisor) ; Kolářová, Kateřina (referee)
The abstract of my study deals with the treatment of patient after total hip replacement of right hip joint after repetitive unhelpful rehabilitations of the right hip the pain was lasting from 4 years and now even during the night. My practice was at University Hospital Vinohrady. The physiotherapy program started on 16.01.2019 and ended on 29.01.2019. My thesis branched into two parts: theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part analysis everything related to the hip muscles, joints, ligaments, bones, nerves also the biomechanical and kinesiological point of view about the hip joint. In the practical part, after analysis eight sessions with my patient. Which include, all the examinations, therapy, conclusions and results. The patient had the operation at ORT. FNKV hospital at 08.01.2019. Goal of the therapy is to decrease oedema and pain, to increase rom, to increase mobility and elasticity of all soft tissues skin, fascia, ligaments, muscles, strengthening of the right leg, stability of the left leg. After making the final kinesiological examinations in comparison with the initial was significant improvement, as rom of the hip and knee joint of the right leg, strength, mobility and elasticity of the skin was improved, and oedema and pain according to VAS scale was decreased, also the...
KOLÁŘOVÁ, Kateřina
This thesis deals with the Nutrition of sport horses. It is divided in 4 parts. First part is dedicated to digestive system and physiology of horses; next chapter describes the importance of individual macronutrients, vitamins and mineral substances. Third part informs about particular feed. Last chapter is the most comprehensive part expanding the basic knowledge about horses and specifically describes the equine nutrition of young sport horses and sport horses focused on show jumping. Last but not least, this chapter describes required care, feeding technique, balanced nutrition and training plan.
Sexual harassment of Czech university students in 2018 - comparison with 2008 research
Dvořáková, Dominika ; Smetáčková, Irena (advisor) ; Kolářová, Kateřina (referee)
The principal objective of my thesis was to find out what changes in sexual harassment of university students have occurred since 2008/2009 when the research project Sexual harassment at university: occurrence and perception was carried out. In the theoretical part I describe the term sexual harassment, specifics of the university environment and at the end of the theoretical part I show negative effects of sexual harassment and outline possible ways how to prevent it. In the methodological part I describe the research itself. I interviewed a total of 946 students using a questionnaire survey to find out what forms of sexual harassment students most often face, whether women perceive annoying behaviour more critically than men and whether they have more experience with it and also how students define sexual harassment. The analysis of the results showed that there were no major changes in the total share of students who experienced the sexual harassment by their teachers compared to the previous research. At the same time, some types of harassing behaviour have become more frequent (e.g. abusive behaviour due to being a man or a woman, ridiculing students' appearance). Keywords: sexual harassment, universities, education, gender stereotypes
Weddings organized by wedding agency. Etnographic study
Hamsová, Martina ; Kolářová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Baslarová, Iva (referee)
This thesis focuses on the weddings, which has been assisted by a wedding agency. The work focuses mainly on the wedding day, on capturing the distribution of tasks and competences in planning and acting of participants (fiancés, parents and organizers) and the factors leading to it. The aim of the research is to examine the practices of the couples and focus on the distribution of power, gender stereotypes and moments that are negotiated between generations in the context of traditions and financial capital. The thesis describes the social concept of a relationship and captures the factors associated with the form of contemporary relationships such as the change of love, intimacy and sexuality in the relationship. The key period is a transition to a modern, respectively a postmodern form of this relationship in our territory that will serve as the basis for my analysis. Wedding will be also described as a changing event with several components that can significantly affect the course of the wedding - especially the traditions, customs and roles and tasks of individual wedding actors associated with their wedding competences which have an economic character. Keywords: wedding, love, power, gender, tradition, wedding agency, financial capital

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