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"Blurring Gender": Negotiating Non-binary and Gender Non-conforming Identities in the Czech Republic
Lorca, Alexander ; Kolářová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Dvořáčková, Jana (referee)
The master's thesis "Blurring Gender": Negotiating Non-binary and Gender Non-conforming Identities in the Czech Republic operates within the field of Queer Studies. It focuses on the creation, articulation, negotiation and understanding of non-binary*, agender and gender nonconforming (GNC) Identities. An important aspect of the thesis is that it analyzes the understanding of these gender self-identifications through semi-structured interview with people who themselves identify as non-binary*, agender or gender nonconforming. Through this, the thesis lends a voice to people whose gender identity is not accepted by society. It is important to better understand and capture the complexities of negotiating and creating non- binariness. The main research questions are: How do non-binary* or gender nonconforming people from the Czech Republic formulate their identity? How do they enact their identity? What do non-binary/gender-nonconforming people from the Czech Republic prefer in public and in privacy? How do their GNC/non-binary identities affect their relationships? Using qualitative content analysis, the thesis attempts to penetrate into the meanings that non- binary/agender and GNC people describe in articulating their identities and uncover/name the oppressive forces they face in everyday life....
The awareness of harmful effects of using tobacco products and experience with their usage among pupils of lower secondary stage of selected elementary schools.
Kolářová, Kateřina ; Váchová, Alena (advisor) ; Hanušová, Jaroslava (referee)
The thesis called "The awareness of harmful effects of using tobacco products and experience with their usage among pupils of lower secondary stage of selected elementary schools." is divided into three parts. The theoretical part is devoted to the origin of tobacco products and their chemical composition. It describes the effect of toxic substances contained in tobacco smoke on the human body, characterizes the diseases that are associated with the use of these products, explains the harm of passive smoking, and lists the legislative measures introduced in this area. It also deals with the emergence and treatment of addiction, the use of tobacco by children of older school age and describes preventive measures that appear in Czech schools. In the practical part, it presents the results of quantitative research with 198 respondents, in two elementary schools in the Karlovy Vary region. The target group consisted of pupils of the sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth grades. The results of the research showed that the awareness of these pupils is at a very high level, but some awareness needs to be brought closer to the pupils - especially in the section of diseases caused using tobacco products, legislative measures and in the section of chemical composition of products. The survey also shows that 45,9...
Folk songs from the thematic viewpoint
KOLÁŘOVÁ, Kateřina
The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to provide a detailed overview about topics which occur in Czech folk songs. The basis for constructing conclusions is the analysis of songs present in Jindřich's reworked edition of a collection Nápěvy písní národních v Čechách, authored by a poet Karel Jaromír Erben and a composer J. P. Michael Martinovský. The practical part is preceded by a theoretical part, in which basic findings about the problematics of folk culture, more closely focusing on folk song, are formulated.
Teachers' approach to problematic students and solving problematic situations
KOLÁŘOVÁ, Kateřina
The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to investigate teachers' approaches to problematic students, whose behaviour may be caused by personal obstacles, suffering, difficulties, or a feeling of insecurity. The bachelor thesis has two parts, theoretical and practical. The theoretical part of the thesis deals with discipline, morality, respect, and authority of students towards teachers. Furthermore, the theoretical part includes aspects that can influence an individual's behaviour. The practical part is devoted to qualitative research, where a semi-structured interview is used to collect data. Interview informants are primary school and junior grammar school teachers. The questions in the interviews are aimed at teachers' experiences with problematic pupils and solutions to problematic situations.
A Strange Affection: Gender, Race, and Interspecies Relations in Francis Ratcliffe's Australian Travelogue
Thompson, Faolan ; Lorenz - Meyer, Dagmar (advisor) ; Kolářová, Kateřina (referee)
Faolan Thompson A Strange Affection: Gender, Race, and Interspecies Relations in Francis Ratcliffe's Australian Travelogue Abstract Settler colonialism by the early twentieth century reshaped the Australian landscape, through which English ecologist and future conservationist Francis Ratcliffe (1904-1970) traveled in the name of scientific and economic evaluation. His travelogue Flying Fox and Drifting Sand (1947) detailed his stories of studying fruit bats (flying foxes) in less-densely-settled areas and provided a glimpse of settler life in the outback. Through close reading of this text, this thesis analyzes his interspecies approach to ecology; how race and gender frame those interspecies relations; his affective relationship and attentiveness to the animals and environment, and how travelogue opened possibilities for differential conceptions of epistemology, embodiment, science, and nature. The thesis investigates how intra-active and response-able approaches to nature can be read in historical accounts of scientific exploration. His relationships to white settler Australians and interest in conservation develop through intersecting stories of masculinity, colonialism, objectivity, animality, and race to offer a nuanced subject position in his travel narrative. Key words: Australia, gender, race,...
"Having a packed bag before I tell it my own parents": analysis of lived experience of a selected group of LGBTQ migrants in the Czech Republic
Brunerová, Tereza ; Ezzeddine, Petra (advisor) ; Kolářová, Kateřina (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with queer migration in connection with the position of LGBTQ migrants in the Czech Republic. Through feminist qualitative research based on in-depth interviews with a selected group of eight LGBTQ migrants living in the Czech Republic, this work examines how participants negotiate their sexual orientation, gender identity before, during and after the migration process. The aim of this work is to analyze their individual lived experiences with queer migration, i.e., how they define and highlight their specific position of LGBTQ migrants and construct ideas about their social status in the country of origin and the host country. In connection with this topic, the work also tries to underline the need to perceive migration from an intersectional perspective, to point out the specific position of LGBTQ migrants, to draw attention to possible challenges they face due to their migration status and sexual orientation or gender identity, and to reflect the LGBTQ conditions in their country of origin in compare with the Czech Republic and its LGBTQ (un)friendly environment. Keywords queer, migration, LGBTQ, sexual orientation, gender identity, non-government organization
The Men's Movement in Post-Soviet Russia
Sharko, Lyudmila ; Lorenz - Meyer, Dagmar (advisor) ; Kolářová, Kateřina (referee)
This thesis examines the men's movement in post-Soviet Russia - the first grass-root gender-based movement of men and a social phenomenon unique for the whole post-Soviet area that emerged in Russia in 2000. The social phenomenon was studied by the method of non-participant remote ethnography, involving multi-year observation of online activity of the Russian men's community, using the theoretical framework, built on R. Connell's masculinity theory and the Russian and Western academic sources. The online texts and video narratives of the research sample were analyzed focusing on the social and economic reasons for this men's movement beginning and the evolution of their cause from anti-feminist backlash to a more progressive and gender-sensitive one over the 2000-2021 period of existence. The liberal wing of the Russian Men's Movement, the Egalitarian Men's Movement, undergoes special scrutiny to determine whether it signifies that progressive trend in the Russian masculinity transformation. The research project provides insight into the controversial views of the Russian men on feminism and the social role of women, as well as into the ways the Russian men construct, perform and contest their masculinities with all the contradictions and inconsistencies that this process may involve. Keywords:...
The Flexible Gender Discourse on LGBT Identities in Turkey: A Critical Discourse Analysis
Kurtar, Nur Gülşah ; Kolářová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Helman, Ivy Ann (referee)
How has the image of Turkish queer changed from something that should be protected to something that is alien and dangerous in the period of the AKP (Adalet ve Kalkınma Partisi/Justice and Development Party) government? In other words, how have LGBT people been portrayed by the AKP representatives in the last 20 years? How has LGBT community become alien and dangerous? How has the AKP government explained this shift in their gender discourse on LGBT identities? Eventually, who is responsible for the protection of LGBT people or for the protection of the nation? This thesis aims to investigate the gender discourse of the current government of Turkey by answering these research questions. The particular focus of the research is on the political approach of the AKP government regarding LGBT rights and freedoms on the basis of the governmental strategies of the foreign policy, specifically of the European Union accession process. In other words, relating the domestic gender discourse to the foreign policy, I aim to analyze the approach of the most powerful elites of Turkey in the last 20 years with regards to LGBT rights and freedoms. In order to reveal power and inequalities, I use critical discourse analysis focusing on the language of the AKP representatives and their rhetoric about the LGBT issues...
Polyvinylpyrrolidone coating for nanodiamond stabilization in saline solution and silver nanoparticle decoration
Kolářová, Kateřina ; Miliaieva, Daria ; Stehlík, Štěpán
This work presents use of polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) for multipurpose coating of oxidized high-pressure high-temperature and detonation nanodiamonds. This simple way of nanodiamonds surface modification aims to improve their colloidal stability in biological environments and reduce their proneness to agglomeration. PVP immobilized on nanodiamond surface also provides for nanodiamond-supported AgNPs preparation by in situ synthesis using AgNO3 as a metallic nanoparticles precursor. Dynamic light scattering (DLS) and UV-vis spectroscopy were used for evaluation of nanoparticles size distribution and dispersibility in water and after exposition of nanoparticles in saline solution. Images acquired by scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscope validate the possibility of binding ~ 10 nm AgNPs to nanodiamonds surface.

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