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Multilateralism in Mali. The French presidential discourse 2012-2022
Holotová, Olga ; Tomalová, Eliška (advisor) ; Weiss, Tomáš (referee)
1 Abstract This master's thesis examines the stance of two French presidents towards a multilateral solution to the Malian crisis between 2012 and 2022. Specifically, it examines the presidential term of François Hollande and the first presidential term of Emmanuel Macron. This corresponds to the culmination of the Malian crisis, followed by the launch of Operation Serval, and the decision to withdraw French troops from Mali. The research focuses on presidential discourse in the form of 46 selected presidential speeches related to African policy towards Mali. Based on the characteristics of the French political system, the French president is a key actor in foreign policy, and his discourse therefore represents a relevant resource for examining the French stance towards multilateral cooperation in resolving the Malian crisis and the French position in its framework. From a methodological point of view, the thesis is a case study consisting of two cases of the two presidential terms mentioned above. Both presidential discourses are analysed using the method of critical discourse analysis. By identifying the key discursive elements referring to unilateral or multilateral perceptions of the French presence in Mali, the thesis defines the prevailing framework of the discourse of the two presidents and thus also...
Politicising EU Leadership Selection: Explaining the Success and Failure of the Spitzenkandidaten Procedure from the perspective of Postfunctionalism
Graf, Nikolaus Amadeus Ferdinand Maria ; Weiss, Tomáš (advisor) ; Shaev, Brian (referee)
EN With the changes in the Lisbon treaty, the party groups of the European Parliament unilaterally introduced the Spitzenkandidaten procedure, nominating lead candidates for the office of the President of the European Commission for the European elections of 2014. After its arguable success in 2014, when Jean-Claude Juncker became President of the Commission, the procedure then failed in 2019, when the national leaders in the European Council selected Ursula von der Leyen as Commission President. She had not stood as a lead candidate of her party family during the election. Considering the circumstances, the following question presents itself: Why did the Spitzenkandidaten procedure seemingly fail in 2019, when it was already successful in 2014? This thesis attempts to answer this question by formulating an argument on the basis of Postfunctionalism that domestic politicisation of the topic lead to constraining dissensus at the EU level, which resulted in the rejection of the Spitzenkandidaten procedure. The thesis tests the existence of domestic politicisation on the basis of discourse analysis of the election campaigns of significant political actors in France during the European elections of 2014 and 2019. The analysis results in the conclusion that there was no significant politicisation of...
Small state capacity building with an agency of the European Union: The case of the Czech Republic and the European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA)
Halaška, Tomáš ; Weiss, Tomáš (advisor) ; Šlosarčík, Ivo (referee)
The main goal of this master's thesis is to discover why states are keen on acquiring an agency of the European Union from a perspective of the states' administration's approach towards the agency and its domain after acquiring it. This phenomenon is presented by an interpretative case study of the Czech Republic and the European GNSS Agency (GSA) obtained in 2012 and its expansion to the Agency of the European Union for the Space Programme (EUSPA) in 2021. The thesis verifies how are the three main motivations why a state wants an EU agency - prestige, economic potential, and quality and reputation enhancement of the given area - manifested in practice in the case of the approach of the Czech Republic towards the space sector. The verification is conducted through the operationalization of three scenarios based on the motivations. The data were collected from public sources and from fourteen semi-structured interviews with representatives of different space-related spheres.The research has shown that the approach of the Czech administration towards the space sector has been growing thanks to acquiring the seat of the GSA in 2010, obtaining membership in the European Space Agency in 2008, and appointing the Ministry of Transport as the main coordinator of national space activities in 2011. State...
Europeanization of the non-profit sector in the Czech Republic: NGOs dealing with the integration of children from institutional care
Gillarová, Irena ; Váška, Jan (advisor) ; Weiss, Tomáš (referee)
In the international arena, European integration and globalization are becoming increasingly significant trends to which the Czech Republic must adapt by creating new international and supranational institutional and organizational structures. The Czech Republic's accession to the European Union and the process of Europeanization have opened up new opportunities and challenges for NGOs, which play a significant role in the participation of civil society in the European space. However, although Europeanization puts pressure on the political systems of EU member states, it is still unclear whether there is convergence between the member states, as empirical studies suggest that domestic changes tend to use alternative mechanisms. This diplomathesis deals with the impact of Europeanization on non-govermental organizations (NGOs) focused on integrating children from institutional care into society. The thesis explores the challenges and opportunities that arise with European integration for these actors and seeks to determine whether accessing EU funds provides sufficient motivation for the examined NPOs to Europeanize. The aim of the thesis is to examine changes in the structure, practices, and strategic planning of NPOs in order to gain insights into whether these organizations can adapt their...
The role of development agencies in EU development cooperation in Vietnam: Challenges and Opportunities
Hoang, Le Phuong Thao ; Warnecke, Andrea (advisor) ; Weiss, Tomáš (referee)
This thesis examines how political vision of the EU Vietnam partnership is constructed by the Vietnamese government through the media coverage of the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement ( PCA and the European Union Vietnam Free Trade Agreement ( EVFTA )). It aims to contribute to the literature by drawing a connection between Vietnam's political vision about its partnership with the EU and the coverage of those two agreements in the media through a discourse analysis of a wide range of data from various news agencies and organizations. The thesis uses Goffman 's theory of frame analysis to identify the main discourse and language used in the media coverage. The findings of this thesis provide a useful contribution to the literature on the topic and suggest possible directions for further research.
The effect of moisture on the surface strength of sandstone rock outcrops
Fraňková, Kateřina-Alexandra ; Weiss, Tomáš (advisor) ; Bruthans, Jiří (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to evaluate the influence of moisture on the tensile strength of sandstone rock outcrops and also to evaluate the possible influence of man on the erosion of sandstone rocks, especially by climbing activities, by means of a research study and specific examples from my own and non-own researches. Just a few studies have so far addressed the effect of moisture on the tensile strength of sandstone, and although the results of these studies generally suggest that the tensile strength of sandstone rock outcrops decreases with increasing moisture, there are differences depending on the specifics of the selected study areas. It would therefore be interesting to do a study that names and evaluates the possible aspects influencing this dependence. In my thesis I have evaluated studies carried out using different methodologies, which are described in a separate chapter. The results of the studies show that the tensile strength does indeed decrease with increasing moisture content, but the degree of decrease depends mainly on the mineralogical composition of the rock. The tensile strength of rocks with a high clay or organic content will decrease significantly more with increasing moisture than the tensile strength of rocks with a high quartz content. I have also reviewed several...
The influence of evapotranspiration on the groundwater of floodplain forests: Libický luh
Vašková, Hana ; Weiss, Tomáš (advisor) ; Slavík, Martin (referee)
The recherche part of this bachelor thesis deals with evapotranspiration from floodplain forests and its influence on the depth of the groundwater level and mineralization of groundwater. As floodplain forests in the Czech Republic are represented only in smaller fragments, there is a mention of the effect of mineralization on plants. The thesis describes the principle and use of stable isotopes in hydrogeology and the comprehensive characteristics of the area of interest of the experimental part, the Libický luh National Nature Reserve. The experimental part includes the observation of the level, conductivity, temperature, pH, and determination of the isotopic composition of the underground and surface water in Libický luh, where high mineralization of the groundwater was previously detected. The thesis discusses the effect of evapotranspiration on the content of dissolved substances in the water in Libický luh as a possible cause of this phenomenon. It was found that as the temperature rises, the groundwater level drops, and that mineralization remains relatively constant throughout the year. The drop in the groundwater level is evidently caused by intensive evapotranspiration from the floodplain forest during the growing season. However, longer time series of conductivity or hydrochemical...
Labour mobility: an emerging trend of intra-EU workforce migration to Central and Eastern European countries from the Western member states
Medal, Ondřej ; Šlosarčík, Ivo (advisor) ; Weiss, Tomáš (referee)
1 Abstract Intra-EU labour mobility is perceived as one of the key advantages of the European common market. Most research thus far has focused on East-West flows of the workforce, whilst the reverse course remained almost unseen. Thus, this thesis aimed to evaluate the migrating workforce from EU-15 to CEE, which was demonstrated in the example of the Czech Republic. With the testing of Wallerstein's world-system theory and the push and pull migration factors, the thesis examined employment features of the EU-15 nationals, their labour mobility drivers, and the concept of Prague as a global city. The empirical data were gathered from EU databases of intra-EU mobility, Czech national statistics, and a structured survey of EU-15 nationals residing in the Czech Republic. The survey gathered 177 answers with results of a confidence level of 95% that the actual value is within 10% of the measured value. The research outcomes were then used for elaborating on the core-periphery dynamics and the West-East dichotomy. Overall, the findings suggest that this trend is emerging as the number of EU-15 nationals in the Czech Republic has risen by 212,13% since 1994. Moreover, it consists largely of knowledge workers, as almost three out of every four people have completed tertiary education. The most determining labour...
Presidency of a Big and Small State: the French and Czech Presidencies of the Council of the European Union in 2022 on the Example of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive
Šedinová, Anna ; Weiss, Tomáš (advisor) ; Šlosarčík, Ivo (referee)
This master thesis compares the presidencies of a big state (France) and a small state (the Czech Republic) in the Council of the European Union in 2022, using the negotiation of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive as an example. It describes the differences and similarities in the negotiations of the two presidencies at the level of the Energy Working Group. The thesis verifies whether the influence of the size of the state on the following five parameters of the presidency was visible during the presidency: overall objectives, expertise and personnel, strategic, communication, cooperation and legislative. It is a case study of two presidencies of the Council of the European Union and their comparison. A qualitative method was used, namely semi-structured interviews with actors from both presidencies. These were analysed and then the individual parameters were compared. The research found that to a large extent the presidencies were similar in their functioning and work, but differences were also found. France, as a big state, had a greater expert capacity and a more time-consuming administrative burden in terms of the need to consult headquarters. Therefore, it was not as flexible and reactive in its communication; the presidency could be classified as a capital-based model. The Czech...

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