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The effect of impurities on the interface cohesion in multilayers in transition metal nitrides
Češka, Jakub ; Zelený, Martin (referee) ; Černý, Miroslav (advisor)
This work deals with the study of transtition metal nitride multilayers using first-principles calculations. Objects of this study are three particular systems AlN / TiN, AlN / VN and TiN / VN. Studied systems are in the B1 structure with an interface along the (001) plane. The main goal is to unravel the effect of impurity on cohesion in these multilayers. The impurity in question is a substitutional O atom replacing N in the lattice. Preferred positions of these substitutions are predicted for three different concentrations of substitution impurity. These predictions are based on the energy balance of substitutions in different positions. Resulting preferred positions within the multilayer may differ depending on the oxygen concentration. In most cases, the preferred position is at the interface between the two nitrides. For such systems with oxygen impurity in the preferred position a cleavage energy along several (001) planes is calculated. The effect of the impurity on the value of cleavage energy depends on its concentration. In the case of AlN / TiN multilayer, a suitable concentration of the impurity may increase the cleavage energy of the weakest link in multilayer compared to clean multilayer. In other cases the presence of impurity either causes a decrease in the cleavage energy or does not significantly affect its value.
Electronic structure and mechanical properties of interfaces in solids
Češka, Jakub ; Šesták, Petr (referee) ; Černý, Miroslav (advisor)
In this work I focus on a theoretical study of the properties of transition metal nitrides (TiN, AlN and VN in the rock-salt structure). In addition to the nitrides themselves, I focus on the interface in systems of multilayers consisting of pairs of these nitrides. For nitrides, I predict the lattice parameter and cleavage energy using ab initio calculations. For the interface, the main goal is to predict the cleavage energy of the interface and to predict the influence that an atom substituted in one of layers on the interface has on the value of cleavage energy. According to the calculations performed, an oxygen atom substituted in the interface has a significant influence on the value of cleavage energy. The value of cleavage energy for the interface with an oxygen atom differs significantly from that for the pure interface. Whether there was a decrease or an increase depended on which of the layers at the interface the oxygen atom was substituted in.
Cultural memory and urban space of Vršovice
Sekyra, Daniel ; Řehořová, Irena (advisor) ; Češka, Jakub (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with cultural memory and urban space in the Vršovice district of Prague. The work is devoted to Vršovice as a whole, it presents Old and New Vršovice, including individual selected places. Vršovice developed mainly in the 50s and 60s of the 20th century, when new housing estates were created in Prague and urban space planning was in full swing after the war years. The work deals with the topic of memory and how this phenomenon manifests itself in culture and history. It follows several important places and buildings that have played a significant role in cultural memory and in building the identity of the inhabitants, and how these places have been affected by time and changes in society. It also tracks how big the changes were and how these places changed physically. It is mainly concentrated in the area of New Vršovice. The main reason is the greater dynamics of changes in this area. Another reason is the fact that the area of Old Vršovice has already been the subject of many studies and book titles. In this direction, New Vršovice is still a bit behind, and I would like to contribute to the study of New Vršovice. Urban space is, together with cultural memory, the main topic of this work. Cultural memory is a relatively new scientific method to help us understand these...
The limits of autobiography in Nebe nemá dno
Svobodová, Lucie ; Češka, Jakub (advisor) ; Fulka, Josef (referee)
This thesis, The limits of autobiography in Nebe nemá dno, explores the limits of the genre of autobiography, using the novel by Hana Androniková as an example. Using selected examples, it attempts to capture the motifs and references in which this novel transcends the defined conception of the autobiographical genre and thus stands on its borderline. Theoretical concepts dealing with the limits of the autobiographical genre and its contradictions is applied to this text. In its next part, this thesis follows selected story lines and contrasts them with real events in the author's life. The records and testimonies of the author herself, as well as those of her family and close friends, are also important material for this research.
The King of Sarcasm: Analysis of Chandler Bing's Humorous Utterances in the TV series Friends
Šilhanová, Anna ; Doležalová, Lucie (advisor) ; Češka, Jakub (referee)
This thesis is focused on the analysis of the humorous lines of Chandler Bing from the series Friends (1994-2004). Specifically, it aims to find out how defensible the comedic typification of this character as the "King of Sarcasm" is, i.e., whether sarcasm can really be considered the dominant strategy of Chandler's verbal humor. However, sarcasm is a concept with an ambiguous definition, and for any further investigation it is always necessary to specify how the researcher understands it. Therefore, the work first focuses on summarizing current research in the field of sarcasm, i.e. how different authors define it, especially in relation to irony. The output from the theoretical part of the work consists of two important points: in the discussion of irony, it is the adoption of the theory of contextual inappropriateness, as presented by American linguist Salvatore Attardo. When it comes to the definition of sarcasm, an approach that strictly separates pure sarcasm from irony is defended, following the texts of Polish linguists Marta Dynel and Anna Muszynska. Sarcasm as a category includes non-ironic utterances of a critical, offensive nature, which are at the same time characterized by a certain linguistic or conceptual ingenuity. The subsequent analysis of selected Chandler's humorous utterances...

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