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The Economy of the Selected Municipality
Fousek, Ondřej ; Zahradník, Petr (referee) ; Pernica, Martin (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the regional authority, namely the township. This thesis will be closely focused on investment plan of the township in the years 2009 - 2013. The practical part describes the township Pecka in general terms but also the financial situation of the township is considered. The center of the bachelor thesis is the investment plan of the building observatory in Krkonošská view, financial part of the project and possible impact on the implementation of this project to management of the township.
Evaluation of the Voluntary Association of Municipalities Financing
Kostková, Naděžda ; Zahradník, Petr (referee) ; Lajtkepová, Eva (advisor)
The bachelor thesis is aimed at the financing of the voluntary association of municipalities. The theoretical section outlines the budget system and basic concepts, budget incomes and expenses. The practical section of this work deals with analysis of incomes and expenses of budget of the voluntary association of municipalities Region MTJ. There is analyse the progress and structure of budget incomes and expenses, evaluated the management of the voluntary association of municipalities.
Promotion of the study programme English in Electrical Engineering and Informatics by means of leaflets: language of advertising in practice
Zahradník, Petr ; Haupt, Jaromír (referee) ; Mihai, Hana (advisor)
Hlavním cílem této semestrální práce je představit typické prvky reklamního diskurzu, poskytnout informace nutné ke klasifikaci různých druhů reklamního sdělení a také krátce představit studijní obor Angličtina v elektrotechnice a informatice. V první části této práce jsou uvedeny základní jazykové principy v rámci reklamního diskurzu. Důraz je kladen zejména na větnou skladbu, tvarosloví a slovní zásobu. Další část práce pojednává o reklamě jako takové. Tato část se zaobírá klasifikací reklamy na základě různých faktorů, ale také tím, jaký má reklama dopad na sociální a ekonomické struktury současného světa. Poslední dvě kapitoly popisují studijní obor Angličtina v elektrotechnice a informatice.
Incidence of pes planovalgus in young school-aged children with anamnesis of developmental dysplasia of the hip
Buzková, Tereza ; Nováková, Pavlína (advisor) ; Zahradník, Petr (referee)
This diploma thesis researches the relationship between developmental dysplasia of the hips in the anamnesis and the occurrence of pes planovalgus in young school-aged children. The first two chapters of the theoretical part of the thesis provide a summary of information about developmental dysplasia of the hip joints and pes planovalgus, which are essential for comprehending the entire issue. The subsequent chapter extensively examines the connection between these conditions, bringing together and expanding knowledge about the factors that support the potential relationship between developmental hip dysplasia and pes planovalgus. Specifically, it highlights the significance of increased femoral neck anteversion and generalized joint hypermobility. The potential impact of gender is also discussed. The theoretical part concludes with a discussion of physiotherapeutic methods used in treating developmental dysplasia of the hip joints and pes planovalgus. The practical part of the thesis is based on data collected using a specially designed non- standardized protocol comprising various standardized tests. The results were subjected to statistical analysis. The study included a total of 40 children of younger school age, ranging from 6 to 12 years. Half of the participants had an anamnesis of...
Options Valuation: The Discrete case
Šiklová, Renata ; Zahradník, Petr (advisor) ; Dostál, Petr (referee)
In this work we will get familiarized with a discrete valuation of options. A power- ful and widely applicable numerical method known as the binomial model will be established. Starting with a basic economic idea of non-arbitrage principle we build a risk-neutral world and develop the binomial model for call options. The general binomial model is extended into a trinomial model and there are several parame- terizations that are actually used in practice, provided for both of them. Great emphasis is also focused on a theoretical background. The theoretical knowledge, that will be introduced here in the discrete world, one can regard as basis for con- tinues models. The consequences of probability theory and risk-neutral valuation appear in the valuation of American options. There are three ultimate goals of this work: construction of the model itself, its implementation and an overview of the theoretical background. 1
Casuistry of patient after amputation above knee
Zahradník, Petr ; Holubářová, Jiřina (advisor) ; Hulvová, Petra (referee)
Title of thesis: Casuistry of patient after amputation above knee Abstract: General part of this thesis includes definition, causes and potential complication, which can occur after the amputations. It also includes possibilities of rehabilitation and physiotherapy for the diagnosis. The content of special part is detailed casuistry of patient, who has been rehabilitated in rehabilitative facility for walking-school and backaches. Keywords: amputation, stub, walking-school, backaches
Objectification of the effect of physiotherapy on the activation of the abdominal wall in patients with chronic low back pain
Hoffmannová, Barbora ; Kobesová, Alena (advisor) ; Zahradník, Petr (referee)
This bachelor thesis in the form of research deals with the issue of vertebrogenic lumbar spine syndrome, its formation, examination and therapy and possibilities of objectification of therapy. The theoretical resumes the present knowledge of motor control, postural functions, spinal stabilization system and vertebrogenic lumbar spine syndrome. It also provides possibilities for therapeutic influence and objectifying physiotherapy. The thesis also presents two case studies of vertebrogenic lumbar spine syndrome, which were examined with a new Ohm belt device that measures the strength of postural stabilization and abdominal wall activity. The parameters of spinal stabilization and the amount of activation of the abdominal wall were measured before and after treatment, and the results were compared. The subjective effect of therapy was evaluated by a standardized Oswestry questionnaire assessing pain and disability. Measurement results in both patients in increased activation of the abdominal wall after therapeutic intervention. The result correlates with the subjective perception of therapy of reducing pain and alleviating disability in both patients. Keywords vertebrogenic lumbar spine syndrome, spinal stabilization, objectification of therapy, Ohm belt, Oswestry questionnaire
Discrete versions of continuous financial models
Graeber, Jiří ; Hurt, Jan (advisor) ; Zahradník, Petr (referee)
This thesis studies the continuous-time financial models and their discrete versions, used for simulations and parameters estimations. Firstly, various stock price development and interest rates models are introduced. As a result of their uncertain future dynamics, these are defined as continuous-time stochastic processes. Secondly, a summary of discrete versions of continuous-time models, formed by Euler and Milstein discretization schemes, i.e. two most frequent ways of approximating a time-continuous stochastic process, is looked at. According to these discrete versions, simulations with different parameters are conducted in the third part of the thesis in order to illustrate individual behaviour of these models. In the conclusion, a comparison of a unique trajectory specified by the real data of one year interest rates swaps and of the simulations of Vasicek and Cox-Ingersoll-Ross model with parameters estimated from the real data is shown.
Evaluation of surgical treatment of hip joint with diagnosis of femoroacetabular impingement syndrom.
Zahradník, Petr ; Otáhal, Jakub (advisor) ; Chládek, Petr (referee)
Title: The evaluation of surgical treatment of the hip in the diagnosis of femor- acetabular impingement syndrome. Objectives: The main objective of this work is to evaluate the effect of the surgery of the hip in diagnosis of femor-acetabular hip impingement. Methods: In our work we have cooperated with 103 patients who have been operated on hip with the diagnosis of femor-acetabular hip impingement (FAI). We used standardized questionnaires of WOMAC and NAHS, which assesses functional self- care, limitations in motion and painfulness. Patients completed questionnaires twice. For the first time before surgery and second time at least one year after the surgery. The specimens of questionnaire are attached in the Annex. Results: We found out that postoperative condition is significantly different from the preoperative state in terms of improved self-care, increased range of motion and reduction of painfulness. Keywords: Femor-acetabular impingement, hip surgery, WOMAC, NAHS
Spectral risk measures in portfolio selection problems
Štefánik, Martin ; Kopa, Miloš (advisor) ; Zahradník, Petr (referee)
This thesis examines spectral risk measures. Spectral risk measures, as a subset of coherent risk measures, satisfy all the crucial and reasonable properties that a risk measure should have. A specific characteristic of a spectral risk measure is that it makes it possible for an investor to quantify the risk that arises due to holding a selected group of assets based on his or her personal attitude towards risk. The aim of this bachelor thesis is to discuss the properties of spectral measures of risk and their relations to commonly known measures of risk, but primarily to scrutinize its utilization in the portfolio selection problem. Based on monthly returns of stocks from chosen American stock exchanges we compute the optimal portfolios of stock indices for different risk aversion functions, and consequently we make an analysis of the results. Powered by TCPDF (

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