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Conductivity of carbon materials for alternative energy sources
Tichý, J. ; Novák, V. ; Barath, Peter
Object of this work was prepared electrodes with carbon materials and investigate their electrical properties.

Analysis of social services for seniors in the Czech Republic during the years 2007 - 2015
Fialová, Tereza ; Prudká, Šárka (advisor) ; Kotýnková, Magdalena (referee)
This thesis focuses on the theme of social services for the elderly and its development since 2007 to 2015. The goal is to describe the development of social services in the Czech Republic, in the regions of the Czech Republic and comparison between them. The Bachelor thesis also has the goal of informing about the current situation and future predictions. The theoretical part deals with the definition of social inclusion services within social policy. An integral part is the description of the basic forms of social services, social service providers and legislative and financial framework for social services in the Czech Republic. The method used in this part is the literature research focused on characteristics of social policies, particularly on social services. The empirical part follows information from theoretical part. The research is focused on the Czech Republic as a whole and then goes into exploring the specifics of individual regions and their comparison. Here, the methods used are: analysis of the existing system of social services and regional comparison. The data sources are mainly from Czech Statistical Office and Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. The result of my investigation is the confirmation of the need for social services in the lives of seniors. The goal of this thesis is to highlight the current systemic shortcomings of providing and funding of social services, mainly because of increased number of seniors in Czech Republic.

Design of methodology of administration and management of issues and its application in chosen organisation
Holub, Adam ; Stanovská, Iva (advisor) ; Novák, Tomáš (referee)
This thesis is focused on design methodology of administration and management of issues, using issue-tracking system. The objective is to create such methodology and deploy it to specific organization. During methodology creation, there were used best practices, acquired from source thesis and authors experiences. In theoretical part of thesis are described approaches, witch is this thesis based on. Then thesis describes what issue-tracking system is and lists mostly used issue-tracking systems. In practical part, the methodology itself is created. At first, target group is described. Then, types of issuse and roles used in issue-tracking system are described. Then is described, how to create lifecycle of issue and how to handle with its attributes. Last part is focused on data reporting from issue-tracking system. Last chapter of practical part describes how to implement methodology to issue-tracking system JIRA.

Analysis and design of intranet structure
Novák, Miroslav ; Pour, Jan (advisor) ; Šedivá, Zuzana (referee)
Nowadays, Intranet is an inseparable part of every company, notwithstanding of their size or field of activity. Both, in my work and personal life, I often come across different intranets that usually do not get a positive response. But they usually have the same source of the problem, which is based on their wrong structure. This is why is chose this topic for my thesis. The goal of my thesis is to perform an analysis of an existing intranet of a particular company and subsequently create a design of the intranet new structure using the card-sorting method. This thesis primarily represents a generalized method of how to proceed during such realization and which areas to look into. Theoretical part of this thesis covers the topics of information architecture and also the term intranet itself, where the most frequent issues I came across in the intranets are pointed out. Practical part covers the analysis itself, where I focus on the structure of the existing intranet, categorization of its content, connections with other systems, customization, permission management, surveys of contentment, and intranet usage. The analysis is performed manually by scanning through the existing intranet of the company, since other methods or approaches could not be applied due to technical limitations or insufficient permis-sions. Based on the outputs of the analysis, web categorizations and the card-sorting method, a design of a structure of the new intranet has been proposed. The design itself is a demonstration of the method how to approach the new intranet design.

Serverless single page application in JavaScript
Zikmund, Marian ; Pecinovský, Rudolf (advisor) ; Suchan, Vladimír (referee)
The goal of this thesis is to design and develop a framework for building modern single- page application in the JavaScript programming language and describe this approach to development. The work also contains the documentation for a more comfortable use and customization. The content is divided into eight chapters. The introduction is followed by the retrieval of information resources, including the specifics of the JavaScript programming language and explanation of the formation of single-page application. The description of the basic principles of their functioning, motivation and justification, when and why this approach is appropriate is also included. The work is primarily focused on the issue of single-page application, for which the use of the JavaScript programming language is crucial. For this reason, this work provides a whole chapter about this programming language, also including a description of its history and role in the context of others. Below are the common characteristics of single-page applications frameworks, built on top of the library ReactJS, whose formation is engaged in the following chapter. The developed framework also contains the user guide. The practical outcome of this work is an open source framework for creating serverless single-page applications, which is due to its architecture and documentation appropriately adaptable.

Internal equity principle in the context of company strategy
Kopecký, Martin ; Nový, Ivan (advisor) ; Háša, Stanislav (referee) ; Blažek, Ladislav (referee)
The thesis deals with the scientific problem of the link between the strategic management and the compensation system using the principle of internal equity. The work is based on two pillars, namely the qualitative research and own proposed solution. The first part of the thesis describes the qualitative research and the possibilities and the synergistic effects of linking business strategy and compensation system. The qualitative research is performed as a multi-case study and investigates the phenomenon in the practice of three companies from various markets (the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Bosnia and Hercegovina) and industries (finance, IT/Telco and FMCG). The research tries to find answers to the four research questions: How does business strategy influence compensation process? How can compensation support the realization of a business strategy? How can business strategy be linked with a compensation system within the principle of internal equity? How can compensation reinforce the strategic function of the human resources management? The research is based on the study of theoretical sources as well as on practical fieldwork. The qualitative research itself uses qualitative research methods for data collection, such as observations, questionnaires, and document analysis. The population questioned was top managers, line managers and representatives of HR department. In total, 142 interviews were performed by a single person. The collected data were analyzed and the triangulation was applied. The findings were summarized and generalized into a final report that brings answers to the research questions above. The research brings valuable findings used in the second, design part of the thesis. The own proposed solution consists of two main models. The first one is a simplified scheme of the compensation system and the second one is a model of strategic segmentation of jobs. The first model could be used successfully in the business practice as well as in education. The second model of the strategic job segmentation brings answer to the question of synergistic linking of business strategy and the compensation system within the principle of internal equity. The model brings valuable findings and a foundation for further theoretical research and its further development. The model also brings practical solution to the design of related policies and processes in the strategic management of human resources. By the design of both proposed models the main objectives of the thesis were achieved.

Soft power in Russia's foreign policy
Annenkov, Roman ; Peterková, Jana (advisor) ; Zemanová, Štěpánka (referee)
Soft power is one of the most emphasized concepts of current international relations. Russia still plays a significant role, however, russian soft power still has its limits. This thesis studies particular sources of russian soft power and refers to its deficiencies.

Forms of advertising on social networks and consumer protection
Žďárský, Jiří ; Vavrečka, Jan (advisor) ; Štěpánek, Petr (referee)
The theme of this thesis are forms of advertising on social networks and consumer protection. The main informational source is above all research of specialized literature, articles, online or other sources in connection with author's own observations and analysis of the respective legislation and ultimately the comparison with author's gained professional experience. The result of this work is a comprehensive overview and introduction to the law of social networks and advertising, demonstration of the importance and significance of this topic and finally evaluation of the effectiveness of legislation that protects consumers in the environment of social networks.

The Use of Data Analytics in Internal and External Audit
Tecáková, Andrea ; Říhová, Zora (advisor) ; Kadochová, Lucie (referee)
Data Analytics is one of the fast-developing applications of IT in organizations worldwide. This Master's thesis examines data analytics in the context of internal and external audit. Principal aim of the thesis is to identify the opportunities for data analytics application in both audit disciplines. Secondary goal is to design a data-analytical procedure, apply it to actual business data and thus demonstrate the benefits of employing data analytics. The thesis builds on a summary of theoretical sources of the relevant area, followed by a survey conducted by the author. The survey maps current state of data analytics usage in both internal and external audit in the Czech Republic. The added value of this thesis is, apart from the identification of audit areas in which it is beneficial to use data analytics, the design of an analytical procedure and its application. Another benefit is the survey revealing current state of the art and the insights of interviewed auditors, pointing to both benefits and problems of data analytics application to the performance of the audit profession.

Comparison of Business Intelligence implementation using open source solutions for middle size companies
Schmidt, Róbert ; Maryška, Miloš (advisor) ; Sládek, Pavel (referee)
The main goal of master thesis is to analyze and propose possible low cost Business Intelligence solution with open source technologies and comparison of available tools for implementation in middle size company. We compare Pentaho and Jaspersoft tools implemented on local hardware and cloud environment with Microsoft Azure services. The theoretical part focuses mainly on understanding the business intelligence and its architecture, because architecture is an important part of the work. Actual tools are designed as stand alone modules for specific activities in the business intelligence lifecycle. Low cost tools are often connected with open source technologies and cloud computing. This part of the work contains explanation of these terms and their advantages and disadvantages for our chosen target group of companies. The analytical part includes defined parameters by which it is conducted analysis of tools and their comparison. Business Intelligence solutions are divided according to arcitectural layers. The evaluation criteria are divided into financial, technical and user category. In conclusion, chosen tools are compared and evaluated. The main contribution of this thesis is comparison of open source business intelligence tools for implementation in middle size company. According to the EU directive, middle size company does not exceed 250 employees or profit is less than 50 million euros. The reader can compare the different solutions and their pitfalls or shortcomings that could be critical for the implementation.