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Study of the effect of microbial degradation of lignin on its molecular weight
Fialová, Tereza ; Hudečková, Helena (referee) ; Kovalčík, Adriána (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the microbial degradation of lignin using wood-degrading fungi Fomitopsis pinicola and Lenzites betulina. In the first phase of the experimental part, media screening was carried out, the aim of which was to select the best media for fungal growth and production of ligninolytic enzymes. Based on the determination of activity, in the next step, the conditions for their production were optimized in selected media. As part of these experiments, the optimal concentration of lignin and glucose was selected for subsequent cultivations. Commercially available lignin was used as substrate. Based on the results of measured enzyme activities, Lenzites betulina was selected as the better producer. The most produced enzyme of this fungus was laccase, followed by manganese-dependent peroxidase and the least lignin peroxidase. Further experiments were performed only with L. betulina. In the next part of the experiment, lignin was characterized, and its properties compared before and after microbial degradation. Its molecular weight was determined by SEC-MALS and the change in structure by FTIR. The molecular weight of lignin decreased after cultivation and a change in its structure was also noted. The results show that the microbial degradation of lignin was successful.
The symbolism of the tree in the profane architecture around 1500
This master's thesis, entitled Symbol of the Tree in Profane Architecture around 1500, is based on the bachelor's thesis by Tereza Fialová. The bachelor thesis dealt with the so-called tree chamber in Bechně Castle and focused on unique naturalistic decorations. This thesis follows on from the previous research and takes an in-depth look at the phenomenon of astwerk and attempts to understand the preference for dissimilarity that it evokes. The thesis explains the theme of tree symbolism and the appearance of plant forms in profane architecture. The considerable of the text focuses on finding connections between the natural forms and classical architectural treatises. The these sis concluded with the list of monuments of Central European architecture around 1500 that used a naturalistically rendered tree with branches in various forms.
Cross-sectional study of selected legal regulations in the field of alcohol with a specific focus on the methanol case
Fialová Mikešová, Tereza ; Šejvl, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Rolová, Gabriela (referee)
Background: In 2012, there were massive poisonings with harmful alcohol laced with methanol throughout the Czech Republic. As a result of intoxications, not only death but also damage of health of various degrees occurred. The event, which directly endangered public health, brought new experience and, among other things, confirmed the thesis accepted in professional circles that no way of consuming alcohol is necessarily safe or even beneficial to health, which is why there is a need to change the approach to alcohol. Aim: The aim of the bachelor thesis was to briefly describe the development of selected legislative regulations aimed at reducing alcohol consumption on our territory from the establishment of the independent republic to the present day and to describe the procedure and measures applied by state administration authorities during methanol poisonings and the effects of this phenomenon on the further development of legislation in the context of the event. Methods: Content qualitative analysis of written materials was used. In the first place, suitable documents issued by state administration bodies, legal regulations published in the Collection of Laws and media communications were selected. The obtained data were subsequently subjected to a qualitative content analysis, on the basis of...
Population biology and ecology of Phyteuma orbiculare L.
Fialová, Tereza ; Münzbergová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Rybka, Vlastimil (referee)
Population biology and ecology of the species Phyteuma orbiculare L. Abstract This diploma's thesis deals with Phyteuma orbiculare L. (Round-headed Rampion) from family Campanulaceae. According to the law (MŽP ČR 395/1992 Sb.) the studied species is classified as a seriously endangered species of the Czech flora. Two of its distinguished subspecies (subsp. montanum and flexuosum) are on the Red list of vascular plant species (Procházka 2001) of critically endangered species. One of the outputs of this thesis are grid maps of all localities of the species in the following time intervals: until 1949, 1950 - 1989, 1990 - 1999 and 2000 - 2010. As information sources about location of P. orbiculare I used herbaria collections, literature, botanical databases, and Protected Landscape Area Administrative reports. Some data were obtained from botanical experts and some from my personal field-work. One of the main results of thesis is comparison of the distribution of historical and recent localities of the species. I studied chemical composition of soil, species composition and number of flowering plants amount of populations in 21 recent and 19 historical localities in Czech Republic. Recent localities are richer in species and poorer in nutritive substances than the historical localities. Number of flowering...
Biotechnological production of PHB using non-traditional carbon sources
Fialová, Tereza ; Pernicová, Iva (referee) ; Kovalčík, Adriána (advisor)
The bachelor thesis was focused on studying the possibilities of using waste rosehip byproducts obtained after the production of liqueurs as secondary carbon sources for the production of poly (3-hydroxybutyrate) (PHB). Cupriavidus necator was used for PHB biosynthesis. All cultures were run as submerged batch cultures in mineral media containing microelements in Erlenmeyer flasks for 72 hours. Rosehip oil obtained by hexane extraction from rosehip seeds and an enzymatic hydrolysate prepared from rosehip waste pulp were used as secondary carbon sources. After 72 hours of fermentation, yields showed that rosehip oil is a comparable carbon source to fructose for culturing of C. necator, in contrast to the enzymatic hydrolysate. Fermentation using 20 g / l rosehip oil produced 10.82 g / l biomass and 6.20 g / l PHB. This is about 21.6% more biomass and 13.1% more PHB than was received by fermentation using 20 g / l fructose. Fermentation of C. necator using an enzymatic hydrolysate with a reducing sugar concentration of 20 g / l gave only 2.92 g / l biomass and 0.12 g / l PHB. Even the combination of enzymatic hydrolysate with fructose did not prove satisfying yields for the production of PHB. Next, in liqueur, rosehip oil and enzymatic hydrolysate was also determined the content of total reducing sugars, phenolics, and total antioxidant activity. Moreover, the fatty acid profile and the content of dyes was determined in rosehip oil. The results showed that all selected rosehip products showed a significant range of total polyphenols (2.04 - 12.4 g GAE /l sample) and antioxidant activity (1.3 - 2.0 mmol TE /l sample).
Tree Chamber in the castle of Bechyně
The bachelor thesis deals with the space and decoration of the so-called Tree Chamber in the castle of Bechyně. The interest of Tereza Fialová is confined to the person of the builder Ladislav from Šternberk, who let the chamber present like an allusium of the natural environment. The unclear function of the uniquely conceived space is interpreted on the basis of comparison with the other areas of the settlements of the significant aristocratic families in the territory of southern Bohemia. Another part of the bachelor thesis is a material examination of the space, which results in the research of the preserved decoration, the analysis of the used material and the documentation of the stone stamps. Particular attention is given to the potential architect of the chamber, Wendel Roskopf, whose authorship is verified on the basis of an analysis of his life-work and artistic expression in connection with the decorative concept of the stone decoration. The bachelor thesis is closed by the definition of the theoretical sources of the naturalistic imitation of the natural motives in late Gothic sacral and profane architecture.
Global Terrorism and New Media: The Case Study of the Islamic State
Fialová, Tereza ; Lehmannová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Žáková, Gabriela (referee)
The diploma thesis Global Terrorism and New Media: The Case Study of the Islamic State examines the use of modern means of communication and technologies by global terrorists on the case of the terrorist organization Islamic State. The main hypothesis of this study is the claim that the Islamic State is using a very sophisticated communication strategy that, in combination with new technologies, allows its global scope. Through its propaganda methods, it tries not only to manipulate the audience and attract potential followers, but also demoralize and intimidate its enemies. The combination of two qualitative research methods, the case study and thematic analysis, enabled a more detailed examination of the Islamic State communication strategy and its propaganda messages in a selected data sample.
Use orthosis for adults with spastic upper extremity after stroke
Fialová, Tereza ; Rodová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Angerová, Yvona (referee)
The submitted diploma thesis shows overview of the problem using upper extremity orthoses for adult with spasticity after the stroke. The aim of the thesis is to explore possibilities of using orthoses at different stages of the spasticity development. The theoretical part includes main information about the important point from central motoneuron disorder, it means spasticity. There is information about materials, production, availability and usability in various types of orthoses. Main part of the theoretical section shows research studies and available literature, which interprets using kinds of orthoses in various time when the spasticity was developed. The theoretical part follows the practical part. In the practical part are demonstrated available possibilities of using orthoses for interference spasticity in the upper extremity. For the practical part were chosen three groups of patients and each group of patients represents one case study. In the thesis are represented patients in acute, subacute and chronic stadium after the stroke. In each stadium were used different kind of orthoses: neoprene brace for acute, static-progressive for subacute and static thermoplastic for the chronic stadium. The measurement neuromuscular parameters were conducted according to Five steps clinical...

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