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Image of the company ABC
Baier, Lukáš ; Nový, Ivan (advisor) ; Surynek, Alois (referee)
This diploma thesis is focused on the analysis of internal and external image of the company ABC. This firm has not wished to be specified. The main goal of this thesis was to analyze image of the company ABC operating on the logistics market in the Czech republic. This goal was fulfilled and according to the results, firm has a positive image from the employee and customer point of view. The reader can find final references in the application part of this thesis. First minor goal was to help reader to identify key points of this topic and extend his knowledge about the image of company. The reader can acquire broader information about mentioned topic in the theoretical part and following sections of this diploma thesis improve her/his ability related to the image of specific company. Second minor goal was to describe internal employee point of view and present it to the employer, company ABC. This goal was accomplished as there is a lot of important information and data included in the replies to the questionnaire. Third minor goal was to characterize Czech logistics market and define competitive companies based on the knowledge of employees and customers of the enterprise ABC. The company is considered as one of the main firms but is not the market leader. It was not possible to analyze customer point of view since the internal NPA file did not contain it or the data was incomplete. The author of this diploma thesis used own questionnaire and internal NPA file received by the company ABC to extract the results. He also used a combination of the literal transcription method and following cluster creating technique to construe the conclusions.
Effectiveness of marketing communications of BLAŽEK PRAHA a.s.
Balášová, Michaela ; Nový, Ivan (advisor) ; Khelerová, Vladimíra (referee)
This bachelor thesis (Effectiveness of marketing communications of BLAŽEK PRAHA a.s.) focuses on marketing communication of the company and determining its effectiveness, which was verified by means of questionnaire survey and its evaluation. The thesis is divided into 5 chapters, the theoretical part, the practical part, the conclusion, the used literature and attachments. The theoretical part is divided into 5 main chapters and the practical one into 4 chapters and into several subchapters. In the theoretical part are introduced the basic concepts related to the topic, such as marketing, marketing communication, marketing strategy, public relations and brand. In the practical part is first the company BLAŽEK PRAHA a.s. introduced, its focus, described its marketing communication, and in the end is shown the emplementation of empirical research, by which I found out how customers perceive the brand. The aim of the thesis is to find out how the company BLAŽEK PRAHA a.s. communicate with their customers and how these methods are effective.
Electronic Communication in Organisations
Cejthamr, Václav ; Kabele, Jiří (advisor) ; Šafránková, Jana Marie (referee) ; Nový, Ivan (referee)
The work explores the theoretical knowledge of the effects of electronic communication on the fuctioning of the working team on trust, member satisfaction, self evaluation through empowerment and cohesion. To verify the obtained results the explorative study in the natural environment of the working team, intensively using electronic communications, were done. The main methodwas the analysis of theories of electronic communication and the functioning of teams under working environment conditions. For explorative study the method of observations was used, as well as unstructured interviews and questionnaires. After analysing the current theoretical knowledge and the definition of main directions of the exploration, the work focuses on the exploration study of the team in the natural working environment with higher levels of virtualization. In addition to several theories of rational choice and theories of the impact of communication technology on social relations the concept of Human Relations was used as an crucial explanatory apparatus for findings, obtained in the exploratory study. A key finding was the dominance of social relations in communication, which outweighed the rational theory of choice and technological determinism. An additional finding was how the contextual situations determines...
The system of human resource management in international company ADP Employer Services Česká republika, a.s.
Dobrovolskaya, Yana ; Nový, Ivan (advisor) ; Králová, Tereza (referee)
This thesis deals with the system of human resource management in international companies. The theoretical part is focused on the concept of international human resource management basic methods and trends and techniques of human resource management in international corporations. The practical part is devoted to analyze the current state of human resources management in ADP Employer Services Ceska republika a.s. the daughter company of international organization ADP Inc. Based on my practical research: employees survey and personal interview with the local HR Business Partner Lead I will evaluate the current state of human resource management system in the company and make series of recommendations that will help to improve the system of human resources for ADPs branch in Czech Republic which is the main contribution of this thesis.
Intercultural communication: the Czechs and Koreans
Čech, Dino ; Nový, Ivan (advisor) ; Kolářová, Jana (referee)
The Master´s Thesis deals with intercultural communication between the Czechs and Koreans. The aim of the thesis is to explore the intercultural clash between the Czechs and Koreans and to identify the main cultural attributes and differences. The thesis is divided into two sections - a theoretical part and a practical part. The theoretical part compares different authors of intercultural dimensions and the significance of intercultural communication. The practical part is dedicated to a survey research and interview of intercultural communication between the Czechs and Koreans.
Internal equity principle in the context of company strategy
Kopecký, Martin ; Nový, Ivan (advisor) ; Háša, Stanislav (referee) ; Blažek, Ladislav (referee)
The thesis deals with the scientific problem of the link between the strategic management and the compensation system using the principle of internal equity. The work is based on two pillars, namely the qualitative research and own proposed solution. The first part of the thesis describes the qualitative research and the possibilities and the synergistic effects of linking business strategy and compensation system. The qualitative research is performed as a multi-case study and investigates the phenomenon in the practice of three companies from various markets (the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Bosnia and Hercegovina) and industries (finance, IT/Telco and FMCG). The research tries to find answers to the four research questions: How does business strategy influence compensation process? How can compensation support the realization of a business strategy? How can business strategy be linked with a compensation system within the principle of internal equity? How can compensation reinforce the strategic function of the human resources management? The research is based on the study of theoretical sources as well as on practical fieldwork. The qualitative research itself uses qualitative research methods for data collection, such as observations, questionnaires, and document analysis. The population questioned was top managers, line managers and representatives of HR department. In total, 142 interviews were performed by a single person. The collected data were analyzed and the triangulation was applied. The findings were summarized and generalized into a final report that brings answers to the research questions above. The research brings valuable findings used in the second, design part of the thesis. The own proposed solution consists of two main models. The first one is a simplified scheme of the compensation system and the second one is a model of strategic segmentation of jobs. The first model could be used successfully in the business practice as well as in education. The second model of the strategic job segmentation brings answer to the question of synergistic linking of business strategy and the compensation system within the principle of internal equity. The model brings valuable findings and a foundation for further theoretical research and its further development. The model also brings practical solution to the design of related policies and processes in the strategic management of human resources. By the design of both proposed models the main objectives of the thesis were achieved.
Role of Middle Management in Innovation Process
Novák, Adam ; Nový, Ivan (advisor) ; Pauknerová, Daniela (referee) ; Vraný, Jan (referee)
Middle managers operate in an environment close to activities of their firm and in interaction with this environment identify opportunities, challenges, and subsequently generate innovation alternatives. While doing so they - among other - utilize also weak ties within their social network, which permeate internal and external environment of the firm and enable entry of new and divergent information in the innovation process. Middle managers communicate selected information to senior management levels, and the communication exchange between the middle and top management facilitates compliance with the firms innovation strategy, ensures resources as well as high level support for the implementation of innovation; middle managements information inputs at the same time influence senior management in defining the firms innovation strategy. In contact with ordinary employees (and lower levels of management), middle management compensates for differences between strategy and current activities of the firm, promotes innovation and overcomes resistance. To ensure support for innovation within the organization, middle managers draw, inter alia, on their internal networks of strong ties, including their informal components. Middle management acts as a communication bridge, which helps to balance the tensions originating from the differences between environments of the senior management and employees. From this perspective, the communication interfaces between the different levels of management, or the companys hierarchy, seem to play a critical role; my research at the same time indicates there are significant differences in perception between middle and senior management of intracompany processes enabling innovation.
Weberova teze „ducha kapitalismu“ jako východisko spirituálních potenciálů podnikatelského a manažerského prostředí.
Kučera, Dušan ; Nový, Ivan (advisor) ; Riedlbauch, Václav (referee) ; Mlčoch, Lubomír (referee)
Submitted work is based on a critical evaluation of Weber's thesis "the spirit of capitalism", which justified by the "Protestant ethic". The author uses the Weber's starting point for the processing of general spiritual concept, which has a major impact on the emergence, development and maintenance of the economic environment, business and management. After clarification of the fundamental concepts, the work focuses on clarifications to the phenomenon of spirituality, which is connected with the entrepreneurial and managerial activities. Presence of the spiritual character of business potentials was divided into positive and negative factors. General spiritual factors are reflected on the background of basic religious systems -- Judaism, Christianity (Protestantism, Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy), Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and other Asian directions. Spiritual perspectives are compared with the concepts of the science that have their limits or potentials. The practical part is devoted to the proof of spiritual influences on business and economic development. The work culminates in a research of spiritual factors and potentials of entrepreneurship and management between the selected entrepreneurs and managers. The collected factors and potentials are summarized and proposed for their use in the entrepreneurial and managerial practice or managerial training.
Multinational team. Advantages and disadvantages.
Pak, Alena ; Nový, Ivan (advisor) ; Surynek, Alois (referee)
The topic of the tesis is advantages and disadvantages of work in russian-czech multicultural teams. The research then analyzes the efficiency of such teams primarily from the side of partners and clients of such projects.
Intercultural communication CR and USA
Khugashvili, Diana ; Nový, Ivan (advisor) ; Jarošová, Eva (referee)
The main goal of this master's thesis "Intercultural communication CR and USA" is to explore intercultural differences between Czechs and Americans, discover points that may cause conflicts between them and identify American cultural standards according to Czech people. Diploma thesis consist of three parts. First part is dedicated to theoretical concepts and technical terms, which helps to understand processes of intercultural communication. In methodological part are described used methods of research and characterized group of respondents. Last part shows results of research, where explored conflicts are and identified American cultural standards. Thesis include recommendations, which can be useful for Czech people, who plan for different reasons communicate with Americans.

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