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Implementation of Influencer Marketing in a Specific Company
Matyášová, Gabriela ; Šedivá, Zuzana (referee) ; Mráček, Pavel (advisor)
This thesis deals with the implementation of influencer marketing in a specific company. The first part of the thesis focuses on the theoretical and general concept of marketing, communication mix and social media marketing. In the second part, an analytical part is elaborated, where a proposal for the implementation of influencer marketing in the company is made. Based on the analytical part, suggestions and recommendations are proposed to facilitate the integration of influencer marketing into the brand strategy and also for individual influencers.
Influencer marketing as a Tool for Marketing Communication on Social Networks
Šedivá, Zuzana ; Schüller, David (referee) ; Mráček, Pavel (advisor)
This thesis deals with marketing communication. The first part of the work is focused on the theoretical and general concept of marketing, communication mix and marketing communication on social networks. In the second part of thesis is realized a survey in the field of influencer marketing and there are recommended suggestions for improving the activity of influencers towards followers, and especially suggestions inspiring companies that do not use this form of promotion on social networks.
Marketing Communication in the Field of the Atopic Cosmetics
Šedivá, Zuzana ; Wagnerová, Hana (referee) ; Mráček, Pavel (advisor)
This bachelor´s thesis deals with tools of marketing and marketing mix. The first part is focused on the theoretical and general concept of marketing and marketing mix, but also on concept of communication mixwhere are the individual instruments explained. In the second part of thesisis realized the market survey of products and there are recommended suggestions for improving the communication of the company with customers.
Requirements analysis for implementation of a new CRM in the banking sector
Zacharova, Natalie ; Pour, Jan (advisor) ; Šedivá, Zuzana (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the engineering of requirements, an area which covers the development of requirements as well as their management. The main objective of this thesis is to evaluate options of the specification and analysis requirements on the selected application type. Which is obtained in practical part by applying the recommended techniques of requirements engineering to a chosen banking process, which resulted in the creation of a functional requirements specification for selected process in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM application. The theoretical part of my thesis explains the basic CRM concepts and provides an overview of the best practices used for analysing requirements. This work could therefore serve as a guide for junior analysts who are starting their work career as requirement developers.
Mobile applications for education in air traffic
Polyakova, Lyudmila ; Šedivá, Zuzana (advisor) ; Pour, Jan (referee)
The aim of this work is to introduce the reader to the new productive form of m-learning training in air traffic. The thesis focuses on mobile educational applications for pilots as well as for aeronautical mechanics. The theoretical part of the thesis explains the basic concepts and definitions that are related to the given issue. There are also described categories of aeronautical mobile educational applications, their availability and use in practice. The current situation with mobile mobile education applications in the world and in the Czech Republic is presented. The practical part is the analysis of mobile educational applications from air traffic. Analysis of individual applications is performed using established metrics and SWOT analysis. The output of this analysis is to assess whether the selected pilots and aeronautical training applications are appropriate, easy to use, and which brings strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
Graphical and website presentation of the Law Office
Zoufalý, David ; Sklenák, Vilém (advisor) ; Šedivá, Zuzana (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to create a graphical manual and a website for Law Office which has just been founded. The most important part of the graphical manual is a logo and different ways how and where may be used. The layout of the website must be user friendly and the content should be relevant. Creating process, the types and the meanings of the logo are described at the beginning. The next part of the thesis is focused on the sense of colors and how to work with fonts. Thank to this section reader will appear why is necessary to work continuously during logo creating. In chapter two there is written what you can find behind the preview of any sin-gle website and how many years of development and how much of the ICT is hidden in it. The practical part describes how to create the logo and the graphical manual, which colors and fonts were chosen and why, which symbol was designed and the varieties of the logo. The process of building the website is based on HTML5 as it is characterized in the final part, from layout design to coding, testing and website launch.
Porovnání mobilních aplikací pro podporu výuky programování v jazyce Java
Sudarikova, Svetlana ; Pavlíčková, Jarmila (advisor) ; Šedivá, Zuzana (referee)
The bachelor thesis explores the possibility of using mobile applications to make learning programming in Java language a better and easier experience. The main goal of the thesis is to compare mobile applications for studying Java programming language that currently exist on the market and to analyse if any of them can be used as a viable supporting tool for studying Java programming. Theoretical part of the thesis is focused around research that is meant to clarify what place does this type of mobile applications have among others and what is the current position among other researchers on the topic of their effectiveness. The second part is practical. It contains results of questioning that was carried out among the students of the University of Economics in Prague in order to figure out what their opinions and current experience with mobile applications of this type are and comparative analysis of a set of mobile applications that may be used for learning Java language.
Comparison of reporting applications for mobile devices
Stejskal, Karel ; Šedivá, Zuzana (advisor) ; Novotný, Ota (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the mobile devices market and the possibilities of their use for presentation of key business data using reporting applications. The goal of the thesis is to provide a comprehensive view of the mobile devices market as well as available reporting applications of commercial suppliers who play a crucial role in this segment. Then compare these applications using a multi-criteria evaluation based on a list of criteria and determine the most suitable application that has received the highest rating in this comparison. The final output is a table of compared applications with the ratings assigned to the individual criteria. The thesis serves as a basic orientation in the mobile reporting applications market. Application comparison results can be a useful source of information for companies planning to integrate them into their enterprise information system.
Testing SW for vectorization of graphic templates
Hanuš, Adam ; Šedivá, Zuzana (advisor) ; Pour, Jan (referee)
This bachelor thesis is concerned about raster and vector graphic and is aimed on conversion of raster draft into vector images. This process is called vectorization or tracing. Theoretical part define the terms raster and vector graphic and subjects linked to them. It illustrates strengths and weaknesses of both and how they can be used. In the second part - practical section the software of vectorization is examined and its tracing tools have been tested. In conclusion, the test results of graphic editors is evaluated and its tracing tools as well as assess the images that have been vectorized. The contribution of this thesis is to suggest which software is being most effective for transforming raster images to vector ones and on factors along. Next I describe the transformation of specific images and rate the results of vectorization.
Redesign of user interface of a web application based on UX design principles
Fröhlichová, Karin ; Šedivá, Zuzana (advisor) ; Pour, Jan (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the redesign of the web application user interface based on the principles of UX design. The theoretical part is focused on defining the concept of user experience (UX), as well as the sub-disciplines involved in the creation of user interface (UI), which together creates the resulting user experience. The aim of the theoretical part is to describe the individual steps of the selected procedure of the UX design process based on the principles of user-centered design. The main aim of the practical part is to design a web application that corresponds with the principles of UX design, requirements and goals of users and business. Partial goals are to perform the analysis and research of the target group and the company, and further testing to verify that the designs are in accordance with usability and accessibility principles and also to verify the suitability of the UX design process chosen.

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