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Case study of amateur tennis players
Mikulics, Kateřina ; Kočíb, Tomáš (advisor) ; Carboch, Jan (referee)
Title: A case study of amateur tennis players Objectives: The aim of the bachelor thesis is to evaluate the degree of improvement of tennis technique and accuracy of tennis strokes in pre-selected amateur tennis players. Methods: The first used method was the data collection method using an online survey, the method of direct observation of the players during training units was used to obtain partial results and the third method was testing, which took place at the beginning and end of the training period using the "ITN On Court Assessment". Results: Both players improved their technique and the accuracy of their tennis strokes. Player #1 improved his stroke accuracy by 1 whole level in the "ITN On Court Assessment". In the first testing (at the beginning of the training period) the player scored 126 points, while in the testing at the end of the training period he scored 172 points. Player 2's improvement in stroke accuracy was less, scoring 162 points in the first testing and 175 points in the testing at the end of the training period. Player 2's stroke technique improved twice as much. Players gained awareness of the game of tennis, know the basic rules of the game and know how they should move on the court. Keywords: Tennis technique, training, improvement, training period, ITN On Court Assessment.
Sports preparation of para hockey players in Czech Republic
Gojová, Barbora ; Šťastný, Petr (advisor) ; Šteffl, Michal (referee)
Title: Sports training of national Para ice hockey team players in the Czech Republic Results: Using theoretical knowledge, questionnaire survey and based on interviews with the coach of the para hockey team of the Czech Republic, to describe the current level of sports preparation of para hockey players in the Czech Republic. The sub-goal was to design suitable exercises on and off the ice. Method: Within the theoretical part, a method of literature research was chosen to present basic information about para hockey and its training in the Czech Republic. The research was conceived as mixed. The methods of data collection were a questionnaire and a semi-structured interview. Descriptive statistics were used to analyze the data. In the case of open questions and interview analysis, the method of creating clusters was used. Results: Training units are insufficient in terms of complexity, lacking, for example, a focus on endurance and training of game skills. Hockey clubs lack a sufficient number of off-ice training units, there is no recovery and rest plan, and very little emphasis is placed on compensatory training. The absence of individual training is also problematic. Training in the season focuses mainly on shooting and passing practice. There is a lack of training of other important techniques,...
Design and verification of an intervention exercise program aimed at improving the fitness of recreational athletes
KŘÍŽ, Pavel
The aim of this work is to compile an intervention program aimed at improving fitness. The goal was achieved. According to the proposal, the intervention exercise program can be practiced by everyone and anywhere, even if the gyms are closed, for example for pandemic reasons. Eleven people took part in the exercise exercise program, and the control group also included eleven people. The EUROFIT test battery, consisting of nine tests, was chosen within the methodology. From the results, it should be emphasized that the experimental group improved on average by 0,1 try for endurance training standing on one leg, 1.89 seconds for tapping, also improved in the overhang in the forward bend by 3.23 centimeters, 13, 96 in the jump from the place, 3.17 repetitions in the sit-ups exercise, 4.79 seconds in the endurance in the squat, the only deterioration of the experimental group occurred in the shuttle run by 0.2 seconds, in the last dynamometry measurement test there was an improvement of 7.14 Newtons. In the control group, there was a slight deterioration in the first test by 0.1 attempts, we could also observe a deterioration in the tapping test by 1.33 seconds, a slight improvement of 0.98 centimeters occurred in the forward bend, the group only further deteriorated in all tests. Specifically, by 0.54 centimeters in the jump, by 0.84 repetitions in the sit-up, 2.56 seconds in the endurance of the push-up, 0.29 in the shuttle run and by 2.23 Newtons in the dynamometry. All research assumptions have been met.
Regeneration as a part of football training
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to map the possibilities of available resources for regeneration in A team and B team football players of the football club SK Dynamo České Budějovice. The second goal is to compile a comprehensive overview of all methods and means of regeneration that could be used by football players. Furthermore, the work examines using a questionnaire survey, how and to what extent regeneration is used in the football club SK Dynamo České Budějovice. The method of non-standardized questionnaire survey, which I created myself and called Regeneration as a part of football training, was used.Regeneration is an important factor in quality performance and is becoming increasingly important, so the same as the quality training is important, quality regeneration is important too. The result of the bachelor's thesis provides an overview of the means used to regenerate the players of team A and team B of the South Bohemian football club SK Dynamo České Budějovice and can show the greater importance of this branch in sports in general.
Nutrition and its effect on the performance of extreme obstacle course racers
The bachelor thesis named Nutrition and its effect on the performance of extreme obstacle course racers aims to find out what effect nutrition has on the performance of extreme obstacle course racers and compares the change of the performance in the group of respondents with a fixed eating plan and in the group of respondents with no special eating plan. The theoretical part deals with the nutrition in sport and extreme obstacle races. For the research a quantitative method was used. The research file was made of two groups with two people in each group. The age of respondents was between 20 and 42 years. Each group consisted of one man and one woman. All four respondents were active athletes. One group had no special eating plan and respondents wrote down everything what they ate during the whole month and the other group had a fixed eating plan made in Nutriservis Professional program which respondents strictly followed. The whole research lasted one month and all respondents were tested on InBody device at the beginning and at the end of the research. They also took part in physical tests. During the research respondents had common trainings twice a week and then they had the same individual trainings to minimize differences in the preparation. The aim of this bachelor thesis is to point out the importance of nutrition in the preparation for extreme obstacle races. Results of the research definitely show that respondents with the fixed eating plan had really better results in the end of the research. In the future this thesis could be useful in the preparation of racers for extreme obstacle races. This assignment is based on professional literature available on this topic.
Processing of technique and methodology of shot put in the form of educational DVD
This bachelor's thesis is processed in theoretical-didactic form with the main goal of creating an educational data medium with the topic of technique and methodology of shot put. The main methods are content analysis and synthesis. The analytical part is focused on the basic definition of athletic disciplines, an outline of history and the definition of athletic rules for shot put. The synthetic part is focused on the methodology and technique of shot put, preparatory exercises, compensatory exercises and strengthening exercises for shot putters. It also includes the basics of shot put training, an annual training plan with an example of a training unit, as well as regeneration, nutrition and drinking regime. The methodological series of shot put can be considered crucial. The developed instructional DVD can be used as a methodological aid for high school and university students. The aim of the bachelor's thesis is to describe the technique and methodology of shot put in the form of an educational data medium (DVD).
The analysis of the emergence and development of sledge hockey in Czech Republic
This diploma thesis covers origins of the sledge hockey in the Czech Republic. The research methods applied in this thesis are content analysis, controlled interview and case study. The main goal is to analyze the foundation and progress of sledge hockey in the Czech Republic. A partial goal is the elaboration of a case study of a selected sledge hockey club SHK Mustangs Pardubice. The analytical part deals with description of health and physical disabilities of players, impact and importance of physical activities for disabled sportsmen, origins and development of sledge hockey, game rules and also problematics of sledge hockey in general. For the purpose of synthetic part, we conducted the case study consisting of controlled interview with the sledge player of SHK Mustangs Pardubice. The analysis shows that the main two issues of the sledge hockey in the Czech Republic are shortage of new players and inadequate training facilities.
Verification of the influence of a special training program on the development of motor skills of younger school hockey players
The diploma thesis is aimed to create a training program for hockey players of school age and to confirm its effectiveness in practice. The created program consists of eight types of exercises. Two teams of hockey players were created for this experience. In total, there were thirty-two players between the age of ten to eleven. We made an entry test for both teams. One team trained according to our new training program and another team trained as usual. We made final testing of both teams after nine weeks. The testing was being made by four tests on an ice rink, that would test the movement ability of young hockey players. We verified both groups' results separately and statistically by pair t-test at the level of significance 0,05 and then we counted factual significance. Subsequently, we compared the results of both groups against each other, which we also proved statistically by using an unpaired t-test. There was an improvement in all measuring tests in the experimental group, which was also confirmed by statistical significance.
Circadian sleep preferences of children of older school age practicing karate.
The aim of my bachelor thesis was to find out circadian sleep preferences of older school-age children practising karate. In the theoretical part of the bachelor thesis, I deal with the sleep problems of older school-age children, where I define important terms, which are: circadian rhythms, speed abilities, specifics of sports preparation of children practising karate. Circadian rhythms affect the bodily functions of our body within twenty-four hours. Speed abilities are one of the most important abilities which are involved in the athlete's final performance. The specifics od sports training for children practising karate depend on the age, sex, level, motivation and determination of the athlete. Older school-age i sone of the most important parts of life. There is a formation of the mental and physical aspects of man. The practical part was realized using a standardized questionnaire of the composite scale of morning and evening types Skočovský (2004), which was filled by 40 children (20 boys, 20 girls) of older school-age from 11 to 15 years. Based on the evaluation of the questionnaire, the aim of the work was fulfilled and I came to the following most important data: 15 % of boys are morning types or larks, 65 % of boys are neutral or third birds and 20 % of boys are evening types or owls. I also found that 40 % od girls are morning types, 55 % of girls are third birds and 5 % of girls are evening types.
Differences in lifestyle changes for men and women at the age between 40 and 50.
KOZA, Zdeněk
The bachelor thesis is focused on the topic Difference in lifestyle change in men and women aged 40-50 years. The theoretical part defines the basic concepts typical for this issue focusing on history, development and newer trends, not just an active lifestyle. Further on the issue of eating disorders, such as bigorexia, bulimia, orthorexia. The practical part is focused on the input data of the examined subjects. Interviews, menus, training procedures, lifestyle change associated with a change in values and self-perception (see bigorexia). Determination of anthropometric parameters. Fitness testing.

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