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Evaluation of backhand technique
Beneš, Jiří ; Kočíb, Tomáš (advisor) ; Pravečková, Petra (referee)
The bachelor thesis focuses on the evaluation of backhand technique in tennis. The backhand is one of the key skills in this sport and an accurate evaluation of this technique is essential to achieve success at the professional level. The aim of this evaluation is to analyse and assess various aspects of backhand technique, including fundamental elements, biomechanics and effectiveness. The evaluation begins with an analysis of the basic elements of backhand technique. This includes correct player stance, correct foot placement, correct hand position and accurate arm movement. These basic elements are key to the stability, control and power of the backhand stroke. The next part of the assessment deals with the biomechanics of the backhand stroke. The movement of the player's arm, shoulder and trunk are studied and how these factors affect the performance of the backhand. A thorough analysis of the biomechanics allows the identification of any errors in the player's technique and suggests improvements. The effectiveness of the backhand technique is another key aspect of the evaluation. Factors such as hitting power, control, ball rotation and accuracy are taken into account. These factors influence how a player handles backhand situations during a match and how effectively he can respond to...
Endangered butterflies of lowland forests under climate change
Konvička, Martin ; Beneš, Jiří ; Číp, D. ; Sobík, D. ; Spitzer, L. ; Faltýnek Fric, Zdeněk ; Rindoš, Michal ; Vrba, Pavel
The material compiles conservation measures and methods for the care of endangered butterflies of open forests, protected by the EU Habitat Directive in the Czech Republic and under climate changes. These species are Euphydryas maturna, Lopinga achine, Parnassius mnemosyne, Coenonympha hero, and partially also Zerynthia polyxena. It results from predictions of vegetational and climatic changes of forest habitats, and outlooks of forest and water management conditions.
The modification of gut microbiota composition by dietary intervention: the effect of plant-based and western-type diet
Ďásková, Nikola ; Cahová, Monika (advisor) ; Beneš, Jiří (referee) ; Tlaskalová - Hogenová, Helena (referee)
This thesis explores the relationship between diet, gut microbiota, and metabolic health, with a particular focus on their association with non-communicable metabolic diseases (NCDs) such as obesity and type 2 diabetes (T2D). The aim of the first study is to assess compositional and metabolic differences in gut microbiota between healthy lean long-term vegans and omnivores. The study reveals that while the gut microbiota composition is not significantly different between the two groups, there are significant differences in the fecal, serum and urinary metabolome. These differences may be attributed to the different availability of substrates in the diet, as the vegan diet is associated with a shift from a proteolytic to a saccharolytic fermentation program. Our results support the hypothesis of both resilience and metabolic flexibility of the adult gut microbiota. In addition to taxonomic analyses, this dissertation also includes metabolomics to evaluate the functional manifestations of the gut microbiota. We introduce a novel method to assess the ability of the gut microbiota to produce beneficial metabolites with a specific focus on butyrate synthesis using qPCR quantification of bacterial butyryl-CoA:acetate CoA-transferase. In silico, we identified bacteria among the human gut microbiota that...
Biblical and Archaeological Accounts of Hittite Presence in Canaan
Kolenatá, Anna ; Vymětalová Hrabáková, Eva (advisor) ; Beneš, Jiří (referee)
The aim of this Bachelor's thesis is to examine material culture attributed to Hittite provenance which was found in today's Israel and as well as to provide an examination of biblical mentions of the sons of Heti or Hittites in the Old Testament. The Hittites and the Hittite empire have received their name partly from their biblical mentions but it is still a remaining question to which extent the ancient nation of Hittites has migrated to and culturally impacted ancient Canaan. The thesis follows the development of archaeological and historical research focused on modern day Turkey, the birthplace of the Hittite empire and modern day Israel, the promised land of Canaan and is set in contemporary scientific discourse. The main body of this work is aimed at dissecting Hittite-attributed material finds from Israel and at providing an analysis of biblical verses relating the presence of Hittites in the land of Cannaan while attempting to come to a stand alone conclusion. The thesis is also accompanied by various photographs and drawings of published archaeological finds. KEYWORDS Canaan; Hittites; biblical archaeology; material culture; biblical text
Mt 21.1-9 pericope exegesis using intertextual perspective and reception theory
Konupková, Kateřina ; Lukeš, Jiří (advisor) ; Beneš, Jiří (referee)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the issue of intertextuality in the context of biblical studies, specifically focusing on the exegesis of the passage Matthew 21:1-9. It consists of two main parts. The first part describes the term "intertextuality" itself, its origin, various interpretations by different authors, and its application in biblical studies. The issue of intertextuality is comparatively demonstrated using the presented types of intertextuality and their intricacies. Chapters 1 and 2 cover this part. The second part focuses on a specific exegesis of Matthew's passage 21:1-9. This part is described in Chapter 3. Through biblical exegesis, the intertextual relationships between the Old and New Testaments are outlined, utilizing specific biblical passages for this ad hoc purpose. My intention is to demonstrate through the interpretation of these biblical passages how the author of the Gospel of Matthew attempts to convince his readers about Jesus's messianism in a particular manner, employing afformentioned intertextual methods.
The person of Elijah in tanakh and jewish tradition
Jirounková, Karolína ; Beneš, Jiří (advisor) ; Damohorská, Pavla (referee)
The theme of my thesis are deeds of the prophet Elijah happening during his life as well as in the afterlife. My standpoint uses both Jewish and Christian paradigms, seeks connections between them and links one to the other. The books of kings are a major source and I focused on comprehensive understanding of their texts. I have translated used biblical texts and biblical interpretations into Czech where possible for easier understanding. Some more complex themes have also their original texts or sources I worked with embedded.
Optical cavity for ultra-narrow linewidth laser system
Pravdová, Lenka ; Hrabina, Jan ; Čížek, Martin ; Číp, Ondřej ; Procháska, František ; Beneš, Jiří
We designed an optical resonator cavity for narrowing standard commercial laser to sub-Hz linewidth. The optical Fabry Perot resonator is designed hemispherical with all components from ULE material and zero crossing temperature at 33°C. The support Zerodur shelf is isolated from the resonator by two Viton O-rings. The resonator is located in an Aluminium chamber with direct temperature stabilization. 2nd temperature stabilisation is provided by 4 Peltier modules enabling heat exchange between the copper jacket and the assembly surroundings. The stainless-steel jacket has passive isolation and protective function.
Nutritional Factors Affecting The Intestinal Microbiome and Metabolic Health
Krbcová, Magdaléna ; Gojda, Jan (advisor) ; Beneš, Jiří (referee) ; Prázný, Martin (referee)
Background. A plant-based diet, rich in dietary fiber, is associated with health benefits in glucose and lipid metabolism. Dietary fiber is an important substrate for gut microorganisms, by which it is metabolized into numerous compounds, many of which positively affect the metabolic phenotype of the host. Understanding the mechanisms behind these phenomena could lead to discovery of new approaches in the treatment and prevention of metabolic diseases. Objectives. This study aims to describe the relationship between dietary fiber intake, intestinal microbiome composition and function, and metabolic phenotype. In the first (observational) part, we investigated the mentioned parameters in two groups of healthy volunteers whose dietary habits differed in daily fiber intake. In the second (interventional) part, we described the dynamics of these parameters in response to an increase in daily fiber intake and we tried to identify markers predicting a favorable metabolic response. Methodology. Sixty-two vegans and 33 omnivores were included in the observational study. The following examinations were performed: anthropometry, nutritional record evaluation, blood sampling for serum metabolome analysis and evaluation of static parameters of glucose and lipid metabolism, oral glucose tolerance test (oGTT)...
Tzava'at Ha-RIBaSH ve-hanhagot yesharot: The Influence of Non-Lurianic Kabbalah on East-European Hasidism of Modern Age
Šedivý, Antonín ; Nosek, Bedřich (advisor) ; Beneš, Jiří (referee) ; Hošek, Pavel (referee)
Tzava'at Ha-RIBaSH ve-hanhagot yesharot: The Influence of Non-Lurianic Kabbalah on East-European Hasidism of Modern Age Mgr. Antonín Šedivý This dissertation thesis consists of Introduction, three chapters, and Conclusion. Furthermore, it includes name index, list of traditional Jewish sources used in the second chapter, list of sources, literature and other relevant resources, and four supplements. The Introduction of this dissertation deals with several issues important for its research. First of all, the East-European Hasidism is introduced, then follows very thorough overview of current state of knowledge of Tzava'at Ha-RIBaSH ve-hanhagot yesharot, and the definition of goals, hypothesis, and methods of this dissertation, and finally, it also contains technical notes about the dissertation thesis. The first chapter "Tzava'at Ha-RIBaSH ve-hanhagot yesharot" is devoted solely to Tzava'at Ha-RIBaSH, which is the central point of my dissertation. It is divided into chapters that are dedicated to fundamental information about Tzava'at Ha-RIBaSH, to its content, to its place within Hasidic literary collection, and to its reflexion by the opponents of Hasidism. The second chapter "Translation and Commentary of Selected Texts of Tzava'at Ha-RIBaSH" contains translation and short commentary of fifty-one selected...

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